PD: Tiffany 3-part Special

Tiffany Special Part 1

It was safe to say that Taeng ran like a man who had been pumped with steroids. After all, Tiffany was even more effective than a steroid when it came to Taeng.

He ran like he had never run before. It felt twice as long as he had taken to run away but perhaps it was because he was so impatient to get back to Tiffany. At long last, he rounded the corner and stood panting heavily. But much to his dismay, there was nobody there. Tiffany was gone and so were the fan girls. Taeng looked all around him desperately—not a soul was in sight.

OH NO. Tiffany is going to be so mad at me.

Taeng felt his heart sinking to the pits and pouted sadly. Why couldn’t he do anything properly? He hoped that Tiffany wouldn’t be too mad at him but he seriously doubted that it would be the case. He tried calling her cellphone but she didn’t answer his call. There, he had done it. She was definitely mad at him.

Two big tear drops rolled down his cheeks and he sniffed dejectedly.

Tiffany…” he whined pitifully.


Taengoo 10.34pm

Please don’t be mad at me. I grabbed the wrong hand! Please forgive me T_T

Tiffany rolled her eyes at his text message. She was really irritated by him. That silly man. What did he mean by “grabbed the wrong hand”?! What kind of stupid man would grab the wrong girl’s hand and run away with her, leaving behind his own girlfriend to deal with an overzealous mob of fan girls?

She decided to ignore him for a while. That would serve him right.


A very distraught looking Taeng arrived at the office the next day. Tiffany was already deeply engrossed in her work. He took one look at her and knew that she wasn’t to be disturbed.


He hung his head and went to his desk.


He took his peas out from his bag and hid them under his desk. He was going to need them around today. He didn’t know how he was going to get through the day otherwise.


T- er… B-Boss, the florist is here to see you.”

Alright, send her in.”

Yes boss.”

Taeng sighed as he closed her door. She hadn’t smiled at him all day. She hadn’t even looked at him all day. She was cold and distant. He was being ignored and there was nothing he could do about it. He sent the florist into her office before sitting down at his desk again.

Peas…help me…”

He unzipped the pod and the three peas smiled and grinned at him unwaveringly. Looking at his peas made him feel a little better so he zipped the pod back up and continued with his work.


Yul, help me, pleaseee.” Taeng begged his friend pitifully over the phone.

What have you gotten yourself into this time?” Yul sighed. This friend of his was always getting himself into the weirdest situations.


Once, Taeng climbed a tree to save a kitten that was clinging on to a branch and meowing for help. It was all very heroic and everything, however, he ended up stuck on the same branch with the kitten, yelling for help as the kitten looked at him in disgust.

There was another time when Taeng wanted to help a child to get her coin back. The coin had rolled under a grill so Taeng squeezed his hand past the gap in the grill only to find that his hand couldn’t come back out. The child had to find another adult to help Taeng out with his stuck hand instead.

And it wasn’t that long ago when Taeng slipped and fell in a bid to save Tiffany from being stabbed and ended up knocking her over. Well, save her from being stab he did, but Jessica told him later on that Tiffany had suffered a hard knock on her head and it was badly bruised but she had kept it from Taeng so that he wouldn’t feel bad about it.

That was Taeng for you.


I made Tiffany mad at me.” Taeng said sadly.

What happened?”

Taeng told him about the events of the night before. Much to his consternation, Yul began to laugh; or rather, roared with laughter, to be precise. He laughed so hard that he choked on his saliva and ended up in a coughing fit.

Yul, please help me…and…please don’t laugh at me.”

Taeng’s sad tone killed his laughter immediately. “I’m sorry Taeng. It’s just…so funny. It’s doesn’t sound too serious though. Why don’t you try doing something that will make her happy again?”

What can I do?”

Taeng, you’re asking me? Shouldn’t you know better?”

Taeng thought hard. “Maybe?”

Taeng, have some confidence in yourself. You’re with her all the time and so totally smitten by her. I’m sure you know what she likes. Give her a present or something.”

Okay, I will. Thanks Yul!” Taeng brightened up at once.


During his lunch hour, he dashed off to buy a present for Tiffany. He already had something in mind; something he had spotted in her home the last time he was there. He ignored his hunger pangs—he did not have breakfast for he was too depressed to eat—and decided that cheering Tiffany up was more important than eating lunch.

