PD: Round 1 to 9

Round One

Hyun walked towards the club, crinkling his nose in disgust. He never did like the smell of cigarettes which engulfed the entire entrance of the club. He had to make his way through the smokers who crowded round the entrance to smoke since smoking was prohibited inside. He made his way inside as quickly as he could whilst holding his breath and headed straight for the VIP area, which was Young’s usual spot. He would not step into this club normally but Young always insisted on meeting here.

He squeezed his way through the packed-like-sardines bar area and was heading towards the stairs that led to the VIP area upstairs when he saw Young standing up abruptly. The two girls beside him got up and left.

Is he leaving this early?” he uttered in disbelief, “That’s impossible!”


Oh my gawd. She’s way too hot to be left alone and way too cute to not be teased.”

Hnnnggg, Young ssi…which girl are you talking about? You haven’t even looked at us once,” whined the girl on his left.

Opps. Did I say that out loud? I didn’t realize I did. Sorry ladies, I’ll give you my undivided attention n—”

He couldn’t complete his sentence. His attention had fallen back on the hot cutie who was doing an incredibly slow and sexy body wave, educing wolf-whistles from the surrounding guys who were dying to get their hands on her. The girls figured that he was a lost cause and got up in a huff. They strutted down the stairs, in search of more appreciative guys.

Young moved to the glass railing and leaned on the metallic handrail. His eyes were fixated on the hot blonde cutie with the dangerous curves and dangerous moves. All of a sudden, he found himself making eye contact with her. Her friend had nudged her and pointed up towards the VIP area. She then looked up and noticed him staring at her. She looked straight into his eyes and held his gaze for a moment before smirking at him and turning away, ignoring him completely.

No way. That’s a challenge. Oh my gawd… a hot blonde cutie just dared me to get her!

The player in him was eager to play the game. “I don’t know what your name is, but I swear on my next two dinners that I’m gonna get you tonight,” he declared loudly to himself.

Wow. Two dinners?! That girl must be a total babe. You wouldn’t even risk a bowl of rice for anything, shikshin hyung.”

Young turned towards the intruder and flashed him a confident grin. “That’s how confident I am of getting her tonight, Hyun. Anyway, speak for yourself. You wouldn’t even risk half a goguma on a sure win bet, goguma shin,” he replied, bantering with his pal.

Hyun shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I’m not the one betting my food on girls. I’ll just sit here. Go get her, hyung.”

Young grinned confidently. “Watch and learn bro, watch and learn.”


She could feel his hot gaze scorching her from behind. She knew that he had come down from the VIP area because Hyoyeon was looking more excited than ever.

Too bad… you’re not gonna get me tonight, no matter what game you play.

She smirked and did an extra sexy wave just to be naughty.

Sunny!” hissed Hyoyeon. “He’s right behind you now!”

True enough, she felt his warm hands on her shoulders and his body heat warmed her up as he began gyrating to the beat with her. His hands slid down her arms slowly and onto her waist which he held onto lightly, pulling her closer to him.

She turned around suddenly and placed her palm on his chest firmly. He grinned at her touch but the grin faded into nothing as she pushed him away lightly and danced away from him. He didn’t give up.

Why dance alone when you can dance with me?”

The whisper tickled her ear.

She turned to him and replied, “I’m in the mood to dance solo tonight.”

You’re a naughty one aren’t you? You know perfectly well that your moves are setting all the guys on fire tonight and that includes me.”

She smiled brightly, instantly looking like a cute and innocent girl-next-door.

Last I heard…being naughty is neither a crime nor a sin.” Then she unleashed the most devilish wink at him and kissed his cheek lightly. “See you around, tall, dark and handsome, I have to go now.”

He licked his dry lips as she turned around and walked out of the crowded dance floor. He raised his voice over the loud, booming music to reach her ears.

At least tell me your name!”

It’s Sunny!” she yelled as she left the dance floor, with Hyoyeon behind her.

Sunny,” he repeated her name to himself. “I hope to see you again real soon.”


I guess you’re going to have to go hungry for two dinners, hyung.” Hyun grinned widely and shook slightly from restraining his laughter. “She completely blew you off! What happened to our player of all players?!”

I’ll pay myself back in interest-free installments. We’re still meeting for dinner tomorrow, Hyun. Besides, didn’t you see? She kissed me.” Young smirked smugly.

ON THE CHEEK! HA HA HA!” Hyun collapsed onto the sofa, laughing his guts out. “That’s an epic fail for a player like you, hyung.”

Young shrugged. “A kiss is a kiss—no matter where it is given.” He patted his chest confidently. “Besides, I think she likes me but had to leave. Given a few more minutes with her, I’d be bringing her up here to meet you.”

Whatever you say, hyung, ha ha ha…” Hyun was still tickled pink by Young’s failure.

Did Yoong call you today?” Young tried to change the subject as he was getting irritated at Hyun laughing at his expense.

Yes. He said that he’ll be back in two weeks. He also mentioned something about an engagement with a girl. He didn’t sound too happy about it though.”

WHAT?! AN ENGAGEMENT?! WITH A GIRL?! WHO IS IT?!” Young’s eyes opened wide in horror. There would be no one left to play with him if Yoong got hitched.

Calm down, hyung. It’s not happening yet. He’s only meeting the girl’s family for dinner when he’s back. Besides, I think he’s trying to postpone it or something but his own parents are adamant about going to that dinner apparently.”

Nooo…. This can’t be happening…” groaned Young as he dragging his hands down his face.


Tif, please help me…” pleaded Jessica. “I need a man and I need one in two weeks!”

Jessi, there are plenty of guys lining up to date you,” said Tiffany while looking through a concept proposal file, “so just pick one and date him. You can always break up with him after two weeks.”

I can’t!” Jessica sighed dejectedly. “I have already thought of that but these guys are in the same social circles as me. News will get out that we have broken up and my mum will set me up with another guy in no time.” She fiddled with the sheets on her bed and stared at the ceiling. “I need a guy who comes from a different circle from me. He just needs to make a few appearances and convince my mum that we’re dating happily.”

Where in the world are you going to find a guy who’s willing to pretend to date you?!”

Tiffany heard a knock on her door. She looked up and saw her new personal assistant standing by the door, holding a file. She signaled him to wait.

Jessi, I’m really busy right now. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

Nooo… Please say you’ll help me…” pleaded Jessica in a whiny voice, “You don’t want to see me getting engaged to Yoong, do you?”

Tiffany pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed into her phone. “Okay… Okay, I’ll help you. I can’t guarantee anything though.”

Tif, I wouldn’t know what to do without you!” Jessica gave Tiffany a kiss over the phone and hung up.

Tiffany looked at her phone and sighed.

Now where would I find guys who have no connections to you?

She shook her head as she gestured for Taeng to sit down. He placed the file on her desk. “You need to sign that document so that the finance department can release the funds for our event this weekend.”

Tiffany scanned the document and nodded. She signed it and slid the file back to Taeng. All of a sudden, a brainwave hit her right between her eyes. She blinked and stared at Taeng.

Taeng could be Jessi’s fake boyfriend!

Then just as quickly as the idea struck, she dismissed it. Nah, he’s shorter than Jessi. That wouldn’t do…

Taeng wondered why Tiffany was staring at him. He shifted in his seat, feeling a little nervous.

Ahem.” He cleared his throat uncomfortably. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll get back to work.”

As he stood up to leave, Tiffany stretched her palm out towards him. “Hold on. I need your help with something.”

Taeng sat down again and looked at her in puzzlement.

Tiffany took a deep breath. “Do you have any good looking friends? Male friends, I mean.”

Taeng looked at Tiffany, stunned. “Good looking male friends?” At that very moment, Yul’s face popped into his mind. Yul had always been known for his good looks. All through high school and college, he’d been the boy that every girl desired with every atom of her body. “Erm, actually… I do have a very handsome friend, but may I know what this is about?”

Tiffany perked up instantly and broke into a wide smile that turned her eyes into twinkling crescent moons. Taeng’s jaw dropped. He was absolutely charmed by her smile. She’s so pretty!

Taeng, my friend is in a fix and she needs a guy to pretend to be her boyfriend. She is being forced to be engaged to a guy that she doesn’t like and she’s trying to get out of it.”

Taeng was kind of stunned by the proposal. “Forced marriages still exist in this day and age?!” He was shocked. “I thought these things only happen in dramas.”

Tiffany waved her hand at Taeng dismissively. “You wouldn’t want to know. My friend has a complicated family background. I’d say ignorance is bliss here.” She heaved a huge sigh and ran her hand through her hair. Her fringe fell across her eyes and the soft chestnut brown strands landed around her almond-shaped face. The sun’s rays that shone through the blinds of the window behind her bounced off her hair in all directions making her hair look like it was glowing.

Am I talking to an angel? He swallowed a lump in his throat and tried not to stare at her beautiful curls so blatantly. How can anyone look so beautiful just by sweeping her hair around?

Fortunately for him, Tiffany was too preoccupied with Jessica’s problem to notice him ogling her. “Do you think your friend will be willing to help my friend out? He just needs to make a few appearances with her at some functions. He can treat it like a part-time job. My friend is willing to pay a lot of money to get herself out of this fix.”

I-I… I’m not sure but I could ask…” Taeng’s voice faltered. He was sure that Yul wouldn’t agree to such a deal. The Yul he knew since high school was an upright and principled person who didn’t like lying and this act would definitely require lots of lying. However, he could not reject Tiffany’s request… no… not with her lovely chocolate brown eyes looking so hopefully into his.

She smiled that smile again—the one that made her eyes look like crescent moons. He knew he was a goner then. He’d even catch a grenade for her, let alone ask Yul to do this. “Yes, I’ll ask my friend. I’m sure he can be persuaded to do it.” He found himself reassuring her more confidently.

That’s great!” She relaxed in her leather swivel chair and spun herself around happily. “Jessi will be so happy about it. You’re a life saver Taeng! I’m so glad that I hired you.”

All Taeng could do was smile helplessly at her world class beauty.


PLEASE!!! I NEED TO IMPRESS MY NEW BOSS!!! YOU HAVE TO HELP ME OUT!!!” Taeng clung onto Yul’s leg and wore his puppy eye look, desperately imploring Yul to help him.

Yul jerked his leg violently, trying to shake Taeng off but to no avail. Taeng clung onto his leg as if his life depended on it. “Taeng, can you behave like a man for once and not act like a nine-year-old? It may have been cute when you were a kid but you’re freaking twenty-four years old now. What you’re doing is just disgusting!”

Taeng let go of Yul’s leg but kept his puppy eyes look. His eyes were even slightly teary which urged you to sympathize with him. Yul knew better, however, than to fall for his friend’s tricks. After seeing his puppy eyes for so many years, they now looked more like bug eyes to him than anything.

Yul, it’s not like you to abandon a friend in need…”

I really don’t see how this whole thing is going to work. Besides, I’m sure your new boss won’t think any worse of you if I don’t agree to this. She can’t possibly blame it on you, can she?”

Umm…” Taeng cleared his throat awkwardly. “Actually, I kind of promised her that you would agree to this.” His voice trailed off at the end and he braced himself, ready for Yul to go ballistic on him. To his surprise, Yul didn’t do anything to him. He opened one eye cautiously to take a look and saw Yul pulling his hands down his face in a defeated manner.

Fine, I’ll help.”

Taeng leaped for joy. “Whoopie! Yul! You’re the best! I know that I can always count on you!” The strongest bleach in the world wouldn’t have been able to wipe that look of bliss off his face.


Round Two

Yul looked at his watch for the umpteenth time as he sat in the café that they arranged to meet at.

Taeng, they are twenty minutes late and counting. Are you sure they are coming? Or have they changed their minds?”

I’m sure they’re on the way! My boss text messaged me an hour ago!”

Taeng was sweating buckets. Yul did not like late-comers. He closed his eyes and prayed fervently for his boss to arrive soon. His prayers must have been answered because he saw Tiffany entering the café with a very gorgeous-looking girl when he opened his eyes.

Oh, thank God! They’re here!

He leapt to his feet and waved his hands wildly. Tiffany saw his violent wave and headed to their table briskly. Yul stood up politely when Tiffany arrived at the table.

Hi, I’m Tiffany and this is Jessica. I’m so sorry to keep you waiting.”

Tiffany and Yul shook hands. They assessed each other by the hand shake and both were satisfied with the firmness of it. They smiled politely at each other.

I’m Yul, nice to meet you. It’s alright we didn’t have to wait very long.”

Yul then turned to the brunette and offered his hand.

Jessica stretched out her hand lazily and held his hand with her fingers.

Jessica Jung.”

