PD: Sexy Black Pearl Special

Sexy Black Pearl Special

Sunny was heating up. And just like the sun, heat radiated from her, scorching everything around her, including Yoong. He obviously felt the heat too, for he pulled away from her and focused his smoldering eyes on her. Words were not required as their lips soon found another use for themselves aside from talking. It was the language of love in the most tangible way.

It was as though every touch had been magnified; the sensations were so intense. Every feathery brush of his lips on hers elicited whimpers from her and those little sounds resounded within the confinement of the car, echoing all around them. Sounds of his lips on hers, sounds of their clothes rubbing against the brand new leather and sounds of his and her desire had melded into a mash of desire inducing melodies that seeped into their subconscious, bringing up the rate of their heartbeats.

As a result, his kisses grew more and more ardent, her whimpers, louder and louder and the flames of their passion climbed higher and higher. Sunny did not know how she ended up straddling Yoong but she took advantage of her new position to deepen their kiss. Her fingers clutched desperately at his hair, needing, wanting to feel more of him on her. She was remotely aware that she was grinding her hips on him and that her skirt had ridden up her thighs, exposing the entire length of her legs to his roaming hands. She could feel his hands exploring, caressing her as their tongues danced merrily to the tune of a slow waltz that existed only in their heads. It was a slow and leisurely exploration and declaration executed purely by the sense of touch.


She barely noticed her blouse falling off her shoulders but she definitely felt it when he kissed the treasures that lay underneath her brassiere. She shivered from the sensations of his lips brushing against the sides and undersides of her proud assets—a delicious prelude to what she knew would come next. Soft little moans made way for much louder ones when he finally captured her pointy tip between his lips and flicked on it with his tongue. Her back arched and her nails dug into his shirt as the sensations overwhelmed her mind and instinct took over.

Several feeble attempts by her consciousness were made to stop herself from going all the way in her brand new car in the car park of the building where they both worked. However, another inner voice fought back and argued that it was much too late for anybody else to be in the building and she need not worry about being seen since the windows were as tinted as legally possible. Yet, in the midst of her inner thoughts’ debate, her hands had already unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Her panties had somehow made their way down to her knees somewhere along the way and a quick manoeuvre was all it took to be rid of them completely.

Yoongie… please… I need you now,” Sunny begged suddenly, “Please take me now.”

She looked deep into Yoong’s eyes as she begged, silently communicating the great significance of her voluntary ‘defeat’. It was no longer about having the upper hand. It was about holding hands. She understood that and she wanted him to know how she felt. His eyes clouded over and his mouth fell open at her words but he lost no time in obliging her pleas.

He lifted her bottom and they shifted, adjusting to position themselves. And as soon as they were aligned, Sunny lowered herself swiftly, all the way down in a single sitting. He was surprised by the suddenness of her action. She could tell from his wide open eyes. She was pleased to hear his grunt of pleasure and was determined to milk him for all she was worth.

Upon lowering the seat to get more comfortable, she felt for his nipples through his shirt and nipped at them, inducing a low guttural growl from him. She liked hearing his growl so she nipped at them again. All this while, her hips never stopped grinding and a delicious ball of sensation was building up in the pits of her stomach. In this position, multiple points of her nerves were stimulated and it was not long before she found herself biting her lower lip as stars burst behind her eyes. Her arms gave way and she slumped onto his chest, breathing heavily as his arms snaked around her, rubbing her bare skin enticingly.

However, it was evident that he was not done for she could feel him, hard and strong, throbbing within her. His eyes were closed, presumably enjoying the sensation of her clenching all around him as she climaxed but she had other plans.


The man beneath her was lost in a sea of sensation.


Sunny looked down and saw the ring on her finger. Seeing it unleashed a new wave of warm, fuzzy feelings and she purred. Yoong’s eyes flew open and met hers.

Was that you?” he asked.

Sunny beamed and nodded.

Wow, I’ve never heard that sound coming from you before.”

