Hurricane Diarrhea #46

Tiffany drove her back to her place and there was an awkward silence as Taeyeon wondered if she should try her hand at appeasing Tiffany or not. But a single look at Tiffany was enough to deter her from trying. Set jaws, furrowed brows and unforgiving eyes. Tiffany was fuming. And if she wasn’t erupting, it was probably best for her to make her escape and try again some other time. Like the next day, for instance.

So, when they finally stopped below her apartment, she kept it short and simple.

“Bye, Fany.”

“Bye.” The short, curt answer made it clear that Taeyeon had made the right decision. Run while you still can! Yeah, she thought. She’d better run before the red-hot devil in Tiffany found a way out and burnt her alive.

Taeyeon opened the car door and stuck a leg out, ready to bolt. “I’ll…call you tomorrow,” she said and with those parting words, she made it out alive, in one piece, safe and sound. That was a real close shave.

No shit.


She tossed and turned as she lay on her bed, thoughts running marathons in her head. Tiffany had said she would deal with her after dealing with Aly. What did that mean? Not knowing what it meant made her nervous and nerves weren’t good for sleeping. No, they weren’t good at all. But if she could just get some sleep, morning would arrive sooner and she’d be able to call Tiffany to find out how she was going to be dealt with. Donkey’s law, however, seemed to love her very much and the more she tried to sleep, the more she couldn’t. So, it wasn’t till some time in the middle of the night that she finally drifted off to sleep.

When morning came, she woke up with the sun shining on her butt. Today would be a better day, she hoped. She got out of bed and stared at her phone. Calling Tiffany had never been more intimidating. Eventually, she managed to talk herself into calling Tiffany but not without calming herself down by pacing to and fro in her bathroom, after releasing her morning dump first. As the foul air in the bathroom slowly cleared, so did her mind and she finally racked up enough calm to call Tiffany.

“Good morning, Fany. Did you sleep well last night?”

Upon asking the question, Taeyeon almost kicked herself. Why did she have to mention last night? Only an idiot courting her death would bring it up and remind Tiffany of it. But as it turned out, she’d been all antsy for nothing for Tiffany’s temper didn’t rise.

“I slept well. Did you?”


“Did you?”

“Not really.”

“Why? What happened? Are you sick?”

Tiffany’s voice was laced with concern and that soothed her nerves tremendously. This was her way out! Her ‘Get out of jail’ card!

“I…I was worried…and anxious…”

“What about?”

“…about you,” Taeyeon mumbled.

“Oh, honey…please don’t lose sleep because of me.”

“I’m sorry, Fany. I really am.”

“Taeyeon, I know it’s not really your fault. But I’m angry. And I can’t get over you staring at Aly’s…assets.”

“I’ll quit. Right now. I won’t be working with Aly again. And I’ll keep my eyes on you and only you, Fany. I promise.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Taeyeon. You and I both know that’s unrealistic.” Taeyeon pouted as the sound of Tiffany’s heavy breath coming through the phone indicated just how unhappy she was. She didn’t want Tiffany to be angry. “Just…well, I know I was the one who asked you to take the job in the first place so it’s my fault and I’m so pissed by myself over this but I’d really like for you to quit the job. I don’t think I can stand seeing Aly flirting with you.”

“I’ll quit it. I will.” Taeyeon was determined to do so. She wanted a happy Tiffany back as soon as possible.


Thus ended her career at the veterinary clinic. It wasn’t a sad ending for her, however. In fact, she was quite happy about it, for it meant she could work at Bau House with Noeul and the cute dogs. She made an apologetic call to Dr. Kiki Sacks and the doctor was understanding about it and even offered to pay her for her day of work. She couldn’t accept it—it was terrible of her to quit so soon with just a week’s notice—but the doctor wouldn’t hear of it. In the end, she managed to end the call without giving the doctor any way to send the money to her, so she considered that a wrap up. A good wrap up.

Now, it was time to get the job she wanted.


Noeul was happy to hear from her. The tone of her voice made it obvious enough.

“What happened to your other job?”

“Let’s just say, you’re much better company that I prefer.”

“Aww, Taengoo. You’re always so nice to me.”

“You’re good to me too.” Taeyeon smiled. “We’re gonna have a great time working together.”

“Yes, we are.”

They spoke for a while longer before ending the call and Taeyeon felt wonderful after that. Everything was in a good place. Everything but Tiffany.