They shook hands (that is, if it even counts as shaking hands) briefly. Yul was polite enough not to show his displeasure at the way Jessica shook hands. It was a half-hearted hand shake. More like a finger shake than anything in fact.

Taeng shook hands with Jessica and then turned to Tiffany offering his hand as well. She looked at him strangely but shook it anyway.


Taeng could barely keep his smile off his face. He grinned dorkily and had a dazed expression on his face. Yul groaned inwardly and subtly jabbed his friend with his elbow as hard as he could. Taeng snapped out of his euphoria and looked apologetically at Yul who was glaring knives and daggers at him.

Right, so I suppose this is when we discuss details? We are very grateful for your help, Yul. We might already have to trouble you this weekend but you can treat this like a part-time job. We’ll pay you by the hour.”

Yul looked extremely offended. He inhaled deeply to calm himself before speaking. “Ladies, I do not intend to accept any form of payment. I’m here because I agreed to help Taeng. That’s what it is. I’m not a social escort or anything like that.”

Tiffany smiled and Taeng swooned under her charms again. Yul, however, was seemingly unaffected by her crescent moon eyes.

Of course… of course, I hope you are not offended by our offer to pay you. We assure you that we do not see you as a social escort. We do feel terribly indebted to you and we want to make it up to you in whatever way we can,” Tiffany replied smoothly, soothing Yul’s displeasure.

Yul relaxed in his seat. “I understand that you want to pay me back in some way but I do not help people for that reason. Rest assured that I’m doing this of my own free will and I do not require any reward in return.”

He noticed that Jessica has been very quiet all this while and turned to her. “Are you the person who needs a fake boyfriend?”

Jessica nodded her head.

I have to tell you one thing about myself. I do not like to lie. I know that it’s going to be difficult avoid lying if I were to help you so I hope that you can do most of the talking.”

Jessica looked as if she were about to explode.

Would you excuse us for a moment?” Jessica asked politely, reaching into all the years of grooming in social etiquette she had gone through since she was a little girl to keep from blowing her top. She tugged on Tiffany’s arm and dragged her friend to the washroom with her.


Once they were inside the washroom and the men were out of earshot, Jessica turned to Tiffany and ranted.

Oh my gawd! Yul is such a pompous ass! There’s no way I’m going to pretend to be his girlfriend! Who does he think he is, talking to me this way? If he doesn’t want to lie, he shouldn’t be helping me in the first place!”

Tiffany folded her arms and leaned against the wall with a do-you-have-a-better-idea look on her face.

This is the best I can do on such short notice, Jessi. It’s him or Yoong.”

Argh! My life sucks! I’m Jessica Jung, daughter of a multi-billionaire media mogul and I have to choose between a pompous ass and a freaking player?!”

Jessica stamped her feet in frustration and pouted. Tiffany found the whole situation absurdly funny all of a sudden. Tons of women would swap places with Jessica in a heartbeat and here she was, ranting about her sucky life. She threw her head back and laughed.

Jessica shot her a what’s-so-funny look and sighed in exasperation. She felt as though nothing was going right for her. She pinched her nose bridge and closed her eyes, trying to come to terms with her sucky reality.

Yul isn’t that bad, you know. He is undeniably good looking and fit. He has a really good hand shake as well, a sign of a confident man. I suppose he may be little too rigid, but he’s all you’ve got if you don’t want to end up engaged to Yoong,” reasoned Tiffany.

I can’t act all lovey and dovey with he-who-can’t-lie,” said Jessica sarcastically, rolling her eyes at the thought of it. “I’d end up stabbing him with my stilettos.”

Well,” said Tiffany, shrugging her shoulders, “it’s your call. You asked for a guy, I got you a guy. You said no connections, voila, no connections. As a bonus, he’s even tall, dark and handsome. Beggars can’t be choosers, Jessi.”

Jessica knew that she had no other choice. Tiffany was right. He was the best she got. With her shoulders slumped in defeat, she heaved a heavy sigh and put on a beautiful fake smile before strutting out of the washroom and returning to their seats.


Tiffany apologized for taking a while to come back. Jessica remained mute and expressionless. Yul’s impression of Jessica was getting worse by the minute.

This woman is so rude and spoilt! What am I getting myself into?!

Using all his powers of self-restraint, he maintained a neutral look on his face as Tiffany and Jessica took their seats.

So as I was saying, your first appearance will be this weekend at the opening of a new club in town.”

Did you say a club? I thought I was only supposed to convince her family that we’re dating?” questioned Yul. He did not like going to clubs either.

Well, it would be too suspicious if you were to appear at her family dinner out of the blue. People tend to believe in rumours more than anything else. Many people from Jessica’s social circle will be attending this event and they will see you with her. The plan is to set their tongues wagging and have the news reach her family’s ears from there.”

Yul saw the point in her explanation. He could not refute the fact that rumours would always be taken as the truth much faster than truth itself.

I promised Taeng, so be a man, Yul. Be a man.

Alright, your point is valid. I will do what is necessary. Can you provide me with some background information on Jessica? I need to be able to answer at least some of their questions.”

Tiffany smiled and handed Yul a file.

The two of you met at a café and you happened to initiate a conversation with Jessica. You two hit it off with each other and started dating for the past two weeks. You can use this café as part of your story, so that you would not be telling a complete lie.”

Wow, you are so bright Boss! Brighter than gems!” gushed Taeng, looking completely mesmerized.

Tiffany laughed lightly. “Taeng, please call me Tiffany when we’re not in the office. It’s really weird to hear you call me Boss here. I’m not the typical rigid superior in the office.”

Taeng saluted and nodded his head vigorously. “Yes Boss! Er, I mean, Tiffany!”

Tiffany smiled and took a sip of water. Two seconds later, Jessica erupted into laughter and whacked Tiffany’s back so hard that she spilled the water on herself.

Ya! Jessi! Watch what you’re doing!” Tiffany scolded her whilst wiping her face and blouse dry with a napkin that Taeng immediately offered.

Y-Your… P… A… is… s-so… f-f-funny… HA HA HA HA HA!”

Jessica laughed till she was red in the face before finally calming down again.

Yul looked at her and sighed inwardly.

You can do it, Yul. You can do it.


A plane descended from the clouds and touched down smoothly onto the runway. A tall and impishly good looking man smiled at the girl whom he had chatted up and subsequently made out with during the eight hour flight. She gave him her name card and he slipped it into his jacket but made no move to give her his.

Hey, what about your name card, baby?”

Ran out of it, sorry. I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll have dinner together, sound good?”

The girl smiled happily and nodded.

It’s a date then, see you tomorrow, babe.”

He leaned forward and pecked her on her lips before walking down the aisle to the plane’s exit. As he walked into the terminal of the airport, he reached into his jacket and tossed the name card into the first bin he passed by.

Good enough for in-flight entertainment but not good enough for a dinner date.

He smirked to himself as he walked towards the immigration counters.


Sunny was pulling out all the stops at her interview. Her resume was impressive enough but she wanted to make sure that she clinched the position. She had been looking for such a position for some time now and was absolutely delighted when a headhunter had approached her and offered her an interview for a job that fitted what she was looking for so well.


One of the interviewer’s mobile phone rang in the middle of the interview. The interviewer picked up the call apologetically. When he heard the voice of the caller, his eyes opened wide and he immediately mouthed the word ‘Yoong’ to the rest. That caught the attention of all the interviewers and the interview was momentarily put on hold.

Sunny couldn’t help but wonder who it was that had such an effect on them.

He nodded and nodded before ending the call.

What did he say?” they asked.

He’s back in town but wants to keep his return under wraps for now. He’s coming in tomorrow.”

The others groaned.

Does he ever take a break? We need a break even if he doesn’t!”

One of the interviewers realized that they were still in the middle of an interview. He nudged the rest and the interview resumed. Sunny impressed them with her eloquence and power to persuade as well as sell almost anything. When the interview was done, they all nodded their heads in satisfaction. Their headhunter had indeed struck gold this time.

Sunny ssi, we’re glad to inform you that you do indeed fit our bill very well. It will be our pleasure to have you on board our team. Can you start work tomorrow?”

Sunny smiled her classic sunny smile that had clinched many a deal for her in the past two years.

It’s my pleasure to join your team. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


The tall, impishly good looking guy strolled leisurely into Seventh Heaven. He headed straight for the VIP area, smiling and saying hi to the bartenders and other familiar faces along the way.

Young… Hyun… I’m back.”

The two tall guys leapt to their feet and gave him a huge bear hug.

Good to have you back, Yoong. I was getting bored out of my wits with Hyun here.”

Hey, speak for yourself. All you do is ogle at girls when you’re here.”

Ogling at girls is definitely way better than ogling at gogumas.”

YA! Don’t insult gogumas!”

GUYS… guys… stop it already. Come on… let’s celebrate my return from a very successful business trip. I clinched the deal and signed on the dotted line. I’ll make millions from this!”

Definitely cheers worthy,” said Young exuberantly. He raised his hand and signaled for more bourbon to be brought to the table. The drinks arrived in no time and they raised their glasses and cheered.

So, Yoong, what’s this I’ve heard about you getting engaged?” asked Young worriedly.

Yoong shrugged nonchalantly. “My family wants me to be engaged to project a more stable image for the company. Of course they had to pick the Jung family for their power over the media. So I’m supposed to go to this family dinner in a week’s time and get myself engaged to Jessica Jung.”

WHAT?! JESSICA JUNG? You’re one week away from being engaged to the crème dela crème princess! Should I congratulate you or kill myself? Who’s going to come out and play with me after you get engaged to her?”

Yoong smirked and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

I’m not settling down so soon, Young. Rest assured that I plan on getting myself out of this mess.”

Oh yeah! That’s the Yoong I know so well.”

Young grinned widely and clapped him on his back whilst Hyun simply shook his head disapprovingly.


Round Three

Yoong slammed his steering wheel with his hand. “Damn! That car got the parking lot!” He had seen the empty space and was driving round towards it when a flash of red zoomed past him and pulled right into the very lot he was eying. He drove by and looked to see who had beaten him to the lot and was surprised to see that it was a lady. Correction—it was a hot and cute lady.

He slowed his car to a crawl and took a good look at her. He liked what he saw. It all appealed to him very much—from the short blonde hair to the sexy luscious lips and her petite yet extremely well-proportioned figure. He made a mental note to look for this girl.

If she’s here at this time, she’s definitely working somewhere in this building.

Yoong smirked and drove off to find another parking lot.


Sunny walked briskly to the elevator and got in.

Which level to, Miss?” asked the elevator girl.

Nine thank you.”

The lift doors opened at Level Nine and she stepped out of the elevator. She felt slightly nervous. It was after all her first day at a job she really wanted. She closed her eyes and prayed a little prayer for things to go well for her. Then she walked towards the office with renewed confidence.

She smiled at everyone she saw, bowing constantly to be polite.

Hi, you must be Sunny?” a rather cute looking man asked her.

Yes I am.”

Welcome to Resort World. I’m Sungmin, you can call me Sungmin oppa seeing as I’m older than you. I’m your mentor in this company.”

Sunny gave him a radiant smile that kind of knocked his socks off. “Nice you meet you Sungmin oppa. Thanks for bring my mentor.”

Sungmin was a little swooned by her smile but managed to recover and continue his introduction of the office.

The three people who interviewed you are also working in this office. They help to run the place when Yoong, our director, is away on business. Let me introduce you to them formally.”

Sunny smiled and bowed at her interviewers who were all grinning cheekily at each other.

Hi, I’m Leeteuk,” said the guy with a cute dimple.

Hi, I’m Heechul,” said the guy who looked like he stepped right out of an anime.

Hi, I’m Yesung,” said the guy who looked cute and boyish.

Hi, I’m Sunny, and thank you for your guidance in advance.” Sunny bowed politely.

Ha… ha you have no idea how much we want to thank you for joining us. It’s our pleasure to have you here. This office has finally ended it drought!” chirped Yesung.

What drought?” asked Sunny.

Have a good look around the office Sunny, do you see a horrible imbalance of nature?” asked Leeteuk cheekily.

Sunny swept her eyes across the office. Then it dawned on her. She was the only female in the entire place.

Does the director not like to hire female employees?” asked Sunny innocently.

The four guys looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Oh, Sunny… you made me cry… HA… HA… HA…” Heechul laughed so hard that he really was crying.

On the contrary, our director loves females too much to have them in the office. We do employ them. However, they all quit within a month or so. The longest we had seen one stay was a month and three days. We keep a record of it.” Sungmin looked at Sunny solemnly. “You’ll understand what we’re talking about soon enough.”

Sunny had gathered quite a bit of information from that chat.

He’s likes girls way too much to have them in the office… He’s a player?

They all quit within a month… He dumps them after a month?

She smirked to herself.

