Hurricane Diarrhea #34



Tiffany closed her eyes, backed away and held her hands out, shielding her eyes from the eyes on Taeyeon’s panties. “No.”

Taeyeon didn’t quite understand what was going on. Everything that was going on in here was as absurd as her favourite cartoons. Nothing, almost nothing made any sense.

“Why not?”

“I wanna date you. Not your panties. I wanna look at your panties but I don’t wanna date them. I don’t want you to think that either.”

Tiffany looked as though she were about to pass out any moment now and her fists were clenched tight by her sides.

“I’ll help you.”

“You’ll help me?”

Taeyeon nodded. She stepped forward towards Tiffany, determined, but the floor was wet and her foot slipped.

“Ahhh!” she went, her body lurching forward and falling straight into Tiffany’s arms.

“T-Taeyeon…” Tiffany whispered, her voice trembling. Their proximity seemed to have a significant effect on her as Taeyeon scrambled to regain her balance and dignity, all the while trying to sooth her thumping heart. Why was she always falling into Tiffany’s arms?!

“I’ll help you to get rid of this thing,” she continued as normally as she possibly could.


“I’ve got an idea.”

“What is it?”

“I think if you see enough of it, it might no longer be a thing.”

Tiffany’s jaw dropped a little and she appeared to be having trouble finding the right words to say so Taeyeon smiled and gave her a kiss.

“Let’s talk about it over a shower.”

“What?!” Tiffany gasped and tried to resist but Taeyeon couldn’t be stopped once the idea bloomed within her. She pulled Tiffany into the shower and shut the glass door.

“We’re gonna take a shower. A real hot shower,” she said, making sure her eyes bore deep into Tiffany’s. When she was sure Tiffany wasn’t going to run away from her, she turned around to look for the bath gel. She squirted a generous amount onto the sponge that was hanging above the gel and grinned. “SpongeBob is coming for you…” she said in a contorted voice, squeezing the sponge as she jiggled it.

Tiffany bit her lip but it was useless as she burst into a series of giggles. “Taeyeon, you’re such a clown.”

Taeyeon grinned but with difficulty. As much as she had proclaimed to help Tiffany with much bravado, she couldn’t help admiring the sight of Tiffany in the buff. She was in such good shit at the moment. Really good shit. But she couldn’t show it. No. She had to stay strong and refrain from reaching for Tiffany’s butt as she made Tiffany turn around to scrub her back.

Oh holy shit on a stick. Tiffany’s butt was divine. So divine. She could almost empathize with Tiffany’s thing for panties in a certain sense. Certainly, any pair of panties on this butt would be absolutely divine. Divine. Yes, she’d said divine at least four times now but really, there was no other word to describe it.

Such curve. Such life. If she were to touch it, it’d be the softest to touch, she was sure. It looked perky, pert and had a lot of poise. And bounce. Oh…the bounce. It’d looked juicy enough when encased in Tiffany’s jeans. But now that they were right there, in the flesh…her babies…her darling babies…

“Taeyeon? Honey? Are you okay?”


“You haven’t moved for a whole minute at least…”


“Er…I was just…er…admiring…”

“My back?”

“Er, yeah! Your s-shoulders. Yeah, your shoulders are really nice. Broad shoulders. I like broad shoulders.”

“Oh,” Tiffany lit up with a smile. “Well, you can lean on my shoulders anytime, honey.”

No. No. This was bad. No. Tiffany had told her the truth about her thing for panties so how could she lie about what she was admiring?



“Actually, it’s your butt I’m looking at.”

Tiffany giggled. “I know.”

“You know?!”

“Uh huh.”

“B-But…when? How? How did you know?”

“You’re always staring at my butt.”

“I am…?”

“Oh honey, your eyes give you away all the time. And that’s why I thought you’re the perfect girl for me.”

Taeyeon couldn’t believe it. This whole thing was shit hitting the fan. Like. How in the world…

“From the very first time we met. When I unclogged your toilet bowl. I saw your eyes in the mirror. You were standing behind me and looking at my butt.” Taeyeon blushed but Tiffany simply grinned and continued, “I also remember you checking me out in 2027. And that time at the party. I caught you staring at my butt again when I was walking around my car. Not to mention our date—”

“Okay. I got your point. Stop. Please.” Taeyeon was burning inside. Holy shit. Had she been staring at Tiffany’s butt that much?

