Hurricane Diarrhea #24

“Taeyeon? Taeyeon?”

Taeyeon could barely nod in response. She heard Tiffany’s light chuckle and blinked. What?

“You were pretty bold a while ago. Where did bold Taeyeon go?” Tiffany chuckled.

“Flushed down the toilet.”

Tiffany’s chuckle grew into a full-bodied laugh and Taeyeon could only sit and stare. Could anyone blame her though? Did Tiffany have any idea just how sexy she looked sitting there in her candy cane bra? And it wasn’t just any bra. It was the candy cane bra! Candy cane! Had Tiffany forgotten the very words she had whispered while they were in that lingerie store? Had Tiffany forgotten the very bra she’d been holding in her hands at that time?

“Do you recognize this bra?” Tiffany’s husky voice flowed down her throat like thick honey, coating everything in sweetness.

“Yes, of course.” Are you kidding? I held this very bra in my freaking hands!

Tiffany’s eyes sparkled just then, with sensual delight. “Then you’ll remember what I said to you back then.”

Taeyeon nodded, wondering what Tiffany was getting at.

“Well, we’re there now.”

“We’re there?”

“Aren’t we?”

Taeyeon’s breath hitched as she realized where they were heading towards. “I don’t…know.”

Tiffany’s eyes grew smoky as she sidled up to Taeyeon and wrapped her arms around her neck. “I’ve been waiting for this,” her eyes flashed dangerously, “I thought I was gonna have to take you by force if you didn’t make a move soon.”

Taeyeon leaned away and tried to keep calm. “Aren’t we…going…a little too…fast?”

Tiffany shook her head. “You think this is fast?”


“I don’t.”

“You don’t?”

“I’m kinda impatient. I don’t wanna wait any longer.”


Taeyeon didn’t get a chance to protest. Tiffany was on her, lips parting, seeking, finding and locking. She could feel Tiffany’s weight on her, the taller girl leaning to close the gap between them, pressing her body against hers. She tilted backwards under the weight and toppled over onto her back where she lay beneath Tiffany. Their kiss broke for a moment only to be continued as soon as Tiffany realigned herself, and lay snug between Taeyeon’s legs. Then, it was an all-out assault on her senses.

Shivers zipped down her spine as Tiffany latched onto her jaw and planted kisses down the line. Taeyeon’s eyes were squeezed shut as Tiffany’s tongue flicked at random times, catching her skin unawares, shocking her in the best possible way. Tiffany trailed up and down her jawline before dragging her tongue all the way up to her earlobe and flicking it.

“Oh,” she moaned, unable to stop herself from emitting the sound of pleasure, “F-Fwang…”

“It’s Hwang. Hwwwang,” Tiffany corrected her, pulling away and leaving Taeyeon feeling hot and cold. With furrowed brows and lips pressed into a chastising line, Tiffany didn’t come across as happy and Taeyeon realized then, just how anal Tiffany was about her name.

“Hwang. I’m sorry.”

Then, Tiffany was back on her lips, taking everything Taeyeon had to offer and more. Taeyeon’s soul could have been sucked right out of her and it wouldn’t have mattered, as far as she was concerned, for Tiffany was the sucker and she was the suckee. With lips that soft and a tongue that wicked, Taeyeon was lost to Tiffany, lost in Tiffany and had no desire to extract herself from this heat-inducing embrace, ever.


“Uhhh…” Taeyeon moaned when her lips were freed. Tiffany had moved on to her neck and was currently sucking on a particularly sensitive spot that was shooting piercing bolts of ignition straight to her loins. Her loins. F…F…Flaming loins. Her loins were flaming. But before they could combust, Tiffany stopped, her breath heavy, an indication of how affected she was by their connection.



Tiffany tugged at her hoodie, sliding her palm up under it. “Get this off.”

Taeyeon’s muscles tensed where Tiffany touched her and her hairs stood in the wake of her gliding palm. Oh dear holy macaroons, was she in heaven? How much more of this could her heart take before it called it a day?

“So you really do love blue.”


With a corner of her lips quirked, Tiffany clarified, “Your bra, Taeyeon. It’s navy blue.”

“I like blue.”

“Will you ever like pink?”

