Hi, I’m Aykay. I write. All kinds of things.

Wanna chat? I’m on Twitter / Instagram. Questions? Go to my Tumblr Asks 😁

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435 thoughts on “Welcome to itsakyo’s writing space

        1. Hi, sorry for missing out on reply to your question but these pieces are thank you gifts for my supporters on patreon.

  1. Not on Twitter but saw your tweet here about Taeyeon’s travel videos. Made me wonder if she is doing this independent of SM or any broadcast company and without sponsors so that she alone can control the content of her videos and her fans can freely share them without fear of copyright infringement reaching around the globe in mere seconds. If so, Taeyeon has found a unique way to stick it to entertainment corporations that want to control artists like her while making money from the relationship she has with her fans. Her videos are very entertaining without her having to put on an act. Just being herself is enough to keep her fans wanting more. Just a thought.

    1. Interesting pov. I’m not sure of her ultimate purpose but it’s fun and she totally has the means to get it done as she wishes so it’s great for us! 😄

  2. I been reading all of your stories but lately I can’t access the protected one. Do you mind sending me the passwords of Fifty shades of Pink and Her Body Guard? My email gabrieldenym@gmail.com Thank you, authornim!! Fighting!

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