Losing to the Heat 20

– 20 –

The ride up the car lift had never been this tense. Taeyeon was in a separate car and there were two doors between them but she might as well have been right next to her. What had she been thinking when she raised the stakes? Doubts and questions had seeped in with each passing mile she drove. And by the time she got to her apartment, her bravado had pretty much left her like exhaust from a car.

I’m crazy. Totally. But how else could I have done it? It’s too late for regrets, Tiffany.

The car lift came to a halt and so did her heart. But she took a deep breath and got out of her car. She wasn’t going to show Taeyeon any sign of weakness. And so engrossed was she in masking her emotions, that it took her a while to realize Taeyeon had not left her car. The woman was still sitting in it, fists clenching the steering wheel, eyes blazing fire. What was Taeyeon waiting for?

But she could answer herself, Taeyeon opened the door and got out. The swirling aura of the woman was thick with rife and Tiffany could’ve sworn she saw desire radiating from her in massive, undulating waves of red. She stood still, transfixed by the sight of Taeyeon advancing towards her. Powerless to fend for herself, she allowed the woman to take her hand and pull her along.

She ended up in her bedroom. Taeyeon shut the door, cutting out the light source and throwing them into darkness. And as her eyes fought to regain vision in the absence of light, the moving silhouette of Taeyeon made it clear that the woman was taking her clothes off. There wasn’t much to remove. A shrug shook off the denim jacket. The loose tank was pulled over her head. A little shimmy had her shorts slipping down her legs. And there she was. Barely concealed.

She could hardly call it a strip tease but it was enough to set her on fire. A fire that could not be extinguished by water. A fire that did not thrive on oxygen. No. It was a fire that lived and died by the mere presence of Kim Taeyeon.

Fuck me now.” There was something strange in her eyes when she spoke. “Please.” Even stranger. Taeyeon had won the race. She didn’t need to beg. But the single word made it all the more compelling and Tiffany couldn’t stop herself from stepping forward. Her fingers glided along Taeyeon’s jaw, slipping around her ears to her nape, and dug deep into her hair. Then, in a quick pull, she locked lips with Taeyeon and pushed in.

They jousted. It was by no means a slow, romantic kiss. This could have qualified as World War 3 in the realm of kisses if they got any more aggressive. Jaws dropped wide, lips parting to fight for more claim over the other pair. Tongues clashed, each trying to dig deeper, each trying to get more from the other.

The war extended to their hands as well. Her hands left Taeyeon’s nape and advanced downwards along her spine, staking out uncharted territories. Their bodies were crushed together, pressed up so tight that she could hardly breathe. Her fingers hit a snag on their way down and didn’t hesitate to unclasp the obstacle so that it fell away and cleared the path. The expanse of bare skin was smooth to touch and everything just felt so crazy good.

Her lips were soon to follow, kissing their way down from Taeyeon’s lips to her jaw, to that vulnerable spot just below her ears. She attacked every weakness she knew of, every spot that made Taeyeon shudder, and more. It got to a point where she was shaking too. Shaking with need, desire, urgency. The way Taeyeon smelt, the way Taeyeon moaned, the way Taeyeon’s hands wandered…everything was putting her endurance to the test.

Somehow or rather, she lost her top in the tussle. Lost her bra too. And ended up lying flat on her bed, staring into the thunderstorm building up in Taeyeon’s eyes.

That’s when she saw it. The key to the lock in Taeyeon’s metre-thick vault of steel. It turned and the vault swung open and she saw the desperation inside. This wasn’t a callous need for desires quenched. This was a desperate cry for help. But just as quick as the door opened, it swung shut and Taeyeon swooped down to take her lips, chasing all other thoughts straight out the window.

Tiffany was a picture of sexy. She could drive her crazy without even trying. Just like how she got out of her car and just stood there, waiting. She had to grip her steering wheel hard to get a hold of herself. But now, there was no turning back. Tiffany, stripped of her clothing, was sensory overload for her. Impossible to withstand.

Tiffany,” she murmured, pulling herself up on the bed. She rolled onto her back, then onto her side and stared at the woman who had just screamed her lungs out. “You’re so beautiful.”

Tiffany turned and her eyes, dazed as they were, managed to lock hers down. For a minute, or longer, they did nothing but stare. Not a single word, not a single sound. Just breathing and staring. It was as though Tiffany hadn’t expected to hear her say those words and was trying to believe that it was real. Then, she smiled.

So are you.”

I’m not beautiful.”

Yes, you are.”

Shut up. You’re ruining the moment.”

Tiffany giggled. “You’re great at driving but sucky at accepting compliments.”

I can’t accept it when it’s not true.”

Tiffany moved closer and smiled again. “You’re cute.”

Taeyeon made a face. “I’m not cute.”

What are you then?”

Fucked up.”