What they don’t know is that I’m a player too. I’m game for the game but I’m here to work. He’s not getting into my pants.

She looked down at her pencil skirt.

Or skirt, rather.


Yoong finally found a parking lot further away from the elevator. He walked towards that hot and cute girl’s car to check it out properly.

Red, fast and topless. Exactly how I like my girls.

I’m definitely going to find you and get my hands on you,” he promised himself.

He headed to his office and walked in with a bright smile on his face. His team members stood up to greet him and he high-fived them all the way till he saw an unfamiliar tuff of hair sticking out from what he remembered was a vacant cubicle.

The four guys came up to him and clapped his back, congratulating him for a job well done. He shrugged modestly and nodded towards that new member of the team whom he did not know of.

Who’s that? You guys finally found someone suitable to be our account manager while I was gone?”

The four guys nodded their heads vigorously.

She’s got an amazing resume and a record-breaking sales record in the past two years that she’s been handling accounts. She’s phenomenal I tell you… definitely a good catch. We interviewed more than a hundred people before we found her. So please… please don’t ruin it for us. Our sales and bonuses are going to be dependent on her. Promise us you’re not going to get into her pants and dump her like all the others, because you’re not going to find another account manager like her anytime soon,” said Leeteuk very seriously.

All four guys glared at Yoong intensely.

Promise us to keep your hands off her,” said Sungmin with a death glare.

Yoong looked at their serious faces. He backed away from them, feeling slightly intimidated.

Okay… okay I promise… hands off… okay?”

Good. Now we can finally introduce her to you,” said Yesung cheerfully.

Heechul called for her, “Sunny! Come and meet your director!”

The blonde head in the cubicle bobbed and a cute voice stirred Yoong’s loins instantly. “I’m coming, oppa!”


Yoong was thinking dirty thoughts when he saw the girl he had seen in the parking lot, walking out of the cubicle with a smile on her face.

Short blonde hair—check.

Luscious lips—check.

Petite size—check.

Hot figure—check.

It’s her!!!

His eyes widened and his jaw nearly dropped as he mentally face-palmed himself. He had just promised to keep his hands off the very girl that he was out to get his hands on! And she’s actually working in his office?! How could the guys expect him to keep his hands off her?! Were they insane? Or was this their ploy to torture him for making them work so hard for him?

He swallowed hard and summoned all the self-restraint he had to keep from screaming at the four guys who were looking at him solemnly. He was on the verge of ending up with a tent in his pants just by looking at her walk towards him.

She stopped in front of him and flashed him a dazzling smile. The blood rushed to his ears in that instant and created such a roaring noise that he could barely hear her as she greeted him.

Hello, Director Yoong. I’m Sunny, the new account manager. Please give me your guidance, thank you.”

Sungmin nudged his arm. He looked down and saw that Sunny had extended her hand to him for a handshake. He took her hand in his and shook it briefly before letting go. Her hand was warm and inviting.


He somehow managed to smile at her and walk her back to her cubicle before turning around to shoot a see-I-can-keep-my-hands-off-her glare at the four pairs of hawk eyes who were watching him from their cubicles.

Once Yoong had sat down at his desk, the four guys ducked their heads down and talked.

Did you see how red his face was just now? I thought he was gonna explode from restraining himself,” whispered Leeteuk.

Yesung snickered. “Yeah, I swear he was on the verge of going ballistic on us.”

How long do you give him before he makes a move on Sunny? She’s much hotter than any girl we’ve ever had before.” Heechul snickered evilly.

Fifty bucks he holds up for a week,” said Sungmin.

Wow, you have such strong faith in him! A hundred bucks says he’s gone in five days,” remarked Yesung.

Two hundred bucks on three days,” said Leeteuk.

Three hundred bucks on three hours,” said Heechul.

The four guys looked at each other and nearly choked whilst trying to stifle their laughter.

YA! What are you doing down there! Get back to work!” yelled Yoong from his desk.


Yul stood on the pavement outside his apartment waiting to be picked up by his ‘girlfriend’ for their ‘date’ at the club opening. He patted down his jacket and slacks, making sure that he looked good. He was aware that he was a good looking guy. His table and locker would be chock full of presents on Valentine’s Day and his birthday from girls who admired him or had a crush on him.

He did not take advantage of his good looks to get more girls, however. He was too principled to do that. He dated a few girls who had caught his fancy but nothing much came out of those dates. After all, his top priority was his studies at that time. He did well in school and sports, an all-rounder and was valedictorian of his class in the university. He chose to become a prosecutor instead of taking up the many high paying offers made to him by top law firms as he felt that it suited his character more. He wanted to help to bring justice to those who deserved it.

Now, as he stood waiting, he felt a growing, nagging feeling that what he was about to do was really not right.

Jessica Jung is a well-known person. If the truth ever leaks out, I might even lose my prosecutor position. Yul… what were you thinking?!

At that very moment, a gleaming black limo pulled up at where he stood. The tinted window was lowered and Jessica’s head popped out of it.

Get in.”

He took a deep breath, opened the door and got in.

She looked at him and liked what she saw. Tiffany was right. Yul was undeniably a very good looking man. His chiseled features and strong jaw line gave him a rugged, masculine look yet at the same time, a refined look as well. His dress sense was good. His jacket was stylish and his shoes clean and well-polished. His lean physique made him look very fit yet not overly muscular. She could find nothing to pick on in terms of his appearance but that was where it ended. Everything else about him irked her. His righteousness and principled mind were things that she neither valued nor liked.

You look good, Yul,” Jessica complimented him with a false smile, trying to break the ice a little.


Have you looked through the file that Tiffany gave you?” she asked a while later, feeling uncomfortable with the thick silence that hung over them in the car.

Yes. I read it all. Don’t worry, I won’t slip up.”

I don’t know anything about you though. I don’t even know what your full name or job is.”

Kwon Yul. Prosecutor,” was his short and curt reply.

Are you going to be like this all night? People aren’t going to believe that we’re a couple with you acting like that.”

Jessica was miffed that he hadn’t even looked at her since he got on the car. He obviously saw how she looked as he got in but had made no attempt to compliment her about it. She was used to having guys swoon over her and piling on the praises, trying to get into her good books. This man sitting beside her, however, exhibited no such desire to do so.

Yul turned to her with a neutral expression, which irked her even more. “I will be the perfect gentleman at the event…don’t you worry.”


They arrived at the gala opening in good time. The place was decked out in simple yet sophisticated décor. Beautifully dressed and gorgeous looking people milled about, making small talk, holding mini cocktail glasses in their hands.

Yul felt a little uncomfortable there. These were people who were filthy rich and led a very different lifestyle from him. It was evident that they held different values dear as well.

Relax, Yul. You can do it. Just be yourself.

Jessica was already smiling glamorously at familiar faces who were wondering who that good looking man she was with was. She hooked her arm on his and they entered the club together. Jessica was well-known in most circles due to the reach of her father’s media business. All sorts of industries relied on media to advertise their products and her father was the man who owned them all—from newspapers to magazines, both offline and online, to radio and TV stations. Of course, being the daughter of a man like that had its drawbacks as well, though nobody really knew they existed.

As they entered, all eyes were on Jessica and her companion. The guys bristled at the sight of Jessica arriving with a male companion. The ladies were checking Yul out and secretly wishing that they were the one who had Yul by their side. Some of Jessica’s closer ‘friends’ flocked to her side immediately, eager to find out more about who her companion was.

Sicaaa ya” drawled a girl who was decked out in the latest YSL fashion.

Yul looked at her and noted her very false smile and shifty eyes.

Jessica is friends with people like that?!

Jessica returned an equally false smile and exclaimed airily, “Ooo, Haraaa Goo, how was your trip to Paris? Did you get any lucky with any French men over there?”

The girl flicked her superbly long and straight hair over her shoulder and laughed daintily.

Oh Sicaaa ya you’re still as humorous as before. I was hoping that you’d change for the better after I got back from Paris but it seems like nothing has changed for you… except for your friend here… he’s new… introductions are in order, I believe?”

Hi, I’m Yul. Nice to meet you,” said Yul, extending his hand politely.

Hara batted her long eyelashes and covered her mouth as she laughed, totally ignoring his hand.

Yul awkwardly retracted his hand and calmed himself down mentally.

Ignore her irritating false smile. Ignore her hair raising airy laughs.

Let it go… LET… IT… GO…

Ooo Sicaaa ya your friend is so good looking! Where did you find him?”

In a coffee shop,” Jessica deadpanned.

Hara looked a little stunned at the reply but quickly recovered her wits and laughed airily again.

Sicaaa ya… what does he do? Which family is he from? I’ve never seen him before.”

That’s for me to know and for you to find out. Yul, let’s get some food to eat.”

Jessica tugged on Yul’s arm and headed towards the buffet of gourmet desserts and pastries.

The two of you aren’t friends?” asked Yul in confusion.

Me and her?!”

Jessica looked as him as if he had just lost his mind.

Never were friends, still aren’t friends and never will be. She’s a total bitch. She’ll probably try to find out everything she can about you and then make sure that she gets a better man before flaunting him in my face or better yet, steal you from me and flaunt you in my face.”

Yul frowned at Jessica’s language but he felt relieved to know that she had the same opinion as he did on Hara.

A clique of couples waved Jessica over. She joined them with Yul by her side.

Jessi! Introduce him to us! It’s been ages since you last brought any guy to our gatherings.”

Amber! Suzy! I didn’t know you were coming.”

Jessica smiled happily and gave them a big hug. Her dancing eyes shone radiantly and Yul noticed how different she was with this group of people.

Which is the real her?

We saw Hara talking to you over there and were about to go over to rescue you but you shrugged her off so quickly!”

Jessica grinned and said nonchalantly, “She’s probably fuming mad from what I said to her but I don’t really care right now. She can do whatever she wants.”

Be careful Jessi, you know how vicious she can get… and…” they eyed Yul from head to toe, “she will stop at nothing especially when your friend here is so good looking.”

Jessica laughed heartily. “I trust Yul. He’s not going to fall prey to her. He’s above that.”

Amber and Suzy exchanged knowing glances and giggled. They looked at Yul from head to toe again. “Yul, you are one lucky guy.”


As the night progressed, Yul had consumed more and more alcohol. He had a respectable alcohol tolerance level but all the different mixes were starting to get to him. Feeling the call of nature, he excused himself and headed to the washroom.

Hara was waiting for him outside the washroom when he stepped out. He was taken aback by her sudden appearance but he continued to walk and ignored her as he passed her by. She did not give up, however, and reached out to grab his arm. He turned to look at her and asked, “What do you want?”

Mmm…interesting… If you’re asking me that question…would you be willing to give me what I want?” she asked in return, casting a doe-eyed look at him.

I’m sorry, I’m here with Jessica. I’m not interested in anybody else. You can stop giving me that look of yours.”

Yul… Yul… Does my look bother you? Perhaps it is because you are already attracted to me? I can promise you a better time than you’ll ever have with Sicaaa,” Hara cooed while sliding her body up against him and wrapping her arms around his waist.

He could feel the soft curves in her body. However, he disliked this sort of invitation which he had experienced at numerous parties throughout his years in college. Just as he was about to extract himself from her embrace, however, he saw her out of the corner of his eye.


Jessica was chatting merrily with Amber and Suzy whilst Yul was in the washroom. She had not seen them in a while and they were two of the very few people that she felt truly comfortable with and therefore did not have to guard against.

When he did not return after a while, she began to wonder if he had lost his way in the place. She excused herself to look for him. As she turned round the corner towards the washroom, she spotted him and was about to wave to him when she saw another figure hugging him tightly. She stopped right there and then. She recognized the other figure. It was Hara, her mortal enemy.


He yanked her arms off his waist and stood away from her, all the while, holding the gaze of the woman who stood at the end of the corridor. He felt a strange sense of urgency—an urgency to explain that this was not what it looked like. The woman turned and stormed away. He shot Hara a death glare and hurried after the other woman.


All men are the same. Scumbags. No matter how principled they may think they are. At the end of the day… all they want is…

And with that thought, she turned and stormed away from that scene that burned her eyes and scarred her heart. She walked blindly through the crowd, ignoring Amber and Suzy’s beckoning and headed up the first flight of stairs she passed by. The people milling around noticed her dark frowning expression and were even more perplexed to see Yul dashing out from the corridor, following her closely with a tense look upon his face. However, what really set tongues wagging, was the appearance of Hara from the same corridor, sporting a jubilant smirk on her face.


Round Four

Jessica stormed up the stairs and pushed the first door she saw open. She entered the dark, vacant room and sat down angrily on the luxurious couch that was in the room. Seconds later, the door was flung open and she looked up to see Yul standing at the door. The light shone in from behind him highlighting his manly silhouette.