Do you like it?”

Like it? I love it.” Yoong flashed an impish grin and reached up to pull her down to his chest where he held her tight against his chest. “It’s the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard.”

Sunny purred again as he started to thrust his hips and bounce her on his lap.

Oh… Yoongie…” she moaned when several of his thrusts hit her sweet spot. “Yoongie…”

Somewhere in the middle of their lovemaking, they shifted and toppled onto the back seats which had been flattened prior to her seeing it. In the midst of her clouded thoughts popped up the realization that Yoong had probably anticipated this and made space in preparation for it. And as she lay on her back with him hovering over her, she smiled.

Feeling good, bunny?”

You were totally anticipating this, weren’t you?”

Yoong’s devilishly handsome grin was her answer and she slapped his arm playfully as she chided him, “How could you think of doing it here in the car park of where we work?”

I was actually thinking of driving you somewhere dark and quiet. I wanted to make love to you under the stars but things took their own course…” Yoong replied as he re-entered her nice and slowly.

The sensation was too good and Sunny moaned, nice and long, “Yoongie…”

She lost count of the number of times she muttered his name (not that she was actually counting) as they moved together languidly. Yoong seemed to be in no hurry and perfectly happy to thrust slowly and deliberately in and out of her. And in some ways, it was driving her nuts.

Yoongie… can you… go faster?”

Bunny, how fast do you want me to go?”

Sunny grew red in the face but her need to get somewhere with this was greater than the inertia of her shyness so she said, “As fast as you can go.”

Yoong chuckled and kissed her thoroughly. Then all of a sudden, he sped up and went from ten to a hundred miles per hour in less than three seconds.

Surprised by the sudden pick up in speed, Sunny could only gasp and hold on to his arms. However, it did not take her long to pick up on the rhythm and soon, she was moving along with him, completely in sync again. The pleasure mounted higher and higher until she was sure that her brains were about to explode and explode she did, right after he unleashed himself within her. They called for each other in their throes of passion and in a blinding moment, nothing but a stark white vision could be seen.


It took the two of them a while to come back down from the heights of their pleasure but when they finally touched down, their lips found each other again and they melted into a tender, loving kiss. Then they hugged each other close, enjoying the feeling of the heaving chest of the other and relishing in their post-coital bliss.


After some time, Sunny tilted her head up and planted a kiss on his lips.

Yoongie, when did you start thinking about getting engaged?” she asked curiously.

Mmm… the first instance was when you didn’t return my calls after that dinner,” Yoong eyed Sunny cautiously; concerned that she may be uncomfortable with him mentioning it again. But he was relieved to see her tiny nod that indicated that she was alright so he continued. “Then there was the moment when you said that you wanted to try harder for me and wore that sexy bra and panties especially for me. And to think that I had stupidly gotten myself drunk at Seventh Heaven and allowed that woman to have a chance to upset you.”

Sunny squeezed his biceps comfortingly and shook her head. “Yoongie…”

Yoong gritted his teeth and continued, “Seeing how far you would go for me at the expense of yourself really… it really got to me. And to be honest, I spoke to my grandpa about Hyesun afterwards.”

He could feel Sunny tensing up in his arms as he went on, “Let’s just say that it didn’t go very well and I left fuming mad. But I learnt one thing about myself after seeing my grandpa. I learnt that I really want you. I would never have gone up against him for any other girl and he obviously knows that I’m serious about you. He wouldn’t have sent Hyesun to me otherwise.”

Is Hyesun really your fiancée then?”

In my grandpa’s dreams, she is.”


Shh…don’t worry about this. I’ve long made it known to my family that I can do everything they ask but the one thing they will not have power over is the choice of my wife.”


Thank you, bunny.”


Yoong chuckled at the sight of her confused look and said, “Thank you for not rejecting me. I was really hoping that you would accept the ring and I think I just showed you how happy I am because you accepted it.”