Monday arrived and Tiffany was still not happy. Taeyeon was sure of it because even Jessica had asked about the two of them before the lecture began.

“Get her something pink,” Jessica had kindly advised before going back to sleep. Taeyeon nodded, her thoughts turning to the florist she visited the last time but Jessica surprised her with a question. “What does Yuri like?”


“What does Yuri like?”

“Are you asking about food or…”


“She likes Mickey Mouse.”

“She likes a mouse?”

“Mickey. From Disney.”

“I know. But a mouse is a mouse.”

Taeyeon shrugged. She wasn’t about to comment on Yuri’s love for a mouse when she had a soft spot for a sponge and three peas. “She really likes Mickey.”

Jessica stared at her for another moment. “Thanks.” And with that, she went back to sleep.


Taeyeon took heed of Jessica’s simple advice and bought a bunch of pink roses after the lecture. She’d done this before—not so long ago—but that had only been a single stalk. One stalk wasn’t going to be enough this time. She needed one entire bouquet if she wanted to have any hope of appeasing Tiffany. And just to be safe…


“I got some flowers for you, Fany.” Taeyeon held out the bouquet she bought and hoped for the best. Tiffany’s expression was hard to read but she accepted the bouquet nonetheless. “Can I come in?”

“Did you come all the way here in this outfit?”


“Are you nuts? You’re all pink.”

“But this is your favourite colour.” Taeyeon turned around to show off the entire outfit.

“Just come in before anyone else sees you.”

Taeyeon stepped past Tiffany, feeling happy with herself. Yes. Her plan had worked. It was time to get the ball rolling. “Fany, I’m starting work at Bau House tomorrow.”

“What about your job at the vet’s.”

“I called Dr. Sacks and told her I can’t work there anymore.”

Tiffany’s flaming eyes seemed to come down a notch but the flames were still dangerous. Taeyeon was wary. She watched as Tiffany sniffed the flowers again and looked at them. She watched as Tiffany brought the flowers into the kitchen. And she still hadn’t moved from her spot when Tiffany came back out.

“Why are you standing there like a statue? Sit down.”

Taeyeon sat immediately. “Do you wanna watch a movie with me this week?” she ventured to ask and added, “My treat.”

“But you don’t—”

“Over at Bau House, we can request for a week’s wages at the end. I’m doing the evening shift from tomorrow till Friday. I’ll have enough for a movie and food after.”

Tiffany fiddled with her fingers. “You don’t have to work so hard just to bring me out on a date. How are you going to cope with your assignments if you work every evening?”

“I won’t do so many shifts next week.” Taeyeon saw the window of opportunity and took Tiffany’s hand. “Just this week. I really wanna take you out and have a good time.”

Tiffany squeezed her hand. “Honey…” Taeyeon perked up at once. Fany called me honey again! “…I should apologize.”

Taeyeon blinked. “Why?”

“I should’ve tried to see things from your point of view. Jessica’s right. You really do love me a lot. And I should appreciate the sacrifices you’ve been making for me. I shouldn’t…I shouldn’t be angry with you. I’m sorry. I should only be angry with Aly. Not you.”

Taeyeon had never felt a lighter load on her shoulders. In fact, the load had just upped and rolled right off her shoulders. “Fany…I thought you were still mad at me…”

Tiffany smiled and gave her cheek a kiss. “I forgave you as soon as I saw you in pink, honey.”


“Here you are, trying so hard…I know you’ve done a lot for me since we started dating. And it’s always for me. Honey…” Tiffany cupped her face with warm hands.

Taeyeon was half-way to heaven. “Mmm?”

“Let’s move in together.”

“Huh?” Taeyeon might as well have been struck by lightning—her shock was so electric. “Move…in…together?”

Tiffany smiled. “Yes. Just think of how much more time we can spend together in our final year. Especially with you working so many evenings. Let’s not waste anymore time apart.”

“But what about Sunny?”

“It can be the three of us if she doesn’t mind.”

“If she doesn’t mind, we’ll have to find a new place.”

“A new place? Why?”

“We’ll need three bedrooms.”

Tiffany stared at her. “Three bedrooms?”

“Yes, there’ll be three of us and—oh…” she trailed off as it dawned on her. Tiffany was expecting to share a room with her. So they would sleep…together…every…night…

Holy shit.


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