PD: Round 48 to 50

Round Forty-Eight

It was the end of another long day at work. Sunny waited till everyone had left before opening Yoong’s door as quietly as she could. She thought she had been quiet enough but apparently, she was not.

Sunny, why so sneaky?” Yoong called her without even looking up from his papers.

Sneaky?” Sunny pouted as she shut the door and walked towards Yoong’s desk. “I only wanted to give you a surprise kiss.” Then she huffed. “You’re not going to get any kisses tonight, hmpf!”

No, no, no! I need your kisses to keep me alive,” said Yoong.

Sunny giggled and backed away as Yoong stood up and walked towards her. She stepped backwards until she felt the door behind her. Uh oh…

Yoong’s impish smirk gave away his ‘evil’ intentions and she tried to open the door to escape his clutches but he was too fast for her. She found herself caged by his arms and couldn’t help but giggle when she heard the click of the lock sliding into place.

Why are you locking the door? Are you about to do something illegal?” Sunny blinked and smiled innocently.

Yes,” said Yoong with an evil gleam in his eyes, “and no one is here to save you from the big, bad wolf called Im Yoong.”

If I scream loud enough, I’m sure somebody will hear it and save me.” Sunny giggled.

Scream? You’ll be screaming my name in no time, I promise you.”

Sunny felt her cheeks heating up as his hand caressed her cheek. She stood still as he leaned towards her but dodged his lips at the very last moment.

Are you serious about not kissing me tonight?”

Sunny grinned at Yoong’s wide open eyes and nodded but she immediately regretted doing that for Yoong had launched the most vicious attack on her sensitive sides. She squealed and tried to dodge his attacks but there was no way out.

Say you’ll kiss me,” growled Yoong.

I’ll… kiss… you!” Sunny managed to utter breathlessly in between shrieks and squeals. The tickles disappeared and she was freed instantly from the ‘torture’ that his fingers inflicted on her. She giggled when she saw Yoong closing his eyes and puckering up expectantly. She was about to humour him and give him a full-on kiss on his lips when the devil in her struck again. Instead of kissing him, she turned, unlocked the door and ran out of his room to the office area outside.

She heard a roar behind her and ran behind her cubicle to get away from him. A quick look behind her revealed that he was merely a couple of steps away from her. She squealed excitedly and dashed away to another cubicle. Once there, she kicked off her heels, ducked down and made her way to the other side of the office.

Bunny, you can run but you can’t hide,” called Yoong, in a low, husky voice.

Sunny bit her lip and suppressed her giggles as she crouched under a work station. She was petite to begin with, so curling up into a ball allowed her to hide in the smallest of spaces.

Bunny… where are you…?” Yoong’s sing-song voice made it clear to Sunny that he was enjoying the little game she was playing with him.

She clamped her hands over her mouth and kept as still as she could, all the while, hearing her heart thumping away in her chest.

Suddenly, all was quiet. She couldn’t hear the shuffle of his shoes against the carpeted floor anymore. What’s going on? She nearly squealed when the lights went out suddenly. Oh my gosh! Why are the lights out? Is he trying to spook me out? Doesn’t he know that I’m not afraid of the dark? All was quiet for some time and she stayed as quiet as a mouse.

Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed at her legs. She screamed in shock but quickly recovered and tried to get away from the hands. They were too quick for her, however, and she ended up being pulled out from under the work station. She giggled nonstop as she lay on the ground, exhausted from the tussle with Yoong.

How did you find me?” she asked breathlessly.

I’m not telling you.”

Yoongie… tell me… I want to know…” Sunny used a cute voice to coax him into telling her only to meet with a condition.

If you behave well and please me, I might consider telling you.”

Hmph! I’ll figure it out by myself.”

Suit yourself.”

Sunny could see Yoong’s impish grin now that her eyes had adjusted to the dark and pouted in response. His laughter that reverberated throughout the vacant office made her pout even more.

He stopped laughing after a while and all was quiet except for sounds of their breathing. She was moderately aware of the compromising position she was in at the moment but it didn’t bother her. In fact, that was the whole point of the game—for him to get her in the end. She felt him shifting himself to fit snugly between her legs and parted them to allow him to do so. She could feel his warmth emanating from his body and it felt very cozy.

Kiss me.” She heard his ragged whisper by her ear.

This time, she decided to oblige him, partly because he had worked so hard for it and partly because she couldn’t really resist him any longer anyway. She heard his low and deep moan as her lips connected with his and it made her lips curl up even as she kissed him. His hand made its way under her skirt and up her inner thigh but she clamped her hand on his, stopping it from going any further.

Stop,” she said, “we’re in the office!”

Is that a problem?”

Of course it is! I’m not going to be caught with my pants down in the office, Yoong.”

You’re in a skirt, so that’s not a problem.”

His hand inched further up her thigh and she squealed in protest.

Stop! No!”


Yoong’s manly scream of pain shocked Sunny and she sat up to find out what was wrong. It was only then that she realized they weren’t alone. A uniformed man was wrenching Yoong’s arm in a strong hold and holding him down on the floor.

Miss, are you alright?” the voice she didn’t recognize spoke in a way that was meant to calm and assure her.

I-I’m f-fine, w-what’s going on?” stuttered Sunny.

Don’t worry, Miss. I’ll get him arrested for doing this to you. I just need you to pick up the phone and press ‘#007’. That will get you the security room.”

Huh?” Sunny was stunned. Arrested? Get Yoong arrested? Why? Then it dawned on her. It must have dawned on him at the same time for they both shouted at the same time.

No! Don’t!”

I’m innocent!”

Sunny saw the uniformed man’s confused look and added, “Sir, he is my b-boyfriend.” She mentally thanked the darkness for hiding what she was sure was an extremely deep red blush and continued to explain the embarrassing situation. “We were…” she coughed awkwardly, “we were…”

The uniformed man released Yoong immediately and Sunny could hear Yoong groaning as his arm returned to its normal position.

Tsk… tsk… you two should get yourselves a room. The office ain’t the place for this sort of thing. It’s just my luck to be patrolling this place. If it weren’t for the blackout, I wouldn’t have to come up here at all.” The man shook his head slowly and stood up. “Doing it during a blackout… tsk… tsk… youngsters these days…most people would have been too worried about the blackout to even think about doing anything else.”

Blackout?” breathed Sunny. She looked at Yoong. He looked as confused as she was. So it wasn’t Yoong who turned out the lights?

Yes, a blackout. Don’t you know? Or were you two so busy with each other that you didn’t even notice that the lights had gone out?” the man’s voice was dripping with disapproval.

Just then, the lights came back on. Sunny blinked in the sudden brightness as her eyes tried to adjust to the light. Oh no! Now the security guard can see my face! She ducked her head, feeling even more embarrassed with the light on.

Looks like everything is back to normal now. I’ll just leave the two of you here. Behave yourself.”

Sunny felt Yoong’s hands helping her to her feet and she stood beside him with her head down as they bowed and apologized to the security guard for the trouble they had caused him. To her relief, the security guard sounded a little more pacified when he said his goodbye.

Sunny stood very still. She desperately wanted the ground to open and swallow her so that she wouldn’t have to see the security guard again. She was absolutely mortified to have been caught lying on the floor with a hand up her skirt in the office. She felt her cheeks burning up furiously and instinctively palmed them.

Yoong, I can’t come to work anymore.”


I can never ever show my face in this building again.”

Much to her consternation, Yoong began to laugh.

How can you laugh in this situation??? I’m so embarrassed!!!”

Oh my cute little bunny, you’re so precious.”

His arms encircled her and squeezed her tightly against him, giving her warmth. Then his feathery light kisses all over her face calmed her down and she melted into his arms.

Bunny, let’s take his advice and get a ourselves room.”

Sunny smacked his arm, making him yelp in surprise.

Oww! What was that for?”

We have to meet Tiffany, remember?”

Oh! Yes, I almost forgot.”

Sunny looked at her watch and gasped. “We’re late!”


I’m so sorry that we’re late,” Sunny apologized as she sat down opposite Tiffany.

We got caught up in some business,” Yoong added casually.

Tiffany chuckled as Sunny smacked Yoong’s arm. She noted with pleasure that Yoong appeared to be very happy.

I hope you don’t mind Taeng being here.” She looked at Sunny and Yoong apologetically.

Of course not!” chirped Sunny.

Tiffany saw Yoong winking at her and smiled. Yoong was just as playful as ever.

Nice to meet you again, Sunny ssi, Yoong ssi.”

Taeng, you don’t have to be so formal. We’re all friends here.”

Sunny is right, we’re all friends, Taeng. You can relax with us.”


Tiffany smiled. “Let’s get some dishes on the table, shall we?”

Oh yes, I’m starving!” chorused Sunny and Yoong.


And that’s how we ended up jobless.” Tiffany nodded her head with an air of finality, bringing the story to an end. She was glad to have Taeng beside her, holding her hand as she related the story to Sunny and Yoong, supporting her through the more unpleasant bits of the story. Taeng added in bits and pieces as well, especially about the part where he was blackmailed by Mr. Lee.