Her shy smile did funny things to his heart and he was sure his voice came out funny when he said, “Let’s get dressed properly and go home. You’re coming home with me tonight.”


Hyoyeon clicked and clicked and clicked. She was looking for a nice gift for Hyun for their third month anniversary. She surfed page after page, unhappy with what she found until she hit the mother lode.

It would be the perfect gift, she thought. A few more clicks had her giggling as cheeky thoughts occupied her mind. She stared at the picture and decided that she had to order that as well. She just had to.

This is perfect.” Hyoyeon cackled as thoughts of Hyun’s possible reactions to her gifts flashed by in her mind. She clicked and paid for her purchases in high spirits and raised her hands in victory. “Good job, Hyoyeon!”


Tiffany was feeling jittery. Even though Jessica had assured her that her father would stop all his papers from reporting about the dramatic events at her car show, she could not help but worry. She tossed and turned as her worries overtook her mind and was unable to sleep. Today’s papers did not print any negative reports of the event but she felt that she had to check the next day’s papers to be sure that they were in the clear.


Tae…I’m sorry, my tossing and turning must have woken you up.”

It’s alright. What’s wrong? What can’t you sleep?”

I’m worried about what the reviews will be like in the papers tomorrow.”

Don’t worry. I said many good things about the car show on my radio show tonight. And Gyuri told me that she will do the same on her show too.”

Gyuri…Gyuri…” Tiffany muttered softly under her breath. She did not want to hear about Gyuri when it was just the two of them lying in bed. “Go back to sleep, Tae.” She turned her back on Taeng and nestled her head into her pillow, feeling displeased.

The bed dipped and she felt Taeng’s breath on the nape of her neck. It tickled her a little but she ignored it. Then she felt his hesitant hands slipping around her waist and his chin fitted into the curve of her neck like a jigsaw. She sighed and leaned back against him. It felt good to do that. And the unexpected happened. Taeng began humming in her ear. It was a song that she found familiar but did not quite recognize. His soft hum calmed her nerves and his arms felt secure. Her worries faded away and soon she was sound asleep in his arms.


Hyoyeon presented the box of gifts to Hyun shyly. They were in her home. He had sent her there after a wonderful date that started off with a candlelight dinner, followed by a leisurely stroll downtown and wrapped up with a late night movie—all of which had been planned and arranged by Hyun for their anniversary.

Happy three months, Hyoyeonie.”

They were at her doorstep and he had leaned in to kiss her goodnight but she stopped him from leaving, saying that she had something for him.

She studied his face anxiously as he pulled the ribbon off and opened the box. She had folded and placed the boxers under the iPad cover which in turn was under the iPhone cover. She smiled when his face lit up at the sight of his favourite goguma designed covers. He took his iPhone out immediately and changed its cover. Then he took his iPad out from his briefcase and changed its cover too.

An onslaught of shyness took over her mind suddenly and she closed the box hastily, regretting her decision to get him the boxers for an instant. What would he think of her upon seeing that? She didn’t want to find out.

There’s something else in the box.”

No, there isn’t.

Hyun stretched his hand to take the box from her but she dodged away from him.

There is. I saw it.”

There’s nothing left. I only bought the covers for you.”

Give me the box.”


Hyun darted forward and reached around her to grab the box that she now held behind her and she stepped backwards to avoid him. And that was the beginning of a cat and mouse game. He chased her all around her house and she found it rather exhilarating to be chased like that. However, the exhilaration soon turned into desperation when she found herself cornered. He caged her in a corner and grabbed the box from her with a triumphant shout.

As such, there was nothing she could do but watch as he opened the box again. He took the boxers out, read the words on it and the cutest blush tinted his cheeks as he looked between Hyoyeon and the boxers she bought for him.

An awkward silence stretched between them until Hyun spoke again.

I…I’ll be sure to wear them. T-Thank you.”

Hyoyeon nodded mutely, feeling shy, embarrassed and flustered all at once.