“So. Why do you stare at my butt all the time? Hmm?”

“Er…we should put some clothes on if we’re gonna have this conversation.”

“But you’re not done yet.”

“I’m the slave today so I’ll scrub myself when I get home. Let’s get out.”

Taeyeon left the shower with Tiffany trailing behind her. She grabbed one of the towels from the shelf and wrapped it around herself, only then realizing that she’d worn her panties into the shower and they were now dripping wet.



Ahem. Sitting on Tiffany’s bed with nothing but a towel wrapped around her wasn’t any better than standing topless in the shower with a wet and naked Tiffany. Okay. Maybe…maybe it was slightly better. But Tiffany’s bath gel fragrance was doing strange things to her mind and Tiffany’s smile wasn’t helping things either.

“So. My butt.”

“You have a nice butt.”

Tiffany’s smile widened. “Thank you.”

“And your butt looks fantastic in jeans.”

“Honey, you say the sweetest things all the time.” Tiffany planted a kiss on her cheek and she grinned like an idiot. The kiss warmed up all sorts of dark, cold places within her and she turned into a roaring, blazing fire inside. Only Tiffany could do that to her. Only Tiffany.

“So this plan you have for me. What am I supposed to do?”

“I think if you look at it long enough, it won’t be a thing anymore.”

“Do you think it’ll work?”

“I don’t know. But it’s worth a try, I think.”

Tiffany leaned in and wrapped her arms around her shoulders, hugging her close with a contented sigh. “Taeyeon, you’re the best girlfriend I’ve ever had.”

That put a smile on Taeyeon’s face as she returned the hug and dug her arms into the fluffy towel around Tiffany’s waist, trying not to think about the luscious globes that were waiting just underneath.


“You what?!”

“You got her in the shower naked and didn’t do a thing?!”

Taeyeon stared at her two friends, wondering if they were even bigger perverts than Tiffany and herself and why she even succumbed to their interrogation of her morning after with Tiffany.

“We had a heart-to-heart talk. I think that’s even better than making out.”

Yuri sighed and threw her chicken wing down on her plate. “At least you get to have a heart-to-heart talk with Tiffany. I can’t even talk to Jessica right now.”

“You can.”

“What do you mean I can. She told me she doesn’t date. I’m not convinced. I think it’s just her way of rejecting me nicely.”

“Tiffany says it’s true. Jessica doesn’t date.”

“Wait. What. Really?”

Taeyeon nodded. “Uh huh. I asked her about it. That’s what she said. And Tiffany promised to talk to Jessica about it when she brings the pillow over.”

“Really?!” Taeyeon winced as Yuri grabbed her arm and shook it with great force. “She’ll talk to Jessica?!”

“Yes. She will.”

“Holy unicorns, I love your girlfriend.” Yuri grinned and raised a chicken wing in a victory pose.

“Yeah, she’s awesome.”

“Aww…look at how whipped you are,” cooed Sunny. “Here. Have a wing. You’re a member of the whipped club too.”

Taeyeon grinned. Everything was awesome today. Everything. So she raised her wing in the air and waved it like a flag. “Yaaaay!”


The next day was Monday and Taeyeon woke with a groan and a hyper Yuri squawking in her ear, “Don’t be late! I’m waiting for you outside the lecture theatre!”

“Okay,” she croaked and rolled over, stretching her arms and legs. She dragged herself up from bed and rubbed her eyes. Wait. What? It was an hour before the lecture. What was wrong with Yuri. She shook her head in disgust and got up. Time to get ready for school and survive a whipped like cream Kwon Yuri.


True enough, Yuri was waiting outside the lecture theatre when she arrived.

“Taengoo. What took you so long.”

“I’m early because of you.”

“Come on, let’s go in.”


Yuri led the way and Taeyeon followed, sniggering the whole time. It was funny to see Yuri behaving like the girls who were hounding after her even if she was supposed to be on Yuri’s side in this whole pursuit. Jessica was at her usual spot, head resting on folded arms. Nothing new. But the moment Yuri sat beside her, Jessica opened her eyes and sat up. And much to Taeyeon’s surprise, she spoke to Yuri, “Thanks, I received the pillow from Tiffany yesterday. Would you like to have lunch with me today? My treat.”

The sweet smile that followed was even more stunning and Taeyeon was sure that Yuri was about to lose her mind.

Holy shit.


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