Sunny and Yoong looked rather stunned by the whole story and Tiffany laughed at their comical faces.

Don’t worry. All’s well, ends well. This is a new beginning for me. I’ve actually been thinking about doing this on my own for some time now. It’s always been something that I planned to do one day and I guess, this is the right time to do it. So, Taeng,” said Tiffany as she turned to Taeng. “You will join me as my PA, won’t you?”

Of course I will! I’m happy that I can help you but I hope I won’t mess things up for you.”

Tiffany thought Taeng looked worried, so she said, “You being here beside me is already a big help.” She smiled lovingly at Taeng who squeezed her hand and grinned like a dork.

She turned away from Taeng and caught sight of Yoong’s red face that looked like he didn’t have enough breath to survive.

If you want to laugh, go ahead. You don’t have to hold it back on my account.” She rolled her eyes at Yoong who immediately burst into wild, unbridled laughter that had him clutching his stomach. “Fortunately, Sunny is mature enough for the both of you.”

Sunny isn’t all that mature. I get to see plenty of her immaturity now that she’s my girlfriend.”

Tiffany laughed at Yoong getting slapped on the arm by an indignant Sunny.

At last, there’s somebody to tame the wild Im Yoong. Sunny, thanks for doing the rest of us a great service.”

Hey! I’m Im Yoong, no girl can tame me, you got that?”

Not even Sunny?” Tiffany couldn’t resist teasing him.

Not even Sunny,” said Yoong firmly. “I am my own man.”

Tiffany raised an eyebrow and looked quickly at Sunny. The petite girl looked a little upset. Time to change the subject.

So, the opening of Jeju Joy is now taken over by somebody else in the company but there’s a clause in the contract that states that I am the person specifically requested for to oversee the project. That means, either I work with them based solely on this contract or you have the right to pull the project out of their hands. However, it would not be to your advantage to pull out from them. Most of the current deals have been made under the company’s name and it would be a big mess to pull out now. I am willing to negotiate with the company for a fee to handle this project.”

Ask for a mammoth fee. Drain them of their profits. It should belong to you anyway.”

Tiffany shook her head. “No, Yoong. I can’t do that. It’s not ethical. But rest assured that I won’t let them off with a regular fee. Since I’m requested for specifically, I will charge them a consultant fee which is significantly heftier than what I used to be paid.”

That’s the Tiffany I know and love.”

You better stick to loving Sunny, Yoong.” Tiffany grinned.

I love Sunny with all my heart, soul and body.” Yoong planted a kiss on Sunny’s cheek and Tiffany was happy to see Sunny blushing and smiling. She didn’t want the girl to be bothered by what Yoong said earlier about being his own man. Besides, she was sure that Yoong didn’t mean it that way.

Body?” Sunny queried.

Yoong grinned and gestured at the entire length of his body. “All of this, from head to toe, is all yours.”

Does that mean that I can do whatever I want with it?” Sunny had on the naughtiest grin ever and Tiffany did not want to hear what Yoong had to say in return.

She cleared her throat loudly. “Let’s keep the naughty talk behind closed doors, alright? I don’t want to end up feeling sick from an overdose of sugar and horns.”

Horns? What horns?” Taeng looked so clueless that Tiffany had to kiss his cheek; his innocence was simply too adorable in her eyes.


Taeng’s phone rang.

I’m sorry, may I be excused?” he asked politely.

Sure,” chorused the other three people who were too busy eating to even look up at him.

He got out of his seat and walked to a quieter corner to talk.

Hello, Kangin hyung.”

Hey, I have a piece of good news for you.”

What is it?”

The show’s producers want you back!”


My show’s producers, they want to invite you back as a DJ!”


Our website has been seeing higher traffic ever since you talked on my show. They’re all going gaga over you and your peas.”


And my producers want to bring you back on the show!”

Why is this good news though?”

Taeng… you have to think on your feet, bro. This means that you’ve got a job!”


What? Why do you sound so calm? Aren’t you jobless? Shouldn’t you be happy to have a job?”

Actually… I’m supposed to help Tiffany. She’s starting up her own company and she wants me to be her PA again.”

That’s what she wants. What about you?”

I want whatever she wants.”

Taeng, Taeng… seriously! You need to make your own decisions! Now, listen. This DJ job really suits you. I’m not kidding about this. Not everyone has the talent to be a DJ but once in a blue moon, a really good DJ is born into this world. Look. The producers are only asking you to do a weekly segment with you and your peas. You will even get to name your own segment, how cool is that? I urge you to consider this offer seriously.”

Okay, I will consider it seriously.”

Good. Now, tell me. Did you enjoy talking on my show the last time?”

Taeng pondered for a moment.

Yes, I enjoyed it. It felt really nice, talking like that. I didn’t need my peas and I didn’t need my dog either.”

Dog? What dog? Is it another plush?”

No, it’s a shadow that I make on a wall.”

Taeng could hear Kangin groaning. “Never mind, you can tell me about your dog the next time. Just promise me to think about it really carefully and if you enjoyed talking on my show, please give yourself a chance to try something new. It’s only once a week and it won’t take up too much of your time anyway.”

I understand, hyung. I will really think about it and discuss it with Tiffany first.”

Alright, I hope that I’ll get a positive reply from you. My listeners will be sad otherwise. They really want to hear your voice again.”

The call ended and Taeng returned to his seat.

What was the call about?” Tiffany inquired.

It was Kangin hyung.”

Didn’t you get your peas back from him already?”

Yes, I did.”

So why is he calling you again?”

He’s offering me a weekly segment on his radio show.”

WHAT???” chorused the other three people. “Radio??”

I talked on his show when I met him to get my peas back. He said that the listeners want to see me and my peas again so his producers want to offer me a weekly segment for me and my peas. I will even get to name the segment!”

Have you agreed to it?”

Taeng looked at Tiffany innocently. “Of course not! I have to discuss it with you first. I have to be your PA and this might affect that.”

Do you want to be a DJ?”

Taeng thought for a little while before nodding his head.

I enjoyed talking on his show the last time. It was nice and very different from talking to my peas.”

You bet it was,” muttered Yoong softly so all Taeng saw was his lips moving.

He smiled nonetheless but was puzzled when Sunny jabbed Yoong really hard in the ribs with her elbow.

Sunny, why are you jabbing Yoong?”

She’s jabbing me because she’s violently in love with me,” said Yoong dryly.

Taeng was alarmed when Sunny jabbed Yoong again, causing the man to yelp and wince. “Sunny, please don’t jab Yoong, it’s hurting him.”

Oh, he’s a tough guy, I’m sure he can take a few jabs.” Sunny grinned widely at Taeng who still looked a little disturbed.

Taeng, if you like it, why don’t you try it?”

Taeng turned back to Tiffany and smiled. “I think I would like to try it but it’s once a week and I don’t even know which day the segment is on. I don’t want to cause any problems as your PA because of this.”

Don’t worry, Taeng. We will work it out. If you like it, go for it.”

Taeng smiled brightly. “Okay! I will try it then.” Then he hugged Tiffany tightly. “Thank you for being so nice about it.”

Oh Taetae, I love you so much.”

I love you too, Fany ah.”

Taeng heard a vomiting sound and turned in Yoong’s direction only to see him getting the biggest jab ever from Sunny. He opened his mouth to stop Sunny but ended up closing his mouth again without saying anything. For some reason, Yoong eyes were twinkling and he appeared to take pleasure in being jabbed by Sunny. How odd…


Yul was really curious. Jessica had gotten them tickets to a baseball match at AT&T Park when she showed no real interest in sports. Why would she want to watch a baseball match? He was not about to complain, however. He was looking forward to watching the match ‘live’ from the very good seats that Jessica had been given. Apparently, her father, being a media mogul, knew the people in KNBR, the flagship radio station of the San Francisco Giants, a Major League Baseball team based in San Francisco. With connections like that, good tickets were easily attainable. This was one perk that he decided he could live with.

He knew that going to the baseball match had to have something to do with her third wish, green meadow since it was the only thing she had planned for the day. All of a sudden, the answer to the riddle hit him right between his eyes.

Of course! Green meadow would refer to the baseball field!

Wait a minute. Sica wants to do it on the baseball field??? Is that even allowed???

I hope it’s something else. Please, let it be something else.

Yul, why do you look so tensed?”

Yul had been so engrossed in his thoughts that he hadn’t noticed Jessica sliding up beside him in bed.

Baby, green meadow is the baseball field, right?”

Yes, you’re right. It is the baseball field. You’re so smart!” Jessica leaned towards him and planted her lips on his bare shoulder.

Surely your wish isn’t to do it on the field, is it?” asked Yul worriedly.

He was most relieved when Jessica laughed and said, “Of course not. Is that even allowed? Don’t worry. It’s just a little fantasy I had when I was younger.”

Yul heaved a sigh of relief. “A little fantasy huh? Well, I’ll be glad to help you to fulfill it. What is it?”

Jessica leaned towards him and whispered in his ear.

Yul raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Is that all?”

Jessica smiled shyly and nodded her head.

Yul exhaled slowly. “Wow… that really is a little fantasy.”