I wasn’t thinking about a-anything when I bought them for you. They looked cute a-and I felt that it suits you. What with the words and all.”

I didn’t say anything about you thinking about anything.”

Hyoyeon coughed awkwardly and all of a sudden, there was nothing she wanted more than to be away from Hyun, away from his curious gaze.

Alright, it’s late. You have to go now.” Hyoyeon pushed Hyun to the door and opened it. She pushed him outside and shut the door before he could say anything else.


Later that night, she received a text message.

Hyunnie 01:15

Thank you for giving me such wonderful gifts. I tried on the boxers and they are very comfortable. Goodnight. Sweet dreams.

She squealed and her toes curled from the gush of strange sensations that filled her suddenly. And suddenly, all she could think about was Hyun sleeping in the boxers that she bought for him. Or did he sleep in the nude? After a moment of contemplation, she decided that he wasn’t the kind of guy who would sleep in the nude and there was a high chance that he was wearing the goguma boxers to sleep.

Why am I even thinking about this?!

She squealed again and shook her head at herself.

No more funny thoughts, Kim Hyoyeon. Go to bed!


The teasing had been going on for a couple of days now and Krystal had about just enough of it. She knew that people in the company would talk and gossip about how Young had protected her from Malina. She was prepared to handle curious looks and pesky, nosy questions from her co-workers. She had handled it well on the first day—smiling and telling everybody who asked that she was not Young’s girlfriend.

However, her patience ran thin and it didn’t help that a co-worker that she didn’t particularly like wouldn’t let up on the questioning during lunch time.

Will I be calling you Mrs. Choi soon?”

By next year I suppose.”

What?” the co-worker spluttered as her eyes bulged like a toad’s.

Isn’t that what you want to hear?”

Ah, so you were only joking with me. My heart almost stopped for a second there.”

I wish it did.”

Oh come on, don’t be so mean to me. I’m your teammate! I’m only asking out of concern for you. I heard that you were slapped really hard and now that I’m sitting here, I can see that it must have hurt very badly.”


And? I’m showing concern for you, Krystal.”

Thanks for your concern.”

So you aren’t the third party huh.”

Krystal scoffed. “I’m not even in a party. We’re just friends. And if you’re not going to believe me, don’t ask.”


Hyunseung sat a distance away from Krystal, watching her out of the corner of his eyes. Looking at her, he found it hard to believe that she was a Jung. Illegitimate or not. Why would a rich girl subject herself to hardship like this? If he had a first class ticket to riches, he would definitely quit his job and enjoy himself. Yet, Hara’s words had to be true. Why would she lie to him?

He knew that Hara was probably not as nice as Junhyung made her out to be but there was little or no reason for her to lie about this. Hara had made it clear that she hated Jessica Jung to the core and she wanted him to woo Krystal and take advantage of who she was and the wealth that she would one day inherit. Once he had taken what he wanted from her, he could dump her, Hara had told him.

When Hara told him about the plan she had for Krystal, he felt a pang of pity for his best friend. Junhyung was a truly good man. He had helped him through difficult times and was always generous with his wealth in a non-showy manner. He helped out of kindness and expected nothing in return. But to open his eyes to Hara’s true colours would be nothing short of impossible. Junhyung was, if anything, an obstinate man who would not change his mind once he had it set on something. One perfect example of that was how he picked up and left for Japan to further his studies despite objections from all of his family members.

As his eyes landed on Krystal again, he pushed all thoughts of Junhyung and Hara out of his mind. Krystal was his target. Girls had never been a problem for him but Krystal was different. She was the kind of girl who would do things that nobody could understand, such as shying away from her status as a Jung. How could anyone reject that much money? He did not understand. He did not have to understand. All he had to do was to make her fall in love with him and have the time of his life with the money he would eventually persuade her to accept.

Oh yes, that was the plan.