“Must I?” asked Taeyeon with a grimace, inducing a snort and a chuckle from Tiffany. Naughty fingers played along the edge of her ‘sailor bra’ as she called it and skimmed the exposed cleavage, teasing, enticing, alluring.

“Might I persuade you to be civil with it at least?”

Taeyeon bit her lip as Tiffany’s lips brushed the trail her fingers had travelled. Her toes curled, uncurled, curled, uncurled and curled again with each delightful pleasure that Tiffany supplied with gentle caresses. She was so enraptured by Tiffany’s magic that she’d have agreed to almost anything Tiffany asked. Except for this. Pink. No. Never.

But Tiffany pressed a fervent kiss into Taeyeon’s open mouth and her answer never made it out. All thoughts left the building and her instincts kicked in, inciting her hands to wander across the smooth expanse of fair skin. The wonders of Mother Nature were definitely instilled in Tiffany. Oh yeah.

The sudden feeling of her shy twins meeting cool air surprised her and she jumped. Looked down. Where had her bra gone? Looked up. What was that glint in Tiffany’s beautiful eyes? Why was her head dipping?





“Taeyeon…” she breathed. Everything was so sexy to her. Everything Taeyeon did. Every word Taeyeon said. Every move Taeyeon made. The way she walked. Sauntered. Strolled. Taeyeon was insanely attractive and strangely unaware of it. But that was probably part of her charm anyway…


The awkwardness she initially felt after they first got together had faded into obscurity and it was as though the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining through. Taeyeon was reborn. And she saw Tiffany in a completely different light now. Tiffany…just the thought of what she had done with Tiffany had her biting her lip to keep from grinning like an idiot.

“Time passes too quickly when you’re having a good time,” Tiffany whined, wearing a miserable pout.

“I’m sorry I can’t stay.”

Tiffany shook her head. “No, don’t be. It’s a good thing…taking it a little slower. I know I can be impatient about things so it’s good to have you slow me down a little.”

Taeyeon was relieved to hear that. She’d been worried Tiffany might not be happy about her refusal to stay the night. She didn’t want to go too far too quickly and thankfully, Tiffany was understanding enough. So she smiled, patted Tiffany’s knee and got up, adjusting her clothes as she did. “You know what? I think we should do dinner with our friends instead of having it by ourselves tomorrow. It’ll be nice.”

“I’d like that too.”

Nothing could’ve stopped Taeyeon’s lips from curling up. “Great! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow now.” But her grin turned upside down when she stooped to pick her socks up. There was a strange smell wafting from it and had her scrunching her nose. “Eww!”

“What?” Tiffany stuck her head over Taeyeon’s shoulder to look at her socks. Taeyeon took a whiff at them and stuck her tongue out in disgust. “It’s pee.”

“Prince!” Tiffany barked at once but Prince didn’t come running. Understandably so. Taeyeon wouldn’t have appeared either, if Tiffany was calling her in that tone. “Prince!”

Taeyeon tugged Tiffany’s hand with her free one and shook her head. “Don’t. It’s alright, really. I’ll just wash it when I get back home.”

“No. I’ll clean them for you. It’s Prince’s fault. I can’t believe he peed on your socks!”

“And here I thought he’s beginning to like me…”

“Aww, don’t be sad. Prince is just being really naughty.”

“It’s okay. I’ll keep working on it. Prince will love me one day.”

Tiffany grinned and planted a kiss on her cheek. “Yes, he will.”


It was Saturday morning and Taeyeon had never woken up happier. Her dreams were full of Tiffany and her lips. Those sexy red lips that could evoke the strongest sensations from within. Those lips were to die for. The memory of Tiffany’s lips roaming about her body was more than she could handle, however, so she hopped into the shower to cool down.

But it didn’t help. Water cascading down her body cooled her temperature but reminded her of how light Tiffany’s touch had been, yet how deep it could reach into her soul. And that had only been them exploring their toplessness. They hadn’t even ventured further south yet. Taeyeon didn’t know how she was going to handle things when they eventually got to full nudity. That was too much hotness for her to withstand for now.

She flashed hot and cold at the thought of Tiffany joining their movie night. Suddenly, she wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. For one, she had no control over what her friends might do or say. Secondly, she had no control over what Tiffany might do or say. It sounded like a recipe for disaster. Oh no.

Shit had better not hit the ceiling tonight.