So that means you’ll help me to fulfill it if we get a chance to?”

If we get a chance, I most definitely will.” Yul grinned handsomely at her hopeful expression. His grin then grew wider when Jessica cheered happily and kissed him.


Jessica was not prepared to do this. She did not expect to be invited to be the ceremonial thrower at the baseball match. She only wanted a regular day out with Yul and to have a shot at having her wish fulfilled but it looked like it was not going to be that simple.

Yul on the other hand, was looking at her enviously as they fitted her in a Giants baseball uniform. She would have offered to give her chance up to Yul but she knew that it would offend the people who had so graciously welcomed her. She could not afford to jeopardize her father’s relations with them so she had no choice but to accept with a beautiful smile plastered all over her face. A Giants baseball cap completed her look and she was escorted out of the locker room.

She was nervous. She was not good at this. She could strike a good pose but when it came to actually throwing a pitch, she was rather clueless. As she stood there nervously, a good looking man decked out in a baseball uniform approached her.

You’re the lucky girl who is throwing the first pitch huh?”


Feeling nervous?”


Ever thrown a pitch before?”


Can you answer my questions with more than one word?”

Jessica eyed him for a second before answering, “Yes, I can.”

The man laughed. “Do you need a quick crash course on throwing a pitch?”

Jessica stole a quick glance at Yul who was sitting on the seats that were behind her. She remembered how he reprimanded her at Kinokuniya when she was clearly not to be blamed for behaving the way she did. It’s payback time.

With that thought in mind, Jessica smiled and nodded. “Yes, it’d be great if you could help me out.”

Sure, I’d be glad to. My name’s George by the way.”

I’m Jessica.”

Lovely name.”

Thank you.”

Jessica realized that he looked pretty good when he smiled. But Yul’s grin is just too delectable. Sorry George.

Right, first, your stance. Let’s face that guy sitting over there. Imagine he is the batter.”

Jessica looked and almost laughed out loud. George had just asked her to face Yul who was now looking at her rather tersely. She held back her laughter and stood facing Yul.

Your feet need to be a shoulder-width apart.”

Jessica stood with her legs apart but stiffened in surprise when George used his feet to spread her legs a little further apart from behind. She noted the frown on Yul’s face. Oh, Yul is not pleased to see that…

There, that’s better. Now, pretend that you have a ball in your right-hand and a glove on your left.”

Jessica tensed when George reached round her and held both of her hands, raising them to her chest level but she kept the smile on her face.

Hold the ball in your glove at your chest level. Very good, Jessica. Next, your grip.”

Jessica looked at Yul as George stepped away from her and yelled, “Buddy, toss me a ball, will you?”

She smiled at Yul but he did not smile in return. She was beginning to wonder if she was doing the right thing when George returned with a baseball.

Now, look at these seams. There are four seams and I am going to teach you how to throw the four-seam fastball. It’s easy to learn and you can try it out there in a while.”

Why is it called the four-seam fastball?” asked Jessica.

Good question. That’s because you have to grip it with your fingers over all four seams. Like this.”

Jessica watched as George placed his index and middle finger over two seams perpendicularly and his thumb underneath.

Now, you try.”

Jessica took the ball and tried to hold it the same way but her ball was apparently placed the wrong way so he held her hand and turned the ball to the correct direction.

The seams have to go sideways, not straight up,” he explained to Jessica.

Now watch how I prepare to throw it. This is the wind-up.”

Jessica watched as his left leg moved, and lifted up as did his hands.

Then the forward motion and release.”

George did the motions slowly, allowing Jessica to watch and learn. She tried mimicking his moves and earned praises from him.

Good, good! You are learning fast. Lastly, the follow-through. Let yourself bend over and let your arm move naturally. Don’t try to stop yourself halfway.”

Jessica tried it one more time from the wind-up to the follow-through.

Gorgeous, you’re fabulous. You’re ready to go out there and blow them away with your awesome pitching skills.”

Jessica stole another glance at Yul when George patted and squeezed her shoulder. He looked rather angry by then and she was glad that she was a distance away from him.

The crowd was friendly and after a quick introduction, she was given a baseball to pitch. She ran through the instructions George had given her and followed it step-by-step.

Stance… check.

Grip… check.

Alright, let’s just breathe and do this.

She did the wind-up, forward motion, release and follow-through. Something must have gone wrong with her release, however, for the ball did not speed towards the batter. Instead, it hit the ground with a dull thud less than a meter from where she stood.

There was a loud roaring in her ears and she knew that it was not from the audience. It was from her own blood rushing to her head as she turned pink with embarrassment. There was little she could do besides smiling sweetly so she did just that as she was escorted off the baseball field and back to where she came from.

Mmm… maybe Yul won’t be as angry with me after seeing my embarrassing pitch!

But to her dismay, Yul was not appeased. If anything, his frown seemed deeper and darker than ever and Jessica was beginning to feel afraid. She barely heard the people thank her for throwing the first pitch. She barely heard them bidding her farewell after Yul assured them that he knew the way back to his and her seats.

She stood very still as the other people left, leaving her behind in the locker room with Yul. The hairs on her neck rose when Yul locked the door and turned to face her with his dark, dark expression. Instinctively, she backed away as Yul walked slowly towards her.

Yul… don’t be angry…” said Jessica in a quivering voice.

Oh, so you do know that I’m angry. Yet you kept on flirting with the pitcher right in front of my eyes?”

Jessica swallowed hard when she realized that she had backed into a wall with Yul advancing upon her in quickening long strides. In the blink of an eye, he was right in front of her, his steely brown eyes mere inches away from hers.

You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Jessica nodded slowly.

Why did you do that? Was that payback for the girl I talked to in Kinokuniya?”

Jessica nodded slowly again.

His hands were all over you, Sica. And you, of all people should have recognized that look he was giving you.”

Jessica looked at the floor and said nothing.

She jumped when Yul reached into her back pocket and fished out a card. She gasped when she saw what was written on the card.


Call me maybe.

I didn’t know…” Jessica blinked rapidly. When did he put it in?

You were enjoying yourself, weren’t you? Is making me angry and jealous fun?”

Jessica bit her quivering lip and held back her tears.

Is it fun, Jessica?”

Jessica tried to stifle her sob but a tiny sound escaped and she felt Yul’s fingers on her chin immediately. Her chin was tilted up and she found herself staring into Yul’s deep brown eyes. He looked very strained, as though he was holding back his anger with great restraint and his jaws were clenched very tight. As she blinked, tears rolled down her cheeks but the look in his eyes hardened.

Without warning, his lips came crashing down on hers. It was as though he was trying to suck the life out of her; he was kissing her so hard. His hands held hers and pinned them against the wall above her head as his lips moved over hers roughly. She felt his body pressing up against hers, trapping her against the wall behind her. His feet pushed her legs apart, just like how George had done it earlier and his hips fitted snugly between her legs.

No other man can part your legs like that, except for me. Do you understand?”

Jessica looked at him tearfully and nodded.

That ass made you face me on purpose, did you know that?”

Jessica blinked rapidly and shook her head. She didn’t know. She had thought that it was a pure coincidence that she was asked to face Yul. It suddenly dawned on her how provocative it must have looked from where Yul was.

But I couldn’t do anything because all he seemed to be doing was teaching you how to throw a ball.”

Jessica then understood how frustrating it must have been for Yul to have to watch her being so close to George.

I’m sorry,” she said in a small voice.

His eyes softened but maintained a degree of hardness.

You’re mine, Jessica,” he growled.

I’m yours,” she whispered.

And she met his descending lips with fervor, parting to meet his parted lips. Their second union was sweeter yet no less aggressive than the first as she could feel Yul’s tongue dominating her, rummaging her. His hands held her nape and kept her held fast as their kiss deepened. She wrapped her arms around him and locked herself to him, feeling every nuance of his tensed body up against hers.

Their kiss lasted for what seemed like forever and Jessica was totally breathless when they finally parted. She breathed deeply, replenishing her oxygen supply as his hands roved down her back to her waist. She was held tight against his hips and she could feel him.

Yul…” she breathed as she looked at him with desire brewing rapidly inside.

Later, baby,” said Yul in a husky voice. “We still have your wish to fulfill, don’t we?”

Never mind about that wish. There’s no guarantee that we’ll get a chance anyway.”

I have a gut feeling that we will, baby. Let’s go back to our seats.”

But… you… will you be alright?”

Jessica felt the heat between her legs intensify as she looked at Yul and his clenching jaw. Yul’s jaw is so sexy…oh… just look at it clench!

I’ll be fine. Let’s go back and watch the game, baby.”


It was the San Francisco Giants versus the Arizona Diamondbacks and the game was in full swing by the time they returned to their seats. Jessica sat as close to Yul as possible and reveled in the feeling of his arm on her shoulders. She did not watch the game at all; she was too focused on Yul and his jawline. Whenever Yul turned to look at her, she would smile shyly at him and blush when he smiled at her too.

She did not know much about the game but it appeared that Yul was genuinely interested in it. He would cheer and raise his hands in victory along with the crowd and that would mean that the Giants had done something good, since they were with the home crowd. She looked at him dreamily until he turned to her and said, “It’s break time, baby.” She perked up immediately. She could also feel his anticipation as his grip on her shoulders tightened.

