PD Round 37 YoonSun PG-18

He growled and launched an attack on her breasts. He licked, sucked and squeezed them to his heart’s content, till he had her writhing with pleasure under him. His skilled thumbs played her like the direction pad of a game controller and it wasn’t long before she had two hardened nubs standing tall and proud.

Her cheeks were now pink and flushed with arousal and her lips were parted as she panted. How could he ever resist lips that were parted like that? His lips came crashing down on hers once again as his hands gave her breasts one last squeeze and made their way down the sides of her towards her hips. They swept past her hips and found her butt. His hands found their new home and squeezed her butt with joy as his tongue made its way into her wet cavern, teasing, alluring and exciting her.

Her head jolted back, breaking their kiss when he palmed her between her legs. His fingers explored the entire length of her nether region and he was very satisfied with their findings. He brought his glistening fingers back up and stuck them into her mouth.


And so she did, swirling her tongue over his index and middle finger sensually. He groaned and extracted his fingers with a pop. Moving them back down between her legs, he spread her legs wider with his knees and pushed them in. Pulled them out. Pushed them in. Pull them out. In. Out. In. Out…until she was calling his name shamelessly in short bursts, in between breaths.

“I…want…to…feel…your…skin…” Sunny panted as she tried to unbutton his shirt. She managed to get a few unbuttoned and proceeded to pull it right off him. The second it was off, she latched her lips onto his sensitive nub and he lost it. She whined and jerked her hips, trying to get some action down below as his hand had ceased to move.

Suddenly, without warning, his thumb found her most sensitive button and rubbed it, causing her to involuntarily bite down on him. He yelped in pain.

“Oh I’m sorry…sorry Yoongie…” She kissed the spot she bit to make him feel better. “Yoongie…can you…do it already?” she asked, red-faced.

Yoong wore an innocent, clueless look as he asked, “Do what?”

Sunny blushed deeper, if it were even possible to get any redder than she already was, and averted her eyes from his shyly.

“Shy bunny, aren’t you?” Yoong teased her naughtily, earning a smack on his arm.

He ignored the smack and continued teasing her. “Ask and you shall be given.”

“Yoongie…I want…you.” Sunny’s red face turner even redder and the blush spread all the way down to her chest.

“Which part of me do you want?” His eyes raked over her blushing, heaving chest, sending more blood rushing down south.


Yoong snickered. “Where do you want my ‘buddy’ to go? What do you want my ‘buddy’ to do?”

Sunny bit her lower lip and covered her face with her hands. She was really embarrassed by what he was asking. It had taken her a lot of courage to don the bunny suit and now that she was practically naked and under him…she was shy again.

“Sunny bunny… tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

He placed his ‘buddy’ at her entrance, waiting for her to comply with his wishes.

“Yoongie…I…want…your ‘buddy’… deep…inside me… I…want…you…to make…me…c-c…c…” Sunny couldn’t say it all but that was more than what she had ever said so Yoong relented and pushed in to the hilt in one swift stroke.

“AHHH!” went Sunny, “YOOONGIEE!!!” she screamed his name out loud in sheer, mind-blowing pleasure.

He grunted and went full force into the last few moments of their spectacular celebration of their 100th day together. His moans and groans gelled with hers and together, calling each other’s names in sheer ecstasy, they arrived at their highest point, relishing in the tremendous toe-curling sensation that washed over them in tidal waves of oh-so-sinful pleasure.

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