Her Abs

Yuri lay lazily on the couch with Jessica snuggled right up to her as she eyed her group members. They’d just finished dinner and as usual, there was a tussle to get out of cleaning up. It was no surprise that Hyoyeon, Yoona and Sooyoung were trying to trick Seohyun into cleaning up and most predictably, Taeyeon grew a conscience amidst the ruckus and decided to help Seohyun out with the dishes.

You girls, all you do is eat. Come and help Seohyun!” Taeyeon half-laughed and half-scolded them.

We’re lazy girls, Taeyeon. That’s why we have lots of interest in eating but none in washing up,” Hyoyeon laughed.

Yeah! I need to eat more to have more energy to help you to wash up,” added Sooyoung.

Yuri grinned and shook her head at them. Ever so lovable were her group members. They were also her best friends—the people who knew her best, aside from her family. And at times, they knew her even better than her own family did.

For starters, they knew about her relationship with Jessica. This was something that her family did not know. And she planned on keeping it that way for as long as possible. Jessica was a godsend to her. And right now, her godsend was tracing invisible letters across her flat tummy or rather, her abs.

Her abs were her pride and joy. She worked hard to get them and even harder to maintain them. Abs did not come easy but would disappear in the blink of an eye. They were hard work. And what made it all worth it was the love and attention it received from both her group’s fans and Jessica.

Speaking of which, Jessica had pretty delicious abs too. She giggled at the thought of the many times she’d taken the chance to touch Jessica’s abs while performing one of their hit songs, OH!. The world would never know, she thought. They’d think that she was just being cheeky. Yes, her reputation of being a regular prankster was paying off if she could get away with playing her hand on Jessica while on stage.

What are you thinking about, Yuri-ah?” Jessica asked suddenly, her finger halting in the middle of writing yet another invisible word on Yuri’s abs.

I’m thinking about your very yummy abs,” Yuri answered cheekily and earned a slap on her abs from Jessica. “Oww! I’m telling the truth! I was thinking about all the times I touched your abs during OH!!”

Oh? You pervert.”

Yuri grinned salaciously. “I know you like it. Your smile is always at its best when I touch your abs. The fans think that you’re so cute because you’re blushing and acting shy and all but I know better. I know what you’re thinking.”

Do you?” Jessica’s voice had taken on a teasing tone and Yuri knew that she had a game in her hands that could turn out for the good if she played it right.

I do.”

And what am I thinking?”

You’re thinking of me and what I’m so good at doing.”

Jessica faked a cough and cleared her throat. “What are you so good at doing? Why am I not aware of it at all?”

Oh…I’m sure you’re fully aware of it. You usually have lots to say about it afterwards.”

Jessica squealed and smacked Yuri’s abs. “Yuri!”

Yuri merely grinned and caught hold of Jessica’s hand. “Hmm…these hands are quite talented too.”

To which, Jessica began to blush. “You’re a total pervert.”

Says the girl who is in love with a pervert.”

Who said that I’m in love with a pervert?”

You did. You said so yourself last night.”

Yuri…if you’re not careful, you’re going to end up sleeping on this couch tonight.”

Yuri grinned, unafraid of Jessica’s empty threat. “I don’t mind. So long as you’re with me, I can sleep anywhere. All I need is you in my arms.” She pressed her lips on Jessica’s forehead and held it there until a loud voice interrupted their lovely moment.

Yuri! Jess! Get a room, will you?”

Yuri lifted her lips from Jessica’s forehead and opened her eyes. Yes, it was Tiffany. She didn’t even have to open her eyes to recognize her group member’s voice. “Ask Taeyeon to cover your eyes then. I’m sure she’ll be very happy to do so.”

Jessica giggled. “Yuri-ah, let’s go to my room.”

Sooyoung groaned immediately. “Will I have to sleep with Yoona again?”

What’s wrong with sleeping with me?” Yoona was quick to speak up.

You and that chicken in the middle of the night!”

Anyway, Sooyoung, thanks for the room. I love you, you’re the best!” Yuri grinned cheekily and disappeared into the room with Jessica, shutting and locking the door behind them. It was time to feast on something other than dinner.

this piece was written in a 30 minute challenge

6 thoughts on “Her Abs

  1. I don’t quite get the reference for Yoona and the chicken, am I missing something? Overall good job in 30 minutes! Love flow writing. YulSic and TaeNy should just be roommates hehehe

      1. Oh I remember this now, ahh it’s hilarious when things get real! The whole story of Yuri falling asleep too continues on while she was on IY XD

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