Up on the gigantic screen were the words ‘KISS CAM’ and Jessica giggled when she heard a romantic song being played along with it. She watched as a couple came onto the screen. The couple looked surprised but was quick to respond with a sweet kiss and happy smiles. Each time a couple kissed, the crowd would clap and cheer. Three or four couples later, Jessica was beginning to run out of hope. As yet another couple kissed on camera, she sighed. Better luck next time?

Just then, Yul gasped and pointed at the screen. “It’s us, baby!”

Jessica looked and sure enough, it was the two of them. She broke into a shy smile as she turned to Yul who was already leaning towards her. She could hear the crowd cheering as they kissed and her heart thumped away ecstatically. She tried to pull away after a brief moment but Yul’s hand was at her nape, stopping her from pulling away. His lips continued to engulf hers and she could feel his and her heat pooling into one huge ball of fire.

When she was released, her first reaction was to cup her reddening cheeks with her palms. Then she squirmed and squeezed her legs together upon hearing what Yul whispered in her ear.

I want you to take your clothes off as soon as we get back. I’m going to punish you for being such a naughty girl today.”


Round Forty-Nine

The taxi ride back to their hotel was most uncomfortable for Jessica. Yul did not touch her, nor did he allow her to touch him. She was confused. She thought that Yul had already forgiven her but this was not the case, apparently. She sneaked peeks at him but not once did she catch him looking at her—he was looking out the window—during the ride back to their hotel.

The taxi pulled up to the entrance of the lobby and Yul paid the fare. Jessica was surprised when he walked around to open the door for her—she thought that he was still angry with her—but she did not comment on it. However, Yul did not hold her hand as usual. He merely walked beside her as they made their way to the elevator.

He had no body contact with her and did not look at her as the elevator brought them to the twenty-first floor. The elevator doors opened at their floor and she trailed behind him as he walked to their room, 2122. Yul tapped his room card on the sensor and opened the door. He held it open for her and she took a deep breath before stepping into the room hesitantly.

She did not know what to expect upon entering the room for Yul had confused her with his cold demeanor. He had turned cold right after he whispered in her ear after they kissed on camera and she could not, for her dear life, figure out why. She heard the door closing and the bolt sliding into place as she stood in the middle of the room with her back facing him. For some reason, those sounds made her more nervous than anything.

She heard Yul walking towards her. Her breath hitched as he drew nearer to her but instead of stopping behind her like she thought he would, he walked right past her to the windows and closed the curtains. Then he turned around and faced her.

Her eyes met his tentatively and she was instantly drawn into the deep, brown eyes that looked teeth-chattering cold yet iron-melting hot at the same time. She wanted very much to look away from his unwavering gaze but her eyes stayed on him stubbornly as he sauntered towards her. He stopped about a meter away from her and stood still.

Finally, he spoke clearly and unhurriedly.

Take your jeans off.”

Jessica blinked a few times and swallowed hard before obeying his instructions meekly. She fumbled with her belt and unbuttoned her jeans before pushing it down her thighs to her calves. She mentally cursed her jeans for being a little too tight. Having Yul staring so intensely at her made her anxious and her jeans were not helping.

As soon as her jeans were off, he spoke again.

Take your jersey off.”

Jessica did not know if she was more nervous or aroused as she raised her trembling hands to take her jersey off. As soon as the jersey touched the floor, his deep, husky voice was heard again.

Take your tank top off.”

A delicious sensation was brewing in her nether region as she grasped the hem of her top and pulled it off in one swift motion. This time however, silence ensued after she dropped her tank top on the floor with the rest of her clothes. He did not instruct her to take off any more articles of clothing. Instead, he walked towards her and stopped right in front of her.

She could feel his eyes raking over her body and she shivered in anticipation. She was sure that her lacy cobalt blue designer bra and panties were making an impact on him and she could not wait for him to react to it.

Turn around.”

She turned around. The next thing she knew, her bra was being unfastened and taken off. Then she felt his fingers on her waist, hooking onto her panties, pulling them off as well. And finally, she was left standing in the middle of the room decked out in her birthday suit. Her heart was in her mouth as she waited for his next move or instruction.

Suddenly, his cold hands cupped her up north, making her gasp and twitch involuntarily. She was pulled backwards and against a hard, muscular body; his body. She was startled to feel his skin on hers. When did he take off his clothes? She was unable to think any further, however, when his hands began to squeeze and fondle her. She moaned softly when his fingers teased her two sensitive tips. Oh, his fingers were magical alright. Surely nothing but magic could make her feel this good.

However, as suddenly as all these began, they stopped. A whine escaped her lips unwittingly as she was left wanting and breathing heavily with desire.

Lie on the bed, face down and spread your legs for me.”

Jessica could not believe her ears. Did Yul just ask her to lie down and spread her legs? She bit her lip as a white-hot streak of arousal zipped from her brain all the way to her dampening crotch. She hastened to the bed and did as she was told, spreading her legs even as she felt her cheeks and ears heating up furiously.

With a wildly thumping heart, she lay on the bed and waited. A moment later, she felt a dip in the bed followed by a warm body leaning onto her back. She could feel him on her butt and it aroused her even more. Then she felt his hands gliding slowly down her back before coming to rest on her butt. She squealed in shock and surprise when a sudden slap landed on her butt cheek.

You’ve been such a bad girl today, Sica. Do you promise to be a good girl from now on?”

Yul…” moaned Jessica.

She squirmed, trying to find some relief for the ever intensifying heat between her legs but his legs prevented her from closing her legs. She was wide open and completely at his mercy. It certainly did not help that her level of arousal was rapidly approaching a critical level.

Yul… please…”

Promise me you’ll never ever make me jealous on purpose again.”

I-I promise.”

Jessica squirmed again. His hands had been caressing her butt most sensuously and it felt too good to be true but she needed his hands to tend to another area close by that was in desperate need of attention.

If you break your promise, I’m going to be very angry, understand?”

Jessica nodded her head and squirmed some more. She could not take it anymore.

Yul… I need—”

Her ability to speak flew out the window when two of his fingers entered her suddenly, cutting her off in the middle of her sentence. It was as though Yul had already known what she was about to ask for. She was left moaning in pleasure as his fingers began to move in and out of her fluidly. Light feathery kisses on her back heightened her pleasure and had her moaning louder than ever.

Ooh… uh… Yul… ooh…”

A finger found its way to her most sensitive nub and rubbed it suddenly.

OH MY GAWD!” shrieked Jessica who was almost delirious from the amount of pleasure she was subjected to by Yul’s magical fingers. She tossed her head left and right as the pleasure mounted higher and higher, intensifying exponentially and she was right at the edge of tipping over into sheer ecstasy when it all stopped.

NO!!! DON’T STOP!!! YUL!!!” cried Jessica desperately.

She tried to turn around but found that she could not. Yul was now lying on her back with his hips fitted snugly between her legs.

If you pull a stunt like this again, I’ll do this to you all night.”

No, I won’t do it again, I promise! Please, Yul… don’t tease me…” Jessica was on the brink of losing her sanity. Her hands were now pinned above her head and her body, trapped under his. She could not relief herself. She needed him to do it. “Yul… please…”

Sica baby, I love you.”

His words made her heart skip a beat. Then it began to pump faster than before when she felt him making his entrance in one solid thrust. She cried out in pleasure as he managed to hit her in all the right places at once.


She was nothing but a bundle of nerves that were shot from the sensory overload that Yul was subjecting her to. There was nothing she could do except moan and cry out in pleasure as his hands caressed her palms, lips loved her nape and hips thrust strongly and steadily.

One of his hands released her and she clutched a fistful of sheets like a drowning swimmer would a buoy. His free hand made its way down her sensitive side to her delta where it found her little nub of pleasure.

She let out a long and deep moan when his finger teased her. She was close and she knew that he knew it. She could feel him speeding up and driving deeper into her. His finger was merciless, taking her to the brink.

It was incredible, the way she felt everything inside her coiling up into one massive ball of tension before completely unraveling itself, unleashing all of its power on her senses. She cried out his name and tensed before convulsing involuntarily as he continued to thrust strongly. Shortly after that, she heard his deep guttural growl as he wrapped his arms tightly around her and muttered her name intelligibly into the nook of her neck.

Neither of them moved for some time after that. As they lay in bed together, nothing but the sounds of their heavy breathing could be heard. She could feel the weight of Yul on her. He was lying right on top of her. He was heavy but she was too spent to even speak. It was only when she felt increasing suffocated that she decided to speak up.

Yul…you’re squashing me.”

Oh, I’m sorry.”

She felt him sliding out of her as he got off her back and lay down beside her. She was about to whine about the loss of his body warmth when his arms wrapped around her and pulled her against his chest. She sighed contentedly and planted a kiss on his shoulder before snuggling against him comfortably and closing her eyes. The next thing she knew, the covers had been pulled up and she heard Yul’s whisper in her ear.

Sweet dreams, my love.”

I love you too.” She barely managed to articulate those four words before drifting off to sleep.