Jessica was feeling sad. Yul had not spoken to her since that night and she was dying to be back in his good books again. It had been almost forty-eight hours of Yul’s silence and it was getting unbearable for her. To top it off, his birthday was the very next day and she wanted to celebrate it with him very badly. She had planned to take him out to dinner at one of the most luxurious restaurants in Seoul, followed by a happy time in bed but it looked like those plans were not going to work out.

She had to change her plans. There had to be some other way out of this. And that’s when she thought of her wishes, orange sunset and yellow sunrise. Ever since the fulfilment of her ‘green meadow’ wish, she had been looking forward to fulfilling more of them but things kept cropping up to prevent her from planning it. As such, she was all the more determined to carry out not one but two of her wishes on his birthday. It would kill two birds with one stone, she supposed. She could surprise him with her wish and hope that he would be appeased by it.

Thinking that it was a brilliant idea, she jumped up and zipped around, scrambling to get the things she needed ready. It had always been her fantasy to welcome her man with a nice dinner ready. In her orange sunset fantasy, she would be dressed in little more than an apron and he would be so taken with her that he would take her right there and then in the kitchen.

She knew that it would be a little difficult with Yul. He valued hygiene in the kitchen and having sexy activities in there was not exactly the most hygienic thing to do. However, it was a special day and she was doing something special so she hoped that he would relent and allow her fantasy to come true.

Determined to make things work, she looked up the recipe for spaghetti bolognese and thought that it was quite an easy dish to make. She gathered the necessary ingredients in Yul’s kitchen and set them neatly on the counter top. However, that was when she paused. She remembered how long it took her to make a perfect omelette and she was beginning to doubt herself. No, she did not have the time to make it a second time if she messed up on the first. It had to be perfect in one try. But how?


The doorbell rang and Jessica dashed to open it. Her saviour had arrived.

SAMCHON!” she greeted her favourite chef enthusiastically.

Sooyeon ah, I never thought I’ll ever live to see this day, but I guess, miracles can happen, no?”

Samchon…” she whined and pouted but he only chuckled in response.

She tugged at his arm and pulled him into the kitchen. “I’m making spaghetti bolognese and I can’t afford to mess it up.”

She looked desperately at him but found hope when he patted his chest confidently and said, “Don’t worry. I’m here to help you. Let’s begin.”


Things were going quite well in the kitchen with her chef around. He showed her how to chop the vegetables and she was suitably impressed by the speed at which he could do it.

Samchon, have I ever told you that you chop really, really fast?”

Her chef laughed and said, “Many times, Sooyeon ah, many times.”

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Oh really? When did I say that?”

When you were five? You used to say it all the time when you hanged around my kitchen. Then you stopped hanging out in my kitchen after a while.”

Jessica smiled as she thought of how happy she had been in his kitchen. But her smile faded when she was reminded of why she stopped going to his kitchen. It was there that she had unwittingly walked in on her father with another woman. And even though she had not caught on fully to what the truth was, going to the kitchen made her feel odd after that and so she stopped going.


Her chef’s loud cry startled her and she froze but it was too late. She looked down and saw the damage that had already been done. There was a fine, brimming red line on her finger that was not there before. For a moment, she did not feel any pain but as soon as she moved her finger, she dropped her knife and howled in pain.

SAMCHON… it hurts…” she cried like a baby.

Her chef whipped out a compact first aid kit from his bag and proceeded to tend to her cut immediately.

Do you actually carry the kit wherever you go?” Jessica was surprised.

No, I packed it because you said you were going to cook.”


Jessica stood staring at the simmering pot of beef bolognese as she nursed her injured hand. Her favourite chef had instructed her to keep it simmering gently until Yul got back. The problem was, Yul was at work and she had no idea when he would be coming back. She looked at the clock and sighed. Could he have forgotten about his birthday?

