Hurricane Diarrhea #32

“I’m not angry but I’m not happy either.”

Taeyeon fidgeted and picked at invisible specks of dirt on her jeans as Tiffany spoke.

“I was looking forward to our alone time, Taeyeon.”

“So was I. I was planning to have a panties talk too. But Yuri is really depressed.”

“A panties talk?” Tiffany sounded amused and Taeyeon sensed it was an opportunity to get out of trouble.

“Yeah. Er…I…I wanted to…”

“You wanted to show me your panties?”

The hope and eagerness in Tiffany’s voice was much too evident to ignore and Taeyeon felt a sudden fear for the safety of her panties.

“Talk. Not show.”

“Taeyeon, if you talk about them…there’s no guarantee on what I might do. If you’re not planning on showing anything…it’s best to avoid the subject.”

“In that case, it’s just as well that we’re going to the party then.”

“Are we going to the party? I don’t remember agreeing to anything.”


Tiffany laughed and squeezed Taeyeon’s hand. “Just kidding. I’m not that mean. Not to you at least.” Her grin was cheeky and vibrant and spoke of colours of the rainbow. “But shouldn’t I get a reward for being such a nice girlfriend…hmm…?”


It’s the very thing she’d been trying to get out of but Tiffany wasn’t the sort of girl who’d let it go without consequence, it seemed. She wasn’t going to go down without a fight, however. No. She was a fighter. Rawr.

“I’ll give you an ice cream treat.”

Tiffany pouted. “That sounds more like a reward for you than me.”

“I’ll give you a dinner, movie and an ice cream treat.”

“You can’t reward me with what you owe me.”

Taeyeon felt defeated. What else could she possibly come up with that didn’t involve panties? “I’ll be your slave for a day,” she blurted. Oh no. What did I just say?

“You’ll be my slave for a day?”

Shit. I can’t take it back now. “Y-Yes…but!”


“No one must know about this.” Taeyeon didn’t want to deal with a bunch of friends who’d no doubt, tease her about it for a long, long time if they knew. “No one but the two of us.”

“Deal!” Tiffany flashed the brightest grin and Taeyeon knew she was in trouble.



“Isn’t this place great?” Yuri yelled in her ear as they entered the club where the party was held. Taeyeon didn’t know whether the place was great or not. But she did know one thing: Tiffany was out for blood. She’d dressed to kill, quite literally. Killer red dress. Killer red lips. Killer red nails. Her heels was one of those sexy black ones that spelled danger and Taeyeon couldn’t help but notice the way Tiffany was looking at her. She knew. This was Tiffany’s revenge.

Sunny had wandered off to the bar where the alcohol resided and Sooyoung was close behind her to make sure that Sunny didn’t drink more than she could handle—which was a lot. Hyoyeon had done her shots and was currently rocking the dance floor with a good friend of hers that Taeyeon didn’t really know well.

All she had left to save her from Tiffany was Yuri and Yoona. So when they headed towards the bar to join Sunny and Sooyoung, Taeyeon hastened to follow. There was just one thing stopping her, however. Tiffany.

“I wanna dance with you,” was all she said before pulling Taeyeon onto the dance floor. “Relax, I’m not gonna do anything to you…tonight.”

Taeyeon wasn’t sure if that was good or bad news but she was relieved to know she wouldn’t be activated as Tiffany’s slave tonight. So she began to relax and feel the music. Tiffany was doing a cute jiggly dance, moving her arms like an awkward robot and Taeyeon couldn’t help but grin at the sight. There was something about the Tiffany mix of sultry and nerdy that landed her thumping heart, hook, line and sinker.

She danced too, moving her arms about, shaking her hips to the rhythm of the music but she wasn’t comfortable dancing in her heels so her movements were restricted. The crowd around them sloshed about and all it took was a bump from someone behind her to knock her off balance. She stumbled forward, making a desperate attempt to stay up but failed. She found herself in Tiffany’s arms, wobbling, but Tiffany held her close and steadied her.

“You okay, honey?”

Taeyeon nodded. Oh…Tiffany smelt so good. So fresh. Help.



“If you don’t stop holding my butt, I’m gonna drag you to a dark corner and ravish you.”

Taeyeon’s fingers twitched. Oh gosh. How? When? What were her hands doing on Tiffany’s butt?! She retracted her hands and pulled away from Tiffany’s embrace. Holy shit. She was going to have a good talk with her hands after this party. But Tiffany’s smile was teasing and her heart almost stopped beating when Tiffany winked at her. Then, the whole world froze on its axis and began spinning in the opposite direction when Tiffany whispered, “Let it go, Taeyeon. Just let it go, the way you let go on the toilet bowl. It’s the good shit tonight, honey.”