A huge bouquet of flowers was delivered to the office at 5pm.

I need a Miss Sunny Lee to sign for them,” announced the deliveryman.

Loud cheers erupted as Sunny stood up looking surprised. Was it from Yoong? She wore a silly smile on her face as she signed for the flowers. The ruckus had apparently been heard by Yoong who stepped out of his room. Sunny looked at him lovingly but was puzzled when he looked puzzled. The deliveryman handed her a card and she read it.

Dear Sunny,

Would you say yes to a dinner with me?


Sunny’s eyes widened. Joongki is asking me out on a date?! Yoong is not going to like this one bit!

Yoong appeared by her side and read the card before she could close it. She looked at him worriedly but to her surprise, he remained calm. But just as she thought he was not angry, he turned and returned to his room wordlessly. He slammed the door very hard and everyone jumped in their skin. Sunny heaved a heavy sigh and her heart sank. She needed to get Joongki off her back if she wanted Yoong to be happy. She knew what she had to do.

Her phone buzzed and it was a call from Joongki. By then, her knights in shining armour had crowded around her. They were about to tease her about the bouquet of flowers when she shoved her hand in Sungmin’s face and marched out of the office with her buzzing phone and Joongki’s card in her hands.

Sunny, where are you going? Come back! We won’t tease you! We promise!” Sungmin called after her.

She ignored the promise that she knew he would not keep and proceeded to the stairwell to talk to Joongki.


Hi, Sunny. Have you received the flowers?”


Good, good. Do you like them?”

Red roses aren’t really my favourite but thanks, they’re lovely.”

Oh? You don’t like roses? How unique. Most girls like roses.”

I’m not like most girls.”

Sunny heard Joongki chuckling on the other end of the line and bit her lip. She had to make it clear that she was already taken by someone else.

You certainly are not like most girls. And that is what I like most about you.”

Sunny cleared her throat and said, “About the dinner—”

Yes! You’re going to say yes, right?” he interrupted. “I’ve reserved a nice place for us and I’m on my way up to your office as we speak. I hope you’re ready to leave the office. This place is really hard to get into. Their reservations are fully booked up to three months in advance!”

Sunny heard how enthusiastic he was and her heart sank further. She could not do this over the phone. She owed him a face-to-face rejection at least. But she could not do it at the office either. It looked like she would have to go to dinner with him and reject him as gently as she could there. Yes, that was the best for everyone. She hurried back to the office and entered Yoong’s office without knocking the door—she was that anxious.


He did not look up, nor did he respond.

Yoong, please… talk to me about this.”

Yoong’s shoulders heaved as he looked up at her. His face was as black as the darkest night. Looking at him sent a shiver down her spine but she spoke calmly.

He’s asking me to dinner.”

Go ahead.”

What?” Sunny blinked rapidly, not quite believing what she heard.

I said, go ahead.”

Are you sure? Are you okay with me having dinner with him?”

Yoong’s nostrils flared. “Of course I’m not okay. But Young told me to be more tolerant. He said that I’m too jealous and it’s hurting you. So what else can I do? My chest is so tight now that I can’t even breathe but I have to tell you to go ahead and have dinner with him.”

Sunny was beside him in a second and hugged him as tightly as she could to assure him of her loyalty to him.

Yoong, I’m only going to dinner with him so that I can make it clear that I’m not interested in him that way. Okay? We’ve signed the contract so we’re business partners. I have to handle this tactfully. Can you understand my situation?”

You’re going to tell him that you already have a boyfriend?” Yoong looked surprised.

Sunny smiled. “Yes. I have to. That’s the best rejection.”

You’ve rejected many men before, haven’t you?”

Sunny giggled. “Yes. You included. But you broke in and stole my heart, you thief.”

Yoong produced a tiny smile and she planted her lips on his for good measure.

So don’t be too jealous, okay? I’m about to break another man’s heart.”

Yoong sighed deeply. “I’ll try my hardest not to. And only because you’ll be hurt if I’m too jealous and do something stupid again.”

Yoong…” Sunny smiled warmly and caressed his cheek with her hand. “I’ll call you after the dinner and you’ll get a special present from me for being so understanding.”

A special present?” Yoong’s eyes gleamed devilishly instantly.

A special present.” Sunny’s naughty grin gave nothing and everything away.



Hyoyeon hastened to open the door. She had not seen Hyun in a while. It was one of his busier weeks at work and he barely had any time to sleep, let alone meet her. A tired looking Hyun greeted her at the door and she was worried about him immediately.

You look so tired. Do you want to do this some other time?”

No! I’ve been looking forward to this all week,” insisted Hyun, producing a forlorn pout.

Hyun’s pout was so endearing that Hyoyeon could not have said no under any circumstance.

Okay, okay, I have all the ingredients ready.”

Hyoyeon brought Hyun into the kitchen and showed him all the things that she had prepared.

Great! I can’t wait to start.”

Hyoyeon could not help smiling at his enthusiasm. Never in her life had she known anyone who loved gogumas more than Hyun.


Hyoyeon found herself staring at Hyun ever so often. His look of concentration was really quite fetching. His brows were knitted, eyes focused. His fingers were surprisingly nimble and apt at wrapping the dumplings. He was meticulous and his dumplings looked very nice.

Hyoyeonie, can you run downstairs and get me a packet of green tea leaves?”

Green tea leaves?”

I’d like to make some green tea to go with the dumplings.”

Hyoyeon smiled and nodded. “I won’t be long. Finish up the last few dumplings and you can start on the mixture while I’m gone. Remember to whisk while you heat the corn starch.”

Got it!”

Hyoyeon smiled and headed to the nearby grocery to buy the green tea leaves that Hyun specifically wanted. She had some bottled green tea but she figured that Hyun was not going to want that.

It did not take her very long to get the tea leaves and she made her way back to her apartment in a jiffy. Hyun looked a little flustered when he opened the door.

Is anything wrong?”

Huh? No, nothing is wrong. Why would anything be wrong?”

Hyoyeon raised a brow at him but decided to let it slide although Hyun was behaving rather oddly.

Right… anyway, are the dumplings in the oven yet?”

I was just about to.”

Hyoyeon entered the kitchen and looked at the tray of dumplings. They looked really pretty but there were a few that had been wrapped in a different shape.

What are those? Why did you wrap them differently?”

O-Oh, those? I just wrapped them differently for fun. Aren’t they cute?”

Hyoyeon sensed that something was up immediately. Hyun was definitely not the best liar in town. The only thing she could not figure out was what the problem was.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that Sunny called a while ago while you were out.”

Sunny called? I’d better call her back then.”

Hyoyeon called Sunny’s phone but it was not answered.

She’s not answering. I’ll call her again later.”


They had forty-five minutes to kill and Hyun asked to watch the financial news. Hyoyeon sighed inwardly but obliged with a smile. She switched on the television and selected the right channel. They sat side by side, without any body contact whatsoever and watched the news quietly. She was not in the least interested in financial news and as the news anchor reported about the slowdown of another financial sector, she found herself dozing off.

The next thing she knew, her head was resting on Hyun’s shoulder. She shut her eyes quickly, not wanting him to find out that she had woken up. She wanted to continue leaning on his shoulder a little longer but it would be too embarrassing if he knew. Her heartbeats quickened when she felt him adjusting himself. What is he doing? Then she felt his arm on her shoulder. The corner of her mouth could not stay still. She willed it to behave but it insisted on curling up ridiculously on one side. Please don’t giggle! She giggled. NO!

Hyoyeonie? Are you awake?”

Darn it. I’m busted now.

Hyoyeon made a show of waking up, blinking her sleepy eyes and stretching while yawning widely. She was sorry to leave his shoulder but she had no choice. Her only consolation was his arm that remained on her shoulder.

Have I been sleeping long?”

About forty-five minutes.”

Hyoyeon gasped. “The dumplings!”

Hyun leapt up immediately and entered the kitchen. He donned a pair of oven mitts and opened the oven. A lovely fragrance engulfed the kitchen and they sniffed hard, enjoying the aroma of freshly baked goguma dumplings. Hyoyeon sprinkled some cinnamon on them and it was done. They turned to each other and grinned widely. This was their first ever goguma collaboration and they were glad that it turned out well.

Ah…” went Hyoyeon after blowing on a dumpling for a while.

Hyun blushed slightly but opened his mouth wide to accept her offer of a goguma dumpling. He bit into it cautiously and chewed slowly. It was piping hot! He huffed and puffed but managed to swallow it.

Do you like it?” Hyoyeon asked anxiously.

Hyun nodded and grinned like a happy kid and Hyoyeon smiled in return. Then the odd-shaped ones caught her attention once again. She had a feeling that she knew what Hyun was up to so she decided to test it.

Here’s another one. Ah…” Hyoyeon picked up an odd-shaped dumpling and watched amusedly as Hyun’s face scrounged up immediately.

It was only for a split second but Hyoyeon had seen it and she knew that something was up with the odd-shaped dumplings.


It’s too… hot! The dumplings are still too hot. Let’s wait a little while.”