He ran from balloon shop to balloon shop. He was looking for a very specific balloon—one that most shops apparently did not have. It was a hot afternoon and he was sweating buckets but he persevered and finally found a shop that sold the balloon he was looking for.

OH YES!” he cheered out loud as he paid for the balloon. He happened to glance at his watch as he made his exit and was horrified. He was late! Lunch hour was over! Without any second thoughts, he then sprinted all the way back to the office only to be greeted by Tiffany’s angry glare.

Where did you go? You were supposed to be back half an hour ago.”

Her glare turned into a shocked expression as Taeng fell limp. Instinctively, she reached out to catch hold of him and managed to break his fall. He had fainted and the balloon in his hand floated up towards the ceiling. Tiffany glanced at it as ascended. Then she did a double take for she spotted a cute cartoon that she liked very much on the pink balloon. It was Totoro.

She looked back at Taeng who now lay in her arms on the floor and her heart went out to him in a jiffy. He must have been late because of the balloon! A pink Totoro balloon! Oh Taeng…

Just then, his eyes fluttered open and he looked very disorientated. His eyes opened to their limit when his vision sharpened and registered Tiffany’s face hovering inches away from his. She had been slapping his face lightly to arouse him from his black out but stopped as soon as she saw his eyes opening. She held his face in her hands and smiled that smile. That was the smile that told him everything with Tiffany was alright again. That was the smile that could like up the dark. That was the smile that calmed and excited his heart at the same time.

Her eyes were twinkling as she smiled. “Are you alright? You had me really worried for a while there.”

I’m alright.” Taeng croaked and tried to sit up but her hands stopped him.

How did you know that I like Totoro?”

Taeng grinned sheepishly. “I saw it on your couch the last time I was there.”

Tiffany grinned. “You’re sharper than you let on, aren’t you?”

She planted a chaste kiss on his lips and the feeling of her soft, warm, moist lips on his sent his heart racing. His lips were still puckered when she left them and she giggled at the dorky sight.

You greedy boy.” Tiffany smacked him lightly on his arm. “The kiss is over.”

Taeng pouted and whined, “I want more.” Then, he unleashed his puppy eyes on her.

Tiffany scowled and shook her head in mock disapproval but within seconds, she was smiling as she lowered her lips onto his once again for a much longer and more passionate kiss than the first.

Taeng wrapped his arms around her neck and pulled her lower still, crushing her lips on his. His head lifted off her thighs in a bid to get more of her lips. He couldn’t get enough. He had been longing for her touch since the night before. He didn’t let her break the kiss even when she tried to pull away. He only tightened his arms around her and they ended up lying on the ground together as Tiffany had been pulled right onto him.

It was a breathless and panting Taeng who had no choice but to break the kiss in order to come up for some air. Tiffany looked deep into his puppy eyes and felt herself falling into the bottomless abyss of attraction and adoration. Was…that…love?

She shook her head to clear it. Somebody had to come to their senses. If anybody walked in on them and saw them lying on the floor like that…well…it would be awkward to say the least.

Taeng, do you realize that what we are doing right now is highly inappropriate?”

Taeng blushed and lowered his gaze. “I’m sorry. It’s just that…it’s just thatI really wanted to kiss you.”

Let’s get up and sit on the couch at least.” Tiffany lifted herself off of him and stood up before extending her hand to him to help him up.

Is your injury a lot better now?” Tiffany asked, noticing that he got up with a lot more ease now.

Taeng nodded. “Yes, it’s almost as good as new,” he announced as he grinned happily like a six year old who had been given a new toy.

They sat on the couch; their arms and legs touching. Then Taeng did the unexpected. He put his arm around Tiffany and pulled her closer. Her eyes widened at his move. Was this really Taeng? He wrapped both of his arms around her and hugged her tightly. His chin found a nook in her neck and nestled there comfortably. He then closed his eyes and sighed contently. She was very surprised but she didn’t push him away. Instead, he took a deep breath and inhaled his somewhat manly scent. As dorky and childish as he appeared to be, he did have a manly scent and she liked it very much.

You smell good.”

Taeng opened his eyes in surprise. “Huh?”

Tiffany giggled. “I said you smell good. What kind of cologne do you wear?”

Taeng blinked. “I don’t wear cologne.”