The doorbell rang and Taeyeon looked down at Yuri for assurance that she wasn’t going to be the only nervous wreck tonight. Here was a girl who was about to receive the shock of her life. Yuri had no idea about Jessica’s impending arrival and was slouched on the couch, legs flung over the armrest, head propped on her thighs.

Sunny hurried out from the kitchen where Yoona was fooling around with Seohyun, another two completely unsuspecting girls. She and Sunny had decided to keep it a secret and Taeyeon thought it was a fantastic idea now that the moment had arrived. It was definitely going to be a lot of fun seeing how Yuri coped with Jessica’s presence. On top of that, it would take the heat off from her and Tiffany.

“Hi, Tiffany!”

“You must be Sunny?”

“The one and only!”

Taeyeon rolled her eyes. Sunny was definitely too hyped up about tonight and it was showing in her cheesy lines.

“This is Jessica. Jessica, this is Sunny, Taeyeon’s roommate.”

A soft, gentle voice floated in to where she was on the couch. “Hi, Sunny. Thanks for having us over.”

“You’re totally welcome, Jessica. Come in!”

Taeyeon tried to contain her laughter at the thought of Yuri and her body shook with the effort, inciting the very girl to look up at her curiously. She grinned, shaking her head at Yuri who was listening to music through earplugs and ignorant of what was going on at the door.

She leapt to her feet and deserted Yuri when Tiffany appeared. Her hands were awkward, not knowing if they should hug in the presence of all their friends but Tiffany appeared to have no such reservation and threw her arms around her with a great big smile.

“I missed you today.”

Taeyeon blushed. “Me too.”

Tiffany gave her a beautiful smile before turning to Jessica. “You two have met so don’t be shy.”

“Hi, Je—” a body crashed onto hers, nearly knocking her over and she grabbed Tiffany’s arm to regain her balance. “What—” she started to say when she realized who it was. It was Kwon Yuri. Her cool, attractive friend. Her immensely popular friend. Her highly sought after friend. Yes, it was this very Kwon Yuri who had stumbled and knocked into her, somehow, and was now gripping her arm so hard that it was beginning to hurt.


Taeyeon winced. Yuri’s voice was unnaturally high. And whenever it went that high, it was the most awkward sound on earth. Like some kind of overzealous frog that was trying way too hard to be cute.

“Yuri, this is Jessica and Tiffany. They’re here to join us for dinner and the movie.”

“Oh!” Taeyeon winced again at Yuri squeaking, “You didn’t mention any of this, Taeyeon!” The latter shot her a look that said you-owe-me-an-explanation but Taeyeon was saved by the belle when Jessica cleared her throat just then.

“Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom. Where is i—”

“I’ll show you to it!” squeaked Yuri even before Taeyeon could open her mouth and her jaw dropped as Yuri put her arm around Jessica and led her away. An elbow to her side had her turning to look at Tiffany with questions in her eyes.

“Yuri is pretty smooth.” Tiffany giggled and Taeyeon had no idea if she was being serious or not. “But she really has to do something about her voice.”

Taeyeon grinned. “Yuri’s voice goes up freaky high when she’s excited.”

“Well, then I’m glad your voice doesn’t do that when you’re excited.”

“Yours goes up pretty high too.”



“I hope I don’t sound as squeaky.”

Taeyeon shook her head. “You’re totally adorable. Not squeaky at all.”

Tiffany broke into a grin, her eyes turning into cute little crescent moons and she smacked Taeyeon’s arm lightly. “You’re just biased. I should seek a second opinion.”

“But only my opinion should matter,” said Taeyeon with a pout, earning herself a quick peck on the cheek from Tiffany.

“Cheeky girl.”

Taeyeon only grinned wider as Tiffany ruffled her hair playfully. Then, in what was perhaps a ninja move, she leaned in, taking the opportunity to steal a quick kiss from Tiffany. Tiffany’s eyes widened an inch before turning back into crescent moons again and Taeyeon was about to steal yet another kiss when Sunny’s voice cut through her intention and rang in her ears.

“Dinner’s ready! Taeyeon! Is the table set up yet?”

“I’ll set it now,” answered Taeyeon and she stole another quick kiss from Tiffany before flashing a wide grin and pulling away to set the table for dinner. This was going to be one interesting dinner. Not to mention the movie to follow after.

No shit.


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