Losing to the Heat 15

– 15 –

Yuri was fun. She’d left her ward to return to Jessica but the room was still abuzz with eclectic energy from the woman. It was hard to dislike her. Taeyeon was amazed by how quickly she warmed up to Yuri and how easily they could speak to each other. Of course, it helped that they had a basic level of respect for each other. Yuri, the top mechanic and herself, the top racer. But still, it wasn’t everyday she made friends this easily. They spoke about racing, cars and Jessica’s name popped up a few times. Jessica was a great racer too and Yuri’s eyes lit up each and every time her name was mentioned.

To a certain extent, she envied Yuri. The woman’s happiness seemed to come easily from a never ending source, while it was a scarce resource for her. It would be nice to be as happy as Yuri was for a day. It would be nice to take a break from all her problems. But life didn’t like her much and often made it obvious.

Like her mother. Her mother didn’t like her much. So she learnt not to like her too. And the bullies in school. She fought them. All of them. So that they would learn not to bully her again. Her teachers. They looked at her with something strange in their eyes. She hated it. She hated them.

But life must have felt bad for treating her this way so she met Sunny. Shorter than her. Yet no less gutsy. Sunny simply came up one day and sat down next to her.

I’m new here. Just moved in.”


Sunny shrugged. “Whatever.”

She’d stared at Sunny but the girl continued sucking on her lollipop, completely unperturbed. She’d even stuck her head over and pointed at the magazine she was reading. “Get your head out of the way.”

I’ve seen that engine. It’s a real beauty but that’s about it.”

How would you know.”

Seen it at my uncle’s shop.”

She snorted and laughed. “This is limited edition. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

If you don’t believe me, I can show you. After classes. I’ll meet you at the gate.”

What’s your uncle’s shop name.”

Speed Machine.”

Her eyes widened. “Speed Machine.”

Sunny sucked hard on her lollipop and pulled it out with a pop. “Yeah. You know the shop?”

Take me there.”


She followed Sunny to Speed Machine after classes that day and they became fast friends before the month was over.

What are you smiling about?”

She looked up to see Doctor Seo standing at the door. “Nothing. Why are you here again?”

I’m back to inform you you’re ready to be discharged. All checks have been cleared. You can tell your family to come and pick you up.”

Family. Like my mother? Taeyeon scoffed at the thought.

Doctor Seo, did you say she can go home?”

Taeyeon frowned. Tiffany was back. Again. Why was she always coming back? It was a good thing she could leave this place. She wouldn’t have to put up with noisy Tiffany then. “I’m leaving right now.” She sat up gingerly, feeling sore in the ribs and legs and Tiffany rushed to her side.

Be careful.”

She tugged her arm from Tiffany’s grasp and reached for the bag they’d put her clothes in. “I don’t need your help.” A familiar aroma entered her nostrils just then and she sniffed. “What’s that smell.”

Tiffany grinned and held up a paper bag. “Turkey bacon sandwich.”

Her stomach chose that very moment to growl and she bit her lip in embarrassment. It didn’t help that Tiffany’s grin had gained an inch at the sound of her hunger. Her lips pressed tight and she stood, groaning a little as her body tried to adjust to the added stress.

Are you sure she’s ready to be discharged?” Tiffany asked Doctor Seo. “She doesn’t look too good.”

She picked her bag of clothes up and shuffled to the attached bathroom to change as Doctor Seo replied, “She’ll be sore because of the impact of the airbag cushioning her. But it’s just bruises, nothing’s broken. Also, she’s been lying down for many hours now and her body needs to get accustomed to movement.”

Does she have to come back for checkups or—”

She shut the door, shutting out Tiffany’s question and Doctor Seo’s answer along with it. Putting down the toilet cover, she sat on it, groaning as she bent. Her chest and ribs were protesting the movements she made but she was having none of it. Thankfully, the hospital gown was easy to take off and her clothes were loose-fitting. Her denim shorts gave her some trouble but it was nothing she couldn’t handle.

The one thing she couldn’t handle was waiting for her outside this bathroom. Tiffany. Tiffany wanted things she didn’t want to give. Things she avoided like the plague. It’d been obvious after their second night together. Tiffany had hinted at it then. But she hadn’t wanted it. She hadn’t wanted to. Especially not with the woman she’d thought Tiffany was.

Since then, some things had changed but some things hadn’t. She might have been wrong about Tiffany being Paul’s mistress but that didn’t change the fact that she didn’t want a relationship that required commitment. Commitment meant expectation and expectation meant disappointment. Disappointment was something she could do without.

She couldn’t understand why she’d asked Tiffany out for a walk that day. But it was obviously a mistake. Now, Tiffany had gotten ideas about the two of them and wasn’t about to leave her alone. Worse still, Hayeon had met her. And liked her. That was the last thing she wanted.