Oh?” Tiffany began sniffing all over him. “What’s this smell then?”

It’s just me.”

His simple answer put a smile on her face. Yes. It was just him. Just Taeng.

She giggled. “Taeng’s smell.” She sniffed his neck. “I like it.”

He blushed. She laughed. Then, they hugged for a long time.


Jessica woke up feeling weighed down by something. She felt grumpy for her sleep had been disturbed by the heavy weight. She turned her head to look at the cause of the weight on her body. It was none other than Yul. Her grumpiness gave way to bliss and she smiled happily instead.

His arm was slung over her upper torso while his legs were clamping onto her as though she were a bolster. His warm breath tickled the nape of her neck as he breathed softly and steadily.

She tried to shift herself to face him without waking him up but she failed. He was awoken by her attempt to turn around in his arms and legs. His eyes opened sleepily and he was rather surprised to note that Jessica was awake before he was. That was most unusual.

Good morning.” Jessica planted a lingering kiss on his lips.

He grinned handsomely and gave her another kiss—a longer one.

You fell asleep during the news again. I didn’t want to wake you up so I let you sleep over in my bed.”

Mmm… I’m not complaining about anything.” Jessica snuggled closer to him, craving his warmth.

He patted her butt. “Get up. You have a flight to catch.”

We own the plane and the pilot. He can wait,” Jessica grumbled into his chest.

Sica…” His warning tone told her that he wasn’t going to let her behave like a spoilt princess.

Yul… I want to sleep more…”

No, you need to wash up and get going. I’ve packed your luggage for you. You left them lying around on the floor last night.” His tone was a disapproving one.

Jessica sighed. “I really hate you sometimes.”

She grumbled as she pushed herself off the bed and dragged herself into the bathroom to wash up.


The Jung ladies waved goodbye to the men—Mr. Jung, Yul and Young. Young had insisted on sending Krystal off even though she had told him that he didn’t need to.

But I want to,” he insisted. And that was that.

Have a good trip babe.” Young grinned charmingly at her.

Thanks Young, for everything.” Krystal smiled just as charmingly back at him.

Yul gave Jessica a huge hug and a pat on her butt. “Be good and take care of your mum and sister.”

Yul, you’re worse than a grandfather. You’ve been telling me the same thing since breakfast.”

Yul merely laughed and kissed the tip of her nose affectionately. “I know. I just have a feeling that you may forget.”

Jessica rolled her eyes. “I won’t forget. I couldn’t forget even if I tried; you’ve said it that many times.”

Mr. Jung hugged Mrs. Jung briefly, knowing that she was still unhappy with him.

Have a good time with them. Take the break that you need. We’ll talk again when you get back, okay?”

Mrs. Jung nodded.

Mr. Jung smiled in relief. “Alright girls, time to get going.”

The Jung ladies boarded the private jet and very soon, the plane was on the runway and speeding up and taking off into the light blue sky. The men looked at each other.

Young grinned and threw his arms around their shoulders. “How about we men go for some drinks and chat?”

Mr. Jung grinned. He liked this young man. “Let’s go. The drinks are on me.”

Young let out a whoop of joy and cheered. “Did you hear that Yul? Today is our lucky day.”


Tiffany Special Part 2

Their hug seemed to last forever yet when they separated, it seemed too short. Did that even make sense? Well, that was how Taeng felt, so did Tiffany. They lingered on the couch, not knowing what to do or say next, and it was a few minutes later when Taeng broke the silence with a question.

Will you have dinner with me tonight? Just you and me.”

Tiffany could have laughed at his hopeful, puppy eyes for they were so adorkable but she didn’t. Instead, she smiled and nodded as she looked at him, drowning in the deep, dark, brown pools that were his eyes.


Taeng was beyond excited. He was beyond ecstatic. His level of happiness was practically not chartable. It was off the charts!

SCORE!!! I’m finally going on a date with Fany YEAH!

Taeng grinned like the dork that he was and hugged himself gleefully as soon as he got back to his desk. “Peas! I did it! We’re finally going out on a real date!” His peas smiled and grinned back at him with extra glee it seemed—or at least to him they did.


Tiffany had to stifle her giggles when she spied him waiting eagerly for her at the end of the day. He had packed all of his things and was ready to go. He wore the biggest grin on his face and his eyes were alit with anticipation.

