PD: Tiffany Special Part 3 RATED

He pulled her towards him and buried his face in her bosom. Tiffany was rendered helpless for a while as Taeng kissed her cleavage hungrily. His tongue drove her wilder as it trailed the edge of her brassiere and rained kisses on the exposed part of her bosom.

Both of their temperatures had reached a dangerously feverish state and Tiffany pushed it to a critically lethal state when she unhooked and removed her brassiere, leaving nothing between her treasures and him.

Taeng’s eyes would have jumped out of their sockets if not for the muscles holding them back. He froze at the sight of her bare bosom. Only one thought filled his mind. Beautiful.

Tiffany was the most beautiful girl he had ever met.

‘Beautiful…’ He mumbled incoherently.

‘What did you say?’

He blushed – big time. He hadn’t realized that he had said it out loud.

‘What did you say?’ Tiffany persisted, wanting to know.


Tiffany giggled. ‘What’s beautiful? Me or my breasts?’

Taeng didn’t know how to respond to her bluntness. He choked on his own saliva and ended up in a coughing fit. Tiffany laughed and patted his bare back.

‘Are you okay? We haven’t even started. I need you to hold it together. Haven’t you done this before?’ She asked jokingly, meaning to tease him about his bashfulness in the bedroom.

Taeng turned seriously pink. Even his ears were pink this time.

It was Tiffany’s turn to gape. ‘No way…’ She breathed.

He looked away from her piercing eyes shyly and shook his head.

She squealed and hugged him tight. ‘Taeng! You’re so… oh my gosh! You’re the cutest and guess what? You’re mine.’

With a sensual growl, she claimed his lips as hers, pushing past them to claim his mouth with her tongue and her hands busy fumbling with his pants, wanting to claim every single part of him as hers. It didn’t take long for his pants to come off and she got started with her own pants as well. Before Taeng could even say ‘Oh my peas’ Tiffany had shrugged off her own pants and there they were, decked out in nothing more than their underwear.

Tiffany was seriously turned on. His body was well-maintained. Although he wasn’t strongly built, he had lean and toned muscles. She found his shoulders especially alluring. They looked very comfortable, perfect for her chin to snuggle in. Not to mention his cute little sensitive tips. She bit her lower lip as she looked at them.

Oh Taeng.

You’re so hot.

Meanwhile, Taeng had no idea what to do with himself. This was seriously the best thing that had ever happened to him. It wasn’t because this was his first time doing the grand deed. It was because it was going to be done with Tiffany. He didn’t know how to express the breadth and depth of his emotions but he certainly hoped that Tiffany wouldn’t misunderstand him if he did anything wrong.

‘I really love you Fany ah.’ He blurted it out in a hurry not wanting her to think otherwise.

Her eyes softened in that moment and she ran her fingers through his soft, floppy hair gently.

‘I know and I believe you.’

‘And I’m sorry if I don’t do it properly.’ He added nervously making Tiffany laugh out loud. She stopped laughing when he looked even more nervous and soothed him.

‘Taeng, I’m not the most experience person when it comes to this either. Let’s just take it slow.’

A small smile graced Taeng’s face as she said that. ‘Take it slow.’ He nodded in agreement.

‘But first, I need you to work on these.’ Tiffany wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her bare chest.

His face was alit with pleasure and he did his best to please her. His hands caressed her gently as he kissed her tips, feeling them pucker and harden under his lips.


He wanted to remember this feeling forever. Then he took them into his mouth and that’s when she tightened her hold around his neck, pushing his against her bosom even more. He divided his attention on both sides as fairly as he could, revelling in her sexy, husky moans and little catchy breaths as he pleased her.

‘Taeng… you must be talented or something.’ Tiffany spoke in a raspy voice. She was completely ablaze with sensations spawning from his moves. His fingers found her other tip and he touched it curiously, eliciting another moan from her. His touch was so different from Siwon’s. His touch was so innocent, pure yet manly. Her mind was blown as he rubbed his thumb on her in circles.

Where did he learn to move like that?

She writhed and squirmed as his hands explored her upper body, caressing her fair, smooth skin. Then his hands stopped moving.

She opened her eyes, wondering what was wrong and almost laughed out loud at the sight of him staring at her panties.

‘Panties are meant to be taken off Taeng.’ Tiffany winked at him seductively, causing massive explosions of pure ecstasy in his highly aroused mind.

He swallowed the huge lump in his throat that had formed as he admired her panties and hooked it with his fingers. He pulled it down and off slowly, not really daring to look at her… ahem… at all. Tiffany couldn’t help giggling at his bashfulness. She liked it very much. He was so refreshing to her. She also felt very good, having him admire her like this. It did wonders for her self-confidence – albeit, she was already pretty secure in that department.

She decided to be naughtier than she already had been. She lifted her foot and placed it on him.

She giggled when he shuddered from both nervousness and pleasure.

Precious Taeng… so adorable…

She watched him stiffen his back as her toes tugged down his underwear torturously slowly. He turned another shade of pink when he felt his underwear slip off his hips and down his legs, baring him to her.

‘I hope you’re ready… ‘cos I am.’ Tiffany whispered as she got rid of his final article of clothing from his body.

She giggled yet again when she felt his body quiver from the anticipation. She spread her legs hooked her legs around his waist.




‘Fany…’ His simplicity touched her immensely in that moment. Thanks to him, her eyes finally had the chance to witness what innocence and simplicity was. Her world was never such.

She wanted him even more. Her hand slid down between them and helped him out. Then they both moaned at the same time. It was most fulfilling and stimulating for the both of them.

‘You’re so…’ Taeng couldn’t finish his sentence before turning a shade of hot pink and having his words stuck in his mouth.

‘Taetae…’ She called his name again, heightening his arousal even more. Somehow, her voice, calling his name like that struck him deep inside, sending all sorts of insanely sexy signals to his brain, blowing out all the fuses along the way.

Then his body took over. His nature and instinct kicked in and he began to move like how nature had meant it to be. Oh boy did he move. She responded to his every move, thrust and caress. As her eyes closed, she pulled him nearer to her and kissed him deeply, loving him with her tongue.

His lower torso did its job well as their senses were pushed to the limit with their bare chests revelling in the friction between them. From head to toe, every inch of their being was completely consumed in the roaring fire of their passionate lovemaking.

It all culminated at the peak. As they approached the summit of their pleasure, they called out each other’s name loudly and even more incoherently. Soon, they were reduced to babbles and muffled moaned as they mounted the summit and were greeted by the most intense pleasure and satisfaction they had ever known.

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