A Shot of You: #13

Taeyeon stood outside Tiffany’s studio with her fists clenched so tightly that her nails were cutting into her skin. It was supposed to hurt but she was too anger to feel any pain. Tiffany was so unreasonable! How could she say all those things to her? She didn’t even give her a chance to explain anything.

And to think that she had driven all the way here, just to explain. To think that she had been so worried about what Tiffany might be thinking when her manager told her about the latest headlines in the entertainment news.

She regretted not telling Tiffany about the dinner earlier. This mess could have been avoided. But heck it! She had the right to be angry too.

It wasn’t her fault that she couldn’t reject the director’s invitation to join them for dinner. It wasn’t her fault that Minho was there too. It wasn’t her fault that Tiffany had acted all weird and pissed her off with the ridiculous things she said that morning. It wasn’t her fault that she decided to ignore Tiffany and let the woman wonder where she was. It wasn’t her fault that the paparazzi decided to stalk them and publish misleading pictures that made them look as though they were on a date.

None of it was any of her goddamn fault!

Enough was enough. If Tiffany was going to be like this, she saw no point in standing outside the studio, looking like an idiot. Fine, she’d leave. She had better things to do and other people to care about.


Tiffany wasn’t sure about Taeyeon but she had trouble sleeping that night. “Asshole Taeyeon, you’d better be sleepless too,” she muttered grumpily to herself as she tossed and turned on her sofa bed. “Don’t you dare have sweet dreams tonight.”


Taeyeon sat in her kitchen and sulked. She wasn’t going to get any sleep that night. Not with that dark cloud hanging over her head like that. And it certainly didn’t help that the words that Tiffany had yelled at her were echoing over and over again in her mind.

It wasn’t her fault. She was angry and she had every right to be angry. And she wanted Tiffany to know that. So, she picked up her phone and began typing a text message. It said:

You’re the one who acted like an idiot first. It’s also not my fault that I’m in the papers MISS HWANG. AND I’M NOT AN ASSHOLE!

She sent the message and put her phone down on the counter. Sending that message actually made her feel a little better. Maybe sending another one would get rid of that stuffy feeling in her chest a little faster. So with that thought, she picked her phone up again. To her surprise, she received a message just as she was about to type another angry message.



Why are you yelling at me in caps! Just what wrong did I do to deserve this?! Taeyeon felt even angrier than before. And the more she stared at the message, the angrier she felt. She was ready to explode. She was more than ready to give Tiffany a piece of her mind. Sending another text message wasn’t good enough for her anymore so she called the photographer.

Tiffany did not answer the call but she wasn’t going to give up. So, she called again. And again. And again. And on the sixth or seventh call, Tiffany finally answered. But she nearly went deaf.


“I’M NOT AN ASSHOLE!” she yelled and braced herself for another blast from Tiffany’s insanely loud voice.

However, most unexpectedly, she heard a sigh. Then, Tiffany said, “Taeyeon. Please. Leave. Me. Alone.”

“Why can’t you listen to what I have to say? I only wanted to explain myself yesterday but you didn’t let me.”

“Just seeing you made me so mad. But I don’t wanna fight like that anymore, Taeyeon. So. Please stop calling me.”

“Just…listen to what I have to say, will you? Just let me explain. Please.”

She could hear Tiffany’s sigh again. “Fine. Explain. Make it fast.”

“Give me a few minutes. I’ll be right over.”

“What? What do you mea—”

Taeyeon ended the call before Tiffany could even finish her sentence and grabbed her car keys. This was one chance she was going to make the most of.


Taeyeon was standing before her even before she had time to process the phone call that just happened.

“Are you ready to listen now?” asked the tired-looking singer.

She took a deep breath. Listen to her. Give her a chance. Don’t mess this up. “I’m ready.” She nodded.

Taeyeon relaxed in her stance slightly and said, “Fany, we weren’t alone.”


“Minho and I. We’re just friends. He’s like my little brother. He’s in the same company as I am and I would have introduced you to him yesterday but you had to leave early.”

“You were not alone with him?” Tiffany wasn’t sure if she could believe what Taeyeon said. “But the pictures—”

“Are lies,” Taeyeon interjected. “The reporters cropped the pictures. Hyungdon oppa was there with us. And so was our director.”

Tiffany pursed her lips. Taeyeon is telling the truth. She’s not lying.

“Fany, I’m sorry. I couldn’t come last night before of the invitation from the director to have dinner and drinks together. I couldn’t reject the director’s invitation so I joined them but I didn’t call to tell you because I was angry with you. I told myself to ignore you for the night and enjoy myself. But really, I couldn’t really enjoy myself at all. Not with you being so obviously unhappy about something. And when I saw the article in the news, I panicked. I knew that it wouldn’t look good if you saw it so I rushed over here to see you.”

“You could’ve just texted me or something.” But I’m glad you came.

“I wanted to explain it in person. I wanted to make sure that you don’t misunderstand me. That’s why I came here so late last night.”

It would be a lie to say that she wasn’t touched by Taeyeon’s words. She was beyond touched. She was deeply moved. And she felt sorry for way she behaved earlier. Just tell her you’re sorry. Tell her!

“Fany, are you still angry?” asked Taeyeon, uncertainly.

Oh my gosh. Stop it with those eyes already. How? How is it that your eyes always get to me so deeply? How? Why?Tiffany looked away, focusing on her fingers instead of Taeyeon and said, “No,” in a much calmer voice. “I accept your explanation. I’m…I’m sorry too.” She looked up and into Taeyeon’s eyes to apologize sincerely. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you and said all those things out of anger.”

As soon as she apologized, she felt a load rolling off her shoulders and there was a sudden magnetic pull that drew her towards Taeyeon. And it seemed that Taeyeon was under the same spell as she was, for the singer opened her arms to embrace her automatically. They hugged, just like they did after squabbling during their holiday and Tiffany felt a whole lot better immediately.

Taeyeon patted her back gently. “I understand. I can understand how hard it must be for you to deal with that news article. Besides…you’re angry because you like me and you’re jealous, right?”

“I’m not jealous.”

“Are you sure you weren’t jealous at the filming location? You were saying really weird stuff to me. And I was angry at first but later on, I sort of realized what it was.”

Tiffany shook her head. “It isn’t just jealousy. There’s…something else.”

“What is it?”

Tiffany shook her head again. “Nothing. It’s just…a bad memory that’s all.”

“What bad memory? Tell me. I deserve to know.”

Tiffany looked hard at Taeyeon. She couldn’t deny the singer the knowledge. Taeyeon was right. She did deserve to know.


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