With a cheery heart, she shut down her laptop and packed up her things. Yes, it was there. Undeniably present in her heart was the same fluttery feeling that she had once experienced, a long time ago. She felt tingles all over when she finally stepped out of her office. He was there…waiting…and for a moment there, she thought that he looked really suave. Yes, he looked suave when he didn’t speak or do anything. However, the moment he spoke or do anything, his real personality would be revealed in a flash.

When she finally stood in front of him, he took her hand with a shy grin. Their fingers were screaming “HURRAH” and their hearts beat that much faster as they exited the building in her car. Taeng ducked down low as she drove out, hiding from the eagle-like eyes of his most ardent fan girls who had somehow found out where he worked at.

It’s safe to come out now, Taeng.”

Taeng’s head peeked out from where he had squeezed himself into—the leg room under the dashboard—and sat back on the seat with a boyish grin.

Where are we going, Taeng?”

His grin vanished in that instant and was replaced with a perplexed look. “Where are we going?” he repeated her question.

You do have a place in mind…don’t you?”

Taeng blinked.

You don’t?”

Taeng gulped and shook his head.

Tiffany shook her head and pulled up by the side. “Let’s think of a place then.”

They thought silently for a moment before turning to each other, exclaiming the same brainwave at the exact same time.


Both Taeng and Tiffany laughed at themselves. They had fond memories of that place for that was where they kind of became a couple, or at the very least, the place where they made known their feelings for each other.


They entered the place hand in hand. Kyuhyun gave Taeng a knowing look as he handed them the menu. He remembered how they had kissed in his restaurant after that dinner and he was glad to see them together.

What will you be having today? Do you want the couple set?” he asked with a sly grin. “We’ve got a special price on Wednesdays and if you want to score some free chitterlings, we’ve going to have a little competition amongst our customers a little later.”

That sounds exciting? What kind of competition is it?” Tiffany asked eagerly. She enjoyed taking part in competitions for she was the competitive type. There was nothing like a competition to get her blood pumping.

She could have sworn that there was an evil glint in Kyuhyun’s eye as he replied, “You’ll find out later. It’s a surprise.”

Tiffany rubbed her hands in glee and turned to Taeng who was looking a little paler than usual. “Let’s join the competition and win some chitterlings!

Taeng swallowed hard. He didn’t want to spoil Tiffany’s mood but he was really terrified of competitions. He was anything but the competitive type. He’d end up feeling sorry for his competitors and let them win ultimately. He remembered a time when he took part in many competitions only to end up being jeered and teased by his peers. However, looking at Tiffany’s shining smile, he found himself unable to say anything other than…


He forced a smile onto his face as Tiffany raised her hands and cheered happily. His fear of competitions would have to be faced if he wanted Tiffany to be happy.


A bell was rung, signaling the start of the competition. Tiffany pulled Taeng to the center where Kyuhyun stood with a few other pairs of competitors.

This is a couple challenge! May the best couple walk away with a completely free dinner today as well as a year’s worth of free chitterling dishes!”

There was a loud murmur that spread through the restaurant as more couples made their way to the center to join in the competition. A year’s worth of free chitterling dishes sounded too good to pass up on.

Taeng looked at Tiffany nervously. He hoped that she wouldn’t get her hopes up too high. He really wasn’t the competitive type.

Er… Tiffany, please don’t be mad at me if I don’t do well in this…”

She smiled confidently at him. “Taeng, I’m sure we can win this. I’ve got a good feeling about it. Besides, I really hate losing in competitions.”

Taeng gulped even harder after that. His heart palpitated vigorously as he felt a little faint. He recalled that he hadn’t eaten all day—having missed breakfast and lunch—and a sudden feeling of weakness took over him. Oh no.

Since this is a challenge for couples only, the challenge will involve something that only couples will do. Guys, carry your girlfriend. Now.”

Taeng had an immensely ominous feeling. This was not going to go well. Just when he felt weak, the challenge had to involve physical strength! He groaned inwardly as he bent to carry Tiffany in his arms—bridal style. Her arms went round his neck and her twinkling eyes caught his nervous ones.

Now, kiss. The man who can carry and kiss his girl for the longest time wins a year’s worth of chitterlings dishes from me!”