She should never have raised the stakes the first time. Fuck. The price she had to pay for that night and the two nights after that had risen to vertigo-inducing heights. But it wasn’t a complete loss, a part of her reasoned. At least they were awesome fucks. That was something she couldn’t deny and in her heart she knew that Tiffany was a woman she couldn’t resist. She was fucked up like that.

Doctor Seo was gone by the time she changed. But Tiffany was still there.

Are you going to leave now?”

She stopped by her black studded sneakers and slipped them on. “You’re not coming with me.”

I’m not.”

You’re not?”

Did you want me to?”


Then you have nothing to worry about ‘cos I’m not.”

So why are you still here.”

I want you to do me a favour.”


Eat the sandwich.” Tiffany shoved the sandwich into her hands and stared straight at her, looking ready to fight tooth and nail to make her eat it.

It would take too much time and effort to get out of it so the wiser choice was to accept it. “Fine. I’ll eat it when I get home.”


The little arrogant smirk on Tiffany’s face was getting on her nerves. She had a feeling she was being played and it didn’t sit well with her. “You can go now. Don’t you have work to do.”

Tiffany merely shrugged. Fuck. Tiffany was out to irritate her, wasn’t she. She wasn’t going to react and give her the pleasure. Just take my things and go home. Just go. Her belongings had been placed on the bedside table and she stopped by to pick them up. Her phone, wallet, keys and watch. Good thing she had enough cash to pay for a taxi. She couldn’t imagine having to borrow money from Tiffany.

Tiffany walked behind her as she headed to the elevator and stepped in with her when it came. There were other people in it so she kept her eyes straight, ignoring Tiffany the entire time. The reception was her next destination and it appeared to be Tiffany’s as well. But the woman turned away just as she was about to question her, and she was left staring into space. Tiffany was beyond weird. It was a relief to be rid of her, however, so she wasn’t about to complain.

The automated sliding doors opened for her and she was out of the hospital building, feeling much better instantly. She took a deep breath and smiled. It was good to be out on her two feet again. To be free. To be her own person. The hospital bill had made her head spin but she was immensely relieved when they informed her that Sunny had already made the necessary arrangements. Sunny was the best friend ever.

There was a short line for taxis and she joined it. When it came to her turn, she opened the door and got in. Cheongdam-dong,” she told the driver and was about to lean back and relax when the door opened. It was Tiffany. The woman moved like the wind and was seated beside her before she realized what had happened. “What the fuck.” She pushed Tiffany. “Get out of my taxi.”

But Tiffany ignored her and addressed the driver, “Sir, we’re friends but both of us will pay you the fare so you’ll earn double if you drive now.”

The taxi moved off at once and Tiffany leaned back, smiling like a well-fed cat. Taeyeon was anything but amused. What the fuck do you think you’re doing.”

Going home.”

We don’t live in the same place.”

It doesn’t matter since I’m going to your home.”

What the fuck. You said you weren’t coming with me.”

And you believed me?”

I should have known a liar like you wouldn’t tell the truth.”

Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you. I’m only tagging along to make sure you eat the sandwich.”

Sandwich? You’re crazy.”

A short laugh from Tiffany rang in her ears, sending a dash of tingles across her skin. “You think this is crazy? You haven’t seen crazy yet.”

She could only purse her lips in response. Tiffany was beyond her comprehension at the moment and she didn’t want to create a scene in the taxi.

The ride back to her home had never felt longer but they got there eventually and she got the hell out. Ignoring Tiffany’s yells for her to pay her share of the fare, she started up the stairs to her apartment. She’d barely climbed the first flight of stairs when the sound of hurried footsteps resounded in the stairwell. Damn her wobbly muscles for slowing her down.

You owe me twenty bucks.”

You’re not getting any money from me.”

And you left your sandwich in the taxi.”

Tiffany was close to depleting her tolerance but the stairs were taking up her concentration. Just two more flights. Her body groaned and the strain in her neck and chest were protesting the exertion of strength by the time she got to her door.

I’m home.” She opened the door and snatched the sandwich from Tiffany. “You can go now.”

No, no. I’m going in.”

You’re not invited.”

Give it up, Taeyeon. You can’t fight me when you’re in this state,” Tiffany pushed her in and stepped in after her, “so just do as I say.”

Tiffany’s words didn’t sit well with her and she turned, slamming the door shut, her neck protesting yet again as she did. “You don’t get to tell me what to do,” she growled and stared Tiffany down with sparks shooting from her eyes until the woman began backing away. She moved forward and Tiffany backward and soon, there was nowhere left for Tiffany to go.

