Hurricane Diarrhea #47


“No?” Tiffany’s eyes were staring at her as though she’d lost her mind. “No?! You’re saying no to sleeping with me every night?!”

Taeyeon blinked. Did Tiffany have mind-reading skills or had she voiced her inner thought, somehow? But that was her answer.


“No, you’re not saying no or no you’re saying no.”

“I’m saying no.”

“Is it because of Sunny?”


“Even if I promise to behave myself?”

Taeyeon wasn’t sure if it was safe to be honest here but she decided to be frank anyway. “I don’t think we can behave ourselves if we’re in the same room every night. And morning. And—”

“I guessed as much.” Tiffany heaved a sigh. “Well, what if we get a room each.”

Taeyeon preferred that. Staying in separate rooms was alright. “Then it might be possible.”

“I suppose that’d have to do. We’ll be housemates at least.”

“Sounds better.”

“Sounds great. Go back and talk to Sunny about it.” Tiffany’s eyes gleamed, and Taeyeon wondered what that meant. “But before you go…”

Her mind blanked out as Tiffany pounced on her without as much as a subtle hint and she was pressed into the soft cushions on the couch.

“Fany…” was as much as she got out for her lips were targeted next and she was muted by Tiffany’s hungry kiss. Lips landed everywhere at once, it seemed and she could barely think. There was only time to receive, accept and soak in the sensations barging down the corridor to her heart.

“Whatever you do…don’t take off the pink furry ears,” said Tiffany after breaking their kiss and she could only remind herself to breathe as the buttons of her pink jumpsuit were undone at lightning speed. And even as her mind grew increasingly hazy, fogging up like the glass walls of a steaming hot shower, a single truth grew increasingly clear—nothing was better than a make up make out.

No shit.


“Fany…” Taeyeon was near delirious. Her body was on fire. Her jumpsuit was long gone and forgotten, stripped off by passionate hands that were currently engaged in stimulating her finer points. Talented, nimble fingers pulled, smooth thumbs caressed and coaxed the most unearthly sounds from her, raising her sensitivity to insurmountable heights. “Fany…”

Tiffany seemed bent on destroying all the sense and reason she possessed. And there was nothing she could do about it. Not with Tiffany’s lips telling her, in no uncertain terms, what she wanted exactly. Not with Tiffany’s lips burning a blazing trail all the way down her neck, replacing those wicked fingers to drive her even wilder than before.

“Fany, Fany, Fany…”


Words, thoughts and more abandoned her the moment fingers found her dewy place and she was lost from then on. Her arms clung onto Tiffany for dear life, wrapped around the girl’s neck, fingers buried in the luscious hair that fanned out all over, tickling her ever so often. And in that moment, everything else ceased to matter. Nothing else mattered more than this. This was the best feeling she could ever feel. The intimacy of letting someone in where no one else could go.

Her body writhed, squirmed, jerked but none of that distracted Tiffany from seeking her out. With a flaming hot gaze, Tiffany reached into her, touching her in the deepest place and it was incredible. She couldn’t look away. Tiffany had captured her, soul and all, imprisoning her in the throes of passion, pushing her to the edge, never letting her down.

In a corner of her overclocked mind, she was vaguely conscious of the presence of her panties. It wasn’t the first time either. Tiffany seemed to enjoy it more when she kept her panties on. She was also vaguely aware that Tiffany wasn’t as naked as she was. That was wrong. Why was Tiffany still fully dressed?

With that thought, she reached around, and finding the hem of Tiffany’s top, began pulling it up and over Tiffany’s head. Oh yes, heaven was at her fingers tips, heaven was in the palm of her hand, heaven was between her legs. She was so close to heaven. So close. It seemed to be within her reach but when she tried, it was just beyond. Teasing her. Hanging her by a thread.

“Fany, oh my gawd, Fany aaah…”

Her eyes squeezed shut as lips sucked her in and locked her down. Sensation had never been stronger. Tension had never been thicker. Anticipation had never been higher. And there she was, standing at the peak, right at the pinnacle. Just…one…more…

“Fa—” Taeyeon gasped, her breath unable to keep up with the intensity of pleasure crashing upon her shores, burying her under wave after wave. “Fa—” she couldn’t even say a word, let alone a sentence as she tipped over and fell. So, she surrendered. She wasn’t her own anymore. She’d fallen for the girl who was still busy between her thighs. She’d fallen completely, hopelessly and she couldn’t care less.

Because falling had never felt this good.


Two rounds later, they both lay panting, staring into each other’s eyes, wearing nothing but silly grins. Yes, her pink panties had been discarded eventually, as were the rest of Tiffany’s clothes, as they sought to learn more about each other’s body. Each spot they discovered was cherished, relished and relived in their memories as they snuggled.

“I can’t wait till we move in together. It’ll be the best time of our lives.”

Taeyeon nodded in full agreement. There was no doubt. “Me too.”


She headed home with a wide smile later that night. All was right with the world. Tiffany had forgiven her, she’d gotten out of the job at the vet’s and a new job at Bau House. On top of that, Tiffany wanted to move in with her. They’d agreed that they would look for an apartment with three rooms if Sunny was agreeable to it.


