A Shot of You: #4

Ever since she met Kim Taeyeon, she’s had plenty of regrets. One, she regretted helping Sooyoung to do the photo shoot. Two, she regretted letting the singer get under her skin during the photo shoot. Three, she regretted giving Kim Taeyeon her number. Four, she regretted agreeing to have lunch with Kim Taeyeon.

However, it was too late for regrets. She’d helped Sooyoung to do the photo shoot and got flustered because of Kim Taeyeon and gave the singer her number and now, she was twenty-four hours away from having lunch with the woman.

Great. Just great. I love my life.

She wondered why she had such strong reactions towards Kim Taeyeon though. She wasn’t usually like that with people around her. She was a friendly person. She had no problems chatting with strangers and made friends easily. So why was she like that when she was around Kim Taeyeon?

For one, she felt the stubborn need to call the singer by her full name. Kim Taeyeon. Even though the singer had asked to be called Taeyeon. Normally, she’d gladly address a new friend casually but somehow, she wanted to maintain that measure of distance between the singer and herself.

It could be due to the singer being too cocky for her liking. She did not like cocky people. Confidence was one thing. Arrogance was another. Kim Taeyeon was somewhere in between. It made her unsure. It confused her. And she did not like being confused. She didn’t know if the singer was truly sincere or not. There were times when Kim Taeyeon seemed rather human, yet at other times, it seemed as though the singer had an inflated ego the size of a hot air balloon.

Kim Taeyeon. Kim Taeyeon. This person was going to stick around for a long time whether she liked it or not. It was too late for regrets.


Taeyeon was in the studio. Young-hu had recovered from his fever and was back in the studio with her. Her manager had gone off for lunch. It was his second lunch actually. Her manager had a totally insatiable appetite. Initially, it was disturbing to see just how much he could eat in a day but she was used to it now. All in all, nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Young-hu, I’m going to take a short break,” said the recording engineer. Taeyeon knew what that meant. She didn’t approve of it but she couldn’t stop him. She did allow herself a quick scrunch of her face, however, which Young-hu apparently saw. The music producer grinned and winked at her and she returned the wink. It was a friendly moment. One of the many that she had shared with Young-hu over the past few years.

Young-hu walked to Taeyeon once they were left alone. “He does do a better job once he’s gotten his puff.”

“But his health is taking a hit.”

“You only live once. If smoking makes him happy…let’s not kill his happiness.”

Taeyeon sighed and Young-hu gave her a friendly pat on the back. She smiled in response but it became strained when his hand lingered on her back.

“Speaking of living only once, do you want to join me for drinks tonight?”

Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders awkwardly and inched away from Young-hu immediately. “Sorry, I can’t. I’m meeting a couple of friends.”

“Aww, but how about all of us hang out together? Drinks on me. Sound good?”

Taeyeon flashed a polite smile. “It sounds good but it’s an all-girls night tonight. Maybe next time.”

Young-hu looked sorely disappointed but he nodded and said, “Yeah, there’s always next time.”

Taeyeon kept on smiling but really, she couldn’t wait for the recording engineer to get back.



Yoona turned around only to be greeted by a cushion in her face. Jessica, the girl who had hit her with the cushion dissolved into a fit of giggles and shrieked in happy panic when Yoona growled and launched her own tickle attack on her. The two girls rolled around on the spacious sofa, a mess of arms and legs and giggles, until Taeyeon stepped out of the kitchen with a pot of fried rice.

“I should take a video of you two and put it up on YouTube. Two million hits within the first hour is guaranteed and I’ll be famous,” she remarked dryly. “And the reporters will get the shock of their lives when they find out that the two top models in South Korea are a couple of silly kids.”

“Says the kiddiest kid of them all,” Yoona countered while managing to pin the other girl down on the couch by her arms and waist. “Sica, give it up. My nickname isn’t Him Yoona for nothing.”

“Let me go,” whined the other model. “I’m tired and hungry after rolling around with you.”

To which, Yoona replied, “I’m starving too.” She promptly got off the model and stood up. “Is it fried rice today?”

“Yes,” replied Taeyeon.

“Oh yeah! My favourite! I love your fried rice.”

“You love rice. Period.” The other model laughed as she picked herself off the couch and dusted herself off.

“Sica, you should eat more rice. Then maybe you can grow taller.”


Yoona successfully dodged the flying kick and sat down at the table, laughing her head off. Taeyeon was scooping out the rice onto their plates as Jessica took her seat and asked, “How did your recording go today, Taengoo-ah?”

Taeyeon planted a wide smile on her face immediately. “It went great.” Perhaps she had smiled a little too quickly, for Yoona, who was known for being observant and sharp, raised her eyebrow in doubt.

“Did it really?”

Taeyeon nodded as nonchalantly as she could. “The recording took a little longer than I expected but we finished the song so that’s good.”

Yoona relaxed. “You’re a great singer. Don’t worry too much about your vocals, unnie.”

Taeyeon smiled. “I won’t, unnie.” She then turned to Jessica and asked, “Your Paris photo shoot came out fabulous I suppose?”

Jessica simply wore a toothless smile and nodded. The girl was shy when it came to her own achievements.

“It’s for VOGUE, right? I’ll definitely ask Hyungdon oppa to buy a copy.”

“Unnie, one copy isn’t good enough. You should buy like a hundred copies.”

Taeyeon rolled her eyes and threw a pea at the tall, lanky model. “Yoona, if I have to buy a hundred then you’ll have to buy five hundred so I’m advising you to shut up now.”

“Shutting up now, unnie. Shutting up now.”