He closed the door and stepped towards her.

Let me explain, I—”


He was cut off in mid-sentence by a resounding slap on his cheek.

OWW!” groaned Yul, rubbing his cheek.

Scumbag,” Jessica muttered under her breath.

What did you say?”

Scumbag,” said Jessica a little louder, seething with anger.

I’m not a scumbag.”

SCUMBAG!” yelled Jessica furiously, raising her hand to slap him again.

This time, he caught her raised hand by the wrist and pushed her against the wall, pinning her wrist to it.

I AM NOT A SCUMBAG,” Yul emphasized on each word while looking straight into her flaming eyes.

You are. I saw you and her with my own eyes! Who are you trying to kid? You’re supposed to be my boyfriend and there you are, getting it on with my mortal enemy. Are you trying to destroy me?”

I was not getting it on with her. If you would have stayed a second longer, you would have seen me push her away. If you would calm down, you would also have noticed that it was her who had her arms around me and not the other way round.”

You guys always have so many excuses for yourself. It’s alright! You don’t have to be my boyfriend. Go look for her, you cheap asshole,” retorted Jessica, her eyes smoldering with anger.

She pushed him as hard as she could with her other hand but he caught it and pinned it against the wall effortlessly.

Let me go!” shouted Jessica, feeling more and more enraged.

What can I do or say to make you believe me? I am not that man that you talk about. I. AM. NOT. A. SCUMBAG!!! I’m still your boyfriend and I’m not going to look for her. I don’t even like her!”

You don’t like her?” Jessica laughed in disbelief and looked at him piercingly. “Then prove it.”

This girl is impossible.


ARGH,” Yul growled in frustration and yelled, “Fine, I’ll prove it!”

Jessica’s eyes widened as his lips came down hard on hers. She tried to push him away but her wrists were pinned to the wall by his hands and his body would not budge an inch. He continued to mash their lips together with his body pressed up against hers, pinning her against the wall leaving her with no room to maneuver.

Her eyes began to close and her body relaxed itself gradually as his lips continued to assault hers. His tongue pried her lips open and met with hers. He teased her playfully, entering a zone that had been visited by few people. Her senses were tingling and her heartbeat was getting faster as he continued to interact with her.

The kiss turned into a deep and long one that had them gasping for breath. Her body arched in desire, molding perfectly to his contours. He released one arm of hers and slid his arm down to her waist, pulling her even closer to him. Her free arm slipped round his neck, pulling him closer, and deepening the kiss.

In the midst of their lip-locking, two pairs of eyes peered through the tiny window in the door. They squinted then widened in surprise and finally twinkled with pleasure. Amber and Suzy giggled and turned to leave. They saw Hara walking up the stairs and turned their noses up at her as they passed her by.

Hara scoffed at them and walked towards the door. She peered into the room and saw what Amber and Suzy had seen, only, Yul had by now, wrapped both of his arms round Jessica’s waist and Jessica, round his neck. He attacked her lips mercilessly and she moaned in pleasure as she felt his body heat emanating from him. Hara stamped her foot in anger and left in a huff.

Several moments later, they parted lips and gasped for breath. Jessica rested her forehead on Yul’s shoulder and closed her eyes, trying to make sense of what just happened between them.

I don’t know what that was but it felt damn good.

Yul opened his eyes and blinked in the semi-darkness. Oh my gawd. WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT DID WE JUST DO?!I haven’t felt that good since… I’ve NEVER felt that good! Period!

Very slowly, they looked into each other’s eyes. Much to their consternation, both of them felt themselves blushing. They were saved by the darkness of the room, however, as neither of them could see the other person blushing. They remained in each other’s arms as their breathing gradually slowed down and heartbeats returned to regular speed. Neither of them moved. They stood still, wondering what to do next. Neither of them would admit it, but they were reluctant to break the embrace they were in. It just felt too good to them.

It was Jessica who moved first. Her arms slid off his neck and rested on his chest. She fiddled with the buttons on his well-pressed shirt which was now slightly crumpled from their recent activity. Then she asked a question that Yul was pondering on that very moment as well.

What do we do now?”

With his hands still holding the small of her back, he thought about her question for a while. Then he smiled at her and said, “We finish what we are supposed to do tonight. Convince everyone here that we are the perfect couple.”

With that said he slipped his hand into hers, grasped it firmly and pulled her out of the room with him. As they exited the room, they saw a crowd of people hovering around down below. When the hovering people saw Yul and Jessica coming out from the room, they immediately looked away in all directions but the couple’s. Whispers broke out among the curious, gossipy crowd as Yul walked down the stairs holding Jessica’s hand. He spotted Hara amongst them and headed straight towards her.

Hara looked like she was on the verge of running away but she stood her ground as the couple drew nearer and nearer to her. Finally, Yul stopped in front of Hara and raised Jessica’s hand which was securely held in his.

Hara, as you can see, I’m taken by the best lady in the house tonight. Please look for another man who will treat you well. I have no room for you in my heart because I have reserved it all for Jessica. So I appreciate your interest in me but I’m sorry, I will have to reject your offer. Everyone in this room tonight is my witness that I, Kwon Yul, am Jessica Jung’s man and she is my woman. Enjoy the rest of the party. We will take our leave now. Good bye.”

He looked at Jessica and smiled at her stunned expression. Then he held the small of her back and escorted her out of the club amidst thunderous applause and cheers.


Round Five

Whirlwind thoughts spun his mind into chaos. Yul was trying to come to terms with what he just did and said in front of a hundred people who were most likely to spread the news like wild fire. He propped his elbow on the door of the limo and leaned his head on his palm. He groaned inwardly as he watched the cars speed past them in the opposite direction.

I’m a prosecutor! Did I just lie to a hundred people! Have I lost my mind?! It must have been the alcohol talking!

And lies aside… What in the world was that kiss about? I kissed her! She kissed me back!!! She’s not even my girlfriend!

Then again…she is my FAKE girlfriend… Does that count?



Yul squeezed his eyes shut and unwittingly let out a tiny sound that sounded just like a whimper to Jessica. She thought he looked rather troubled.

I suppose he would be troubled after telling an outright lie in front of everyone!

She didn’t quite know what to make of that very romantic declaration of love nor the kiss that happened prior to that. She wasn’t too troubled by it however, as the plan had gone extremely well, even by her standards. There was no doubt that her family would get to hear of Yul’s declaration of love for her very soon. In fact, she wouldn’t be surprised if someone had already texted her mother, telling her all about what had just happened.

I’m sure the dinner will be cancelled now. I wouldn’t even have to look at Yoong!

Jessica smiled at the thought of getting out of that dreary dinner and a sudden feeling of gratitude descended upon her. She hated going to family dinners with other families, especially when it was a business dinner in disguise. If she got to get out of this one, she had Yul to thank for it.

Thank you, Yul. You certainly did an outstanding job tonight.”

All she got in return was a grunt—very disgruntled one in fact. She was offended by it but decided to let it slide, seeing as he was probably regretting saying all those things earlier.

The limo soon arrived at the street of his apartment. He wordlessly opened the door and got off, walking into the building without even as much as a wave goodbye. She was miffed by his coldness again.

This man is just weird. He’s cold, then he’s angry, next he’s kissing me and lying to everyone for me and then he’s back to being cold again. What a weirdo.

The kiss… Mmm… The kiss was good though. It had been a while since she last kissed anyone. Her previous relationship was almost a year ago and it didn’t end well. She had broken up with a scumbag who two-timed her but what irked her the most was the fact that he had cheated on her with a girl who looked like a total slut. To top it all off… he was just one of the five guys that she had caught cheating on her.

Scumbags… I’m sick of them. But is Yul… a…

I don’t know what Yul is.


To say that Yoong was frustrated was an understatement. He had a good mind to fire all four of them for ‘obstructing the course of justice’.

Of course, ‘justice’ to him meant being able to get his hands on the hot and cute blonde working just a few meters away from him. He felt like a restrained puppy, straining against its leash to get to its favourite toy. The four guys had managed to plant themselves near Sunny for the entire week now, depriving him of any chance to be alone with her. Even bodyguards of the President couldn’t have done a better job of ensuring that Sunny remained safe from the clutches of player Yoong.

It was times like these that the forbidden fruit theory was proven to be true. The more you couldn’t have something, the more you’d want it.

Yoong cursed his ill-fortune under his breath and decided that he needed a way to distract the four of them from her. A light bulb went off in his head suddenly. He had a huge grin on his face but he replaced it with a neutral, work-mode expression and texted an announcement to his team.

Boss Yoong 15:25

There will be a welcome party for Sunny tonight at Seventh Heaven. It’s Friday, so party your heart out and I’ll pick up the tab— Yoong.

The four guys cast knowing glances at each other. They were all thinking along the same lines. Yoong was definitely making a move—or trying to.

Yoong, don’t you dare try anything funny at Seventh Heaven,” warned Leeteuk.

Yeah, we’ll be watching you Yoong,” Heechul added.

YA! I’m not some uncontrollable pervert. This really is just a welcome party for her. It doesn’t mean anything else.”

Yoong maintained his poker face but the four of them knew better than to believe him.

We’ll just have to make sure that Sunny never leaves our sight then,” Sungmin sighed.


I was studying the finer details of the account when I heard my phone buzz. I reached over to fish my phone from the side of my desk with my eyes held fast on the documents.

Boss Yoong 15:25

There will be a welcome party for Sunny tonight at Seventh Heaven. It’s Friday, so party your heart out and I’ll pick up the tab—Yoong.

My pulse quickened in anticipation. I had been observing Yoong all week and I could see his frustration building up each day. It was very convenient to have four knights in shining armor valiantly protecting me from the evil prince yet, I was curious to know what the evil prince had up his sleeve. I’m sure it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

My four knights spoke to Yoong in hushed tones after they read the text. I resisted an urge to giggle in case it drew attention to me. Instead, I coolly returned my phone to its original position and continued with my analysis of the account assigned to me.

I was taking over an abandoned account that Yoong had been handling with the previous girl in my position. Apparently, she quit after a month for personal reasons. I had wanted to laugh out loud when I heard Yoong tell me about it. I was sure that the girl’s ‘personal reason’ had everything to do with Yoong.

Now, all that was left to do was for me to sit back, relax and watch how Yoong would try to get to me tonight.

It’s going to be a fun night.

My corners of my mouth curled up into a not-so-innocent smile.


We all arrived at the club and Yoong brought us up to the VIP area that he had reserved for us. It was just ten of us, Yoong, my four knights, four other colleagues and me. We were a small but important team in the company since we managed all the accounts which raked in the profits.

Yoong was very generous that night. He had ordered a healthy amount of liquor to keep the guys happy. Sungmin and Heechul started to play drinking games with me. I knew that they were trying to stay close to me but for some reason, I was beginning to get a little frisky and wanted to get away from them.

I knew that I was very good at drinking games and hardly ever lost but I decided to up their confidence by losing a few rounds, planning to get them really drunk later. In the midst of our game, Leeteuk and Yesung came over to ask me to join them on the dance floor. Feeling slightly intoxicated from the drinks, I smiled at them and obliged. The alcohol I consumed had entered my blood stream and that was when I danced with more abandon.

My favourite dance move would be the slow body wave, where I can accentuate each body part of mine from my chest down to my pelvis. It makes me feel sexy too. My eyes made contact with Yoong’s just as I was about to do my body wave.

Feeling a tad bit devilish, I held his gaze while I executed my body wave as slowly and pointedly as I could. He stood up abruptly and started walking to the dance floor, totally mesmerized by me. Before he could get to me however, Sungmin and Heechul came running over and dragged me back to play the drinking games with them again.

It’s no fun when it’s just the two of us,” whined Sungmin.

I smiled and obliged and was dragged back to the seats by my wrist. As we passed Yoong by, I swore I saw him muttering something nasty under his breath. I couldn’t help but to giggle.


It was two in the morning when we stepped out of the club and inhaled the nice cool air outside. Sunny was giggling whilst watching Leeteuk and Yesung struggling with Sungmin and Heechul’s weight. Both of them were totally wasted.

As Leeteuk and Yesung got into their cars and drove off with our passed out friends, Sunny and I stood on the pavement, watching them disappear around the bend. The other colleagues had left earlier, pleading tiredness.

Sunny stumbled a little and lost her balance, almost slipping off the curb. I grabbed her to stop her from falling and we ended up standing rather close to each other with my hands holding onto her waist.

Her waist is so small…small enough for me to wrap my arms around completely.

I looked down at the top of her head, smelling her hair.

She’s so petite. I can put my chin on her head!

And that’s what I did.

All of a sudden, Sunny turned around to face me and nuzzled her face in my chest, making small noises in her throat. My heart raced and body tensed. She was a little too much was me to handle! She then wrapped her arms around my waist and mumbled, “I wanna go home now.”

