Her Curls

Honey, come over here. I want to take a picture.”

But my hairs’ up in curlers right now.”

Don’t worry about it. You look absolutely adorable the way you are.”




Sunny shuffled to the luxurious bed and plopped herself down on the soft cotton sheets beside Taeyeon. “I don’t understand your sudden obsession with taking Polaroids. You’ve never been the type to show narcissistic tendencies.”

“I want to capture each moment with you, that’s why. Now, smile…”

“I’m not going to smile when I have curlers in my hair.”


Propping her chin on Taeyeon’s shoulder, she rolled her head sideways and pouted. “No. Not when your hair is all gorgeous and straight and silky like that and mine are in curlers.”

“Just smile. Come on. One…two…kimchi…”

She pushed her lips into a prominent pout and held it until the picture was taken. Then, she stood and returned to the bathroom. A moment later, Taeyeon yelled at her from the bed, making her grin. “Sunny! Why did you pout.”

“Don’t I look cuter when I pout?”

“You’re supposed to smile so that we can look at these pictures in future and remember how happy we were on this day.”

“Taeyeonie, I’ll never forget how happy we are right now. No matter how much time passes by. Will you?”

Taeyeon appeared in the mirror and she smiled at her wife’s reflection. Yes, her wife. They’d been wives for more than twelve hours now. Wife and wife. The best thing that could ever happen to her. Well, not the best thing ever. Just. One of the best things. She was sure there would be even better things in future, although getting married to Taeyeon was just about the happiest moment of her life. It was her dream come true.

No. I won’t forget. I’ll always remember. Our first morning after.” Taeyeon’s arms found their way around her waist as she spoke and she leaned against her with a sigh. The pink bathrobe Taeyeon was wearing was thick and fluffy but she could still feel the soft contours of Taeyeon’s body and memories of last night came fluttering back.


Oh no. What do you want now.”

I want you,” she said, turning around in Taeyeon’s arms and planting her lips on her wife’s lips.

But we just did it. Twice.”

They say the third time’s a charm.”

We’ll be late for breakfast if we do it again.”

Screw breakfast.”

Honey, this suite is really expensive. And the breakfast is includ—”

Her brows furrowed as she pushed Taeyeon away. “Go then. Eat your breakfast. Eat as much as you want.”

“How about we eat breakfast and come back up after. I’ll love you as much as you want then.”

“Is breakfast really that important to you?”

“Yes.” Taeyeon made her puppy-eye expression and she knew she had lost the battle.

“Fine. Breakfast it is. Then we come back up and make sweet love.”

“Thanks, honey.”

“Now let me get my curlers out.”

“Why are you curling your hair anyway? I love your hair the way it is.”

“Don’t you remember? My hair was curled the first time we met.” She eyed Taeyeon in the mirror and smiled. “So I thought it’ll be nice if my hair is curled on our first day as wives too.”

Taeyeon gave her a crushing hug and kissed her cheek. “I love you.”

Sunny giggled and kissed her back. “I love you too.”

They walked hand-in-hand to the restaurant in the classy five-star hotel and stopped at the entrance.

Hi, I’m Kim Taeyeon. I have a reservation for two,” she said to the lady in a well-ironed black jacket and skirt, standing by the ‘Please wait to be seated’ sign. The lady smiled and ran a finger down the page of her big, black book. She could make out her name halfway down the list of scribbles.

Miss Kim Taeyeon,” the lady looked up with a knowing look in her eyes and smiled, “your table is ready, this way please.”

Taeyeon smiled and nodded. Her heart was thumping now. She couldn’t wait for breakfast to be served.

They were led to a private corner and there stood a table with a single rose and two chairs. Taeyeon smiled at the sight of the setup. It was perfect, just by a window that provided a bird’s eye view of the casinos down the Strip. A waiter appeared and pulled out the chair for Sunny, giving Taeyeon a firm nod as soon as Sunny took her seat. She smiled at him and nodded in return.

Ladies, would you like the continental breakfast set for today?”

Sunny looked up at him and nodded. “That sounds great.” Turning to Taeyeon, she asked, “What about you?”

I’ll have the same.”

Very well, your breakfast will be served shortly. Would you like to have a cup of coffee, tea or juices?”

Juices will be fine,” Taeyeon replied and Sunny said the same.

The waiter left with their orders and she reached across the table for Sunny’s hand.

Isn’t the view great?”

Mhm…it’s lovely. I didn’t know you had made reservations for breakfast. I assumed we were going to have the buffet breakfast like everybody else.”

It’s meant to be a surprise. I want our first breakfast together to be special.”

Taeyeonie, you’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever married.”

Taeyeon grinned, pleased with herself and tried to contain the bubbling excitement over what was coming up next. “You’re absolutely right about that.”

Sunny giggled. “Shameless woman.”

You taught me well.”

Actually I think that’s Sooyoung’s credit. Not mine.”

Taeyeon laughed. “I’ll tell Sooyoung you said that.”

Sunny feigned fear in her eyes and raised her hands in surrender. “Please don’t. That woman will never let me hear the end of it.”

Their gazes locked and they giggled. Both of them were fond of their tall friend who loved to insult their height (or lack thereof) by resting her chin on their heads.

Bribe me then,” Taeyeon teased.

I’ll grant you a wish after breakfast.”

I’ll hold you to that,” Taeyeon said with a wide grin. Things were going well so far.

The waiter came to their table with an elegant silvery tray on wheels. He smiled and stopped right beside Sunny. Taeyeon couldn’t resist grinning as he placed a covered tray before Sunny. He then placed another covered tray on the table in front of her. “Enjoy your meal,” he said as he served their juices.

Taeyeon smiled and propped her chin on her interlaced fingers. “Happy first breakfast, my dear wife.”

Sunny’s smile was radiant like the sun as she lifted the cover from her tray. Taeyeon waited. Two heartbeats later, she heard it. The gasp. The catch of breath in Sunny’s throat as the aroma of her food wafted through the air. And finally, her surprised tone.

“Taeyeonie…? Is this what I think it is?”

“Uh huh.” She nodded, enjoying every moment of Sunny’s disbelief.

“But how?”

I asked them nicely.”


“The manager of the chicken place.”


Taeyeon nodded. “I told the manager what I wanted to do and she was very nice. She helped me to pack the frozen chicken so that it wouldn’t spoil. I even got a discount from her. But she said to take a picture and send it to her. She wants to put it up in the restaurant.”


Taeyeon barely had time to grin before Sunny jumped up from her seat and enveloped her in a crushing hug. For a moment, she simply allowed Sunny to hug her, her arms hanging loose. Then, she began to grin and wrap her arms around Sunny.

After several moments, Sunny pulled away and sniffed hard. She looked so much like a confused little puppy that Taeyeon couldn’t help but chuckle as she dried Sunny’s tears with a napkin. “Honey, the fried chicken is getting cold. You’d better eat it while it’s still warm or it won’t be nice anymore.”

“You’re the best wife in the world,” Sunny declared as she returned to her seat. She lowered her nose to the chicken and inhaled, nice and long. And exhaled slowly with a sigh. “This is the best chicken in the world. I can’t believe you packed it and brought it all the way here for me.”

“I love you, Sunny. I’ve loved you ever since your curls swept into my face at the vet.”

“Thanks to my curls, I was late to the vet and met you.” Sunny sniffed again. “I love my curls. I’ve loved my curls ever since I met you.”

Taeyeon laughed. “A toast to your curls then?”

Sunny smiled, her face lighting up like the morning sky. “A toast to my curls and our new life together.”


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