Kyuhyun grinned cheekily as the couples and the other customers got excited over the challenge. The customers couldn’t wait to see the dozen or so couples kiss whilst some couples were having problems with being too shy to kiss in such a circumstance. A couple of couples backed out of the competition, leaving ten pairs standing in the center.

Taeng blushed to the roots of his hair when he heard the challenge being announced.


Tiffany seemed to find the challenge very interesting. Unlike Taeng, she was all for it. She tightened her arms and peeked his cheek playfully. “We’re so going to win this!”

Taeng’s heart went into overdrive, to say the least. Holding her this close to himself and having her kiss his cheek was just too good to be true. At that point in time, he had completely forgotten that he was even in a competition. He was so caught up in the moment that he lowered his lips to hers as his eyes closed gradually.


Begin!” Kyuhyun yelled as all the couples met with their lips.

Ny…and their lips met.

Out of the ten couples, nine were simply pressing their lips against each other’s. There was one couple; however, that was gaining a lot of attention from the watching customers. This particular couple was actually kissing—for real. Their lips nuzzled and suckled on each other as their lips parted—totally in sync—to get more of the other. This couple was none other than our very own Taeng and Tiffany.

The crowd watched, some in disgust and some in awe. Taeng and Tiffany were lost to the world. All they knew and thought of—if they were even capable of thinking—was the other person they were kissing. Tiffany tightened her arms around his neck, pulling herself towards him. The softness of her lips totally blew his mind. After a long day at work and all the recent drama that he had gone through…there was nothing better than a kiss from Tiffany to make all his troubles go away.

Tiffany felt all the tension ebb from her mind. As her head tilted from side to side, her lips parted and closed, applying gentle yet firm suction on him. She teased him, running her tongue over his lips, exciting him with her fingers rubbing the nape of his neck. She was falling…deeper…and deeper… down…down…mmm…

And then a thunderous applause jolted them from their sizzling hot kiss. All of the other couples had ended their kiss—somehow or rather—leaving Taeng and Tiffany as the last kissing couple.

COOONGRAAATULAAATIOOONS!!!” Kyuhyun yelled in excitement. In all his years of doing this challenge for his customers, he never had a couple that got into their kiss that seriously. He had snapped a picture of Tiffany in Taeng’s arms, with them locking lips in a most intense manner to be used for future promotional purposes.

You are officially our Chitterling Couple! Here’s a year’s worth of free chitterling dishes for you two!!!”

Taeng blinked and looked around him. Everyone was either clapping and cheering them on or whispering in low voices, airing their opinions on public displays of affection. He blushed beet red as he finally came to his senses and set Tiffany back on the floor bashfully.

Tiffany was actually sorry to end the kiss. It was really something. She was determined to get more of him after this whole thing was over. They linked arms as they stood in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by whistles and cheers and happily accepted their prize from Kyuhyun.

You’re the man, Taeng.” Kyuhyun grinned widely and clapped him really hard on his shoulder.

Oof!” Taeng got some wind knocked out of him. “Thanks!” He grinned ever so sheepishly. Then it struck him. I’ve just won my first competition ever! OH MY PEAS!!! PEAS!!! I WON!!! YAY!!!

Tiffany clung to his arm like a koala as they headed back to their seat. “Can we go somewhere more private after this?”

Her whisper and smoldering eyes set his loins on fire instantly and he nodded vigorously. “How about now?” he suggested hesitantly.

Her eyes sparkled brilliantly. “Yes! Now’s good.”

Where do you want to go?”

Your place.”

Taeng could hardly breathe—he was that excited—and the next thing he knew, they were in Tiffany’s car, travelling at top speed to his home.


The door slammed opened and they stumbled into his home. Taeng, in his haste to get into his home, had tripped over his feet and Tiffany who had her arm linked with his, found herself stumbling in with him. As the door clicked shut behind them, Tiffany found herself straddling Taeng as they fell to the floor in a heap. He had heroically turned to cushion her fall so she landed softly on him, while his back took a hard hit.

Are you okay?” Tiffany was worried for him. “Are you hurt?”

He shook his head in response. He couldn’t feel any pain. All he could feel was the delicious pressure of her butt as he held on to her. By some twist of fate, he had grabbed her to save her from the fall and it was none other than her butt. As a result, his hands were now frozen stiff. He didn’t dare to move them, for fear of incurring her wrath.