“Sunny, do you mind if Tiffany becomes our housemate? She’d split the rent with us, of course. And we’ll look for a bigger place.”

Sunny barely even looked up from game she was playing as she said, “Sure.”

“Sure? You sure?”

“I’m sure.” Sunny still hadn’t looked up from her game. “We’ll each pay less for a bigger place. All’s good. Just give me sufficient warning if you two need the place to yourselves.”

Taeyeon blushed. “We will.”

“Then we’re good.”

“Alright. I’ll tell Tiffany you said okay.”

“If we can find a new place by the end of the month, it’ll fit nicely. Our rent covers up till then.”

Trust Sunny to do the math while gaming. If Sunny wasn’t going to end up managing a successful business after graduating, Taeyeon didn’t know what else she’d be doing.

“Okay. I’ll tell her. She’ll be really happy to hear about it. Thanks, Sunny. You’re the best, just like always.”

Taeyeon gave her a massive hug from behind and she squealed, “I almost died there!”


“You don’t have to be this happy.”

“But I can’t help it. I didn’t expect you to agree to it so quickly. It’s almost as if you already knew.”

“It’s no surprise to me, actually.”

“Why not?”

Sunny sighed and put her game down. “I know these things. Also, Tiffany spoke to me recently and asked if I like staying with more people. It’s pretty obvious what’s on her mind.”

“Fany did that?”

“Mhm. She’s nice to do that. She’s a sweet girl. You’re pretty lucky, Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon grinned wider than ever, feeling the full stretch of her lips. “I am.”


Taeyeon bounced on her bed that night, unable to go to sleep. She could see Tiffany in the morning, Tiffany in the afternoon, Tiffany after her bath, Tiffany before she went to bed, Tiffany…a lot of Tiffany. Too many wild imaginations occupied her mind and excited her the more she thought about them. Things were going so well that it almost seemed too good to be true. Was this real? Were all these things real?

She pinched her thigh and winced. Oww. It hurt but the grin on her face couldn’t be wiped off. It was stuck. And there it would stay…all night long.

No shit.


The next evening, Taeyeon whistled a merry tune as she entered her new yet old work place, Bau House. It was a familiar environment to her and she had Noeul helping her get back into the swing of things. She didn’t take long to get used to the system at work and was feeling more confident by the second hour. By the third hour, she felt as though she’d never left the job and was right at home, where she was.

The dogs were as adorable as she remembered. Some of the dogs were different so she made sure to spend more time with them, giving them the freedom to get used to her. They licked her hand, put their paws on her and tried to lick her face and she laughed, fending off their affection to keep them off her face.

But her laughter died an instant death when a less-than-welcomed voice greeted her.

“Hi, Taeyeon.”

Oh no. That voice. That…figure…

Taeyeon groaned to herself. “Hi, Aly.”

“This is a nice place to work in.”

Not if you’re here.


“Why am I here?” Aly completed her question with a laugh, “I’m here to hand this to you.” Aly held out an envelope. “Take it. It’s from Doctor Sacks.”

“What is it?”

Aly shrugged. “No idea.”

Taeyeon took the envelope. It was light brown and rectangular. Slim as well. What could it be?

“Hi,” Noeul came from behind and greeted Aly. “Are you Taeyeon’s friend?”

“I sure am. You can call me Aly.”

“I’m Noeul.”

“Taeyeon, Taeyeon,” Taeyeon almost winced as Aly threw an arm across her shoulders, “why didn’t you introduce me to your pretty friend earlier?”

Taeyeon blinked as Noeul blushed. What? Was Aly flirting with Noeul right before her very eyes?!

“The dogs here are so cute. But I have to buy a drink if I wanna play with them, right?”

“I’m afraid so,” Noeul answered with a smile. “But our drinks are really nice. I can recommend you a drink.”

Unbelievable. Was Noeul attracted to Aly? No. No way. No freaking way. Noeul was only being her usual friendly self. She was working after all. Right. Calm down. Calm down.

“I’d love to try the drinks here but I have to get back to work. Will you be here at the same time tomorrow though?

Noeul shook her head. “I’m not doing tomorrow’s evening shift. It’ll be Taeyeon and somebody else.”

Aly pouted. Aly pouted?! “But I don’t want to buy my drink from somebody else.” Then, she grinned and held out her phone. “Why don’t you give me your number so I can call to check if you’ll be here when I’m free to come again.”


Taeyeon’s eyes couldn’t believe themselves as they witnessed Noeul entering her number into Aly’s phone. Why was Aly flirting with Noeul? Didn’t she already have a ‘nurse’ girlfriend?!

Aly grinned as she took her phone back from Noeul’s number. “Perfect. Perfect. Do you go to the same uni as Taeyeon?”

Noeul nodded. “We take a couple of classes together too.”

“I see.” Aly smiled and Taeyeon felt anything but calm. Holy shit. Aly’s smile was alluring, just like Tiffany’s and she was afraid for Noeul. “I’ve gotta go now but I’ll see you soon.” Her arm tightened around Taeyeon’s shoulders just then. “Taeyeon, come with me to my car.”

Taeyeon could barely breathe as she nodded. “I’ll be right back, Noeul.”

She was going to have a good talk with Aly. A very good talk.

No shit.


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