Hurricane Diarrhea Outtake from #34 – #35

What would you like to eat?” Yuri’s smile was as bright as sunshine and Jessica tried not to groan out loud. This hyper girl was going to be the death of her. “How about sandwiches? I know a great place for those.”


You’re treating me to lunch to thank me for the pillow, right?” Yuri asked as they strolled along and Jessica resisted the urge to sigh. She couldn’t tell Yuri the truth because of Tiffany’s threat. On hindsight, that threat wasn’t necessary anyway. Not when the truth was so incredulous…


Jessica leaned on Tiffany’s shoulder and closed her eyes. Tiffany had good shoulders, suitable for sleeping on and she did it often too. Especially after a long day. Tiffany was over at her house for dinner and much to her delight, her pillow had arrived with her. She’d kicked herself for forgetting all about her pillow in her haste to get back home after shopping with Yuri. To think she’d gone through all that trouble to get her pillow, only to leave it in Yuri’s car. It was alright now though. Tiffany was her saviour, bringing her pillow to her and salvaging the quality of her sleep tonight.

Was Yuri nice?”

Jessica kept her eyes closed as she answered, “She was nice.”

What do you think of her?”

I’m not thinking of her.”

But is she nice to think about?”

Jessica opened her eyes and lifted her head from Tiffany’s shoulder. “Are you trying to play match maker?”


You’re so hopeless when it comes to Taeyeon.”

It’s not just because Yuri is Taeyeon’s friend. I wouldn’t do this if Yuri isn’t nice. I actually think Yuri is good for you.”

Why is Yuri good for me?”

You sleep too much. Yuri’s the perfect cure for that.”

How so.”

Yuri is a lot of fun. You’ll have a really good time with her if you give her a chance.”

I’m not convinced.”

Maybe this can convince you.”

Jessica’s eyes widened at the sight of Tiffany holding a pair of scissors to her beloved pillow. “What are you doing!”

I’m holding your pillow hostage.”

Tiff, don’t be silly.”

It’s your choice. Ask Yuri out or your pillow dies.”

You can’t be serious.”

Try me.” Tiffany waved and snipped the air with her scissors and Jessica’s heart almost stopped beating.

You’re crazy!”

Tiffany shook her head. “Not crazy. Just smart.”

You’re so evil.”

So, will you ask Yuri out?”

Fine. I will.”

And don’t even think about telling Yuri about this. Remember, your pillow’s life is at stake.”

I won’t tell her. Just leave my pillow alone.”

Okay.” Tiffany grinned, her eyes turning into the adorable crescents that made her look like an angel. But Jessica knew better. Tiffany was no angel. She was a devil in an angel’s body.


Now, as they entered the sandwich shop, Jessica was resigned to her fate. She loved her pillow too much to allow any harm to come to it. She’d date Yuri if that was what it took to protect her pillow. She’d do anything.

I’ll get your sandwich. What do you want?”

Jessica glanced at the menu. “Tuna.”

Coming right up!”

Jessica watched as Yuri pranced away and slumped on the table. She rested her head on her arm and closed her eyes. With Yuri sapping her energy away, she’d better get as much rest as she could, while she could.


Thank goodness Yuri didn’t chat as much while eating so she could eat her sandwich quietly. But it was soon finished and that’s when Yuri asked what she wanted to do next. Technically, she’d done what Tiffany asked her to do. She’d asked Yuri out to lunch and eaten it with her. She could go back and sleep now, right? But Yuri continued with her suggestion of where they could go next and for some reason, Jessica couldn’t find it in herself to reject the earnestness that was oozing from Yuri’s eyes.

And that was how she ended up sitting next to Yuri on a bench in the park, licking her ice cream.

Why do you love to sleep so much?” Yuri asked suddenly and Jessica shot her a blank stare.

I need sleep.”

Don’t you sleep at night?”

What’s wrong with Yuri? Why does she have so much energy all the time? “I do.”

How much sleep do you get a day then?”

Eight hours. And a nap every four hours when I’m awake.”

A nap every four hours?”

Which reminds me. It’s nap time now.” Jessica finished her ice cream and turned to Yuri. “Lend me your shoulder for a bit.” She didn’t wait for Yuri’s answer, simply shifting closer and resting her head on Yuri’s shoulder. “Wake me up in fifteen minutes, will you?”

O-Okay…” was Yuri’s reply and Jessica smiled as she closed her eyes.



Yuri’s shoulder wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world but she didn’t have any choice. Napping on her shoulder was the best solution to shut Yuri up and get some rest. Yuri woke her up after fifteen minutes and she was refreshed. But her energy wouldn’t last long if Yuri were to bombard her with questions again.

This was why she didn’t enjoy meeting new people. Getting to know someone required a lot of time and effort. Time that she’d rather spend on something else. Effort that she preferred to save for things she liked. Besides, she didn’t really need more friends. She had Tiffany, a great friend, and Krystal, her sister and Nicole, her cousin. She didn’t need another friend to get used to.

She could still remember how painful it’d been when she first met Tiffany. It had taken her quite a while to get used to how loud Tiffany was but it was worth it in the end. Tiffany was a great friend. Her best friend. Mmm…maybe she could give Yuri a try too. She seemed to be nice. And having one more nice friend had its benefits too. It was one more shoulder to sleep on. One more car to hitch a ride in. And her pillow would be safe.

Alright. She’d give Yuri a try.

Yuri, let’s go out again this week.”


You don’t want to?”

What? No. I do!”

Do you want to or not? You’re confusing me.”

I want to. I want to go out with you.”

Okay. Friday. After 2027.”

You got it.”


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