Are your hands ever going to leave my butt?” Tiffany teased Taeng playfully.

S-Sorry…” Taeng made to move his hands away but Tiffany stopped his hands from moving away by clamping her hands down on his. Then she blew his mind by saying, “I like your hands where they are.”

Peas. PEAS. PEAS!!!

His eyes were about to pop out from their sockets and his heart pumped twice as fast as before as she leaned forward towards him, capturing his lips in a firm and fast lip lock.

I…want…you…Taeng…tonight…” she breathed in between kisses.

His breath caught in his throat. And then he lost it. His hands began to have a mind of their own as they started squeezing her butt gently, eliciting the most sensual moan from her. He could feel his heart constricting as her moan entered his ears. That was hands down, the best sound he had ever heard in his life.

I want…to know…what you’re like…” Tiffany kissed him extra hard. “…in bed.”

Taeng screamed silently in his head as his desire for Tiffany exploded in little pockets all over his body—albeit, mostly in the lower regions.

In…bed?” he double checked hesitantly, unsure if he had heard her right.

She grinned salaciously and licked her lips. “Yes, in bed…”

But…we’re on the floor…”

Tiffany giggled. “Then carry me to your bed, silly boy.”

Taeng gulped—hard. He stood up shakily and picked her up in his arms obediently, following her instructions. He was convinced that his knees would give way any moment now but he managed to make it to his bed and laid her down on it most gently.

Tiffany reached up and pulled him down on top of her as soon as her back touched the bed. Her happy laughter rang throughout the room as she wrapped her arms tightly around him, feeling the smooth muscles in his back. As for Taeng, well, he was so happy and excited that he was on the verge of tears—literally.

Take off my clothes.” Tiffany’s husky voice tickled his ears, sending bolts of electric shocks zipping through his veins.

Taeng held his breath unknowingly as he moved his trembling hands to the buttons on Tiffany’s blouse. He could have sworn that he was on the verge of a heart attack as he undid the first button—his heart was pounding so fast. Then another. And another. And…


Taeng’s hands froze at the fifth and final button. He could already see the top of her fair cleavage peeking out from over her brassiere as her blouse fell open. Nevertheless, he stopped and got up to open the door.

Don’t open the door. I want you now Taeng,” Tiffany breathed and pulled him towards herself, closing the distance between their lips.


But…but what if it’s important?” Taeng froze just before their lips met.

Tiffany let go of him with a huge, defeated sigh. “Fine, open the door and get rid of whoever it is quickly,” she said as she sat up and began buttoning up her blouse a little grumpily.

Taeng nodded obediently and got up to open the door.

TAENGOO!!! SURPRISE!!!” A feminine voice reverberated through the apartment and Tiffany’s head shot up at once.

JIEUN?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Taeng’s completely astounded voice came right after.

Tiffany’s blood went from 37 to 100C in less than a second.

What is Jieun doing at Taeng’s house?


Bonus Bonus Bonus Round: Tiffany Special Part 3

Without much thought, she unbuttoned the buttons that she had just buttoned up, displaying a fair bit of cleavage. Only then, did she step out of the bedroom.

Jieun?” she feigned surprise. Well, she was surprised but even more than that, she was fuming mad. Fortunately, years of handling many difficult clients had trained and honed her acting skills in this area—getting her revenge in the most subtle ways ever.

Jieun looked immensely taken aback by the appearance of a sort of undressed Tiffany. Being a relatively less experienced person, her face showed her thoughts and emotions rather plainly. Tiffany had no problems reading her off of her face.

Pink for embarrassment, open mouth for shock, widened eyes for dismay and a stiff back for awkwardness. And to Tiffany’s utmost satisfaction, shuffling, unsteady feet for uneasiness. She knew that Jieun was now aware that she was aware of that girl’s intentions and tricks.

Taeng looked petrified. His mouth opened and closed, attempting to explain that he had no idea how Jieun knew of his address and why she would turn up at this time of the day at his apartment.


Tiffany had the most insane urge to laugh for some weird reason. This was most absurd. This was almost like some kind of insane drama involving a bunch of out of the world characters. Well, talking about being larger than life, there were times when life outdid art itself. Art was but a mere imitation of life. Indeed. She didn’t have to look at herself to know how immaturely she had just acted but she didn’t really care. She was angry and she wanted Taeng to herself.

