4 thoughts on “What K-sones know about Jessica x SM x 8

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    Va roi..bong dung giac mo ve 9 con nguoi mai mai nam tay nhau ay bong nhien vo vun..bang hoang..dau don. that vong…cong suc 7 nam troi chi can 1 dong,1 doan ..1 loi noi..1 ngay thoi da pha huy tat ca…it nhat chung toi con biet rang ho da tung la tat ca cua nhau..nhung con nguoi van mai mai la con nguoi..ko phai ai cun g se mai nhu the..duoc 1 roi se doi them ..khat vong cang ngay cang lon..lon den muc chap nhan tu bo de nhan duoc..toi khong biet rang ban se thanh cong hay khong..nhung tot nhat ban nen thanh cong vi neu that bai..khi do ban se nhan thay cai minh danh mat la dieu gi..doi nguoi co bao nhieu cai 15 nam..may man la 8 nguoi con lai van con chung toi,..nhuung con nguoi theo doi ho suot tu khi debut or 5 nam 6 nam tham chi it hon..toi van mong cac ban co the tiep tuc..cac co gai cua toi..toi yeu cac ban rat nhieu

  2. wow… some of what’s written above was already been told to me by a friend who also happens to have a friend in korea. at first i was trying to have an open mind about all the news regarding GG, jessica & sme and until now i still would like to keep that because taking side means you love the other better than the other. even if these things is 101% true, i still would not hate jessica because family don’t hate each other. they might fight and move on their separate ways but one day day still return back to their home.

  3. I seriously don’t know about this facts and i would be lying if i say that i tried looking for the truth this whole time. I’m closing my eyes and avoiding topics regarding this for i know i will be hurt if i entertain it or at least all the good and happy stories that i created in my mind will all be washed out and thrown out of the window once i know the truth or at least a bit information about this for i am still trying to balance them out and put all the blame to SME. I am shocked to know that she’s one of the girls in that stupid hong kong scandal. I wish i didn’t came across it. And to tell you the truth, i am disappointed. I always say that those girls are stupid for being that drunk and forced them into that situation and i cursed them for dragging Taeyeon and Yoona’s name into it. I never ever imagined… *sigh. Also that Tyler Kwon guy, (sorry for being rude. I just don’t like him to the bones. I’m a Yulsic shipper so there’s only one Kwon for Jessica for me.) That guy, i’m always ignoring him and denying her as Jessica’s boyfriend but i don’t know anymore. My mind is starting to connect the dots and that’s why don’t want to gather information about this topic. Curiousity really killed a cat. But one thing is for sure, i never ever lost faith to the eigth girls regarding this topic. I know they did their best to hold on to Jessica stay and i know they fought hard for it. I’m happy to see them happy and laughing now but i know they’re still hurting inside. But even though i created lies to my mind, i accepted the fact that i will never see them as a whole group again. At least in my eyes. But as disappointed as i may be with Jessica, they will always be a 9member group in my heart and i’ll always be a Yulsic shipper. My Queens will always be in my heart! fighting! 🙂

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