Hurricane Diarrhea #41

“It’s alright, our friends are over there.” Tiffany pointed at Yuri and Jessica when a waiter tended to them at the door. He looked in the direction she pointed and nodded, waving them in with a smile.

Taeyeon was pulled along by Tiffany and she followed the giggling woman to the booth in the restaurant where Yuri and Jessica slept on soundly. It was quite incredible really. Taeyeon couldn’t remember when she last saw Yuri sleeping. That girl was always bouncing around, full of energy and zest for life. Yuri would always say ‘sleep is for the dead’ and party all night long. Oh wait, she’d seen Yuri asleep. The morning after a crazy night. That’s when.

“Let’s wake them up,” suggested Tiffany, her eyes lighting up with mischief and Taeyeon nodded because she couldn’t say no. “Jessi…dinner’s ready,” went Tiffany but Jessica didn’t even stir.

Taeyeon knew the best way to wake Yuri up. She took aim and gave it her best kick, right at Yuri’s shin and her head shot up from Jessica’s shoulder, leaving Jessica’s head hanging for a split second before falling and hitting her shoulder.

“Oww!” Jessica woke with a yelp and glared at all of them, sparing no one. Taeyeon could feel her insides freezing. Oh boy, Jessica had such a scary glare! It was capable of freezing every part of her from head to toes. Between the strange sexy doctor, Tiffany and Jessica, Taeyeon didn’t know who had the scariest glare.

No shit.

“Good morning, Jessi.” Tiffany’s eyes were twinkling as Yuri fussed over Jessica’s head, rubbing it gently as Jessica winced.

“It’s not a good morning and what are you doing here.”

If Taeyeon didn’t know better, she’d have thought they were enemies, Jessica was so cold to Tiffany. But Tiffany was obviously used to the icy girl for she didn’t miss a beat in replying, “Spying on your little date with Yuri, of course.”

Jessica pouted. “As you can see, it’s going well.”

Tiffany grinned. “Yes, very well. I’m so happy to see that you’re comfortable enough to sleep together in public.”

“Yuri fell asleep first!”

Taeyeon gasped. “Yuri? Yuri fell asleep first?!”

“I didn’t mean to! But I didn’t sleep all night and the night before! I didn’t even know I had fallen asleep!”

Taeyeon blinked and stared at Yuri’s obvious panic, Jessica’s icy nonchalance, then Tiffany’s amused grin. And before she knew it, she’d burst into laughter, throwing her head back as her mouth opened wide, producing low, guttural chuckles that attracted unwanted attention from the other tables. And she would’ve laughed on but Yuri’s foot found her shin as well and the pain killed her laughter in cold blood.


Yuri grinned as Taeyeon rubbed her shin. “Payback. Bleh.”

“Hey, why did you kick Taeyeon.” Tiffany frowned and turned to Taeyeon. “Honey, are you alright?”

Taeyeon was in the middle of nodding when Yuri rebutted, “Taeyeon kicked me first.”

“She did?” Jessica looked to Yuri for confirmation before turning to Tiffany. “Turn it down, Tiff. Your girl kicked mine first.”

Tiffany only grinned. “Your girl?”


Taeyeon noticed how Yuri blushed and giggled. Yuri, with her long line of admirers and equally long list of girlfriends was blushing?! What in the world just happened?

“Since when did Yuri become your girl?” Tiffany asked and Taeyeon pricked her ears to find out.

“Since…” Jessica checked her watch, “two hours ago.”

“And how did she become your girl?”

Jessica leaned back and smiled at Yuri before turning back to Tiffany. “That’s for us to know and for you to find out.”

“Why so mysterious, Jessi?”

Jessica shrugged and leaned forward to take a sip of water, leaving Tiffany’s question unanswered. Tiffany looked to Yuri for an answer but the girl was still blushing and remained silent. What had Jessica done to the Kwon Yuri that she knew and loved?!

Holy shit.


The rest of dinner went without hiccups, farts or burning fabrics and Taeyeon was stuffed to the limit. She groaned, patted her stomach and tried to unbutton her jeans without anyone noticing but it was not to be.