So she put on her best smile and walked to the door.

I’m sorry Jieun ssi, Taeng and I are kind of busy at the moment. Do you mind making an appointment to see him? We’ll see you in the office real soon, alright?”

Then, she smiled even wider than before and before Jieun could even answer her, she closed the door in her face. Then she turned to Taeng who was trembling with fear.

To Taeng’s surprise, he noticed a strange look in Tiffany’s eyes. She wasn’t angry with him! But if she wasn’t angry… then she was…? Hungry. Huh? Did he read her look correctly? Why would she look hungry?

Tiffany’s eyes smoldered with hunger but it wasn’t for food. It was for Taeng. She slammed him onto the door and attacked his lips most ferociously.

Sil…” Kiss. “ly…” Kiss.

She unleashed a hungry, passionate kiss on him and he responded just as urgently. Whatever desires that had left him after he opened the door came fluttering back in an instant. His loins were aching and his mind was blowing.

Fany,” his strangled voice called out her name in pure want and need.

A corner of her lips curled up slightly as she left his lips for her next destination—his neck.

Fany…” Taeng panted. “I think she can hear us.”

All it took was a smoldering look from Tiffany to shut him up. Like a hurricane, they stumbled and knocked into furniture as they made their way back into the bedroom. Tiffany pushed Taeng onto the bed and climbed on top of him. She pulled out his shirt from his pants and unbuttoned it in a flash. She could wait no longer.

Taeng was lost but his body seemed to know exactly what to do without a functioning mind. His hands unbuttoned the same buttons that they had just buttoned moments earlier again. This time, he succeeded in his mission and Tiffany’s blouse slipped off her shoulders, falling onto the bed beside them…


He pulled her towards him and buried his face in her bosom. Tiffany was rendered helpless for a while as Taeng kissed her cleavage hungrily. His tongue drove her wilder as it trailed the edge of her brassiere and rained kisses on the exposed part of her bosom.

Both of their temperatures had reached a dangerously feverish state and Tiffany pushed it to a critically lethal state when she unhooked and removed her brassiere, leaving nothing between her treasures and him.

Taeng’s eyes would have jumped out of their sockets if not for the muscles holding them back. He froze at the sight of her bare bosom. Only one thought filled his mind. Beautiful.

Tiffany was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. “Beautiful…” he mumbled incoherently.

What did you say?”

He blushed—big time. He hadn’t realized that he had said it out loud.

What did you say?” Tiffany persisted, wanting to know.


Tiffany giggled. “What’s beautiful? Me or my breasts?”

Taeng didn’t know how to respond to her bluntness. He choked on his own saliva and ended up in a coughing fit. Tiffany laughed and patted his bare back.

Are you okay? We haven’t even started. I need you to hold it together. Haven’t you done this before?” she asked jokingly, meaning to tease him about his bashfulness in the bedroom.

Taeng turned seriously pink. Even his ears were pink this time.

It was Tiffany’s turn to gape. “No way…” she breathed.

He looked away from her piercing eyes shyly and shook his head.

She squealed and hugged him tight. “Taeng! You’re so… oh my gosh! You’re the cutest and guess what? You’re mine.”

With a sensual growl, she claimed his lips as hers, pushing past them to claim his mouth with her tongue and her hands busy fumbling with his pants, wanting to claim every single part of him as hers. It didn’t take long for his pants to come off and she got started with her own pants as well. Before Taeng could even say “Oh my peas” Tiffany had shrugged off her own pants and there they were, decked out in nothing more than their underwear.

Tiffany was seriously turned on. His body was well-maintained. Although he wasn’t strongly built, he had lean and toned muscles. She found his shoulders especially alluring. They looked very comfortable, perfect for her chin to snuggle in. Not to mention his cute little sensitive tips. She bit her lower lip as she looked at them.

Oh Taeng. You’re so hot.

Meanwhile, Taeng had no idea what to do with himself. This was seriously the best thing that had ever happened to him. It wasn’t because this was his first time doing the grand deed. It was because it was going to be done with Tiffany. He didn’t know how to express the breadth and depth of his emotions but he certainly hoped that Tiffany wouldn’t misunderstand him if he did anything wrong.

I really love you, Fany ah,” he blurted in a hurry not wanting her to think otherwise.