Later that night, Taeyeon snuggled down under her sheets feeling excited. Tomorrow was going to be good day. Tomorrow was ‘A Date with Tiffany’ day! She snickered. This just proved one thing: She was good. But she was all too aware that her charm had not gotten completely through Tiffany’s steel armour. There was much work to be done. What mildly puzzled her was why she was so insistent on getting through to Tiffany. Was it the challenge? Was it Tiffany’s good looks? Her mouth-watering hips and butt?

It hadn’t taken her long to decide on her favourite part of Tiffany. It was definitely her hips and butt. Very curvaceous. Very delicious. But of course, it had been that fantastic smile of hers that was most eye-catching at first sight. That set of pearly white teeth. So even. So perfect. Those brown orbs. Hazel brown? Chocolate brown? Well, no matter the type of brown, they were gorgeous and had the power to suck her into the bottomless pit of infatuation.

She took her phone from its dock on her bedside table. It was her favourite thing in the whole wide world now because it was her link to Tiffany. But the photographer had not replied to the messages she sent two nights ago. Sigh. Tiffany was such a tough nut to crack. So different. So different from the throngs of people who were eager to know her.

This was the first time in a long time she felt this eager to know someone. The previous person whom she’d been attracted to had been Sooyoung. Haha! Do I have a thing for photographers or something? But her attraction to Sooyoung had turned into a comfortable friendship and she thought no more about it.

Things were different with Tiffany though. It was fiery. It was exciting. It was challenging. She was invigorated. She’d never felt more alive. How was she supposed to explain the way she felt?

She toyed around with her phone for an inordinate amount of time before typing a message.

Keep your doors open! I’m coming for you at one tomorrow but first, see ya in my dreams tonight~! ^^

She grinned to no one in particular as she sent the message. She couldn’t resist it.


Her phone buzzed so she picked it up and saw that it was a message from the singer. Urgh. Kim Taeyeon. If you’re gonna tell me what to dream again, I’m so gonna ignore you tomorrow. The message didn’t exactly tell her what to dream but it was just as exasperating as the first and she had a good mind to give the singer a piece of her mind tomorrow. But on second thought, no. Admitting that she had read the message was going to work against her. No. She’d pretend she didn’t bother reading it. That way, she wouldn’t have to address it at all.


The sun shone on her face like any other morning. Unlike other mornings, however, there was no motivation to get out of bed at all. So she lay in bed with her eyes open, squinting in the glare of the late morning sun. Urgh. Lunch with Kim Taeyeon. I am so not looking forward to this. She rolled around in bed for a little longer before eventually getting up and out. She then carried out her usual routine in the bathroom and brushed her hair thoroughly before heading to her wardrobe. What should I wear? Mmm.

She browsed through the rack of clothes that she had, trying to pick a suitable outfit for lunch. And as she was laying out her second outfit on her bed, she stopped herself. Why in the world was she putting so much effort into looking good? There was no need to dress to impress. It wasn’t as though this were a date. It was just an apology lunch. That’s all it was. Yeah.

She decided that a simple pair of reddish-brown shorts and a loose creamy white top would go nicely. Throw in a cardigan and she was good to go. And to complete the look, a pair of light brown mid-cut lace-ups would suffice. Alright, she was ready.


A melodious tune resonated through the studio, announcing the arrival of Kim Taeyeon. Tiffany looked up from her computer and eyed her door. She had locked it. She had locked it because the singer had asked her to keep them open. Kim Taeyeon wasn’t going to get her way this time. Or any other time for that matter.

The singer was pouting when she opened the door and it struck her that Kim Taeyeon looked sufficiently adorable with her lips like that. Get a grip! It’s just a pout. Nothing to be flustered over.

“Why is your door locked? Didn’t you see my message? I asked you to keep your doors open.”

“I locked it to keep out perverts.”

“I’m not a pervert!”

“I didn’t say that you were one.”

“And why didn’t you reply? I thought you hadn’t seen my message but you apparently have.”

“I didn’t say that I saw your message either.”

Suddenly, Taeyeon flashed a knowing grin. “I see. So this is the kind of game you like to play huh.”

Tiffany frowned. “I’m not playing games.”

“Yes you are. And I know the game you’re playing at.”

“Pray tell me, what game it is that I’m playing.”

The irritating grin remained on Taeyeon’s face as she replied, “You’re playing hard to get.”

“I’m not! I don’t even want to be gotten.”

“Oh, you do.”

“What, like you’d know me better than I know myself?”

“I don’t know much about you but I know that you’re attracted to me. Your eyes give you away.”

“What? What did my eyes do to give you this impression?”

Taeyeon smirked. “You were checking me out.”

“I was not!”

“You were totally checking me out.”

“Prove it.”

Taeyeon laughed a little. “Why are you always asking for proof? You’re so cute, Fany.”

“What did you just call me?”


“I don’t remember giving you permission to shorten my name so casually.”

“Aww, come on. We’re friends now.”

“We’re not. We’re just acquaintances.”

“We’re about to have lunch together. That officially promotes us from acquaintances to friends.”

“If that’s the case, I’m not going,” Tiffany huffed. She turned away and took a step back into her studio but a hand quickly closed around hers and tugged. She found herself being pulled back out of her studio and protested vehemently, “Let me go!”

“You still owe me an apology and you promised to have lunch with me. How can you break your promise?” Taeyeon’s puppy eyes were at work again.

Goddammit! Stop with those puppy eyes already! Tiffany heaved a heavy sigh, resigned to her fate. “Fine. Lunch. As promised. Let’s get it over and done with.”


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