299: Light 09 Rated

Tiffany lost no time in getting naughty under water. Her hands slid up to where Jessica’s treasures lay and her fingers began doing what they did best – bringing pleasure to Jessica.

Her nifty fingers pulled and tweaked, educing long and loud moans from the older girl beneath her. Her lips descended upon the exposed neck and found the spots that she knew would induce more sexy sounds from Jessica.

Her ears tingled as the brunette moaned her name as she found one such spot and it motivated her to put even more effort into it.



‘You better come back safe and sound.’


‘You better come –‘ she lost the rest of her words as Tiffany’s hands had wandered down south and found her hotspot and was currently working magic on the older girl.

Tiffany grinned and lifted her lips off her neck long enough to say a few cheeky words before going back to the awesome necking.

‘I’d love to but I’ve got to get you to come first.’

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