It was highly possible that he could have forgotten about his birthday, considering how engrossed he could get in his work. She sighed again. It was getting late. Surely he ought to be coming home soon? She decided to lie down on the couch to wait. Standing in the kitchen was tiring her legs out. So she turned off the stove, put a lid on the pot of beef bolognese and headed out to the living room. It was a little chilly in the living room since all she had on was an apron, so she pulled the couch blanket over herself. She snuggled comfortably under the blanket and waited. And waited…and waited…


All was quiet when Yul came home. He opened the door and looked around his house. The lights were on but there was no one. As he walked further into his apartment, however, he was met by the aroma of something in his kitchen. Upon entering the said place, it was obvious to him that cooking had taken place and it did not take him long to discover the beef bolognese that was sitting in a pot. It was still warm, so the stove must have been turned off only a while ago. Jessica must have cooked this but where was she now?

He tried the bedroom but it was empty. So was the bathroom. Feeling puzzled, he headed back out to the living room and there, before his very eyes, laid his sleeping beauty. Her sleeping on the couch meant that she had probably been waiting for him to surprise him with the bolognese that she had cooked. His heart warmed at the thought and he smiled.

However, it did not last long. A sudden and guilt inducing realization struck him. It was the eve of his birthday and she had done all this for him! Despite him giving her the cold shoulder for the past couple of days! He groaned softly and buried his face in his palms, rubbing it roughly as he did. He felt terrible for ignoring her. Yes, she was not perfect and neither was he, but on hindsight, she probably did not deserve to be ignored for so long.

It had seemed easier to ignore her than to explain how he felt about her calling him those names. Scumbag, in particular, had hit a sore spot and he chose to withdraw and be silent rather than to blow up at her as he had in the past. He would have explained things to her in an organized manner but the cases were stacking up at work and he found himself too drained to explain anything when he got home. Still, those reasons sounded like pathetic excuses to him. He should have taken better care of her.

You’re my sleeping beauty…” he murmured as he lowered his lips onto hers, brushing them lightly before straightening his back again.

Just then, her eyes fluttered open. Their eyes met and time seemed to stand still between them. And a mere fraction of a second was all it took for him to fall in love with her all over again.



Happy Birthday, Kwon seobang.”

Her voice was as soft as the finest feathers in luxurious pillows yet it managed to sink deep into him and touch him at his very core.

Thank you. Did you cook that bolognese for me?”

Jessica moved her head up and down slightly and he chuckled.

You actually managed to cook without setting my kitchen on fire?”

Her eye lashes lowered and shielded her eyes from his as she answered, “I asked samchon for help.”

Ah… I see… so he did the cooking while you watched?” he teased.

To which her voice gained a steely edge as she replied, “No, he guided me along but I did it all by myself. See?” She pulled her hand from under the blanket and he saw the band aid wrapped around her left index finger.

He gasped and held her hand. “Did you cut your finger?”

She pouted and nodded diminutively, looking like a little girl who needed to be coddled. His lips twitched at the sight of her. She could be maddeningly childish and attention seeking at times but this was who she was. This was what appealed to him at the very beginning—her need to be protected and his need to protect—and ultimately, was also what made them such a perfect match.

He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her finger tenderly. “Does it still hurt?”

He noticed her slight hesitation before shaking her head. “Were you perhaps considering lying that it hurts to make me feel guilty about it?”

She bit her lip and remained silent but he already had his answer. He smiled knowingly and shook his head at her. Jessica would always be Jessica.

A quick glance at the clock revealed that it was way past bedtime so he slipped his arms under her to scoop her up. He would have stood up and carried her to bed if not for the fact that he could feel her bare skin with his arms. He moved his arms about and found more bare skin instead of any trace of clothing. A sly grin had formed on Jessica’s face and something told him that bolognese was not the only thing she had been cooking up.

Sica… are you going to explain why you don’t seem to be wearing anything?”

It’s a surprise for you.”

A surprise for me?”

Jessica giggled and sat up. The blanket fell off her shoulders and he finally understood what she was talking about. His jaw dropped and his eyes bulged as they drank in the most alluring sight of her covered in nothing more than a little pink apron.