I swallowed hard. I didn’t expect her to act like this. Her soft, supple body was pressed up against mine and all I could feel were her curves as she hugged me tightly.

Let me send you home, Sunny. You drank too much to drive.”

Mmm… where’s your car?”

Follow me.”

I held her close and began walking to my car. I helped her into the passenger seat and leaned across her to buckle her up. All of a sudden, she arched her back to stretch and her bosom brushed against my arm unwittingly. I froze immediately and tried to breathe steadily. That touch had sent jolts of electricity shooting all across my mind and groin. I groaned softly and closed the door on her side. Then I got into the driver’s seat and started the engine. I looked at her again. She seemed to be asleep with a smile on her face.

What a cute smile she has when she sleeps!

I smiled to myself in the dark and drove off.

It wasn’t too long before I realized that I was driving towards his own home. Mentally face palming myself, I stopped the car by the roadside and turned to Sunny.

Sunny… where do you stay? Sunny…”

I shook her gently before she whimpered and opened her eyes slightly.

Oh… how cute! I want to kiss those luscious, pouty lips of hers so bad.

Sunny Rise apartments.”

That’s so near to my place! Good, I’m heading in the right direction after all.”


Five minutes later, he pulled up at the entrance of my apartment. The guard recognized me and opened the gates. He parked his car and helped me out. I clung onto his arm and he supported me all the way to my doorstep.

I opened my door and stumbled in, pulling him in with me. Without warning, I turned to him and claimed his lips with mine. He stiffened in surprise and shock and stumbled backwards, as I slammed his back onto the closed door. He gasped at the impact and that’s when I took the opportunity to slip my tongue into his mouth, exploring the inside of it aggressively. I teased him with my tongue till he responded. His hands squeezed my butt roughly as he began to fight for dominance in the kiss.

I smirked inwardly again before pretending to stumble and fall, pulling him to the floor with me. He landed on top of me, his hands on each side of my head and his chest rubbed against mine deliciously. And that’s when I decided to ‘wake up from my drunkenness’.

Yoong! What are you doing?! You pervert!”


Yoong rolled over to his side, stunned.

I’m not a pervert! You fell and dragged me with you!”

You are taking advantage of a drunken girl, shameless prick!”

NO I’M NOT! I didn’t even touch you on the way here. I’M NOT A PERVERT!”

I ignored his ardent protests and vehement denials as I shoved him out of the door, slamming it in his indignant face and locking it before sinking to the floor, helpless with laughter.


Round Six

Tif! I’m freaking out!” Tiffany winced as the high pitched voice pierced her ear drums in the dead silence of the night. She groaned and tilted her head up to check the time—it was two in the morning.

Jessi… Seriously… It’d better be a real problem or I’m personally stabbing you to death with your stilettos.”

Jessica had her head in her palm and was sitting in bed with her knees pulled up to her chest, holding her mobile to her ear with her other hand.


That reply jolted Tiffany out of her slumber completely.

That’s very true. Jessica is the last person who’d lose sleep over a problem. Sleeping is her solution to all problems.

What’s bothering you Jessi?”

It’s about tomorrow’s dinner.”

Tiffany groaned and ran her hand through her hair as she said, “Hasn’t the problem been solved? I assume that the dinner is cancelled? Word has gotten out about what Yul did… I’ve heard it being whispered about around my office too.”

It’s not cancelled. The dinner is still on. That’s why I’m having a headache right now! My parents want to meet Yul! And Yoong is still going to the dinner! I have no idea what my parents have up their sleeves, Tif… Help!”

Calm down… Calm down… Things are probably not as bad as you think they are. Your parents are curious about Yul so let them meet. I’m sure Yul will be able to pull it off. His current track record is a 101% success rate anyway. Yoong is going but you have Yul with you and I seriously doubt a player like Yoong would want to be stuck to just one girl for the rest of his life,


Really. Now let me get some sleep!” Tiffany said sternly into her mobile before ending the call and drifting back to sleep.



His mobile sand the chorus loud and clear once and was about to repeat itself when its owner finally found it with his eyes closed.

…H…ello…” he croaked.

Yoong, wake up! Guess what I just heard!” yelled the person on the other line at the top of his voice.

Yoong flinched and groaned, “Young! You don’t have to shout! My ear hurts!”

Opps, sorry, hehe, guess I’m just too excited right now. Quick, guess what I heard!”

A hot and cute babe will succumb to my charms soon?”

Pfft! NO! I heard something about Jessica Jung from my friend! Guess what! She’s got a boyfriend! And that boyfriend literally shot Hara to the ground with his public declaration of his love for Jessica! How about that?!”

WHAT?! Jessica Jung has a boyfriend?!”

Yeah. They appeared together at last night’s gala opening of that new club in town last week.”

What games are they playing… why invite me to dinner then? What are they thinking? I’m not going to be cuckolded by a girl who’s not even my girlfriend yet!”

Yoong sat up in his bed and ruffled his hair feeling betrayed.

HAHA that’s funny. HAHAHA… You…cuckolded…by Jessica Jung…” laughed Young.

I hate cheaters. You know that. She’s gonna pay for pulling that stunt on me,” growled Yoong, furrowing his eyebrows together.

HAHAHA whatever you say dude, whatever you say… I’m going to have my breakfast now. See you.”

Click. The line went dead.

If she’s got a boyfriend then two can play at that game.

Yoong smirked. He knew exactly what to do and who to look for. It was payback time… in ways more than one.



She rolled over in her bed and groaned. The sunlight seeping through her drawn curtains still managed to pierce her eyes as she opened them slightly. Groaning again, she reached for her mobile on her bedside table.

It’s two o’clock?!,” she groaned.


Gosh. Who could it be?!


Alright, alright, let me get up first,” she mumbled to herself as she slipped on her bunny head bedroom slippers and shuffled to the door. She unlocked her door and opened it slightly, peering around it to see who was at the door. Both parties were equally surprised to see each other, albeit in different ways.


Yoong’s heart skipped in surprise when he saw a tuff of messy blonde hair appearing, followed by a cute little face that was obviously still half-asleep. He did not expect to see her in this state at two in the afternoon and was on the brink of smiling at that adorable view but he restrained himself. Looking down, he saw her bunny head slippers and gushed inwardly.


He pushed the door open and caught sight of her bedroom attire. His breath caught in his throat. She looked like a cute little school girl in her pink t-shirt and shorts, a far cry from the professional, adult-like image that she pulled off in the office.

I hope my nose isn’t bleeding right now.

He entered her home for the second time in less than twelve hours. He looked round at her apartment and took in the nuances of the interior design. Her home felt like her. It was warm and cozy and had simple and understated elegance. He made himself comfortable on her couch.

Yoong ssi?” she asked groggily, rubbing her eyes and yawning, “How did you get in here?”


She sat down next to him. Yoong liked her warmth. He cleared his throat and said, “The guard recognized me from last night and let me in. You still remember what happened last night?”


Her mind jolted out of its sleepiness upon hearing that question. She suddenly became very aware of his proximity to her as well as her appearance. What am I doing?! I’m wearing bunny slippers in front of him?! There goes my professional, capable image down the drain! And… of course I remember what happened last night! What are you up to now?

She squeezed her eyes shut, feigning an attempt to recall before shaking her head gently, groaning as she did.

I can’t remember much. I remember playing lots of drinking games with Sungmin and Heechul. I also remember some dancing but that’s about it.”

Yoong narrowed his eyes and looked into her eyes suspiciously.

She held his gaze with her sleepy eyes and laughed suddenly.

Oh and I remember you sending me back home. Thanks Yoong ssi.”

Call me Yoong.”



Yoong smiled.

Do you remember anything else?”

No, I’m sorry… did anything happen? Did I do anything embarrassing?”

Nah… You were fine.”

In that case… What are you here for?” Sunny asked curiously.

To ask you to be my girlfriend,” replied Yoong matter-of-factly.

WHAT?!” exclaimed Sunny in surprise and shock.

You owe me.”

WHAT?! WHY?!” exclaimed Sunny again, more shocked than before.

You slapped me last night. After I sent you home, you stumbled, fell and I landed on top of you. Then you slapped me. See this mark on my cheek?” said Yoong calmly.

Sunny looked at his cheek. She gasped. There really was a faint mark where her palm had met Yoong’s cheek.

I guess I kind of overdid it last night. And he really did keep his hands off me in the car. He’s right… I do owe him… BUT GIRLFRIEND?!

If I really did that, I apologize for it, but I don’t think I need to be your girlfriend just because I slapped you.”

Relax, I’m not asking you to be my real girlfriend. I just need to you to pretend to be my girlfriend for one evening,” explained Yoong.

Sunny burst out laughing. She threw her head back and clapped her hands a few times; she was so tickled pink by what he said.

Why would a guy like you need a fake girlfriend? There are tons of girls who would agree to be your girlfriend in a heartbeat.”

Sunny laughed some more and wiped her tears away with the back of her hand. “Ooh… that was the funniest request I’ve heard in a while…”

I’m not interested in the girls who are after me at the moment. Neither do I want a messy break up just because I needed a girl for one evening. I don’t play like that.” Yoong paused and sighed.

All you have to do is act like my girlfriend and go to dinner with me tonight. I’m forced into it by my parents who want to see me getting engaged to Jessica Jung. Tonight is when we meet. So help me here.”

Jessica Jung?! The Jessica Jung?! Isn’t she the media mogul’s daughter? She’d make a good girlfriend for you, don’t you think? Why are you trying to get out of it?” Sunny was rather shocked by the news.

She’s a spoilt brat. Anyhow, she just doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer personalities that are less icy cold. Warm and cozy is how I like them.”

Right, right, spare me the details,” said Sunny, putting her palm up to stop Yoong, “I’ll help you but only just for tonight okay? And I’m still your account manager… don’t forget that.”

Yoong flashed Sunny a huge grin and said, “Of course, of course… You wouldn’t let me forget…”


Round Seven

Jessica paced up and down the carpeted floor of her bedroom. She couldn’t decide what to wear. It was highly unusual for Jessica to be undecided as she had a good sense for fashion and knew what would work and what wouldn’t without even having to try the outfit on.

I’m was not even this nervous on the first date of my life! Argh! Jessica Jung! If you can’t decide, we’re going to be late!

She huffed and puffed her fringe up before grabbing the outfit she had prepared the night before. She had gotten second thoughts about her outfit just as she was about to change into it an hour ago and landed herself in this mess. I won’t have time to do my make-up properly!

She scurried around trying to get everything done in the limited time she had left. She couldn’t believe herself. This feeling of butterflies fluttering in her stomach was definitely unprecedented. What’s wrong with you today, Jessica Jung?

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, using the colours and powders to enhance her already beautiful features. Finally, she stood up, satisfied with how she looked.


Please don’t do anything stupid again like last Saturday.

He mentally chided himself yet again. He’d been at odds with himself for the entire week, resulting in his colleagues whispering about his mental health. He’d always been very tense at work but this week had him looking like he was on the verge of losing it for real.

When Jessica had called him to remind him about the dinner on Saturday night, he’d sighed inwardly. He’d been trying not to think about her or the things that had transpired that night but hearing her voice over the phone reminded him of every bit of it. Just as he was about to step out of his apartment, he stood at the door and clenched his fist.

Yul, you can do it. You can do it,” he uttered out loud, trying to psyche himself for the night.

He had no idea how he would face Jessica in person again after kissing her like that but she had made no mention about it. She hadn’t even seemed displeased or bothered by it. It was almost as if it had never happened. The same car pulled up along the pavement and this time, he opened the door without her beckoning. Slipping into the car, he kept his eyes out on the road and averted from her. She looked at him in slight amusement, noticing how he shifted uncomfortably several times. Gone was his confident demeanor and upright posture. She smirked, thinking that he looked a lot cuter when he was not in his element than when he was.


They got down the car and he had opened the door for her, behaving like the perfect gentlemen that he was. She hooked her arm around his as they entered the majestic doors of the restaurant. He felt the weight of her arm as it hung lightly on his and noted how relaxed her poise was.

How can she be so nonchalant about it? Does it not bother her at all? Or is she a very good actress?

Thoughts ran wild through his head but before he could come to any conclusion on them, they had arrived at the VIP room that her parents had reserved for dinner. She was pleased to see that they had added a chair to accommodate Yul. She pulled him to her side and they walked towards her parents. Yul was certain that the smile on his face was as stiff as a log of wood.

A very good evening to you, Mr. and Mrs. Jung, I am very glad and honoured to meet you in person.”

