130914 Yulsic towel love

(based on GG World Tour in Indonesia concert)

Jessica squeals as she runs into her bathroom. Yuri is not far behind but doesn’t manage to get into the bathroom before Jessica shuts and locks the door.

Sica…” Yuri growls threateningly and Jessica is even less inclined to open the door when she hears Yuri.

I need to take a bath!” she yells as she turns on the tap, hoping that Yuri will stop knocking on the door and give up trying to catch her. She knows that Yuri wants revenge for the dirty, sweat-sodden towel she threw on her just before they sang ‘Twinkle’. Yuri had whispered that much to her as they walked down the ‘catwalk’ to backstage together.

Let me in, Sica,” Yuri calls in a sweet voice, a drastic change from the menacing low tone before and Jessica’s is on guard instantly. “I’m tired. Let’s bathe together and save time.”

Jessica isn’t sure if she should open the door or not but Yuri pesters her continuously and she relents eventually. She opens the door and peeks around it. Yuri is standing right outside. Topless. Jessica gasps and steps back. Heat from an unknown source floods her insides and she is enraptured by the sight of Yuri’s bare chest.

See? I’m only coming in to take a bath. I’m not lying,” says Yuri as she enters the bathroom and Jessica turns around to take her clothes off as well. Taking baths together has become commonplace among them and she’s used to it by now. It’s only natural when you have nine girls in a group who are all tired, sweaty and in need of a good bath. She’s even shared the bathroom with as many as four members at the same time before. It’s the practical thing to do when they are pressed for time.

However, what she isn’t prepared for is when Yuri makes a sudden lunge for her when they’re in the bathtub and starts tickling her mercilessly.

Stop! Please stop!” Jessica squeals as water splashes around them. “Don’t forget! I gave you water when you were thirsty! Don’t bully me!” And right in the next moment, she’s squealing for an entirely different reason.


Fingers slide from her sensitive ticklish sides towards her bare chest and wrap themselves around her ample domes. Oh…

Yuri…what are you doing…” Jessica breathes, her cheeks heating up suddenly. She can hear Yuri’s chuckle and the brush of lips on her bare shoulders from behind.

What do you think…?” Yuri asks in a husky voice and the temperature of their bathroom shoots to boiling point. “Thanking you for the water you fed me, baby.”

Jessica squirms but Yuri doesn’t let go. The arms around her tighten and lock her in Yuri’s embrace. Her back is pressed up against Yuri’s bare chest and she can feel all too distinctly, the other girl’s desires.

You said you’re tired. We should take a quick bath and go to bed,” says Jessica as she turns around to look at Yuri. But instead of an answer, she receives a blistering, hot, passionate kiss from the girl behind her. Her lips are consumed, almost, and her mouth is under siege. Fingers play with her pleasure nerves that are concentrated in two little nubs on her chest and the jolts of sensation zip right down to her very core, between her legs. Ohh…

Yuri,” Jessica pants after Yuri is done kissing her. “Your fingers—oh.” She’s unable to complete her sentence, her words turning into soft little moans under the caresses of Yuri. Fingers are pinching her now, pulling, twisting and all sorts of sensations are spinning around her body. The warm water seems to sensitize her even more and she doesn’t know if it’s Yuri or the steam that’s making her woozy.

A hand lifts off her right dome and she jerks when the same hand cups her down below. Ohhh…

She is but a puddle of sensation and pleasure as fingers slide over her most sensitive button, over and over again, up and down, up and down. She knows that Yuri will find out how much she’s enjoying her caresses very soon but she’s beyond feeling embarrassed about it. This feels too good and it’s all her mind can think about.

Yuri’s fingers slide further and into her easily. There is little resistance.

You’re too sexy, baby. Spread your legs some more,” Yuri coos in her ear and she does as she is told.


Yuri’s fingers thrust in and out smoothly, steadily, building up a wave of pleasure with each thrust. Jessica throws her head back and relaxes against Yuri, rolling her head on her shoulder. Yuri has nice shoulders, she thinks but her next thought is obliterated when a warm mouth engulfs the neglected nub. A tongue flicks at it and her back arches, raising her breasts up as an offering to the beautiful goddess who is pleasuring her at the moment.

She reaches behind and puts her hand on Yuri’s thigh for support but the feel of Yuri’s skin under her skin only spurs her to move her hand into more sensitive quarters. She glides her fingers down to the inside of Yuri’s thigh and inches up towards the mother lode. Yuri’s gasp is short and sharp and she knows that she has found what she’s looking for. Her nimble fingers locate Yuri’s sensitive button with ease since it has swelled out of its usual hiding place and she presses down and rubs in sensuous circles.

Yuri’s breathing starts to become irregular and Jessica knows that she’s doing a good job. Yet at the same time, her own pleasure is building and accumulating steadily and when Yuri’s other hand moves down and finds her little nub, she explodes with a loud, sharp, shrill cry.


She blinks as the fluffy clouds clear from her mind and tilts her head to smile at Yuri. Yuri lowers her head and their lips meet lovingly.

Did you like that, baby?” Yuri’s grin is self-assured and Jessica knows that she’s asking only because she likes to hear it from her.

Too good, daaarling,” Jessica drawls in a low voice, knowing that it turns Yuri on and sure enough, the girl’s eyes darken with desire. “Now it’s your turn to sit back and relax,” she purrs. “I know how to show my girl a good time too.”

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