Hurricane Diarrhea #51

Her skin was tingling all the way home after dinner. Tiffany’s hands had been all over her as they ate. Not to mention her foot. She’d been eating her food happily when a toe nudged hers and proceeded to sneak up to her ankle and calf.

She’d lost the ability to chew right there and then and stared at Tiffany’s twinkling eyes as the seductive toe rubbed up and down the length of her calf.




“I don’t mean to hurry you but could you eat a little faster?”

Her jaw snapped close and began working hard and fast as she nodded numbly. Tiffany’s eyes had taken on a shade of hazy and it was all too clear what she wanted. Much too clear. And the toe rubbing her ankle only confirmed it.

Holy shit.


“Taeyeon…do you like leopards?” Tiffany drawled and Taeyeon could barely swallow her saliva Tiffany had certainly wasted no time in getting rid of her clothes as soon as they stepped into her apartment. Now, her eyes were treated to a delicious sight in the living room. The sexy leopard was now reclining on the couch and beckoning her with half lidded eyes that smoked in billows.

This was ten times sweeter than the chocolate ice cream dessert that had been served at the restaurant. Ten times hotter than the sizzling beef steaks they’d ordered. Ten times of everything good and great in the world.

Her feet brought her to the sexy leopard on the couch and she was grabbed as soon as she stepped within reach. Their lips puckered up and met in a brief kiss. Then, all hell broke loose as the leopard lost control and pushed her flat on the couch to devour her. And devoured she was. She was all too happy to be.



A week later, Sunny found an ad of an apartment with three bedrooms. It wasn’t too far away, just two blocks down the road which made it a suitable choice. So, it was arranged for them to have a look before making the final decision.

She liked the layout of the apartment. It was neat. A nice spacious living area was visible from the door and a right turn led them to a small dining area and kitchen. The kitchen, while it was compact, had all the necessary equipment required for whipping up complete meals. Just beyond the living space were the bedrooms. Each bedroom was about the same size and had enough space for a bed, desk, and a couple of shelves or something.

All in all, they liked it and agreed on the price tag as well. It was more expensive than the apartment she shared with Sunny but with Tiffany sharing it as well, it would be cheaper in the end. Not to mention having Tiffany around all the time.


Tiffany hugged her as soon as they left the apartment. “I can’t wait!”

She grinned. “I know right!” she chirped and blushed when Tiffany dropped a kiss on her lips.

Meanwhile Sunny walked by and smacked the back of her head. “Get a room, girls.”


Happiness clung onto her like a koala bear and she wore her silly grin all the way home after bidding Tiffany goodbye. The evening sun was gorgeous and the sparrows sang like nightingales up on the trees. Everything was great. The Earth was a wondrous place. And she was queen of them all.

Oh yeah. She was the Queen, with a capital Q. And that was how she felt. Until she entered her bathroom. Once she was in there, the sight of the toilet bowl slammed home the urgency of her ‘shituation’. She needed a solution and she needed it fast. Faster than ever now, since they planned to move by the end of their rental month.

With that thought on her mind, she showered in haste. There was no time to lose. She had to find a way to mask the stench of her toxic waste.


She was running out of options. Searching for solutions through a search engine only brought up a bunch of similar suggestions that didn’t suit her. But just as she was about to lose all hope, a search result caught her eye.


It looked odd as heck but she had nothing to lose. So she clicked. The link led her to a forum. A forum for troubled bathroom users. At any other time, she would’ve laughed her butt off but in this moment, she felt nothing but hope surging through her veins. The forum required her to register with a username. Hmm…


Username in use. Try again.

What?! Stinkified was already in use?! She’d been so sure it was a uniquely creative username too. Hmm…


Username in use. Try again.

Darn. She chewed on her cheek and thought hard.


Username in use. Try again.


Username in use. Try again.


Username in use. Try again.


She was running out of ideas when she clicked but this time, a new page loaded. She was in!

Welcome to Looberated

She gasped at the flashing chocolate brown letters. Finally! She was one step closer to being ‘looberated’. Woohoo.

There was a section for users to post their problems and she wasted no time in posting a new thread with a short description of her problem and how other solutions didn’t suit her purpose and ‘shituation’. She smiled when her post appeared on the forum. Now, to wait for a reply.




Still nothing.

She pouted. When was she going to get a reply?


Holy shit.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. Someone had posted a reply to her plea for help and the title of her thread was in bold. A thrill zipped around her body at lightning speed as she scrolled down to read it.

Posted by Shining_Bliss

It was a single link. And she clicked it, her finger trembling in anticipation of what was to come. It was an advertisement. An amazing advertisement.

Holy crap.

She’d never seen anything like that before. It was mind boggling. Unbelievable. She had to buy it. There was a website. She could order it online.



The next few days went by in a crawl. It had said three to five days for delivery but that was way too many days to wait. She could hardly wait. Now. She wanted it now.


The doorbell rang and she dashed out of her room in a hurry. It was the right day and the right time. She knew who it was, what it was. And sure enough, it was a delivery man. He had a package for her.

Yes! At last, it has arrived. Yay, yay, yay!

She signed for it and took the package, holding it close to her chest as though it were some kind of priceless treasure. And in truth, it was. As far as she was concerned, the package she held in her hands was everything.

It was the solution to her shitty problems. The answer to her stinky ‘shituations’. The key to her ultimate ‘looberation’. The thousand island dressing to her less-than-desirable salad. The—no. She didn’t have time to stand around and wax lyrical about the miraculous product she now possessed. She placed the package on her table and unwrapped it, revealing the box within. Her hands trembled, totally in awe to be in the presence of something as wondrous as this, as she opened the box. And there it was, in all its wonder.


“POO~POURRI! I LOVE YOU!” Taeyeon cheered as she pranced to the bathroom. It was time to test it out and enjoy odorless shits. Following the instructions, she sprayed a liberal amount of Poo~Pourri into her toilet bowl before taking off her shorts and panties and sitting down on it.

Alright. It was time for the ultimate test. Come on. All she needed to do was eject a steaming missile from her rear exit into the waters below. No sweat. Shitting was one of the few things she was good at. Oh yeah.


Fifteen minutes later, she wasn’t so sure anymore. Nothing was happening down below. No urge, no movement, nothing happening. Where was her shit when she needed it?



One thought on “Hurricane Diarrhea #51

  1. This chapter had me laughing so much and that link OMG!!! lol poopouri lets hope it clears up the stink haha if the shit comes out this time lol

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