Sica baby…”

She giggled again and rounded his neck with her arms, drawing him closer to her as she whispered seductively, “I’m your birthday present tonight. Do you like?”

All of his blood drained from his head, chest and arms and rushed down south in that instant. Unable to find the right words to say, he growled that low, guttural growl that never failed to make her wild.

Stand up,” he instructed in a deep, husky voice.

She stood before him and smoothed down the apron that barely covered her modesty. He groaned. She was sexier than he had ever imagined. He could see a lot of her from the side and that certainly did not help him to keep his cool at all. Yet, he was determined not to let her effort go to waste. There was a pot of bolognese to devour before he started on her.

Please serve dinner now. I’m famished.”

Her look of utter disbelief almost made him lose his composure and burst into madcap laughter but he managed to hold on to a thread of sanity and force his face to remain stoic. Her eyes trailed down to his hips and locked on the emerging bulge there but he repeated his request before she could say anything else.

Baby, please serve dinner. I can’t wait to taste what you cooked for me.”

She bit her lip and nodded. She turned and headed to the kitchen and he was treated to an eyeful of her totally naked back which got his blood pumping even faster. Groaning inwardly, he subtly shifted his pants before seating down at the dining table. He watched as she scooped spaghetti onto a plate, all the while mentally resisting the urge to take her there and then, apron and all. He continued to watch her as she poured a ladle of beef bolognese onto the spaghetti, enjoying the alluring view to his heart’s content. His eyes then followed her as she brought the dish out and placed it before him.

A sudden naughty idea popped into his head as he looked at her. He held her wrist and tugged on it, causing her to look at him questioningly.

Feed me.”

Her eyes widened and she pulled away shyly but he yanked her arm and she ended up sitting on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight. He was sure that she could feel the evidence of how badly he wanted her, with her bottom practically plastered to him but he calmly repeated his request.

Feed me.”

She wiggled her hips and he groaned. He was aching and she probably knew it for she grinned mischievously as she picked up the fork, plunged it into the middle of the spaghetti and began twirling it. She glided her free arm over his shoulder and brought the forkful of spaghetti to him. However, just as he opened his mouth to taste it, she pulled the fork away.

Baby?” he reacted in surprise.

I will feed you if you promise me something.”

What do you want?”

I want you to make love to me in the kitchen tonight.”

He twitched upon hearing her request and it was a concerted effort for him to stay calm and say, “Baby, I was planning on doing just that after I get to taste your cooking.”


Jessica giggled excitedly and brought the fork to his lips again. He chewed the spaghetti as she looked at him expectantly. Without making any comment whatsoever, he swallowed and opened his mouth to ask for more. She pouted but obliged him with another forkful of spaghetti and it was not long before he finished up all of it. He licked and smacked his lips, all the while aware of the fact that she was waiting for his appraisal of her cooking but he decided to prolong her wait.

Now, it’s time to do the dishes,” he instructed as he hoisted her off his lap and back onto her feet. He patted her bare butt twice before standing up with a roguish smile plastered all over his face.

She sighed exaggeratedly but he placed the empty plate in her hands and gave her a gentle push towards the kitchen. The slump in her shoulders was evident but she acquiesced to his demand. He followed her into the kitchen and stood behind her as she reached for the tap. The sight of her bare butt sticking out at him pushed him over the precipice and he lost whatever hold he had over himself.

With an animalistic growl, he pushed her against the sink and folded his arms around her, trapping her arms to her side. She squealed in surprise and he attacked her bare shoulders, nipping and licking her skin as he liked. He grinded his hips against her, seeking relief from the torture he had inflicted upon himself with the long wait. He grunted as he felt her hips pushing back against him. It was a delicious feeling.