Tiffany’s analogy was the weirdest thing in the world but something about the way she said ‘shit’ relaxed Taeyeon and she regained her party high.

“Let’s grab a drink before dancing some more.”

Tiffany agreed and they made their way to the bar where Sooyoung was declaring war against any girl who claimed to be taller than her.

“Taengoo! There you are! Come and drink with us!” yelled Yuri who was teetering on her heels. Taeyeon locked eyes with Sunny and Sunny shook her head. Right. Yuri had had a drop too many and so did Sooyoung. Just then, a girl came up to Yuri and invited her to dance. Taeyeon could feel Tiffany’s grip on her hand tightening but the grip relaxed when Yuri replied with a smile and a shake of her head. “I’m with my friends over here,” she said, waving her hands in a general direction.

The girl looked at them briefly before patting Yuri’s shoulder. “Alright, next time then. I’ll be waiting, Kwon Yuri.”

“My dear friends, a toast to my broken heart!” yelled Yuri and Taeyeon could only shake her head. They raised their glasses and clinked them and Yuri emptied her glass in one big gulp.

“Yuri, getting drunk over a broken heart isn’t your style,” Sunny yelled.

“Really? What is my style then?”

“You’d stick it back with tape and try again.”

Yuri shook her head. “No tape. I don’t have tape.”

“You’ve got plenty. Here, drink this and tape up your broken heart.”

“What’s this?” Yuri sniffed at the mug and cringed. “Eww, it stinks!”

“This my friends,” said Sunny as she passed mugs of the murky liquid to each of them, “is the Graveyard. My good friend Miss Bartender over here makes one of the best in town. This is on me.”

Taeyeon stared at her mug and cringed just like Yuri did. It didn’t look pleasant at all—Graveyard was an apt name, no doubt. “Sunny…are you sure we can drink this?”

“Of course we can. Drink this and tomorrow will be a better day.”

Taeyeon didn’t see how tomorrow was going to be a better than when she was going to be Tiffany’s slave soon. But drinking this was probably better than worrying about tomorrow. So, she raised her glass and yelled, “Cheers!”

That spark of energy from her seemed to drive the rest of them as well and they all clinked and emptied their mugs as the drop of the bass beats pulsed through them.


Oh boy. That urge. Ooh…that urge. It was right there, at the edge. That bubble. That pocket of air. She had to let it go. She had to. Just a little push. A little push to free that bubble. Ah…yes. That was good. She reached behind herself and scratched her butt, wiggling it a little to rid herself of any residual gas that didn’t make its escape. Oh yes. That was the best feeling ever. It was almost cathartic. A cathartic release of cooped up gas.

The smell that followed wasn’t as pleasant, however, diminishing the pleasure a little. But it wasn’t too bad. She could handle the ammonia, the sulphur compounds…it was alright by her. She could take it in her stride.

“Honey, your fart stinks.”

Taeyeon opened her eyes and whipped her head around in shock. Holy shit. What was Tiffany doing in her bed?!

“But I still think you’re sexy as heck,” said Tiffany with a laugh.

“W-What happened? Why are you here?”

Tiffany raised a brow, flipped her hair like a supermodel and stared. “Why wouldn’t I be here? This is my room, you know.”

“Y-Your room?” Taeyeon was confused. She looked to her left and right and realized that Tiffany was right. She was in Tiffany’s room. But how? When? Why?

“Sunny had to carry a passed-out Sooyoung to the car and send her back. Yoona had to haul Yuri back. So.”

“So you brought me back here?” Taeyeon looked down at herself and realized that her clothes had been changed. “Did you change my clothes?”

Tiffany nodded. “You reeked of alcohol so I wiped you down and changed you into something more comfortable to sleep in.” She paused and studied Taeyeon carefully. “You don’t sound happy about this.”

“No, no, I don’t mean it like that. I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

Tiffany smiled. “Don’t worry, I didn’t take any liberties while you were unconscious.” She inched closer to her, slipping an arm over her waist, leg sliding over hers, sending a thrill zipping across her skin. “Don’t be so tensed, relax.”

Taeyeon closed her eyes as their lips met and said hi and they remained closed as Tiffany pulled her in for a hug. She indulged in the luxurious feeling of Tiffany’s embrace and was melting into a puddle of goo when Tiffany spoke again.

“I’m looking forward to this, Taeyeon my slave.”

Her eyes sprang open once more. It was tomorrow. The day that was supposed to be a better day than yesterday. But Sunny was wrong. It wasn’t a better day. It was Taeyeon the slave day.



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