A Shot of You: #11

She woke up the next morning feeling flushed. Darn it Kim Taeyeon. It’s all because of you. You. You cute little pest you.She’d dreamt of their kiss during the night. Repeatedly. And she could remember what she dreamt so vividly that it was getting her all hot and bothered. It looked like she was in need of a cold shower to calm her nerves down. Yes. That was exactly what she needed.


With drops of water dropping down from her hair, she stepped out of the shower feeling a lot better. Or rather, a lot calmer. She stared at herself in the mirror and thought about what she had become ever since she met Taeyeon. Not a dull day had passed since they came back from Orlando.

The singer had taken to sending her cheesy little messages, sometimes, with a picture attached. And she would giggle stupidly over them when she read them. Sometimes, she even replied with an equally cheesy reply and that would trigger a whole series of cheesy exchanges. But she loved them. They made her happy. They made her smile. They brightened up her day and filled it with colour.

Her phone’s light was flashing blue when she stepped out of her bathroom. It was a signal that she had an unread message. So, she held up the towel on her hair with one hand and tapped on her phone with the other. It was a message from Taeyeon. It said:

Good morning, Fany. Did you dream of my lips last night? Were they hot and sexy? Kekeke. I miss your lips. Can’t wait to see them again. Muah. (‘ 3 ‘)

Tiffany turned pink. Were Taeyeon’s lips sexy? She bit her lip at the thought. Yes. Yes, they are sexy. I hate you, Kim Taeyeon. Shaking her head at herself, she put her phone back on the coffee table and went into the kitchen to get a drink.


She was ready when Taeyeon’s manager came to pick her up.

“Hi Tiffany, how are you today?”

“Feeling good, Hyungdon oppa.”

Hyungdon smiled. “Good to hear. Come on, let’s go.”

She followed Hyungdon to the car and got on it. Then, they were on their way.

“How long will the filming take today?” Tiffany asked Hyungdon as he pulled out of her car park.

“We have about five hours before she has to go for a meeting so we’re hoping that filming can wrap up in three hours.”

“She works so hard, this Taeyeon. I worry for her sometimes. Especially when she looks tired.”

“It can’t be helped. I feel for her at times but we don’t really have a choice. She’s at the peak of her popularity right now. If she works her hardest, she can establish herself and lengthen her career lifespan. She needs to be recognized as a true artiste and not just an idol if she wants to do this for the rest of her life.”

“I know. She’s told me about this before. But I still feel that she should take more breaks and rest well.”

“You’re a great help though.”

“What do you mean?”

“You make her happier.”

“W-Why do you say that?” Tiffany was attacked by a sudden flash of worry. Am I reading too much into Hyungdon oppa’s words or…

“She’s on her phone a lot more these days. And she always seems to be in a better mood after looking at it. So one day I asked her who in the world she was texting and she said that it was you.”

“Oh. But we text silly things to each other. It’s probably the ridiculous things that we text that makes her happier.”

Hyungdon shrugged. “I don’t know if that’s the reason but it doesn’t really matter. She works a lot better when she’s happier so I’m thankful for you. She isn’t close to that many people so having a friend in you is really good for her.”

Phew. Okay. I don’t think he’s on to us or anything. He’s just thankful. Thank goodness. Tiffany smiled in relief. “I’m glad that I can help.”


They soon arrived at the filming location and Taeyeon was first to welcome her with a really happy smile. “Fany! You’re here!”

Tiffany gave her a hug and had to stop herself from squealing out loud when Taeyeon put her lips by her ear and whispered, “Your lips are so sexy.” Taeyeon! Argh, this girl. Calm down, Tiffany. Don’t be a victim of her naughty teasing.

Taeyeon was wearing the most roguish grin when they parted and Tiffany was glad that she’d managed to suppress her squeal. It would’ve been a tad too embarrassing otherwise. She’d already given the singer too much hold over her for her liking. It was time to take back the reins of her heart and mind.


She sat behind the director, watching the filming quietly. They were filming Taeyeon and a male model in a near-kiss scene and it was rather uncomfortable for her to watch. The scene consisted of the man catching Taeyeon as she fell on him. She had to lie right on top of him and their faces were dangerously close to each other.

