PD: Bonus Hyun Round

Bonus Round (Hyun Special)

Hyung, can I ask you a question?”

Fire away.” Young sipped his coffee slowly as it was scalding hot.

Er, how do you…” Hyun’s voice trailed off uncomfortably.

How do I what?”

How do you get a girl?” Hyun asked in a rush, feeling embarrassed to be asking this sort of question.

Young sat up straight and stared at Hyun as though seeing him in new light. He grinned broadly and clapped him on his back a little too hard in his excitement.

You’ve finally seen the light! I’m so proud of you Hyun!”

I’m not about to become a player like you,” Hyun grumbled. “I just want to know how I can be nice to a girl.”

Who’s that lucky girl who has caught the eye of our dear Hyun?” Young was really excited now. Hyun sounded quite serious about this mystery girl.

Hyun sighed, feeling defeated. “It’s Hyoyeon.”

Wait…” Young’s jaw dropped. “You mean Hyoyeon as in Sunny’s friend, Hyoyeon?”


HOLY SMOKES! She’s the girl that you want? That’s easy. Just ask Sunny what she likes!” Young whipped his phone out of his pocket in a jiffy and called her.

Hey, Sunny.”

What’s up Young?”

My little bro needs your help.”

YOUNG! NO MORE DIRTY TALK!” Sunny chided him lightly.

Young smacked his palm to his forehead. “Sunny, stop thinking about having sex with Yoong for a minute and focus.”

I-I’m not thinking about having sex with Yoong!” Sunny stuttered.

Young laughed out loud at her embarrassment. “Sunny is shy! HAHAHA I never thought I’d see this day. Looks like you’ve found true love but now you’ve gotta help Hyun get his true love.”

Hyun? Your friend? How can I help?”

He likes your friend.”

My friend?” Sunny gasped. “Hyoyeon?”

Bingo! You’ve still as smart as before.” Young grinned.

Of course I’m still smart,” Sunny quipped. “Why would I get any dumber? Anyway, I’m all for Hyoyeon finding a guy. She’s never been interested in anyone other than that guy she knew from high school. It’s unbelievable.”

Oh? She has a high school sweetheart?”

Well, they never got together. She constantly pranked him so they weren’t even really friends to begin with.”

Young laughed out loud. “Hyoyeon sounds fun.”

She is fun.” Sunny grinned. “Your friend has good taste in women.”

Well, this is the first time he’s asking me about women. Till now, all he’s ever had eyes for is goguma. Don’t ask me why. He’s just wired that way.”

Sunny giggled. “Sounds like just the guy for Hyoyeon. She likes single minded people who are fiercely loyal to what they like.”

Shall we arrange something for them? Like a group date?”

And while Hyoyeon dates Hyun, I date you? No way…” Sunny shook her head.

It wouldn’t be a date for us. We’d be just like an old friends’ meet up.”

Mmm, sounds good.”

Then a thought struck Young. “And guess what?”


It’s Hyun’s birthday!”

No way! That’s awesome!”

They are meant to be together. HAHAHA…” Young laughed hard, ignoring Hyun’s pointed glare at him.

Alright then, I’ll grab Hyo and you grab Hyun. We can get them together in no time.” Sunny’s merry eyes twinkled.

I will message you the details once I get a good place to celebrate his birthday.”

Alright! Bye!” Sunny giggled.


Sunny dragged a blushing Hyoyeon behind her to the very classy restaurant that Young had reserved for the evening. They quoted his name and were ushered to a private room where some balloons lined the ceiling.

Nice work, Young.” Sunny nodded approvingly. Hyoyeon said nothing. She was feeling rather uneasy about this. She hadn’t told Sunny that she had been actively pursuing Hyun on her own. If Sunny knew, she’d probably get the scolding of her life for not letting her in on it. The truth of the matter was that she was terribly embarrassed and shy when it came to such things. She’s a rather loud, cheerful and playful person amongst friends but when it came to boys, and boys whom she liked, she’d lose all her guts in an instant.

Where’s Yoong?”

He will get down here once he’s done with that conference call of his.” Sunny shrugged.

I sense that you don’t quite like how busy he is.”

Sunny pouted. “He barely has any time for me.”

Well, that’s Yoong for you. Unlike me, he’s quite the workaholic. He plays just as hard but now that he has his heart set on you, he hasn’t been playing at all. I’ve never seen him work harder in his life.”

I don’t get it.” Sunny frowned. “Why won’t he relax a little and have a little more fun?”

With an empire upon your shoulders, it’s a little difficult.”

What about you? You also have an empire to take over.”

Me?” Young shrugged. “I’m different. I don’t really give a shit about business. It’s not my thing. I simply have no choice in the matter but I will eventually let someone take over the helm and run the whole thing for me. Yoong actually likes business. He has great ambitions for his resorts. I recall him saying something about building a kingdom for his queen when he was younger. I suppose he’s on his way there, now that he has a queen…” Young grinned at Sunny.