It’s alright, I can blow it for you.” Hyoyeon blew on the dumpling a few times and offered it to Hyun again.

I’ve already eaten one. Why don’t you eat it.”

Don’t be shy. Come on, it’s not every day I get a chance to feed you dumplings you know.”

Hyun blushed but made no move to open his mouth.

Is there anything wrong with this dumpling?” asked Hyoyeon bluntly.

Hyun looked flustered at once. “U-Uh… of course not! Why would there be?”

So why are you trying to avoid eating this one?” Hyoyeon held up the odd-shaped dumpling with her chopsticks.

I-I’m not avoiding it.”

Then eat it.”


Hyoyeon was on the verge of laughing hysterically at his contorted face. Hyun was not good at playing pranks. And he was about to have a taste of his own medicine. She watched as he chewed the dumpling. His face had turned red and he appeared to be having some trouble breathing. He persevered for a while before giving up and dashing to the bin to spit out the dumpling.

Hyoyeon could not hold it in anymore. She burst out into shrieks of hysterical laughter and sank to the floor, clutching her stomach. Hyun was too busy gulping down a cup of water to react to her but when he finally calmed down, he turned to her immediately.

How did you know that I put wasabi into that dumpling?”

Hyoyeon snorted with laughter.

I-I didn’t know what you put inside. HA HA HA!!! But I knew that you were up to no good with those odd-shaped dumplings.”

Aren’t you angry with me for trying to play a prank on you?”

Hyoyeon smothered her giggles and shook her head. “No, of course not. Why would I? Your prank didn’t even succeed and you ended up being the victim instead.”

If my prank had succeeded, would you be mad?”

You can keep on trying till you succeed. You’ll find out then.”

Hyun’s eyes were as wide as saucers and he looked at her incredulously.

Hyoyeon grinned at Hyun. “Yes, I’m actually welcoming you to play pranks on me. You can try, but you ain’t going to succeed.”

Hyun took a deep breath and looked at her steadily. “I will, one day.”

I’ll be looking forward to that day.” Hyoyeon winked at Hyun and ruffled his hair affectionately.


*Music playing*

*Music fading*

Hello! Hi! I’m Kim Taengoo but most people call me Taeng. Kangin hyung told me that many of you are looking forward to seeing me again. It’s kind of odd saying ‘see me’ on radio but I suppose it makes sense because you can see me on ‘bora’, the ‘live’ radio camera! I hope you will forgive me if I make any mistakes today because I’m really nervous about this.”

HA HA HA… Isn’t Taeng DJ just too cute to be true? We’ll have more of him and his peas after the next song. Taengoo! Let’s wave at the camera and say hello to our viewers!”

Tiffany giggled as she watched Taeng waving enthusiastically at the camera with Kangin from the outside. She still felt a little hurt because he had not wanted see her while he deejayed. He became flustered when he could see her at the clear glass panel where the crew was stationed behind a flurry of contraptions and begged her to stay out of sight. He said that he would be too nervous if he could see her. In order to keep him calm and in the proper mood to deejay, she had held her tongue and promised to keep out of sight during his segment but she was determined to demand for an explanation afterwards.

And we’re back after a lovely song by BoA called ‘Jewel Song’. Taengoo, is there anyone that you thought of while listening to the song?”

Yes. I thought of someone. Her smile is brighter than jewels. I fall more in love with her every time she smiles at me. And I hope to be by her side every spring, summer, autumn and winter. I will do my best to share all her troubles and give her everything I have.”


Tiffany could tell that Kangin was awed by Taeng’s confession of love. She felt very warm and cozy in her heart after listening to him. She decided to go easy on Taeng with the questioning later. His words had melted her heart and she could not wait to give him a hug and kiss.


These are my peas. Their names are Happy, Happier and Happiest. This one with the toothless smile is Happy. The middle one with a bigger smile is Happier. The one on the right with the biggest smile is Happiest. I talk to them about anything and everything. They know everything about me. Do you have a friend or something like my peas to talk to like me? If you’d like to share your story with me, you can send it in and I will read it.”

Alright! You heard Taengoo! Send in your stories and share them with us! Personally, I don’t have anything like Taengoo’s peas but I do have good friends to talk to when I’m feeling down! Besides that, I have a dog that is really good at comforting me too. I love my dog. HAHA! Now it’s time for another song. Let’s take it away with KARA’s ‘Pandora’!”


Tiffany stood up as Taeng made his way out of the room. He looked so cute and shy that she ran to him and threw her arms around him with abandon.

Did you listen to me on the radio?” he asked tentatively.

Tiffany nodded and smiled. “I not only listened, but I watched too! On ‘bora’! You were great, Taetae.”

Taeng looked very relieved and he returned her hug just as enthusiastically. “Thanks for coming here to support me and I’m very sorry for asking you to keep out of sight.”

He looked so worried that she did not have the heart to ask for an explanation there and then.

Don’t worry about it, Taetae. I’m hungry. I want to eat some dessert before going home.”

Okay! We’ll go for some dessert.”

Thanks Kangin, for helping Taeng out today.” Tiffany smiled warmly at the taller man who was just leaving the room.

Hey! No worries. I have to continue with the show so I’ll catch you guys another day, okay?”

Thanks hyung.”

Totally welcome, little guy.”


They ate their desserts happily and chatted about her company which she insisted was their company.

Taetae, you are an important part of this. It belongs to you as much as it belongs to me.”

No, no, no. You are the brains behind this whole thing while I am your most loyal assistant. I am comfortable with that, Fany ah.”

Tiffany sighed. “I guess… if that’s what you’re comfortable with, I won’t force you to be something else. But what I really want to know now, is why you can’t see me when you are deejaying.”

Taeng looked like he was constipated as he tried to articulate his answer.


He halted. Then he took a deep breath and tried again.


Yes…?” Tiffany tapped her fingers on the table impatiently. There were times when his hemming and hawing got to her. She was somewhat of an on-the-ball kind of person and she did not really like delays all that much.

Y-You distract m-me.” Taeng’s face was all red and Tiffany did not know if it was due to his embarrassment or effort in articulating his answer.

I distract you. Mmm…” His answer gave her mixed feelings. For one, she was happy to be distracting to him but on the other hand, she could not have the pleasure of watching him in person.

Why do I still distract you? Aren’t you used to being around me by now?”

When I’m working, I try to see you as my peas so that I’m calmer. Every time I see your face as it is, I get all choked up with emotions.”

What kind of emotions?” Tiffany was curious.

Taeng blinked rapidly and looked at his fingers fiddling on his lap. Tiffany cupped his face and forced him to look at her.

What kind of emotions?” she repeated.

My heart thumps really fast. A-And I just feel like staring at you all day. You’re so beautiful, Fany ah.”

So if you don’t see me as peas, you can’t work properly? How long have you been doing this?”

Since the time we went to Yoong’s resort together.”

Do you see me as peas even when… we…” Tiffany faltered. She hoped fervently that he did not see her as peas when they did it.

When…?” Taeng was clueless.

When we do it.”

Oh. No! No! When we did it… I saw you… all of you…” Taeng turned a deeper shade of red upon saying that.

Tiffany turned pink as well and she remained silent for a while. Taeng sat very still as his blush spread to the tip of his ears. Then Tiffany broke into a wide grin and leaned towards his ear.

I think we need to fix your problem of finding me too distracting,” she whispered.

Taeng’s look of surprise, shock and uncertainty was so adorable that Tiffany could not resist wrapping her arms around him and giving him a peck on his flushed cheek.

Do y-you mean…”

Tiffany’s eyes glinted with want and desire as she nodded. “Yes, the solution to your problem is to see all of me a little more often.”


Round Fifty

Taetae, would you like to come in?”

Taeng gulped. He had not expected Tiffany to start ‘solving his problem’ so soon.

Er… I think you’re tired tonight. It’s been a long day. Rest well, Fany ah. I’ll just take my leave now.”

Oh no you don’t.”

Taeng yelped in surprise when he was pulled into the apartment by the collar. Tiffany had unceremoniously grabbed his collar and given it a good yank. He stumbled into the apartment and the door slammed shut behind him, making him jump a little. Her hands then pushed his back gently towards the couch in the living room.


He sat.

She stood before him with an unusual smile. It was unusual because her eyes did not turn into crescent moons. Her eyes spoke of something else instead.

Keep your eyes on me.”

Taeng swallowed a lump in his throat and nodded numbly with his eyes on her.

Good boy.”

Taeng did not dare to blink as Tiffany winked at him. With wide open eyes, he watched as Tiffany came towards him, one step at a time. With every step she took, a button came undone and his blood pressure rose a notch. He could hardly breathe when she finally came to a stop right in front of him with all of her buttons undone. She pulled her blouse out from her skirt and it hung loosely on her shoulders, providing little coverage of her bosom.


Taeng screamed in his head when he caught sight of Tiffany’s beautiful bra-clad bosom. A squeak escaped his lips as Tiffany pushed her blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. His squeak turned her unusual smile into an even more unusual grin as she straddled him.

Keep looking at me.” Her husky voice sent tingles down his spine.