He extended his hand towards Mr. Jung and they shook hands. His handshake always impressed and it did not fail him in this instance either. Mr. Jung looked at him appraisingly and gave him a quick nod of approval. Mrs. Jung was simply swooned by his boyish yet rugged good looks. He looked even better than some of the celebrity singers and actors that she had met at various functions and fashion shows. She looked at Mr. Jung and signed inwardly.

I should have chosen a better looking husband for myself. Sica is smarter than me in this aspect.

She looked at Yul and smiled warmly.

Pardon my asking but Jessica had refused to tell me anything about you prior to tonight, so I would like to ask you a few questions about yourself.”

I will answer you to the best of my ability, Mrs. Jung.”

She smiled again, noting his good manners. “What is your occupation?”

I’m a prosecutor, Mrs. Jung.”

Oh my, you must be outstanding then. It is difficult to be one.”

There are many other outstanding people besides me, Mrs. Jung. I’m just one of the many prosecutors in the office right now but it has always been my ambition to help do justice to others and so I worked hard to achieve it.”

She smiled wider and wider. This man was not only young, dashing and polite but also humble as well. She was a little surprised that Jessica would date a man like him however; she knew that her daughter liked the bad boy type.

Maybe my dear little Jessica has finally found her Mr. Right!

She was about to ask more questions when the door opened and a tall old man with neatly combed grey and whitish hair walked in with an air of grandeur. She immediately stood up with her husband to greet the newcomer.

Oh gosh… Mr. Im! It is so nice to meet you again after so long. We will have lots to catch up on!”

Mr. Im, it is great to see you again.”

Mr. Im shook hands with Mr. Jung and smiled at Mrs. Jung.

Still the perfect couple after so many years… how do you do it? Ha ha… you need to pass some tips to the young ones these days, especially my grandson. Yoong’s father has a last minute meeting to chair and so I came on his behalf. He sends his apologies for missing this dinner.”

My goodness… It’s perfectly alright. No apologies needed. Your presence here is more than enough.”

Hahaha… Mrs. Jung… You always know what to say and when to say it,” said Grandpa Im with a twinkle in his eye. He then turned to the younger couple who had been standing still while their elders were chatting. He nodded in satisfaction at their manners.

Little Jessica has grown up to be a very elegant and beautiful young lady,” he said while smiling with his eyes.

Jessica smiled back at him and said, “Thank you for the compliment, Grandpa Im.”

Then he turned to Yul and looked at him intently. “Where have I seen you before…” he mumbled, furrowing his eyebrows as he tried to recall. Yul stood still, stunned.

Where would he have seen me before? I’ve never seen him before in my life!

Ah! You are Kwon Yul. Yes, very nice. You are well-groomed and well-mannered. Excellent.”

Pardon me for asking but how did you know who I am?”

Grandpa Im chuckled and said, “I know your Prosecutor General. You have been outstanding in your work and naturally your name travels far. I’ve seen you in court. You were very impressive.”

Yul blushed under his compliment and bowed low in appreciation of it.

Thank you for your praise, I do not deserve it but I will continue to give my best.”

Grandpa Im chuckled again, “My, my, Yoong could learn a thing or two from you.”


Yoong stood at her door for the third time in less than twenty-four hours.


The door opened and Sunny stepped out of her apartment looking like she was dressed to impress. He had difficulty not dropping his jaw again. From her sexy office wear, to her cute night wear, he was really seeing Sunny in many different lights. Right before him stood a ravishing girl who was elegantly dressed to the nines. He swallowed the lump in his throat and offered her his arm. She rolled her eyes and walked to the elevator ignoring his gesture.

YA! Sunny, wait or me!” he said as he caught up with her. How in the world does she walk so quickly in heels that high?!

It was a mystery to him. That and the many sides he saw in Sunny. She intrigued him to no end. So far, no other girl had been able to keep him excited for this long. Too many girls would have thrown themselves at him in a bid to make him theirs and thereafter, enjoy his massive wealth as the heir of the Im empire.

Sunny, how can I make you mine?


The elevator doors had opened but he hadn’t noticed. A nudge jolted him out of his thoughts and he blinked. Sunny rolled her eyes at him again and linked her arm in his, pulling him towards his car.


He flung the doors open and strode in cockily, causing everyone in the room to turn their heads in their direction.

Good evening everyone… Im Yoong has arrived,” he announced loudly, waving his hands in their general direction.

Sunny looked up at Yoong in disbelief. In the blink of an eye, he has transformed himself into some kind of spoilt asshole. She noticed that the old good-looking man was breathing heavily through his nostrils, looking ready to shoot daggers through Yoong.

Mr. and Mrs. Jung smiled politely and greeted him. They stole glances at Grandpa Im. The old man did not look pleased at all. Yoong sat down and pulled Sunny onto a chair next to him. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat before standing up again, bowing to all the elders in the room.

Mrs. Jung noticed the girl’s discomfort and tried to help her.

What’s your name?”

Sunny,” she replied, bowing again to Mrs. Jung.

Mrs. Jung nodded and said, “Sunny ssi, I am Mrs. Jung and she is my daughter, Jessica.” Mrs. Jung gestured towards Jessica. “Her friend is here too but he has just left for the washroom. I will introduce him later. This is Mr. Jung, my husband and Grandpa Im is Yoong’s grandfather.”

Sunny raised her eyebrows at this and immediately bowed to Grandpa Im saying, “Good evening, Grandpa Im.”

Grandpa Im smiled at her politely but kept his eyes on Yoong. He was fuming mad.

Why did he bring a girl with him unannounced?! Not only has he put the girl in an awkward position, he has also made everybody else thoroughly uncomfortable as well!

Yoong spoke up again, “I believe that we are gathered here to discuss the possibility of Jessica and me getting together to be engaged. Grandpa, you must be wondering why I brought a girl with me today without telling anyone. Well, she is my girlfriend and I love her very much. Therefore, I decline the proposal for Jessica and me to be engaged. That is all I have to say. Have a lovely dinner everyone. My sincerest apologies if it hasn’t been the most pleasant evening for you.”

He stood up, grabbed Sunny’s hand and marched out of the room, slamming the doors shut behind him and stomped down the hallway ignoring her protests for him to slow down.


The people in the room looked at one another and remained silent. Grandpa Im looked at their faces and apologized, “I’m sorry about my grandson’s behavior. He was very rude to everyone tonight. Please accept my apology.” He stood up and bowed.

Mr. and Mrs. Jung stood up in a hurry and stopped him.

Grandpa Im, there’s no need to apologize for him. Young people these days are very different, aren’t they?”

I guess, dinner has ended and I will take my leave now,” said Grandpa Im and left the room.

Jessica was feeling extremely relieved. If she had known that Yoong was going to pull this stunt, she wouldn’t have had to get Yul’s help at all! She smiled happily, thinking those happy thoughts.

Yul re-entered the room, looking rather surprised. He came back just in time to see a young man marching out of the room with a girl beside him. He found the girl vaguely familiar but he didn’t get to see her face properly—they were walking so fast.

Yul…thank you for joining us tonight. We would like to invite you to have dinner with us another day if you have the time. I would like to get to know my daughter’s boyfriend better,” said Mr. Jung.

NOOO!!!” yelled Jessica instinctively before she could stop herself.

Opps. Did I just yell my thoughts out loud? Argh!

Ahem, what I mean is Yul is very busy with his job, Dad. Let’s not take up too much of his time.”

What nonsense. A busy man has to eat dinner regardless. Yul, will you accept our invitation to dinner?”

Yes, I will accept. Thank you for inviting me,” replied Yul, ever so politely.


With her arm linked in his, they walked to her car. Sensing her parents’ eyes on her, she tip-toed and kissed Yul on the lips before getting into the car. Yul tensed up and stood stiffly for a moment before getting into the car as well.

Mrs. Jung saw their interaction and giggled.

My dear…aren’t they sweet?”

Mmm…” replied Mr. Jung thoughtfully.

He wasn’t as easily fooled as his wife was. He sensed that something was up between his daughter and Yul and he was determined to find out what it was.


What did you do that for?” asked Yul, once they were inside the car.

What did I do?”

You kissed me!”

Oh, that. I did it because my parents were watching. My Dad isn’t so easily fooled. He will be observing us. That’s why he invited you to dinner.”

Oh, I see.”

Don’t worry, it’s not like I wanted to kiss you or anything. You are the last person I would fall for, seriously.”

Same here. Try not to kiss me anymore please. I’m not into girls like you either.”

Jessica shot him an icy glare but he was already looking out of the window.

Hmpf! I’m Jessica Jung! What do you mean by girls like me? I’m unique! I’m unlike any other girl.

She crinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue at him and turned to face the window on her side, watching the cars pass them by.

He looked out of the window but saw nothing. Their lie had just gotten serious. Grandpa Im’s appearance was something that he did not expect. He shuddered to think of the damage Grandpa Im could do to him should he find out that he was really only a pretend boyfriend of Jessica’s.

Grandpa Im knows the Prosecutor General?!?!

He groaned inwardly.

Nothing good ever comes out of being with Jessica Jung.


Yoong drove fast; very fast. He was way above the speed limit when he heard the siren. Sunny glared at him as he groaned and pulled to the side.

Serve you right for driving so fast punk.

He unwound his window and gave the traffic police his driver’s license together with a huge bill slipped under it.

Sir, are you trying to bribe me right now?”

It was a rhetorical question and Sunny knew that Yoong would be in serious trouble if he went any further with it. She leaned over to the window and smiled at the office.

Sir, he didn’t mean to do that. It was stuck under his license card.”

She retrieved the bill and smiled again.

Sir, he’s just heard really bad news so he didn’t realize that he was driving so fast. Please show him some leniency officer,” she pleaded, showing him her best smile.

Yoong looked at Sunny smiling so charmingly and remained silent, his lips pressed into a thin line. He was unhappy about her smiling at the officer and flirting with him for his sake. He bristled even more when he saw that the office was eying Sunny’s cleavage which was showing prominently as she was leaning towards his window.

That’s enough,” he mumbled gruffly as he pushed Sunny back to her seat and away from the window. “Sir, I’m sorry for speeding. I promise to watch my speed in future,” he said, putting on a remorseful looking expression.

Young man, count yourself lucky to have a pretty and understanding girlfriend. I’m giving you another chance because of her, alright? Drive safe. Go.”

Yoong nodded his thanks and drove off slowly. They drove on for a short while before he pulled to the side of a quiet road. Sunny looked at him curiously. “Why did you stop?”

Yoong turned to her, looking frustrated. His eyes stared at her lips. So luscious. Waiting to be kissed. And the last bit of his restraint melted away. He leaned towards her and cupped her face in his palms. She continued to stare intensely into his eyes instead of looking away. Damn. This girl is so different.

He closed his eyes as his lips landed on the softest, most luscious lips he had ever kissed. Sunny tensed up for a moment before relaxing under the gentle caresses of his tongue. She began to respond and their tongues danced a fiery dance as they teased, flirted and explored each other. His hands danced their way down her arms and onto her waist as he pulled her closer to deepen their kiss.

As their lips locked, Sunny wrapped her arms around his neck, raking his hair with her fingers. His palm glided over her waist and inched down her thighs. His hand then went under her dress and pushed the hem up higher. She was moaning and whimpering under his touches and kisses and those sounds pleasured him to no end. Just as his hand was about to hit the jackpot, he heard a most unwelcome sound.


The same officer from before was knocking on his window! Suppressing a growl of frustration, he unwound his window again. “I understand that it is hard to keep your hands off a hot girlfriend like yours but you can’t stop here and make out. Move it.”

Yoong nodded tersely and wound up his window before hurling curses at the officer and driving off again. Sunny leaned back in her seat and laughed her ass off at his tomato-red face.


Round Eight

Mr. Jung liked Yul more and more as the dinner progressed. He had displayed great manners and confidence dining in the company of a family like theirs. This was by far the best man Jessica has ever brought home. He never did like the guys that Jessica had brought home in the past. He had heard that they were playboys; generally just rich sons who had nothing better to do with their time and money.

In a way, He acknowledged that Jessica was exactly that—a rich daughter with nothing better to do with her time and money. He had always doted on Jessica; not letting her lift a finger to do anything. Perhaps, that was not the best way to show her love because Jessica had turned into a reliant, spoilt girl who didn’t see why she shouldn’t get her way every single time.

Her friendship with Tiffany was what made her a little more normal. She met Tiffany whilst in college. Tiffany would be your typical high achiever who strived to achieve excellence in everything that she did. It was strange that they found a friend in each other but one could say that opposites attract. They hit it off right from the first time they met and have remained best friends till today.

Tiffany had a positive influence on Jessica. She refused to cave in to all of the other girl’s requests. She said no to Jessica. This shook Jessica up a little since most people were more than eager to suck up to her for various reasons. What made things more interesting was that Tiffany did not come from a wealthy and powerful family like Jessica. She was born into a regular family—neither rich nor poor.