Sunny blushed. “I don’t need a kingdom. All I want is the king himself.”

My, my, just listen to yourself. HAHAHA. Where has Sunny the player gone?”

Sunny the player now only plays with one other player.” Sunny grinned cheekily.

Young smiled and ruffled her hair. “Too cute, Sunny, too cute.”


Hyun arrived a little late. He had a report to write and it was shoved at him at the last minute as he was about to step out of the office. He stood panting in the room having run up all the way from the car park at top speed. Hyoyeon stood behind Sunny, trying to ward off the onslaught of shyness that was crippling her ability to act normally.


Hyun blushed. “Er, thanks!”

Sunny nudged Hyoyeon and whispered to her. “Step out from behind me already!”

She pulled Hyoyeon to Hyun and gave her a push. She then backed away, leaving Hyoyeon and Hyun standing in the middle of the room, blushing at each other.

Psst.” Sunny nudged Young. “Don’t you find them fishy?”

Young narrowed his eyes and nodded. “Very.”

Why does Hyo look so shy? And Hyun won’t even look into her eyes.”

And I’ve never seen Hyun blush so red before,” Young noted with interest.

Neither has Hyo,” Sunny noted with even more interested.

They exchanged knowing looks with one another and giggled. They decided to slip out of the room as discreetly as possible which wasn’t difficult, since the other two people were too engross in being shy and embarrassed to notice anything else.

Sunny and Young made their escape and burst into loud laughter when they had put enough distance between them and the room.

What’s the joke? Sunny, you’re making me jealous again.” Yoong poked her arm jokingly.

Yoong!” Sunny squealed with joy upon seeing him. She gave him a hug which he returned gladly. Young grinned like a dork as he watched them go.

God forbid I ever turn into a whipped guy like Yoong,” he joked, laughing at how mushy his friend was with Sunny.

I missed you babe.” Yoong breathed deeply with his nose in her hair, inhaling her oh-so-sexy scent.

Sunny ducked her head shyly and Yoong grinned. He loved it when he made Sunny shy.

Young rolled his eyes at the lovey-dovey couple. He should have invited a girl too. Unfortunately for him he had not thought of bringing someone. Maybe it wasn’t too late.

Hey Krystal, what are you up to?” Young trailed away, putting distance between him and Yoong and Sunny.


Back inside the room, Hyoyeon had finally plucked up the courage to present the cake she baked for him.

It’s goguma flavoured.” She added with a hint of pride.

GOGUMA FLAVOURED BIRTHDAY CAKE?” Hyun exclaimed exuberantly.

Hyoyeon giggled and nodded. “Cost me an arm and a leg to make this so you better finish it.”

That goes without saying!” Hyun grinned from ear to ear and sat down at the table. Hyoyeon stuck a couple of candles in it and lit them up.

There are only two candles? I’m not twenty years old.” Hyun remarked matter-of-factly.

Deal with it. I could only find two candles at home.”

But I’m not twenty!” Hyun stubbornly objected.

Alright, alright, gosh you’re like two years old,” Hyoyeon grumbled. She pushed the things around in her hobo bag and fished out a lollipop. “This will have to do.”

She stuck it into the cake and lit it up. “There. Now you’re twenty-one.”

Hyun grinned from ear to ear again. “YAY!”

Hyoyeon found herself smiling at his exuberance. “Make a wish Hyun.”

He clasped his hands together and made a wish and blew out the candles and lollipop. The lollipop took a little more breath to extinguish. The flame wouldn’t go out and Hyoyeon panicked.

Blow it out! It’s going to burn the cake!”

Hyun panicked at the thought of his precious goguma cake going up in flames. He plucked it out with his fingers and dunked it into the nearest cup of water he saw before hopping up and down, holding his fingers in pain. “OUCH!”

Hyoyeon grabbed hold of his fingers and looked at them worriedly. Then, she caught sight of Hyun’s sly expression.

You…” She breathed. “You tricked me!”

HAHA! PAYBACK FOR YOUR PRANKS ON ME! HAHAHA!” Hyun threw his head back and guffawed.

Hyoyeon stood staring at him laughing harder than he ever had with her hands on her hips. She frowned, appalled by the fact that she’d fallen for his trick. Then she saw how ironic it was. Hyun’s laughter gradually got to her and she joined him, bent double in laughter.

And that was how Young, Yoong and Sunny found them when they re-entered the room. Two supposedly sane people holding onto each other for dear life, tears of laughter streaming down their cheeks, a weird looking cake that was slightly burnt and a charred, blackened lollipop dunked in a glass of water. The trio looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

That’s your friend?” Young and Yoong threw I-think-your-friend-is-nuts looks at Sunny who rolled her eyes.

And that’s your friend?” Sunny quipped, throwing the same look back at them.

