PD Round 33: Naughty YoonSun

Sunny squealed as his cold fingers came in contact with her warm bosom that up till a moment ago were under the safe protection of her brassiere. She threw her head back and reveled in the sensations that Yoong sparked off with his multi-talented fingers. I say multi-talented because his fingers were good at a variety of skills – unclasping, rubbing, pulling, flicking, rolling, pinching and more. He unleashed all of these skills on Sunny and took immense pleasure in hearing the cute little sounds that she would make when she was pleasured.


Cute little moans, breaths getting caught in her throat and her soft utterances of his name were all very encouraging to him. As much as he wanted to hear those sounds, he couldn’t resist her lips for long. He muted the sounds as his lips parted to seal hers under his. With his fingers working full time on Sunny, his lips and tongue joined the foray and got her even more worked up.


He slipped one of his hands down and squeezed her butt. Then her skirt was raised and bunched at her waist in the next instant. His lips left hers reluctantly as he looked.




Yoong grinned. He had insisted on Sunny wearing her Pikachu panties today for he had planned to have some fun tonight. Most satisfactorily, Sunny had compiled to please him. She was turning out to be more obedient than he had expected her to be and he was most definitely pleased about that.


‘Pikachu huh?’ A glint of dominance flashed in Yoong’s eyes as Sunny blushed once again. For some reason, Sunny would end up being more bashful whenever he got slightly brash with her and he enjoyed it immensely.


‘Good girl. Ready for your reward now?’


Sunny blushed a deeper shade of pink and nodded shyly.


Yoong lifted her chin to smooch her. His tongue entered and met hers dominantly. She wasn’t to be outdone however and soon, they were engaged in a delightful battle for dominance. She lost the battle when Yoong cupped her nether region with his palm suddenly. She gasped and moaned, allowing Yoong to take the reins and dominate her completely.


He unbuttoned a few buttons before pulling her blouse off, leaving her bare and exposed to the chilly breeze. Her cute little tips puckered even more in the breeze; feeling colder than before.


‘Feeling chilly, love?’ He murmured when he felt her shiver a little upon unclothing her.


She nodded, having lost her ability to speak coherently to his talented fingers, and he cupped her bosom with his warm hands immediately. His soft, gentle, warm hands on her sensitive tips brought another moan to her lips and she called out his name in pure desire when he squeezed her gently.

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