299: Light 16 (Rated)

Jessica breathed sharply as Tiffany’s fingers found their sensitive little target. Those devilish fingers rubbed her through her panties as she squirmed and writhed against the wall she was backed up against. She had no where to run to so all she could do was to plead with her eyes for Tiffany to stop. It would be too embarrassing if they were heard by people from the outside.


Tiffany, however, had no intention of stopping. Her two-month long restraint had finally snapped. She wanted Jessica and she wanted her now. And when she wanted something this badly, she’d make sure that she got it.


Her mouth engulfed the older girl’s lips and the gentle suction applied onto them drew the most sexy sounds that she hadn’t heard in a while. Her fingers worked hard, rubbing her there, as her free hand made its way up to her twin peaks and captured the cute nub that had already hardened from the pleasure that she was being subjected to. She fondled it gently, raising the overall sensitivity of her body.


Jessica could hardly breathe as she felt two cool digits slipping into her very hot and wet cavern. She moaned into Tiffany’s mouth as the two cool digits delivered the most delicious sensations up her alley. Her legs turned into jelly as her insides pulled tight. She was about to tip over the edge and Tiffany was the one who was pushing her over it.


‘Mmmrrgghhhh…mmmnnggg…’ Jessica bit on her tongue and buried her face into Tiffany’s neck as a spectacular wave of pleasure crashed onto shore, sweeping her feet from under her and Tiffany caught her in her arms as she buckled under the intense, mind-numbing moment.

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