Tiffany also believed in being independent as a woman. Jessica was completely intrigued by this girl who did everything by herself. She started to admire Tiffany and in the process, she changed for the better.

If Yul had met Jessica a few years earlier, he would have positively hated her to the core.

Yul, join me in my study for some men’s talk.”

Yul nodded and stood up to follow Mr. Jung.

Jessica smiled as he walked past her.

My dear daughter has finally found a worthy man!” Mrs. Jung gushed excitedly as soon as the men had left the dinner table. “I’ve never seen your Dad more satisfied with any boyfriend you’ve brought home!”

So Mum… you approve?”

Approve? Hahaha… I don’t just approve… I adore him! He’s so good-looking and behaves like a perfect gentleman. On top of that, he’s outstanding in his work. What more could a girl ask for?”

A little fun?

Jessica rolled her eyes, answering her mother in her thoughts. If her mother knew what Yul was really like… Boring…stiff…and generally just cold towards her once they were on their own.

There were fleeting moments where she felt as though he really was her boyfriend—like when he had put some vegetables in her bowl for her during dinner and when he had gently wiped a sauce stain off her mouth. None of her boyfriends had ever done that for her and she caught herself wondering what it would be like to be his real girlfriend.

Treat him well Sica. Don’t be too wilful around him.”

Mum! I’m not a bad girlfriend you know. I’m good at making things exciting.”

Sica… Sica…” said her mother, shaking her head.”


Have a seat.” Mr. Jung’s deep voice resonated through the lavishly decorated study room.

You are an honest man Yul. From the things that Grandpa Im has said about you and I shall not deny the fact that I have done some checks on you… You are indeed a man of your word and full of integrity.”

Yul remained silent. He felt uneasy. Something was up.

However,” continued Mr. Jung, “I can see through a lie when I see one. Would you like to explain yourself?”

Yul heaved a huge sigh. Indeed, Mr. Jung would not be easily fooled. He certainly wasn’t a media mogul for nothing. He saw no reason to lie any further.

Moments later, Mr. Jung rubbed his jaw line with his thumb thoughtfully.

So you agreed to help your friend who wanted to impress his new boss who happens to be Jessica’s best friend, Tiffany.”

Yul nodded.

Interesting… How things end up this way…” A corner of Mr. Jung’s lip curled up slightly.

I’m a businessman Yul. I hope you take this the right way when I say I want to make a deal with you.”

Yul looked up and met his steady eyes. He held his ground unflinchingly.

Mr. Jung chuckled. “I would like you to continue acting as Jessica’s boyfriend.”

Yul’s jaw dropped.

She will need to keep this act up to avoid being match-made again. I have a feeling that you will reject her soon but I hope you will not. Jessica… She needs someone strong and reliable. She’s been brought up with a lot of freedom.”

The man pinched the bridge of his nose and squeezed his eyes shut tiredly.

I think I am guilty of spoiling my daughter as much as my wife is. Sooyeon has also had to live with the knowledge that I have another wife and daughter in America. I’ve always thought that this wouldn’t affect her too much but I’m not so sure now. All her past boyfriends have been pure junk and treated her carelessly. I’m the one who demanded that they break up with her because I knew that she wouldn’t.”

Yul’s mouth wouldn’t close. He sat there, gaping like a goldfish.

What I’m trying to say is this. Yul… I think you’re the man who can change her.”

Yul shook his head.

Mr. Jung, you don’t understand, she doesn’t like me.”

Mr. Jung laughed. “Yul… Yul… You have a lot to learn about my daughter. If she doesn’t like you…she wouldn’t put up with you till now. If she really hates someone…nothing can make her stay.”

Yul sighed.

If I may be completely honest with you, Mr. Jung, I must say that I don’t like her very much either.”

Mr. Jung chuckled. His chuckle then turned into a loud guffaw.

Yul looked at him wondering if he’d gone mad.

Yul…” Mr. Jung wiped his tears from his eyes. “Did you think that I did not know that? That’s why I said that this would be a deal. My side of the deal is to keep the truth from your big boss—the Prosecutor General. Call me unscrupulous if you want but I am a businessman and this is how I operate.”

Yul then saw the big picture. He was trapped.

Jessica isn’t all that she appears to be. Give her a chance. Get to know the real her. What do you say to that?”

Yul felt that this deal was wrong in so many ways. He couldn’t. He just couldn’t.

Mr. Jung, I won’t agree to this deal.”

The older man bristled at his rejection.

But…” continued Yul, “I will continue to be Jessica’s boyfriend until she chooses to end this act. Is that fair enough?”

Mr. Jung narrowed his eyes into slits and looked at Yul suspiciously.

You would be willing to do this without any deal struck?”

Yul nodded.

If I agree to the deal, I would be cheating on Jessica too. How could I face her then? I give you my word that I will act like a real boyfriend to her until she ends it. And I can’t guarantee a change in her. This is all I can promise.”

What about the Prosecutor General? What if he finds out about this?”

Then I will have to deal with it. I agreed to this. It’s my music to face.”

Mr. Jung pursed his lips and kept quiet for a while. Then he stood up and extended his hand to Yul.

Young man… I hope that you do become my son-in-law one day.”


Sunny downed a glass of Mojito and licked her lips. Hyoyeon laughed at her.

Ya… That isn’t water you know…”

Sunny giggled. “I’m just happy to get out of the office tonight. Yoong has been torturing me with work this past week.”

He’s just trying to get into your pants.”

I know. But I won’t let him.”

He’s not giving up yet huh…”

Nope. Now he’s resorting to assigning tons of work to me so that I have to stay in the office to complete it. Then, he’d pop in with some lame excuse and have dinner with me in the office.”

Sunny rolled her eyes. Out of a corner of her eye, she spotted a certain someone that she had been rather attracted to the last time she’d been here with Hyoyeon. That tall lanky guy who was standing at the VIP corner… he looked as good as before. She felt frisky tonight.

Let’s get some action tonight, Hyo.”

Hyoyeon saw the glint in Sunny’s eyes. She rubbed her hands in glee… tonight was going be a good night.

Sunny headed out to the dance floor. She chose a prominent spot that was easily seen from the VIP area. Then she began dancing her sexiest, most alluring moves much to the delight of the men around her. Hyoyeon was right next to her, wowing the crowd with her finely tuned, sharp moves that never failed to impress.

A pair of arms slid round her waist and pulled the blonde back. She grinned and looked up. Sure enough, there stood the guy she was aiming to attract. She smiled at him and he grinned back. His hot breath felt pleasant on her ear as he whispered, “Sunny… What took you so long to come back here?”

She giggled and wrapped her arm round his neck, yanking him down to her height (which was much shorter than his) before whispering in his ear, “Prick of a boss kept me busy.”

She released her arm and hugged his waist instead, gyrating against him to the beat of the music. The tall lanky man grinned widely and danced with her all night. Beat after beat, song after song, the guy did not let anyone else near Sunny until she was tired of dancing. She leaned on his chest and closed her eyes.

Want to get out of here?” His whisper tickled her ear.

She nodded and turned to locate Hyoyeon. That girl was totally engrossed in a dance battle with some other dancers. Sunny chuckled and shook her head.

Let’s go.”

The guy took her hand in his and led her out of the dance floor. They stood outside the club, inhaling the fresh air. It had been raining and there were puddles on the floor everywhere. Sunny grinned devilishly and jumped on a big puddle of water, splashing it on the guy. He grinned and pulled her close before jumping in an even bigger puddle. Soon they were jumping in puddles, splashing water on each other and laughing hysterically. Sunny laughed until she cried before stopping the whole thing.

Stop…hahaha… Stop!” She clung on to him breathlessly, trying to stop him from jumping again.

He finally stopped jumping. He hoisted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, arms around his neck, hugging him like a koala would hug a tree. He backed her up against a wall and kissed her with a kind of hunger that she liked. She was just as hungry as he was and their tongues clashed delightfully, sending delicious sensations down their spines.

Moments later, they pulled apart and gazed into each other’s eyes. An unspoken agreement passed between them and he opened his car’s door for her wordlessly. She got into his car and they drove off to his place. Sunny whipped out her mobile and texted Hyoyeon.

I’m out of here. Heading off with—

She paused. She didn’t even know his name. “What’s your name by the way?”

The guy chuckled. “I thought you’d never ask. Call me Young.”


Patience, baby… You’re going to be screaming that name real soon.”


The sun’s rays streamed through the drawn curtains and illuminated the room slightly. Young yawned and stretched as he turned to his side to hug Sunny but his hands landed on nothing but soft sheets. His eyes sprang open in shock.

Where is she?

He sat up and looked around the room. There was no sign of her or her clothes that she’d stripped when they played strip poker the night before. He looked at the bed again and noticed a piece of paper under the pillow she had slept on.

Dear Shikshin Young,

I gotta go. Last night was fun.

Maybe we can do it again sometime. Ciao!



Unbelievable.” Young muttered to himself in disbelief.

He had never met a player like Sunny. She’s the first girl who disappeared before he did and also the first girl he brought home and did not bed. On top of that… she’s also the first girl who rejected him so seductively the first time he approached her; he’d usually get a slap or be yelled at if he picked the wrong type of girl but no one had ever kissed him and then said goodbye.

As he read the note again, he realized that she didn’t even leave her number.

How am I going to meet you again?

Wait a minute… Why do I even want to meet you again? All we did was play strip poker and laugh a lot all night before falling asleep.

He paused in his thoughts.

Ah… I didn’t get into her… That’s why I want to see her again. That must be it.

Gawd. She’s good.

And…how did she know that I’m a shikshin?!?!


OH MY GOSH! Just how many things can you screw up in a day, Taeng?” Tiffany yelled angrily at her PA who was cowering in a corner, occasionally peeking at her with puppy eyes.

She groaned and massaged her temples, a habitual behavior of hers that she did whenever she was feeling stressed. Introducing Yul had been the only thing Taeng had done well so far. After that, he had messed up several times—forgetting scheduled meetings, messing up meeting venues and taking messages for her inaccurately.

Today, however, has been the worst. Not only did Taeng mess up the dates scheduled for an exclusive spa appointment, causing her to miss her much needed spa session, but he also conveniently forgot that she had a very important meeting that was happening in five minutes time for which she was totally unprepared.

She slammed her palms on her desk, pointed at the door and growled menacingly.

Get out of my sight before I stab you to death with my stilettos.”

Taeng whimpered and dashed out of her office to safety.

She collapsed in her expensive swivel chair and sighed. She was really beginning to regret hiring this Taeng as her PA but she had no time to think about that. She opened the file on her table and scanned through its contents rapidly. She had five minutes to prepare for the meeting and not a moment to waste.


Taeng bit his fingernails as he sat outside the meeting room, waiting for the meeting to end. A couple of tears rolled down his cheeks as he prayed for the meeting to go well. He closed his eyes tightly and prayed fervently.

His ears pricked at the sound of the door opening. He sprung up from his seat and stood straight, waiting for Tiffany to exit. Her low husky throaty voice tickled his ears and he couldn’t help but smile when he heard her laugh. It would appear that the meeting had gone well.

Yes… Yes… I’m looking forward to working with you on this project too. It will be a fantastic collaboration.”

We’ll see you and your team next week then.”

We can’t wait!”

More laughter ensued.

Taeng tensed up when he finally saw Tiffany stepping out of the room. Her face turned dark when she saw him but lit right back up as she turned to bid her project partners goodbye. She assigned an assistant to escort them to their car before shooting a death glare at Taeng and turning away from him angrily.

As she walked back to her office however, she caught herself wondering if she’d just seen a tear stain glisten on Taeng’s cheek. Shaking her head, she dismissed it as her imagination.

Guys don’t cry in public. Why would he be crying anyway?

Taeng approached her office apprehensively. He was quite certain that he would be scolded again if he entered but he wanted to know how the meeting went.

Knock. Knock.


Taeng opened the door and stepped into her office with his head hung low.

Why are you here?” Her voice was hostile.

He flinched at her tone and looked at her timidly.

D-Did the meeting go well?”

Tiffany nodded, feeling disgruntled.

His downcast face immediately lit up a little.

That’s great!”

His depressed mood lifted but came crashing back down when Tiffany glared at him.

Erm… In that case…I’ll get back to work. Excuse me.”

He scrambled out of the office hastily.

Tiffany shook her head and sighed. Somehow, she didn’t have the heart to fire him even though he certainly had screwed up enough things for her to do so.

Why haven’t I fired him yet?


Jessica was rolling around on her bed feeling bored when she received a text message.

Yul 12:08

Since we’re ‘dating’ now, would you like to have dinner with me?