“What are you doing, honey?”

“Er…” Taeyeon leaned in and whispered in Tiffany’s ear, “I’m trying to unbutton my jeans.”

“Why would you wanna do that?” Tiffany’s eyes twinkled. “Can’t wait for our night to start?”

Taeyeon blushed. “It’s because my jeans are too tight right now,” and she paused before adding, “but I’m looking forward to our night too.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, it was as though all of Tiffany had turned into an inferno. Those twinkling eyes were now flaming, radiating desire, need, and want. So it wasn’t a total surprise when Tiffany reached for her money and placed a fifty dollar bill on the table. “Jessi, we need to leave now. This should be enough to cover the both of us.” Then, she stood, linked arms with Taeyeon and stepped out from the booth. “I’ll be expecting to hear the full story tomorrow. Bye Yuri, have fun with Jessi,” she said before tugging Taeyeon who followed in a hurry.

“Bye, Yuri. Bye, Jessica. Yuri, I wanna know too. Tell me later—uh no—tell me tomorrow. Bye!”


A delicious little squirm was crawling up and down her spine as they headed back to Tiffany’s apartment. It didn’t start creeping until they exchanged whispers in the restaurant and by the time they’d reached Tiffany’s apartment, the squirm had turned into a full blown chomper, chomping away on her reason and logic and whatever else was holding her together.

Maybe it was the fight. Maybe it was the past couple of miserable days. Maybe it was the creepy clinic with the suspect doctor and nurse. Maybe it was the teasing Tiffany dished out during dinner. Whatever it was, it made her want Tiffany to bits. It made her impatient to feel Tiffany under her skin. It made her desperate to curl up in Tiffany’s arms.

The door unlocked, the apartment unlit, the Prince unnoticed. Taeyeon grabbed Tiffany and pushed her against the door as soon as they stepped in. Her body pressed against Tiffany’s, eager to feel every breath, every move of hers. Her own breath was harsh, she realized. She could hear it as she fell into those twinkling eyes that she was beginning to regain vision of, in the darkness. Her palms found the door and her elbows bent, her forearm taking on her weight as she leaned even closer to the woman she had fallen in love with.

In love. This must be it. All the madness. All the sickness. All the restlessness. She’d found her place. This was her place. Up against Tiffany. Breathing the same air from within the tiny space between their noses. Hitching their breaths as their hearts leapt in revelation. Taeyeon was ready. Ready to dive. Leap. Jump. Fall. After everything had happened, she was finally ready.

She took one step back and sensing Tiffany’s confusion with her backing away, ran her hands down the length of Tiffany’s arms until she found her hands. She held them, squeezed them, then placed them around her neck. Tiffany smiled and she smiled back as she found Tiffany’s waist and wrapped her arms around it, locking her fingers, settling them comfortably into the little curve, just above the rise of Tiffany’s rear.

“What’s going on, honey? This doesn’t seem like you tonight.”

“It doesn’t feel like me.”

“I’m not complaining though.”

“You like this me?”

Tiffany nodded. “I like this you.”

“This me belongs to you tonight.”

“Just tonight?”

“Tomorrow night too.”

“What about next week?”

“Every night. Till you don’t want me anymore.”

“What about day? Every day as well?”

“Mhm. Yours, every day, every night, for as long as you want.”

“No strings attached?”

Taeyeon shook her head. Paused. Then nodded. “Just one string.”

“What is it?”

“You’ll be mine too.”

“For as long as you want.”

“For as long as I want.” Taeyeon’s smile was widening. Her heart was thumping. Blood, racing. Nerves, jumping. Yet, this was the moment. This was the moment that’d crept up on her, without her looking for it, without her asking for it. She’d gone from nowhere to now here. All in the snap of a couple of fingers.

“Honey?” Tiffany smoothed her fingers down her cheek, tracing her jawline with her fingertips, “What are you trying to say?”

“I love you, Fany.”

Holy shit. I can’t believe I just said it. Holy shit. Hoooly shit.


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