PD: Round 22 YULSIC PG-18

She licked his pleasure spots on his chest, causing him to gasp hard. His reaction brought a smile to her face as she nipped him lightly with her teeth.

‘Sica… what’s wrong baby?’ He managed to ask in between gasps and pants.

‘Shh… Don’t ask… Don’t.’ Jessica whispered. Her hands wandered across his chest, finding the most sensitive tips and gave them a good flick. ‘Does this feel good?’

Yul could barely respond – he felt so aroused yet worried at the same time. A loud moan unwittingly escaped his lips and Jessica smiled. She lowered her lips back onto his chest, making full use of her lips, teeth and tongue to provide him the highest level of pleasure she possibly could. Her hands found their way to his southern region and caressed him. He jerked from the sudden and unexpected contact but her hands didn’t stop rubbing him through his shorts. It wasn’t long before he was straining against his shorts, aching to be freed. Her fingers locked on the waistband of his shorts and the next thing he knew, he was stark naked and very, very hard.

‘Oh my Sica… baby… Ooo…’ Yul was on the verge of losing his mind from the intense pleasure that Jessica’s hands were giving him. She clamped her lips on his, silencing him, seducing his tongue with hers. He responded and together, they danced the dance of seduction with their lips and tongues.

His hands grappled with her buttons and soon, her blouse hung open, revealing her milky white skin underneath. One glance at her bra-cladded chest was enough to raise his desire through the roof. He indulged himself in her bosom, kissing and nipping the swell above the cup of the bra. She moaned and clutched his head to her chest, wanting more, demanding more.

She shrugged off her blouse, reached behind her and unfastened her bra, letting it slide down her arms and onto the floor, joining the heap of clothes that was down there. Her back arched, presenting her bosom to him and he lost no time in giving them his undivided attention. His fingers flicked, pinched and pulled her into a feverish frenzy. She moaned louder and louder as his manipulation of her body continued to intensify her pleasure more and more.

‘Yul, I want you.’ Jessica panted.

‘You already have me Sica.’ Yul gazed into her dark, dark, glistening eyes and he knew that she was not her usual self.

‘I want to feel you… I want to feel this –‘ Jessica squeezed and he gasped, ‘in me. I need you tonight Yul… I need to be with you.’

Yul looked deep into her troubled eyes and nodded. He then lowered his head to her chest, loving her in the most physical way he could, giving her the most pleasure he could and in that way, making her feel as loved as he could. He unbuttoned her shorts and tugged it down with her panties.

‘Mine.’ He growled in her ear, sending tingles down her spine as his hand showed her what it meant to be his.

‘Ooh…’ Jessica moaned loudly, unabashedly from the most delicious sensations that Yul delivered by hand. She jerked and bucked, impatient to have him fulfill her in the most fulfilling way.

Yul kissed her hard as he thrusted his hips. She moaned into him as his tongue started to dance with hers, sending her temperature rocketing sky high. And then he began to move. Each pull and push sent the most awesome adrenaline rush zipping all around her and she couldn’t think anymore. She clung onto his shoulders for dear life as he sped up. She met him thrust for thrust, feeling each and every move that Yul made.

Yul grabbed her butt and hoisted her up into a vertical position and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as together, they felt the earth tremor from within, erupting the most dramatic molten lava, demolishing everything in its path.

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