Taeng nodded, with his eyes fixated on her. He could not look away even if he tried. His eyes were in visual heaven. Tiffany was simply too beautiful for words.

Like what you see?”


Tiffany giggled and reached behind her back. The next thing Taeng knew, her bra had come off and she was topless. Her long hair cascaded down her chest and it was like playing peek-a-boo with her twins. Taeng decided that he liked playing peek-a-boo with her twins. It was a fun and invigorating game.

Is this a better view?”


Good. Look all you want.”

Taeng nodded eagerly and looked.

He looked.

And he looked.

And… he looked.

Aren’t you going to do anything else?”

Taeng looked into her eyes feeling confused. “Huh?”

You’re allowed to touch as well, don’t you know?”

Taeng blinked furiously. “Oh… you said to look and I thought we were supposed to fix my problem of finding you too distracting…”

Are you seriously contented with just looking at me?!” Tiffany was half frowning and half smiling which confused Taeng a little.

Touching you is better than just looking…” Taeng looked down shyly. Then he gasped and covered his pants with his palms.

What are you covering there, Taetae…?”

M-My…” Taeng faltered and fell silent.

Tiffany giggled again.

I want to see what’s under your hands, Taetae…”

Taeng whimpered and moved his hands away from his pants. There was a sizeable tent that was increasing in size.

Taetae, you’re so cute!” Tiffany gushed and threw her arms around his neck.

As she leaned forward to hug him, his eyes grew wider. Her twins were nearing his face and the next thing he knew, he was buried in them.

Mmm…” Taeng was lost in booby heaven. He nuzzled her and loved her with his lips, making her giggle a lot. Hearing her giggles made him more confident of what he was doing and he continued to work his lips on her. His hands found their way to her butt and caressed her happily. Her butt felt so nice! So round and juicy! He squeezed her and was delighted to hear her giggle some more.

Taetae… keep on—” Tiffany was interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing shrilly. She reached for her bag which was lying on the floor and fished her phone out. “Wait, hold on. It’s Sunny. Let me take this call quickly and then we can continue fixing your problem.” Tiffany giggled as she answered Sunny’s call.


Sunny was certain that this was not the way to any of the restaurants in town. Joongki had been driving away from town rather than towards it.

Where are we going?”

The restaurant that is so hard to get into.”

Is it in town?”



Sunny stayed quiet for a while before caving into the urge to find out more.

Where is this restaurant exactly?”

It’s a surprise, so I can’t tell you.”

Sunny had no choice but to sit still and wait for him to arrive at the ‘restaurant’ that he claimed to be driving it.


It wasn’t a restaurant. It was his house.

It’s your house, isn’t it? You lied to me.”

I did not! My house is harder to get into than any other restaurant in town! I don’t bring anybody back home, ever.”

Nobody at all? You’ve never brought any girl to your home before?”

Joongki shook his head. “I’ve never been serious about any girl, so I never saw the need to show them my home which is very private to me and my sister.”

Your sister? You have a sister?”

Seulgi. She’s called Seulgi. But she’s not home tonight. She’s out with her friends. And the coast is clear.”

Why would you need a clear coast?”

Joongki eyed her amusedly and she flinched inwardly. “Sunny, a player like you can’t pretend not to know what this is about, can you?”

Sunny smiled stiffly. “I’m not a player anymore.”

Oh, really? I could have sworn you were playing with me all this time.”

That was just me, the account manager, handling her very important client.”

This very important client is now cordially inviting you, the account manager, into his home for dinner. Surely you would do him the honour?”

Sunny sighed inwardly. Just a dinner. I will give him this much. Then I have to stop it.


Joongki was the perfect gentleman during dinner. Truth be told, if she were not already in love with Yoong, he would have stood a good chance with her. It was an impartial assessment of him but her heart was completely partial to Yoong. Some things were just not meant to be.

Joongki ssi…”

Hold it… hold it… what’s with the sudden formality?”

I think I will call you Joongki ssi from now on.”


I’m sorry but I’m not in a position to accept your advances in this way.”

Not in a position to accept my advances? But you were perfectly willing to accept my advances when you were trying to clinch the deal with me.”

That’s just me doing my job, Joongki ssi.”

Sunny… don’t you have even a little bit of interest in me? We have something. I can feel it.”

Whatever you are feeling, is not how I feel. Joongki ssi, I already have a boyfriend.”

But you said you didn’t!”

I said I didn’t because we wanted to keep it a secret.”

Joongki stood up and moved towards her. By instinct, she got up and moved away.

You… you are a player through and through. You played me to get the deal and now that you have me locked in, you’re kicking me away.”

I’m sorry if I made you feel that way but that was never my intention. I admit to flirting but that is part and parcel of business, especially in sales and you know that.”

I thought we had something more. I really thought I had a chance with you.”

I’m sorry, I’m already spoken for.”

Who is he? Who is your boyfriend?”

I-I can’t say.”

Why can’t you?”

That’s my private life. I don’t wish to divulge that much.”

So now I’m that client that you have no more use for and can’t wait to kick away. You won’t even tell me who your boyfriend is?”

Sunny felt increasingly worried about the situation she was in. She never had a rejection go so badly before. All her previous experiences were with seasoned players who were only out for a good time and she only had to reject them when they began to cross the line which they quickly realized as well. Other men she had rejected were nice enough and took her gentle rejection well. Most of them even remained friends with her. But this… this was not something she had to deal with before—a man who did not look like he was going to take no for an answer.

Fine, I will tell you who my boyfriend is.” Sunny took a deep breath. “It’s Yoong.”



He was on Jeju Island and right in front of me and you pretended that you were not his girlfriend?!”

He wasn’t happy with me going to Jeju Island with you and I was pissed with him when he turned up with a girl.”

So you used me. You linked arms with me.”

I’m sorry. I crossed the line there.”

So you owe me one.”

I’m sorry.”

An apology isn’t enough.”

Then what is?”

This.” Joongki lunged forward and caught Sunny in his arms. He held her head fast in his palms and meshed his lips on hers forcefully.

MMM!!! NO!!!” screamed Sunny but Joongki did not let her go.

He pushed her against a wall and trapped her within his arms before moving his lips to her neck.

No! Please! Stop! STOP!” Sunny was already in tears. She was panicking for his lips were relentless and she could not get out of his iron grip. Then, in a moment of clarity, she recalled a programmed she had watched that taught self-defense. It was a classic move. A lethal one—for men especially.

She raised her knee as quickly as she could in the general direction of his crotch and made solid contact with him. She heard the impact and his scream and that was her window of opportunity. She ran for it as he crouched in pain. Unfortunately, in her panic, she ran into a room instead of the main door and it was too late to run back the other way. She slammed the door shut and locked it as her heart thumped wildly.

She fished her phone from her pocket and dialed the first number that came to mind—Hyoyeon. Unfortunately, Hyoyeon did not answer. Who else? Not Yoong. He’s going to kill Joongki and get himself into trouble. Young? Yes! Young!

It must have been a really bad day for her because Young did not answer either.

Where is everyone when I need them?!” she cried desperately. By this time, Joongki was banging on the door, demanding that she open it. She tried her best to ignore him and thought of someone else to call for help. Yul! Yul oppa!

Again, she was out of luck. She recognized the overseas ringing tone of the phone and ended the call immediately. Her tears were falling like the rain by now and she had never been more desperate in her life.


That single thought struck her like a candle light in the dark and she called Tiffany immediately. Please answer… PLEASE! To her immense relief, Tiffany answered. She was all giggly but stopped abruptly.

Sunny? What’s wrong?”

Help, I’m stuck in Joongki’s house and he’s trying to… trying to…” Sunny broke down into sobs but Tiffany did not seem to need to hear the rest of her sentence to understand what she was trying to say.

Who is Joongki? And where is his house?”

He’s my business partner. I-I don’t know where I am.”

Sunny, check your GPS and send me your location. I’m already on my way to my car. Stay calm Sunny and I’ll be right there.”

O-Okay…” Sunny hanged up and checked her location on her GPS immediately. She sent the address to Tiffany and sank to the floor with her back against the door. She had little strength left in her knees and the floor was a better place for her at the moment.

Sunny, you leave me with no choice.” Joongki’s enraged voice came through the door, sending jolts of fear into Sunny. “I would have given up on the revenge had you given me a chance but since you are lost to me now, it’s time for revenge.”

Revenge? What revenge?” Sunny was confused.

You’ll have to ask Yoong about what he did to my sister.”

What did he do to your sister?”

You should ask him! He’s the asshole who broke my sister’s heart!”

Sunny remained silent behind the door. She knew that Yoong had played with many girls before and no doubt, Joongki’s sister must have been one of Yoong’s girls. All was silent for a while and she got more nervous. What was Joongki up to now? She got on her feet and headed to the windows. If it were possible, she could try to escape from the window. One look out the window, however, was all it took for her to eliminate that option. His home was elevated and she would probably break a leg if she jumped.

All of a sudden, there was a click in the lock and the door was flung open. Sunny screamed and tried to run away from Joongki but to no avail. He caught her and threw her onto the bed in the room. She struggled valiantly but he simply overpowered her with his superior strength even though he was not considered to be a very large man. She heard and felt her blouse ripping open and screamed again. Her screams turned into sobs as Joongki groped her roughly.