You have been pissing me off all day long. Why did you say those things in front of Hayeon.” Her face was now so close to Tiffany’s that she could feel the woman’s shaky breath hitting her lips as she spoke. “And why won’t you leave me alone. Why are you following me. What are you trying to do!” Her palm found the spot on the wall next to Tiffany’s head and the impact shot a zap of pain streaking across her chest. It must have shown on her face too, since Tiffany cupped her cheeks with worried eyes.

Are you in pain?”

Tiffany was the most frustrating woman she’d ever met. Frustratingly alluring. “Fuck you Tiffany.”

An amused smirk was not the reaction she was anticipating from Tiffany. It irritated her to no end and she wanted nothing more than to wipe it right off Tiffany’s face. The next thing she knew, her mouth had opened wide and captured Tiffany’s soft lips between hers, giving her a searing kiss to shut her up. Then her foot inched forward. Body pressed in. In no time at all, she had Tiffany up against the wall, trapped by her aggression. Under her control. Right where she wanted.

All at once, emotions gushed out as her lips burned against Tiffany’s skin. Her self-directed anger, irritation, frustration, fear and pain flowed out from every pore and radiated from her in shock waves. Tiffany’s scent was intoxicating and she hated herself for wanting more. Her nose dug deep into the nook in Tiffany’s shoulder and she inhaled long and deep. She loved it. This scent did things to her that she couldn’t understand. All she could do was crave. Crave for more.

This was sick. This was decadence. This was sin in its purest form. Tiffany was sin herself in all its glory, a magnificent manifestation of it. Only sin could control her hands, moving them to the loose cotton top that hid Tiffany’s treasures from her eyes. Only sin could direct her fingers, hooking them under the hem to lift it up and over Tiffany’s head. And only sin could manipulate her heartbeat, rendering it as erratic as the weather in a polluted world.

With a push, she got Tiffany lying on her back and she reached for the woman’s shorts. It didn’t take long to undo the button and unzip it and soon, Tiffany was down to her panties. A lacy little thing that covered only half of what it should. The sight got her heart racing at dangerous speeds, way above the speed limit. Fuck me.

A beautiful arch of her back. Another luxurious, desperate stretch of her legs. Tiffany was beautiful in every way. Fuck. She was too beautiful. But this wasn’t what she was supposed to be doing. Fuck. Did it matter? Did any of it matter? What was she even thinking when she had this sexy, willing body squirming under her?


Tiffany’s husky voice aroused her from her messed up thoughts and her instincts kicked into overdrive when their eyes met. The wild look in Tiffany’s eyes was more than she could handle and she had to admit one truth.

She was losing to the heat.

22 thoughts on “Losing to the Heat 15

  1. Hi AK! I’ve been a fan since you wrote “A Shot Of You” and I must say you’re one heck of a writer! I love your wit and how “graphic” you tell your stories. Lifts my mood whenever I’m down so big thanks for that!

    p.s. may I ask for the passwords for LTTH? my twitter id is taenyaddict. thanks in advance -“p)

    1. Wow! ASoY has been done for quite a while 🙂 It’s great to hear from someone who goes way back ^^ and thanks for loving my stories, it’s the best feeling :3 I also get lots of satisfaction when people tell me my stories help them with their moods/make their day. It’s awesome ❤

      Btw, I've sent you a DM 🙂

      1. Yes, I read it @ Soshified and yet it still included in my favorite fanfics list. It had just the right amount of fluff to make me tingle ☺️ I do apologize for not leaving comments, I know you appreciate receiving them. Keep on writing ok? YOU are AWESOME 👏👍👌

        1. hi! omaygawd it’s been a year since i last read a fanfic and now im back i found this fic and omg i forgot that you were the one who wrote hurricane diarrhea too. ugh the way you write is just… i cant explain man! too good.. btw what are the passwords for LTTH tho? is there a difference? im such a noob

        2. welcome back to fanfiction 😀 and hee you made me smile when you mentioned HD haha

          the passes will unlock the more intimate content. i locked it so that readers are given a choice to read or not 🙂 if you want the passes, send me an email or twitter and i’ll give you the passes

    2. I’m not done reading this fanfic but the story is AWESOME & I LOVE IT!!! 😭 and I’m Hoping to see you in person because I want to thank you!

      excuse me but can you give me the password? 😭 My twitter

        1. Hey AK. Im a bit stupid. I changed my twitter ID recently and forgot. Its @ohpleasenicole! Hahahaha!

  2. I’ve had a lot of giggling fits while reading this. Lol Taeny was being too cute i want to pinch their cheeks! Haha! I like every turn of events and the switch between super cute to being super hot scene. Omo i’m so excited! :DD

  3. I’m not done reading this fanfic but the story is AWESOME & I LOVE IT!!! 😭 and I’m Hoping to see you in person because I want to thank you!

    excuse me but can you give me the password? 😭 My twitter is @OT9FOREVER0805 (sorry for bothering you & for my broken english) 😔

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