Witnessing a scene like that triggered a prickly feeling that made her uncomfortable but she couldn’t let it show. Not here. Not now. So, she put on a smile as she looked away. Look away and keep calm. Keep calm and breathe. Just breathe.

“Cut,” said the director in a rather calm tone. “Good take.”

That was one of the things that amused Tiffany at first. She’d been under the impression that directors always yelled but apparently, it was not the case. At least not with this particular director. She watched on as the crew shifted equipment around to get ready for the next scene. And that was when Taeyeon came to her.

“How did I do?” she asked brightly.

“You did fine.” But I really wanted to pull you off that guy just now.

“Did you enjoy watching me film that?”

Tiffany’s eyes bulged at the question. Was Taeyeon in her right mind to ask that? Then, she realized that the singer was perhaps fishing for some form of reaction from her. Yes. She was beginning to understand the way Taeyeon operated more and more. And for some reason, realizing that pissed her off. What was Taeyeon trying to achieve by making her feel jealous? Did she want proof of her feelings for her? Or did she simply enjoy seeing the extent of her influence on someone? All of these things reminded her of somebody that she once knew and she didn’t like it one bit. No, she didn’t.

“The scene was great. Pity you didn’t kiss him though.”

Taeyeon looked stunned by her answer and she felt a little triumphant. Yes, let Taeyeon be shocked by her indifference—even if it was just an act. That’d teach the singer to be so cocky about it.

“Kiss him? You want me to kiss him?”

No. Of course, not. “Why not? That’ll give your fans something to talk about.”

“Tiffany, please tell me you’re kidding.”

“I’m not. Why would I kid about this?”

“Are you sure you would be perfectly alright with me kissing him.” Taeyeon cocked a skeptical eyebrow and looked at her piercingly. The same piercing look that had greeted her the very first time they met at that photo shoot. The look that left her feeling naked and vulnerable. As though Taeyeon could see through every wall that she’d put up between them.

“I don’t see why I wouldn’t be.”

Taeyeon didn’t look pleased. “Okay. You’re acting a little weird today. I hope you’re not saying all these things on purpose because I’m not happy hearing it.”

“On purpose? What are you talking about.”

“Never mind. We’ll talk later. It’s time for you to go, isn’t it?”

Tiffany glanced at her watch. So it was. “It is.”

Taeyeon shot her another piercing look before turning around. “Oppa! Tiffany needs to leave now.”

Hyungdon jogged towards them and smiled at her. “I’ll send you back.”

“Thanks,” said Tiffany and she turned to leave but Taeyeon grabbed her arm suddenly, causing Hyungdon to look at the singer strangely.

“I’ll see you later,” said Taeyeon and Tiffany smiled stiffly before walking away, leaving the singer no choice but to let go of her arm.


“I hope you don’t mind me asking but is everything okay between you two?” asked Hyungdon as they walked to his car.

“Yup.” I don’t know what the heck happened but no. Nothing is okay right now.

“Are you sure? Taeyeon seemed to be quite unhappy just now.”

Tiffany feigned ignorance. “Really? Was she? Maybe she’s stressed about the filming.”

“Hmm. Maybe. I’m not so sure about that though.”

“Well, if she’s not feeling good about something I’m sure I’ll find out about it later today.” She expected nothing less than a very frank and direct Taeyeon to question her later on. If there was one thing about Taeyeon that she knew, it was the fact that the singer was rather sensitive and could be hurt easily when it came to people and things she cared about.

They would probably have a fight once Taeyeon came over. But she was spoiling for one. Yes, she was. She wanted to scream at Taeyeon for playing those mind games on her. She wanted to scream at Taeyeon for making her witness that scene—even though it was only an act and they didn’t actually kiss.

More and more displeasure unearthed itself and soon, she was all ready to blow up. The unhappiness welled up from within and she could barely smile at Hyungdon as she got off the car when they finally got to her car park.

“Thanks for the ride, Hyungdon oppa.”

“No prob, Tiffany. And please, help.”


“If you get to talk to Taeyeon today or tomorrow, help her to feel better, okay?”

Tiffany nodded sullenly. No. I’m not gonna.


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