Hurricane Diarrhea Outtake from #15

“Poor Taengoo. Having a tummy ache really sucks.” Yuri shut the bedroom door and followed Sunny to the kitchen.

Tell me about it. But she shouldn’t have eaten all that icecream.”

You know Taengoo best. You know how inseparable she and icecream are.”

Still…” Sunny shook her head as she set some water to boil in the electric kettle, “well at least she’s gonna feel better soon.”

You see, it’s all the same. Taeyeon and her icecream, you and your games.”

And now, you and Jessica.” Sunny’s grin made Yuri pout.

She’s not bad for me.”

Actually, I think you’re right. She may be very good for you.”

No, I wouldn’t say that either. I don’t think replies like that are good for my mental health.”

Sunny thought of the message in Yuri’s phone one more time and laughed out loud. “Seriously. This Jessica person I’ve gotta meet. Hi, who are you? If you’re selling something, I’m not interested. Sorry. HAHAHA!!!” Sunny’s laughter climbed higher and higher and soon, she was literally squeaking; she was laughing so hard.

Yuri poked her sides and Sunny squealed. “Don’t”, she shrieked, “Don’t!”

I’ll stop if you stop.”

Okay,” Sunny held her hands up in surrender, “okay, I’ll stop.”

Now tell me what to do…” Yuri groaned.

Do you really like her? Why are you trying to so hard?”

I don’t know if I like her, but I want to find out.”

Sunny shook her head again, taking out a chopping board and some vegetables. “I don’t approve. She’s not like the girls who hang around you, trying to get a date with you.”

But that’s precisely why I’m interested.”

In the challenge? Aren’t you going to end up playing with her feelings if you do that?”

Yuri fell silent for a moment. Then, she shook her head. “No, her feelings won’t be messed with. I’m only trying to be friends. Maybe we can go out some time, you know? But it’s not like I’m going to date her then dump her or anything. You know that I wouldn’t.”

I just don’t want you to start something and hurt someone unintentionally.”

I’ll bear that in mind. But I really want—”

Sunny’s phone rang. She looked up and set her knife down. “Help me to pour the boiling water into a pot and dump the veg in. Medium heat.”

Leaving Yuri to her task, she went out to the living room and retrieved her phone from Taeyeon’s bag. She walked back to the kitchen while checking to see who it was and if it was an urgent call. The name flashing on the screen surprised her a little. And if what Taeyeon had been like last night was any indication at all, this would be a call that needed to be answered—at least to Taeyeon it was.

Who is it?” Yuri asked, taking a couple of strides to get to Sunny’s side. She looked. “Oooh hohoho, what do we have here? A lovergirl calling our lovergirl. Answer it, Sunny. We can take a message.”

Sunny thought it was a good idea so she answered the call. “Hi, Tiffany.”

Tiffany sounded a little thrown off. “Oh, er hi. I’m looking for Taeyeon?”

Just then, Yuri began waving her hands around, gesturing wildly. Only, Sunny couldn’t understand a word of what she was signalling; charades had never been Yuri’s strength. She covered the mic of her phone and spoke in a loud whisper, “What!”

Using the same loud whisper, Yuri replied, “Tell her your toilet is clogged again. Get her over here.”

Sunny’s eyes lit upon the enlightenment. That was a good idea!

I’m Taeyeon’s roommate.”

Oh, hi. Is Taeyeon there?”

She’s—actually, Tiffany?”


You’re the one who fixed our toilet the last time, right?

Yes, I am.”

Well, that’s great. Could you come over? Please? Our toilet is clogged again.”

Again? Are you kidding?”

Sunny sighed for added effect and pulled a sad face. “I’m afraid not. There must be something wrong with it. Please help us. We’ll pay you, of course. Standard rates apply.”

Well, alright. I’ll need some time to get there though.”

We’ll wait. Thank you, Tiffany.”

You’re welcome.”

Yuri poked her arm, her eyes shining like the mid-day sun, her grin, impish. “She’s coming?”

Sunny nodded and Yuri raised her hands in triumph. “See what good friends we are.”

Taeyeon is too slow. She needs this.”

Yuri nodded. “I couldn’t agree more.”


The doorbell rang soon enough and the two girls looked at each other. Giggling, they got off the couch and made their way to the door.

Hi, Tiffany,” Sunny greeted with a bright smile.

Hi, Tiffany!” Yuri chirped.

Tiffany shifted her eyes to Yuri and narrowed them. Yuri wasn’t sure why, but she backed away when Tiffany approached her.

You’re Yuri.”


You have Jessica’s number.”

Yuri coughed, feeling awkward all of a sudden.

I’m watching you.”

Yuri blinked and took another step back. “I…”

Would you like to put your bag down? It looks heavy.”

Tiffany turned to Sunny. “Where have I seen you before…?”

Then, it was Sunny’s turn to panic. She’d forgotten all about the love survey she’d done on Tiffany! Uh oh! Cover blown! Mission abort!

Er…I just remembered, I need to go out and see someone to get something back. Yuri, I need you to come with me. Tiffany, there’s a pot of vegetable soup cooking in the kitchen. Bring it to Taeyeon when she’s awake. She had a really bad stomach ache and is resting right now. Thanks!”

She grabbed a stunned Yuri as she fired her words like a machine gun and made for the door even before Tiffany could react. The last thing she heard was a loud and surprised ‘What did you say?’ but she was out even before she had time to answer. Oh boy, how wrong could a plan like this go? So wrong. So, so wrong.



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