130719 Taoyuan Airport

Loud screams everywhere. People pushing, people moving. Flashes going off left, right, center. Just another airport arrival. Only, they couldn’t move fast. They were walking at a snail’s pace and Jessica felt a little unnerved by everything. But like a mind-reader, Yuri seemed to be able to read her thoughts because she leaned in slightly and said, “Stay close.”

It was just two words but calm settled into her heart at once. Two words spoken in that rather husky, low tone of Yuri’s. So familiar. Just a little less husky than the tone used when it was just the two of them. And like an obedient child, she obeyed. There was a slight jam in front but she couldn’t see what the obstruction was. She wasn’t tall enough to look above everybody else’s head. But it was alright. So long as she could see Yuri. Yuri’s back. Yuri’s hair. Any part of Yuri, basically.

They began to move again and she could hear screams of their fans coming from where they were heading too. She was flattered by the warm welcome that demonstrated just how popular they were but it made her a little nervous too. They exited the building, walking past the doors and that was when her eyes, hidden behind dark shades, widened slightly.

There were hordes of people everywhere. There must have been more than a thousand fans who came to welcome them to Taiwan. Jessica instinctively held onto the taller woman’s handbag strap to make sure that she didn’t lose sight of Yuri. And she felt safer immediately.

There were bodyguards creating a path for them but they were still walking at a snail’s pace. And yet again, as though by telepathy, Yuri seemed to sense that she didn’t want to be at the back of the group because she walked a little to the side and went ahead of Yoona and Sunny.

Jessica followed suit. She stuck as close to Yuri as she could without being too obvious about it. They’d already attracted a lot of attention with their closeness and they didn’t need another dose of it in the news. But with a crowd like that, she found it hard to stick close to another member of her group. Sure, they were all great friends, but Yuri offered her that sense of security and shelter that was unique and precious. And it was precisely during such situations that she felt a stronger need to be close to the younger woman.

Yuri led her back into the pack and she found herself next to Taeyeon who was looking down the whole time. Just then, Taeyeon turned back and said, “I’m pretending to be Sunny. Am I doing good?”

Tiffany grinned a little and said, “Don’t be a dork, Taeyeon.” Then, she turned to Jessica and they shared a knowing smile. But all through this time, she stayed as close to Yuri as possible. Yuri, her security blanket. Just being close was enough.

Suddenly, Yuri turned around and said, “Get on the van with me later.”

Jessica caught sight of Yuri’s sly smile as the taller girl turned back to the front. She felt a sudden surge of happiness and had to restrain herself from smiling too stupidly. It wouldn’t do to give the game away so easily. But just then, it became squeezy and Yuri ended up out of her reach so she had to let go of the handbag strap. And she gave Yuri a gentle nudge on the back with her hand after letting go. Yuri-ya, don’t go too fast.

She stayed close to Yuri the entire time and when it came to the end where they were to board the vans, Yuri hung back with her, allowing Sooyoung, Tiffany, Seohyun, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon to board the van. They exchanged brief knowing smiles as soon as the van’s doors closed. They would be taking the same van together and once they were on the van, they would be safe from the eyes of the public. From then on, it would be just a little while before they were in the privacy of their hotel room.

Hotel room. How many hotel rooms had they ‘christened’? Many. And Jessica could remember each and every time. She had the pictures to help. It had been the fright of her life when she dropped her phone into the sink while brushing her teeth just a few days ago. She’d been so freaked out by the thought of losing her precious pictures that she posted the news on her Weibo account. Fortunately, her fans offered many solutions and her phone was saved. Or rather, her pictures were saved.

She kept her hands to herself while on the van. It wasn’t easy but she managed to. And soon, they had arrived at their hotel. As soon as they got to their rooms, she couldn’t wait any longer. So she dropped her things and dragged Yuri into the bathroom with her, citing some wardrobe malfunction. She knew that her members knew but finding excuses made it a little easier for everyone to hide it from their managers. No one but her members knew. This was their secret. Their bond.

The door clicked shut and she locked it immediately before turning around. Yuri was right behind her and it shocked her.

Oh!” she exclaimed and before she had time to react to anything, Yuri had swooped down and claimed her lips not-so-gently. She moaned into Yuri’s mouth, letting the taller woman dominate. Yuri’s hands were all over her and she liked it. She leaned back against the door and relished the feeling of Yuri’s body pressed up against hers completely. Those hours at the gym certainly weren’t wasted on Yuri.

Yuri’s body was a work of art. And just like how she could spend hours, wandering around art museums, she could spend hours just admiring Yuri’s body. However, that was a luxury that she could only afford on their off days. There was no time for that now. They had to settle in and head to the concert venue. There was lots of work to be done. So for now; for a few fleeting minutes, she indulged in the bliss. The kind of bliss that only Kwon Yuri could drown her in.


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