PD Round 29: Yoonsun PG-18 loving

Sunny blushed to the roots of her hair and Yoong could have sworn that the blush reached as far as her chest as well. As he fondled her, her body began to respond in the most satisfying way and it wasn’t long before he had her cute little tips standing at attention. His eyes were choked full of desire as he looked at her. She saw the desire in his eyes and a surge of shyness emerged from nowhere that had her smiling bashfully as he lowered his mouth to her twin peaks.


The warm touch of his soft tongue on her body had her moaning in increasing volumes as he gave her everything he got. He lavished his tongue on her lovingly, taking his time to give each peak their fair share of attention. He began kissing his way down to her navel and finally his tongue met the waistband of her panties. He opened his eyes to look at her and caught sight of the Pikachu drawings on her panties.




Yoong burst out in loud, unbridled laughter.




Sunny smacked his arms in embarrassment. “YA! I didn’t know that we were going to—you know… do this tonight… if I had known… I’d have worn my sexiest panties to make your nose bleed big time.”


Then she pouted.


Her pout was so cute that he couldn’t resist meeting her lips with his in one big, wet, resounding smack on her lips.


“Yoong… stop… you’re tickling me.” Sunny giggled as his hands glided up and down the sides of her waist.


His grin was the most boyish she had ever seen as he hovered over her again. He claimed her lips yet again as his palm claimed her sweet spot. His fingers moved expertly between her legs and had her bucking and jerking to his skillful hand.


“Sunny… you’re so ready for me…” Yoong looked extremely pleased whilst Sunny blushed all the way to the tips of her toes.


“You’re such a tigress at teasing but such a shy little bunny when it’s the real deal.” Yoong kissed the tip of her nose. “You’re epic cuteness, Sunny. I’m a lucky man…”


He grinned from ear to ear as he tugged down her panties, leaving her completely bare. She felt an onslaught of vulnerability as her panties landed on the floor and instinctively closed her legs but his hand found its way back up her thigh and caressed her, gently parting her legs to reach in between. Then his fingers entered uncharted territory. She gasped audibly as she felt his fingers enter a spot that had yet to be discovered by anybody else.


“How do you feel?” He asked caringly, anxious that she enjoyed her first try.


“Mmm…” Sunny buried her face in her pillow. She didn’t know why but shyness was taking over her entire being and rendering her speechless as she began to feel the beginnings of a pleasurable sensation sparking off somewhere inside her.


“I’m taking that as a sign that you like it.” Yoong grinned. This moment was most incredible to him. Tonight was the night that he could finally deliver both physical and emotional pleasure to the girl he loved and he wanted to relish every single moment of it.


“Sunny, look at me…” Yoong spoke gently as he fondled her ample bosom. “Come on, don’t be shy… I want you to look into my eyes.”


Sunny turned slowly to look into his eyes. Her body was on fire and her desire was through the roof but she held his heated, passionate gaze as he guided himself into her as slowly as he possibly could.


She found herself biting on her lower lip as the mix of foreign sensations and pain overwhelmed her mind and body. After what seemed like forever, Yoong stopped moving and stilled.


“Are you alright?” he asked softly.


Sunny bit on her lower lip and nodded slightly. Then she moaned, for he began to move. He moved ever so slowly, as her insides clamped all around him, squeezing him ever so torturously. He moaned, from the deep recesses of his throat as the most mind-blowing pleasure began to ignite within him.


“Oh my gawd, Sunny… you’re so… mmm!” Yoong lost his train of thought as Sunny gradually began to meet his thrusts.


He sped up gradually as Sunny seemed to take to him rather well. Then he heard her moaning beneath him and that would be his undoing.


“Yoong… I… Oh…” The mounting pleasure built up within her, introducing her mind to never before experienced realms of bodily pleasure and emotional heights.


He went faster and faster until everything inside him coiled and uncoiled in one amazing implosion.


“SUNNY!” He called her name as he tipped over the edge as she too, found her release and muttered his name in cute little whimpers.

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