She renewed her efforts to get him off but he wouldn’t budge and she was completely trapped under him.

Please… don’t…” cried Sunny as she felt her chances of getting out of this terrifying situation slipping away.

Just then, a girl screamed. She saw a lady standing just outside with a shocked expression. Before the lady could say anything else, however, more confusion took place as Joongki yelled something intelligible and ran towards the door. The girl fainted and Joongki caught her in his arms.

This was Sunny’s chance and she knew it. She clutched her torn blouse to her chest and scrambled out of the room. She heard Joongki’s strangled cry from behind her and ran even faster. She managed to get out of the house. The sounds of his footsteps were just behind her which made her run even faster out of fear. Then, to her utter relief, she saw a familiar looking woman and man jumping out of a car. They ran to the gate and she saw Tiffany and Taeng clearly.

With an extra burst of speed, Sunny reached the gate and pressed a huge white button that was labelled ‘Gate’. The gate was unlocked and she finally got out. Tiffany was already there to hold her. She did not dare to look back. All she heard was Tiffany’s calm and steady voice in her ear.

He’s gone back in Sunny. You’re safe. You’re safe with us.”

Sunny sank to her knees with relief and broke down in sobs again.

Sunny, let’s get into the car, alright?”

Sunny managed to nod and got up with the help of Tiffany. Taeng held the door open for her and she got in with Tiffany by her side. Then he got into the driver’s seat and drove them away.


Hyoyeon smiled as Hyun devoured the last goguma dumpling. The wasabi dumplings lay on the tray untouched and she laughed while thinking about Hyun’s desperate look when he was cornered into eating one. Oh boy, what she would give to have a picture of that look!

By the way, Sunny really did call when you were out. I didn’t make that up.”

Oh! I forgot to call Sunny again!”

Hyoyeon made another call and this time, it was answered.


Hyoyeon was surprised to hear a woman’s voice answering the phone. It was definitely not Sunny’s voice.

Hi, this is Hyoyeon. May I know who you are?”

I’m Tiffany, Sunny’s friend.”

Hyoyeon wondered why Tiffany was speaking in a hushed voice.

I’d like to speak to Sunny if she’s available. She called me a while ago but I was out.”

Oh… I… I don’t know how to put this across…”

What is it? Did something happen to Sunny?” Something about the woman’s voice worried Hyoyeon.

Could you please hold? I’m going to ask Sunny if she wants to speak to you.”

Hyoyeon could hear muffled voices and she waited anxiously. Something was terribly wrong. She could sense it.

Sunny wants to see you. Could you come to her place now?”

Sure. I’ll be right there.”


Hyun offered to drive her to Sunny’s apartment and she gladly accepted his offer. She felt too jittery to drive. It did not take them long to get there and Hyoyeon gave Hyun a quick peck on his cheek.

Thanks Hyun.”

Hyoyeon lost no time in hurrying up to Sunny’s apartment. Tiffany opened the door and Hyoyeon was greeted by her wan smile.

Sunny is in her room. I think she needs you right now.”

Hyoyeon dashed into Sunny’s room at once. Her heart wrenched when she saw a tear stricken Sunny all curled up in bed, hugging a pillow. The petite girl looked positively in need of a big, warm hug and that is exactly what Hyoyeon gave her.

Hyoyeon…” sobbed Sunny, “Hyoyeon…”

Shh… don’t worry about anything. I’m here for you. Your friends are here for you.” Hyoyeon nodded her thanks at Tiffany who closing the door to give them some privacy. “Cry if it will make you feel better.”

Sunny sobbed. Huge, shoulder heaving, body wracking sobs. Hyoyeon did nothing but hug her and pat her back gently. She let the girl cry without saying a word. After some time, Sunny stopped crying. Her sobs turned into sniffs and that was when Hyoyeon spoke.

Feeling better now?” Hyoyeon could feel Sunny nodding her head and pulled away to look at the girl. She wiped Sunny’s tears with her thumb and smiled warmly. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”

I was assaulted.”

Hyoyeon gasped.


Hyoyeon gasped even louder. Then her initial shock turned into anger.

Which asshole did that to you?”

A business partner of mine.”

Well, he ain’t no business partner of yours anymore!”

Sunny shook her head vigorously. “No, no… he still is. He has to be. His business is very important to the company.”

Are you out of your mind? Do you intend to work with a man who has done such horrible things to you?”

It’s my fault. I flirted with him and gave him the wrong impression. And… he was angry about something else too…”

No way in hell could that have been your fault!!! Sunny Lee Soonkyu!!! You need some rest. You’re not thinking straight.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door and Tiffany entered the room with a ringing phone. “It’s Yoong.”

Sunny shook her head violently. “Don’t answer it! Let it ring. I… I can’t face him right now.”

Tiffany sighed but did not argue. She left the room with the ringing phone and closed the door again.

Hyoyeon turned to Sunny and looked at her seriously. “Sunny, you need to tell Yoong about this.”

No! I can’t! Yoong is very jealous and if he knows that this happened to me… he’s going to kill Joongki.”

Joongki is the guy who…”

Sunny nodded and gripped Hyoyeon’s hands very tightly. “Please keep this a secret for me. Please.”

Hyoyeon did not agree with Sunny but with her friend in such a fragile state, she did not wish to antagonize her any further so she smiled and nodded.

Your secret is safe with me. Don’t worry. Now, get some rest.”


Yul looked at the sleeping princess whom he held in his arms and smiled. She looked so peaceful and serene. She looked so precious and vulnerable. She looked so attractive and sensual. He stopped himself from looking any further down. He knew that he would enter the land of no return if he looked any more.

Jessica frustrated him that way. He had always prided himself on self-control but she constantly tested his competence in that area. She had the power to anger, please, arouse, surprise, shock, and excite him. Yet that was not the end of the list. She had introduced a whole range of emotions that he never thought could go together, such as anger and arousal or shock and excitement. He had lied to more than a hundred people for her. He found himself going soft on some of the rules that he would never have dreamed of bending. Gosh, what was this power that she had over him? Yet she was so soft, gentle (albeit, not always) and reliant on him and others. What was it about Jessica?

I’ll never know… will I?” he said softly to himself, not wanting to wake the sleeping princess.

He was ‘sicawitched’. Yes, he just made the word up for he could find no other word to explain it. Despite being ‘sicawitched’, he knew that he would have to be stronger for the two of them. He would trade his wish for her betterment. He would tell her that his wish was for her to have a working life.


You want me to find work to earn my keep?!” Jessica looked at him incredulously, bordering on scoffing at his wish.

You spend all your time shopping, getting manicures, pedicures, going out with your socialite friends and with me. Don’t you think you need to find more focus in your life?”

My focus is you,” said Jessica simply, with an adoring look that almost knocked his socks off.

Sica,” Yul clenched his teeth, determined to stay focused on the topic, “You promised to fulfill my wish and I’ve already done three of yours. It’s a more than beneficial exchange for you, isn’t it?”

I can’t believe that your wish is for me to get some work!”

Why is it so hard to believe?”

I don’t need to work! My Dad has more than enough money for me to live seven lives in luxury.”

Work is not only about the money, Sica.”

Oh? What else is it besides toil and suffering then?”

Do I look like I’m toiling and suffering at work?”

Mmm… not really… but you’re no ordinary man. You’re Yul. Most of the people I know whine about going to work all the time.”

That’s because they aren’t doing what they want and like to.”

Jessica eyed him for a moment before commenting, “That means you really love your job so much that it’s not toil and suffering?”

Let’s put it into perspective. You love me, right?”

Jessica nodded. “Of course I do.” She smiled.

So you would gladly do things for me if you love me.”

Jessica narrowed her eyes into slits. “Are you trying to trap me with your clever words?”

Tsk, I’m not trying to trap you. Why would I? I just want you to see that working for what you love is neither toil nor suffering. On the contrary, it is tiring but satisfying.”

I don’t like to be tired.” Jessica grimaced.

Are you sure? That’s what you were last night.”

Yul! Be serious!” Jessica turned pink at the mention of last night.

I am very serious, Sica. Work is about the same as sex in some ways. If you do it with the right job, it’s tiring but completely satisfying at the end of the day. Just like having sex with someone you love.”

Can work really be as satisfying as sex is with you?” Jessica was beginning to look curious.

Yul smiled. “Yes it can, in a different way. It’s less physical and more psychological.”

Hmm… your wish is for me to find work, huh?”

Yes, it is. Please fulfill it for me? There’s no rush. You can take your time to look for something you like to do.”


Really?” Yul perked up instantly. “Say you promise!” Oh boy, was he excited over this!

Jessica giggled. “I promise.”

And seal it with a kiss.” Yul grinned cheekily and pointed towards his lips. He smiled inwardly when he felt her on his lips. He wrapped his arms around her that instant and refused to let her go until he was done kissing her thoroughly.

Yul… you’re such a beast.” Jessica bit her lip and looked at him shyly.

Yul laughed. “It’s all your fault, baby. It’s all your fault.”

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