Young felt a pang of hunger and decided to get a piece of the cake. He cut a generous slice and bit into it, immediately spitting it out in disgust. “WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD MAKE A GOGUMA FLAVOURED BIRTHDAY CAKE?!”

Hyun saw Young with the cake and stopped laughing immediately. He grabbed the cake from Young and clutched the rest of the cake protectively. “This cake is for me only! Stay away from it!” He glared at Young who was trying to wash out the goguma taste from his mouth by downing a couple glasses of cocktails.

Hyoyeon giggled. She was pleased that he was so protective over his cake. Sunny saw Hyoyeon’s pleased look and smiled knowingly.

I think Hyo likes Hyun too,” she whispered to Yoong.

Yoong grinned back at her. “I guess, Hyun’s finally found the girl of his dreams.”

Sunny giggled.

And so have I.” Yoong kissed the top of her head.

Sunny blushed again.


It wasn’t too long before Hyun had devoured the entire cake, much to the disgust of Young and the amazement of the rest.

It’s time for presents!” Sunny announced in her chirpy tone. She whipped out a set of iPhone and iPad covers which had goguma pictures all over it.

This is from us,” Yoong informed Hyun. He felt a strange but pleasant sensation as he said ‘us’. It felt so right. Mmm, he really should use that word more often.

Thanks Hyung and noona!” Hyun smiled. “I love it!”

Yoong laughed. “You’re welcome Hyun.”

Young laughed and stepped forward. “This is for you Hyun.”

Hyun looked at it. It was a gift card. He looked at Young inquisitively.

It’s got credit stored in it. You can use it to buy gogumas from that super mart near your home.”

A grin broke across Hyun’s chiseled face. “Hyung!”

HAHA. You’re welcome Hyun.”

Hyun felt really happy. He loved his hyungs. And it must have been fate that they met for the way they met was quite unusual. For one, they weren’t even in the same class or school or neighbourhood for that matter.

Young and Yoong were close friends, understandably so, given their similar family backgrounds. Their parents were friends too. They enjoyed wandering around the suburbs to discover more places to have fun at and it was on one of these trips out of the city that they spotted Hyun lying in the dirt, surrounded by a group of boys who were taunting him.

GOGUMA GEEK! YOU SUCK!” a boy yelled at Hyun with a mean look on his face.

The fact was that many boys were generally rather jealous of Hyun, given his sheer genius and good looks. The fact that many girls liked him without him lifting a finger to earn it made them even more jealous. It certainly didn’t help things when he also topped the school every year in his academic results.

So as Hyun lay in the dirt, he braced himself for another kick in the ribs but the kick never came. He opened his eyes cautiously and was shocked to find two tall, good looking boys that he had never seen before fighting the group of boys that were bullying him.

Young and Yoong were trained in martial arts from a young age in the name of self-defense. Being filthy rich kids had its dangers and they needed to be prepared for it. They put their martial art training into good use, both of them having black belts in taekwondo and karate and the group of boys was no match for them even though they outnumbered them. Soon, the boys had run away and Young and Yoong helped Hyun up from the dirt. Ever since that day, they became a trio and Hyun was not bullied again.

Now, as he looked at them with brotherly love in his eyes, he couldn’t help but to stand up and hug them tight. Sunny and Hyoyeon stood by watching the trio hug with smiles on their faces. It was warm moment for them.

Suddenly, without warning, Hyun turned to Hyoyeon and stuck his hand out towards her.

Where’s my present?”

Hyoyeon blinked. “The cake is the present.”

Since you don’t have a present, you should kiss him!” Sunny suggested cheekily.

Hyoyeon turned to Sunny with her eyes wide open and gaped at her.

Young and Yoong caught on to it and started egging Hyoyeon to give Hyun a kiss as well.

KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!” the three of them chanted as Hyun and Hyoyeon stood in the center of the room blushing furiously.

Sunny gave Hyoyeon a wink and a push. “Go on. Do it, wussy!”

Hyoyeon glared at her. “I’m not a wussy!”

Sunny giggled. “Then do it. Kiss him.”

Hyoyeon took a deep breath and turned to Hyun. She didn’t mind, really. In fact, Sunny had just done her a huge favour as kissing Hyun had been a wish of hers for a long time. The only things that were stopping her from doing so was the fear that Hyun might be repulsed by it and of course, her shyness.

To her surprise, Hyun took a step forward, closing the distance between them. He bent himself, lowering his face to her level and pointed at his cheek. Hyoyeon couldn’t breathe anymore. With her heart in her mouth, she leaned in and planted a soft, shy kiss on his cheek. Hyun straightened himself with a silly grin plastered across his flushed face and Hyoyeon backed away blushing like there was no tomorrow.

They kept their eyes averted from each other as Young, Yoong and Sunny let out mad cheers and whoops of celebration.


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