Her eyes softened in that moment and she ran her fingers through his soft, floppy hair gently. “I know and I believe you.”

And I’m sorry if I don’t do it properly,” he added nervously making Tiffany laugh out loud. She stopped laughing when he looked even more nervous and soothed him.

Taeng, I’m not the most experience person when it comes to this either. Let’s just take it slow.”

A small smile graced Taeng’s face as she said that. “Take it slow.” He nodded in agreement.

But first, I need you to work on these.” Tiffany wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her bare chest.

His face was alit with pleasure and he did his best to please her. His hands caressed her gently as he kissed her tips, feeling them pucker and harden under his lips.


He wanted to remember this feeling forever. Then he took them into his mouth and that’s when she tightened her hold around his neck, pushing his against her bosom even more. He divided his attention on both sides as fairly as he could, revelling in her sexy, husky moans and little catchy breaths as he pleased her.

Taeng… you must be talented or something,” Tiffany gasped in a raspy voice. She was completely ablaze with sensations spawning from his moves. His fingers found her other tip and he touched it curiously, eliciting another moan from her. His touch was so different from Siwon’s. His touch was so innocent, pure yet manly. Her mind was blown as he rubbed his thumb on her in circles.

Where did he learn to move like that?

She writhed and squirmed as his hands explored her upper body, caressing her fair, smooth skin. Then his hands stopped moving. She opened her eyes, wondering what was wrong and almost laughed out loud at the sight of him staring at her panties.

Panties are meant to be taken off Taeng.” Tiffany winked at him seductively, causing massive explosions of pure ecstasy in his highly aroused mind.

He swallowed the huge lump in his throat that had formed as he admired her panties and hooked it with his fingers. He pulled it down and off slowly, not really daring to look at her… ahem… at all. Tiffany couldn’t help giggling at his bashfulness. She liked it very much. He was so refreshing to her. She also felt very good, having him admire her like this. It did wonders for her self-confidence—albeit, she was already pretty secure in that department.

She decided to be naughtier than she already had been. She lifted her foot and placed it on him. She giggled when he shuddered from both nervousness and pleasure. Precious Taeng… so adorable…

She watched him stiffen his back as her toes tugged down his underwear torturously slowly. He turned another shade of pink when he felt his underwear slip off his hips and down his legs, baring him to her.

I hope you’re ready… ‘cos I am,” Tiffany whispered as she got rid of his final article of clothing from his body. She giggled yet again when she felt his body quiver from the anticipation. She spread her legs hooked her legs around his waist.



His simplicity touched her immensely in that moment. Thanks to him, her eyes finally had the chance to witness what innocence and simplicity was. Her world was never such.

She wanted him even more. Her hand slid down between them and helped him out. Then they both moaned at the same time. It was most fulfilling and stimulating for the both of them.

You’re so…” Taeng couldn’t finish his sentence before turning a shade of hot pink and having his words stuck in his mouth.

Taetae…” she called his name again, heightening his arousal even more. Somehow, her voice, calling his name like that struck him deep inside, sending all sorts of insanely sexy signals to his brain, blowing out all the fuses along the way.

Then his body took over. His nature and instinct kicked in and he began to move like how nature had meant it to be. Oh boy did he move. She responded to his every move, thrust and caress. As her eyes closed, she pulled him nearer to her and kissed him deeply, loving him with her tongue.

His lower torso did its job well as their senses were pushed to the limit with their bare chests revelling in the friction between them. From head to toe, every inch of their being was completely consumed in the roaring fire of their passionate lovemaking.

It all culminated at the peak. As they approached the summit of their pleasure, they called out each other’s name loudly and even more incoherently. Soon, they were reduced to babbles and muffled moans as they mounted the summit and were greeted by the most intense pleasure and satisfaction they had ever known.


Their way back down was gradual and gentle. Their arms and legs completely intertwined and their bodies, plastered to each other as they finally opened their eyes.

Taetae…” Tiffany whispered, feeling incredibly sated and happy. “You did great.”

Taeng couldn’t speak but Tiffany knew how he felt anyway. The most boyish, dorky, victorious, elated, exhilarated grin was plastered all over his face. It was too plain to see. It was as good as putting a sign around his neck saying: I JUST HAD MIND BLOWING SEX WITH THE GIRL I LOVE AND I CAN’T STOP SMILING


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