Game on

I feel really dumb doing this,” grumbled Taeyeon.

But I know you wurve meee and joo would doo anything for meee, right?” Sunny batted her eyelids unabashedly at the girl seated right next to her.

Don’t push your luck.”


Taeyeon sighed and adjusted the headset and mic. And adjusted it. And…adjusted…it…

Okay, I really feel really, really stupid wearing this. Why do we have to talk through this thing when we’re sitting right next to each other?!” she burst out in irritation.

All the better to hear you with, my dear,” said Sunny with a megawatt smile. Then she pouted. “Puweeease? I feel like a pro when I wear this while playing. I play better. I swear. I’ll kick their asses with this thing on me.”

Taeyeon was deflated. There was just no out-talking this girl. But this was also one of the many things about Sunny that she loved and admired.

Okay, okay, I’ll play along. Just start the game already.”

Alright! 2V2 here we come! Watch out yo, your butt’s about to be kicked by us!”

I’m gonna go with the cannon rush,” Taeyeon announced.

And I’m just gonna make lots and lots of queens.”

Taeyeon raised a brow. “Queens?”

Sunny snickered. “They’ll never know what hit them.”

Taeyeon opted to keep her thoughts to herself. She had learnt her lesson. Sunny always had a wacky gameplay up her sleeve. Sunny was a godly player. And she had a godly butt. Wha—? Where did that come from? Oh no. This couldn’t be good. She knew from experience that being distracted by thoughts of Sunny’s butt didn’t lead to happy endings.

Oh dear Lord. Images of Sunny and her cute, delicious butt floated into her mind no matter how hard she tried to stop herself from being distracted. But it seemed that the more she tried to push those images away, the more they overpowered her. More cute butts. More delicious butts. Yeah. She knew it was a delicious butt because…because…

Taeyeon coughed awkwardly. Even admitting to what she once did was a tad embarrassing.

Aaanyways…now was definitely not the time to be thinking about all these. Sunny would kick her butt if she messed up and made them lose the game. Right. It was time to get serious. Difficult as it was.


She was happy with what she had built. Lots and lots of buildings. Yay. Never mind that cannon rushing was old school. Time and time again, Sunny had tried to get her to try some other strategy but she stubbornly refused. There were times when she would give in to Sunny and then there were times when she would not. This was one of those times. She was sticking to the cannon rush. Oh yeah.

Cannons. Cannons. Cannons.

It was all going well until she had the misfortune—or fortune—to catch sight of Sunny pouting in concentration.


If there were one thing that Taeyeon could not resist, it was Sunny’s pout of concentration. It was an inexplicable fetish, if you will. Sunny’s pout and butt. Argh! It was a losing battle.

Taeyeon, what are you doing? You haven’t moved in three seconds!” Sunny’s cutesy voice blasted into her ear and she flinched.

I’m sorry. I’m back. I’m back.”

Sunny got up suddenly and Taeyeon was surprised to find the other girl’s face in hers.

Are you feeling alright?” Sunny was concerned.


It is a fever?” Sunny had her palm on Taeyeon’s forehead in the next instant.

Th-The game! We’re gonna lo-lose!” Taeyeon stuttered.

Never mind the game. You look so dazed. Do you want to lie down?”

I’m fine.”

Are you sure?”

I’m sure.”


Sunny returned to her seat and Taeyeon heaved a sigh of relief. If Sunny had known…


“…and we’ve got a lift off!” Sunny shrieked excitedly as she hunted down her opponent and shot him down. “I win!” She raised her hands jubilantly in the air.

Taeyeon looked over Sunny’s shoulder at the computer screen and cheered along with Sunny. Perhaps now she could get some of Sunny’s attention.

Good game, Sunny!”

Sunny turned around with a wide smile on her face. “This puts me in the top league! Grandmaster league! Woot! I’m in the top two per cent!”

That’s awesome!”

I know, right!”

Sunny hugged Taeyeon and kissed her right on the lips in her excitement which left Taeyeon breathless.

Taeyeon? Earth to Taeyeon…” Sunny waved her hand in front of Taeyeon’s dazed face. “Are you okay?”

Taeyeon blinked. And came back to her senses. “Uh…y-yeaaah… I’m okay.”

Sunny giggled. “You and your spaced out moments. You’re so cute.”

Taeyeon swallowed hard. Being called cute by the cutest girl in the world was strange in a pleasing sort of way.

You’re the cutest,” she blurted.

Sunny simply giggled. “You look as though you’re dying to kiss me.”

Taeyeon’s eyes widened. “Do I?”

Sunny’s eyes danced mischievously as she nodded. “And your hands are still on my hips.”

Taeyeon looked down. Eeps! My hands! What are my hands doing! She retracted them immediately and blushed.

Don’t take them away. I like them where they were.” Sunny grabbed Taeyeon’s hands and put them back on her hips. Taeyeon could barely breathe. And it certainly didn’t help when Sunny put her arms around Taeyeon’s neck and closed the distance between them.

Taeyeon’s heart was in her throat. Her mind was messed up like a fifteen-year-old’s unkempt bedroom. Her blood was racing. Her fingers were tingling. Her hair was standing. HEEEELLLPPP!

And before she realized what was happening, Sunny’s lips had engulfed hers and her legs turned to jelly. She was too weak to stand. Her legs wouldn’t listen. So she ended up slumping onto Sunny. Sunny didn’t seem to mind. The girl was preoccupied with tasting every inch of her lips. Regardless, Sunny still managed to grabbed hold of her tightly as she lost the function of her legs and haul her onto her lap.

So there they sat, Sunny on a chair, Taeyeon on Sunny, locking lips, nuzzling away like bears to honey. Her mind had turned into mush but it somehow managed to register the fact that Sunny’s lips tasted just like honey. Sweet. Delicious. More. She wanted more.

They kissed for what seemed like a few seconds but when they parted, Taeyeon realized that they’d been at it for a good ten minutes at least. Wow! What was that about?

S-Sunny…w-what’s going on?” Taeyeon asked as she tried to steady her heartbeat as much as possible.

You dork. If you want to kiss me, just do it. Don’t be shy.”

Taeyeon was flabbergasted. “W-What? N-No, no, no. I mean, huh? What are you talking about?”

You can’t hide it from me, Kim Taeyeon. I can read you like an open book.”

Taeyeon blinked. Then she blushed. “You knew?”

Sunny grinned and nodded. “I was only waiting to see how long you’d take to make the first move but I ran out of patience I guess.” She dug her fingers into Taeyeon’s hair and looked deep into her chocolate brown eyes. “Just do it.”

Taeyeon stared. Then her lips began to curl up. Oh, she’d kiss the socks off Sunny if that was the last thing she did.


The game they’re playing in the shot is Starcraft.
Did you guess it right? 😛

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