Tiffany leaned on her elbow and hovered closer. “You were really fucked up a while ago but right now, you’re not.”

Maybe for a while.”

She watched as Tiffany’s hand slid around her stomach, over her navel, down a little bit, back up, over her chest before finally coming to a rest between her breasts. And for a moment, she thought, hey, this is nice. It was like a bubble of comfort, keeping her safe, keeping her warm.

Taeyeon…why do you hate your mother?”

At the word ‘mother’, she turned away and sat up. “Thanks for the fuck.” Picking up her discarded bra, she attempted to put it on but Tiffany snatched it from her and flung it away. Her bra hit the door and fell to the floor, far from her reach. Anger sparked inside and she turned on Tiffany, ready to draw blood. “What the fuck are you doing!”

I’m only asking a question.”

I was talking about my bra.”

I want you naked. Naked with me.”

Taeyeon scrambled off the bed and walked to the bra, picking it up and putting it back on. But Tiffany was on her in a flash, pushing her against the wall without apology. She unclasped it and ripped it off, rendering her naked once again. She was finding it hard to work up a temper, however. Tiffany’s breasts were a major distraction, pressing up against hers, bold as brass. “You’re not keeping to the deal. You lost. Remember.”

Tiffany smirked right then and she realized that she’d been taken for a ride even before Tiffany said, “I said I wouldn’t ask to be your girlfriend but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask questions.”

Don’t fuck with me, Tiffany.”

But you begged me to. Remember?”

What do you want.”

I want answers.”

I’m not giving any today.”

What about tomorrow?”


I’m not letting you go until I get some answers tonight.”

You’re not getting any answers.”

Then I won’t let you go.”

She forced a smirk. “That sounds like an excuse to make me your girlfriend.”

Taeyeon, I can’t force you to be my girlfriend. If you don’t want me, that’s your choice. But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop caring about you.”

I don’t need you to care for me.”

Sunny doesn’t seem to think that.”

The air around Taeyeon froze in an instant.


What the fuck have you been saying to Sunny?”

Nothing. I’ve never said a single word about us to anyone.”

So what does Sunny have to do with this. Why were the two of you talking about me.”

We had a casual conversation at the hospital. She happened to mention that you need some love in your life.”

And you think you’re the one who can provide it.”

Tiffany squared her shoulders. “Yes.”

Taeyeon scoffed, “What makes you so sure you’re the one for me.”

The fact that you’re still standing here naked in front of me is proof of that.”

I’m standing here naked only because you’re a sick pervert who won’t let me put on my bra.”

Tiffany laughed. “Only a sick pervert like me can take a sick pervert like you. We’re a perfect match.”

Tiffany was making some sense and she didn’t like it. She pushed as hard as she could, forcing Tiffany away from her and picked her loose top up. “We’re not a perfect match. There’s no such thing. We’re only going to hurt each other in the end.”

Tiffany pushed her back against the wall, and she hit her head on the wall, hard. “Oww!” she cried, instinctively grabbing hold of her head.

Shit. Taeyeon! Are you alright?”

See? We’re already hurting each other.” She hated herself for tearing. “Can’t you see this is never gonna work out.” It took great restraint to hold back her tears and she was fighting a losing battle for the first tear had already found its way down her cheek.

But Tiffany took no heed to her words. She wrapped her arms around and hugged her tight. “If we can laugh just once, or smile and feel the tiniest bit of happiness because of each other, I’d say it’s worth all the pain in the world.”

All that pain for just a smile? That’s a fucking bad deal.”

But a real smile lasts forever. You’ll never forget how it feels.”

This is real life, Tiffany. Not a song. Real life hits so hard that the smile will turn into a cry and the pain will make you forget what happiness feels like.”

But you see,” Tiffany’s smile dazzled in her face, “that’s why I’m here. I’m gonna turn that cry back into a smile and erase the pain with happiness. I’ve proven that I can make you forget everything when we’re in bed. So I should be given a chance to show what I can do out of bed too.”

Taeyeon shook her head as more tears fell. Fuck. She was so weak. Why the fuck was she crying in front of Tiffany. This was the last thing she wanted.

Taeyeon, I’m not asking to be your girlfriend. I’m just asking for a chance to make you happy.”

Fuck. Stop it. You’re making me cry.”

Tiffany’s fingers found her tears and wiped them. Then, those fingers cupped her cheeks and raised her lips, bringing them to meet the warmest, softest pair of lips she’d ever known.

Please?” Tiffany whispered against her lips. “Please let me in.”

There was no way she was going to say yes. She couldn’t. She just couldn’t. But she could kiss the hell out of Tiffany and maybe she’d get the message. So she parted her lips wide open, and let Tiffany in.

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  1. I love your writing style!! Can i have the password as well please :D?? I’m iluvkhk @ soshified! Thank you and please update soon :)!

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