391 thoughts on “Welcome to itsakyo’s writing space

    1. Ahahaa i wanna write so many stories but sadly time is limited. All these ideas are in my mind. I just dont have time to write them. I gotta choose which stories I wanna spend my time on.

      1. Oh my god I’m so sorry I thought the previous comment didn’t go through so I ddecided to type a new one hahaha
        Sorry for stressing you, really, do it at your pace

        1. I dont like to take too long to write either. Dont worry, you’re not stressing me at all 🙂 I am more impatient than most readers actually hahaha

  1. I still can’t believe I saw FSOP in my eyes as soon as Taeyeon’s MV trailer was released and now the MV was released and the lyrics~~~~ I cannot wait for the next updates of FSOP2 HAHA You are legit AMAZING, author. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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