Jessica blinked and stared at the message. She checked the sender’s name again.


Yul is asking me out to dinner?!


Round Nine

Jessica tapped her foot impatiently and glanced at her diamond-studded Cartier watch.

7.45pm. Yul is fifteen minutes late. I shouldn’t have agreed to him picking me up. I could have been sitting comfortably in my Mercedes Benz instead of standing by the roadside like a loser.

A Hyundai Tucson pulled up along the road and stopped in front of her. The window unwound and Yul’s head appeared. “Get in.”

Jessica crinkled her nose but she got on the car and then they were off. “You’re late.”

I’m sorry. Some co-workers needed my help with a case.”

I don’t care. I don’t like to wait.”

Well, the world doesn’t revolve around you, Jessica.”

Jessica stuck her tongue out at him and folded her arms unhappily.


They stepped into a rather quiet little restaurant that she had neither seen nor heard of. This definitely wasn’t going to be one of those high class places that she was used to frequenting. She crinkled her nose but followed him as he walked to a table and pulled out a chair for her to sit on. That gesture touched her a little.

Maybe he’s not so bad after all.

She looked through the menu and noticed that it was mostly local food. A waiter walked up to their table, ready to take orders. “I will have mul naengmyeon.”

Yul raised an eyebrow. He was surprised that she didn’t kick up a fuss about his choice of restaurant and choice of food. “It will be jjolmyeon for me, thanks.”

The waiter nodded and left.

Is naengmyeon your favourite type of noodles?”

Jessica nodded curtly and looked out the window. The view was astounding and her eyes grew bigger.

Yul frowned at her curt nod but his frown turned into a tiny smile when he saw her expression as she took in the magnificent view of the city night lights.

How did you find a place like that?” she asked softly.

Yul smiled. “Do you like it here?”

Jessica nodded her head vigorously, all traces of her coldness gone. She rested her chin on her hands and leaned towards the window.

I happened to read about this place in a magazine once. Surprisingly, it’s not too crowded most of the time so it became my favourite place to come to. I’m glad you like it.”

Jessica turned and looked at him. “Why did you ask me out to dinner?”

Why did you agree to come?”

His question caught her by surprise. She had been asking herself the same question in the car but she didn’t have an answer for it.

Ya, I asked you first.”

Yul laughed.

What are you laughing at?” Jessica thought he was behaving in a weird way tonight.



You’re so childish.”

No I’m not.”

Yul cocked an eyebrow in amusement but he did not reply.

Jessica was perturbed. “Ya! I’m not childish!”

Okay, you win. You’re not childish.” Yul put his hands up in mock defeat.

Jessica pouted indignantly.

Their food came at that moment and their little exchange was forgotten as their nostrils were treated to the most heavenly sensations. They dug into their food and ate silently. It wasn’t awkward silence; they were just too engrossed in their food.

It wasn’t too long before they had polished off every morsel of food on their plates. Yul leaned back in his chair feeling most satisfied with his meal. Jessica smacked her lips and smiled happily. Yul looked at her and thought she looked so much better when she smiled.

She doesn’t look so cold when she smiles like that. “Why don’t you smile more? You look friendlier.”

Why would I want to look friendly?” Jessica barely raised her eyebrows.

Why would you want to look cold and unfriendly?”

Jessica looked at him sharply. “Why are you asking so many questions tonight?”

Yul sighed and leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table.

Jessica… How long do we have to keep this act up for your parents?”

Jessica looked down at her fingers and fiddled with them. “I don’t know.”

Well…. It can’t be forever, can it?”

Of course not!”

Jessica shuddered at the thought of spending forever with Yul. She thought about what Yul said. It did make sense. They couldn’t keep this act going forever. Neither did she want this act to go on for longer than necessary. She’d eventually find someone she likes and wants to marry.

Let’s decide on an expiry date for our act.”

Yul nodded. “You decide.”

It’s coming to a month since we first met so… Another three months? Then we can have an awful breakup and I can pretend to be heartbroken for a really long time.”

Yul rolled his eyes at her ease in coming up with lies but did not voice his disapproval. “Alright then. It’s your decision to do this for three more months so can we at least come to a truce and make our lives a little easier on us?”

A truce?”

Yes, a truce. We will try to get along at least amicably. We might want to learn a bit more about each other too so that we are more convincing as a couple.”

Jessica tapped her fingers on her arm as she thought over what Yul had just said. It all made perfect sense to her. “A truce it is. I agree to that and I’ll try my best not to stab you with my stilettos.”

Great. To a good three months.” Yul raised his glass of orange juice.

Jessica giggled a little and raised her glass, clinking against his. “To a good three months.”


Sunny giggled as she thought about the look that would be on Young’s face when he woke up in the morning to find her gone. It was never her practice to hang around till morning. She didn’t want to allow random guys to see her morning look and she was reminded of how Young got to see her sleepy just-got-up-from-bed look.

Stupid Yoong, coming over like that. He should never have seen me like that. Well, at least he’s not random. She looked at the huge stack of files on her desk and sighed. Idiot Yoong! I wonder what he’s going to try today. I thought he’d have given up by now.

She sat up and stretched. Her back was aching from her leaning over all the documents she had been reading and analyzing. She arched her back and threw her head all the way to the back. The sight of Yoong behind her shocked her and she tumbled backwards, yelping in shock. Yoong caught her as she flipped and sat her back in her chair safely.

Oh my gawd, YOONG! What are you doing standing behind me like a stalker?! You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

Chill it will you? I was just… thinking.”

Thinking? Please think in your office.”



Why won’t you even go out with me?”

I’m working for you, that’s why.”

Nobody ever said that people working together can’t date.”

Sunny scoffed. “I want to keep this job. I like it very much despite having to deal with your advances.”

What are you talking about?” Yoong was clueless.

Sunny sighed and put her pen down. She turned and looked at him seriously.

I know about the girls who don’t last beyond a month because you eventually get into their pants and dump them.”

But…you’re not the same!”

Yes I am. I’m just another girl to you. Another skirt to get into.”

No you’re not!”

Yes I am.”

Sunny… It’s been a month now and you’re still working here. See? You’re different from all the other girls. I don’t even look at other girls anymore.”

Sunny laughed heartily.

Yoong…” said Sunny in between her laughter, “I’m still here because you haven’t gotten into my skirt yet. I think I’ve proven my point.”

Sunny, you don’t understand. I like you!”

Sunny shook her head. “No you don’t.”

She looked at him pointedly.

I’m just the girl that you didn’t get to shag… The girl who didn’t jump into your bed with you. Once I do…I’ll just be another girl that you played with and it’s time to look for a new job.”

What must I do to make you understand that what you’re saying about me is not how I feel?” said Yoong, wringing his hands in frustration.

Yoong… Go and get another girl. There’s plenty around so it doesn’t have to be me. I’m your account manager and I plan to stay for a really long time but if I ever decide to quit… I’d definitely consider having some fun with you.” Sunny winked at him and giggled.

Yoong’s jaw dropped and he could only gape at what she had just said. His shoulders slumped in defeat and he turned to leave the office.

Sunny’s smile slipped a notch as she watched him leave.

He looks kind of sad… Beyond sad in fact. What is it?



Taeng’s puppy eyes filled with tears as he clung onto the taller man’s leg yet again—this act of his irritated Yul to no end.

Seriously Taeng… What kind of guy begs like you do? Get a hold on yourself!”

Yul… I can’t screw up again. What if she fires me? I won’t be able to see her again if she does!”

Yul groaned and buried his face in his palms. Between Jessica and Taeng, he definitely had his hands full. “You need a distraction. Focus on something else when you’re doing your work. Don’t let yourself fall into her charms so deeply.”

Easier said than done…” Taeng mumbled under his breath.

I heard that.”

Yul… How do you stay so focused at work? HELP ME!!!”

I just told you.”

Don’t you think I’d already have tried that? I’ve tried everything I could think of to keep my mind off her but nothing works! It’s like she has some kind of spell on me.”

Confess to her then.”


Tell her why you’re messing up. Just be honest.”

Taeng started to laugh like a maniac.

Yul… HAHAHA… You…must…be…crazy… HA…”

The younger man shrugged and shook Taeng off his leg. Taeng was laughing too hard to hold on to his friend’s leg anymore. “That’s my advice to you Taeng. The rest is up to you.” Yul walked away shaking his head, leaving Taeng in tears, half from laughing and half from despair.


Hyun, have you heard from Yoong? Is he coming?”

Hyun shook his head. “He’s not coming. He said that he isn’t in the mood to party tonight.”

Young’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. “Yoong…? Not in the mood? Is he sick or something?”

The younger man shrugged.

Well… I guess it’s just you and me then… But you’re no fun… You’d rather sit there and cuddle your gogumas than check out the girls with me.”

Ya! Gogumas give me strength. I need my quality time with gogumas.”

Young looked at Hyun’s serious-looking face and sighed. Then he saw someone familiar and perked up immediately. That blonde was ordering a drink at the bar. Her friend was right next to her as usual, talking to some regular dancers who frequent Seventh Heaven. He grinned widely. The night had just officially begun.


Sunny was waiting for her margarita when a pair of arms wrapped around her slim waist.

Sunny, why did you leave so early?”

She grinned and turned in his embrace to face him. She bit him playfully on the side of his neck. “Because I’m actually a vampire and afraid of the sun.”

Young laughed at her cheeky reply. He kissed the top of her head. “Yet your name is Sunny? How ironic is that?”

She giggled and bit him again but harder this time.

Woah…woah. Hold your horses you blood-thirsty vampire,” joked Young.

He whispered in her ear, “Are you up for another night with me then?”

She winked at him and grinned. “Be careful…I bite.”


The door burst open and the couple locked in a fiery tongue battle stumbled into the penthouse. Young lifted Sunny up and she wrapped her arms and legs around him without breaking the heated kiss. He walked into the bedroom and laid her on the bed, finally breaking the kiss.

Hovering over her with his arms on either side of her, he grinned. She reached up and unbuttoned his shirt, removing it and tossing it aside. Her fingers ran down his chest lightly, creating delicious sensations across his body but that was nothing compared to the jolt of pleasure that shot through him when she flicked her tongue across his chest.

Oh my gawd. This girl is GOOD.

Young could hardly think straight as he plunged back down onto her lips, which were curved into a seductive smile. He rained kisses down to her neck where he concentrated on looking for her sweet spot. She gasped and muttered his name in a whisper and he grinned. He had found the spot. He focused on that spot, biting, licking and sucking till it was well and truly marked. He looked at it in satisfaction.

She’s mine tonight. This amazingly cute and sexy girl is mi— He couldn’t finish his thought and his breath caught in his throat as she arched her back and made contact with his lower torso. Never had he felt this turned on and sensitive to a touch. This was seriously mind-blowing.And then it stopped.

She rolled away from him and playfully pounced on his bare back. “Do you have drinks?”


A drink. I need one.” She made a hand gesture of drinking from a cup.

Sunny…” groaned Young, “This isn’t the time to be drinking.” He gestured towards the obvious tent in his pants.

Let’s play a game, shall we?” Sunny’s eyes sparkled with mischief.

A game? Are you in your right mind? We’ve got an emergency here…”

Sunny giggled and whispered teasingly in Young’s ear, “Let’s play a drinking game. If you win it… I promise you a mind-blowing good time till you beg me to stop.”

Young gulped. Her low voice had pushed him even nearer the brink. “What happens if I lose?”

You take care of that by yourself.” She nudged him with her knee.

Young couldn’t resist a challenge as seductive as this one. He nodded confidently.

As far as drinking games go… I’m the best out there. Bring it on!” Young smirked.


Sunny…” Young mumbled rather intelligibly. He was knocked out and had fallen asleep on his bed with his pants still on.

You have grossly underestimated my skills in drinking games Young. Better luck next time. Sunny grinned to herself in the darkness. She leaned over him and studied his features. Hmmm… Undeniably handsome… Fun to hang out with… Should I…?

It isn’t her usual practice to leave her number but she somehow couldn’t resist the thought of receiving his text message the next day. The burning desire to know how he’d react overtook her mind and she decided to leave another note for him.


Young woke up with a groan and a splitting headache. It had been a while since he last got so drunk and hung-over. He wasn’t too surprised to find himself alone in bed this time but he noticed the note that had been stuck in his pants.

Dear Shikshin Young,

You knocked out so I went home.

Check your phone. Ciao!



Check my phone? Headache forgotten, he looked around for his phone, spotting it lying on the bedside table. He grabbed it and saw that he had received a new picture and message from an unknown number.

I had fun tonight.

Young’s lips curled into a boyish grin when he saw her picture. UNBELIEVABLE. Sunny is something else. I’ve let her slip from me three times now and she managed to get my number before I got hers!


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