His hands got busy and tasked themselves to tease her two little nubs up north into hardness. His fingers glided over the thin apron and found the two points easily. They began swiping to and fro over their target and achieved their objective within seconds. Unhappy with just feeling her through the apron, he slipped his hands under it and found her twin domes again. He cupped her and squeezed, eliciting louder moans from her. He fed off the sensuality of her moans and that led to his pants getting tighter and tighter.

Sica, take my pants off, baby.”

He turned her around to face him and freed her arms, allowing her to fumble with his belt and zip. In the meantime, he occupied himself with her cute tips which were straining against the confinement of the apron she had on. He nipped them playfully with his teeth and grinned when she hissed. He then reached under her apron and pushed one of her domes up to avail it to his wicked tongue.

He unleashed hell (or was it heaven?) on her little hub of nerves, licking it mercilessly even as his pants and boxers dropped to his ankles and set him free. But the feeling of her hand holding him firmly made him groan and shiver with pleasure and he lost his hold on her.

What kind of love do you want to make, baby?” he asked. “Fast and furious or slow and luxurious?”

Fast and furious now. Slow and luxurious later.”

Yul laughed. Why wasn’t he the least bit surprised that she wanted more than one serving of love making? But he was most willing to oblige. Especially with her in an apron like that.

Fast and furious it is then.”

He bent her over the counter and felt her with his fingers. She shivered as he ran his fingers up and down, teasing her where she was most sensitive. He littered kisses all over her back as he shifted himself. And with one strong thrust, they moaned together as they became one. He started off slow but picked up the pace as he went along and she was being very encouraging with her moans and whimpers.

You’re the best and hottest cook ever, baby.” And he nipped at her ear lobe, pulling at it gently as he continued to move his hips. “Your spaghetti bolognese was the best I’ve ever had.”

She turned around to look at him and he captured her lips in a haunting kiss that overruled all sense and sensibility as he upped the tempo yet again. He slipped a free hand down south to find her pleasure point and when he found it, he flicked it. She jerked from the sensitivity of it but he continued to attack it relentlessly. And that was when he began to feel the prelude to what would be an intense release of ultimate pleasure that coursed through their veins to every inch of their being.

He kept it up even as she wailed his name into his mouth and held on tight as his own release almost had him reeling. He slowed down to a rocking pace and whispered sweet nothings in her ear, planting kisses up and down her neck as he did. She too uttered his name numerous times in a hushed voice as she rocked with him.

Finally, their rocking slowed down to the point of motionlessness. Neither moved, simply staying in the same position, as they tried to recover from their trip to euphoria land. Yul found her hands and held them in his, pulling her upright with him. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her waist, entwining her arms along with his. And there they stood in the kitchen, kissing each other tenderly until he found himself coming back to life within her.

Do you like that feeling, baby?” he asked and wiggled his hips teasingly.

She squealed at the sensation and giggled delightfully. “Slow and luxurious now?” she asked as she batted her eyelids at him innocently.

Slow and luxurious is best done in bed.”

And with that, he tightened his grip on her waist and lifted her, drawing several excited squeals from her. He walked into his bedroom and put her back down. He then pushed her onto the bed before pouncing on her playfully.

Slowly…” he murmured against her parted lips as he undid the strings of her apron and pulled it off, “and luxuriously…” thereafter, running his hands all over her naked body, “all night long…”


She was snuggled comfortably with him in bed when something told her to get up even though her entire body protested vehemently against it.

Get up!

It’s too early to wake up!

Have you forgotten about your yellow sunrise?! GET UP!

One of her inner thoughts won the argument and her eyes flew open. In spite of the tiredness she felt, the thought of playing out yet another fantasy of hers got her blood pumping and she felt more alive at once. She extracted herself from his arms very carefully and snuck into the bathroom with her bag of clothes. Oh boy, she sure was looking forward to her yellow sunrise!


Yul wasn’t sure if he was still dreaming or not. Something about that gleam in Jessica’s eyes told him that he was not, however. Not even in dreams could anybody’s eyes gleam with such intensity and firepower that could jolt even the most dormant cell within him. Yet, the view he had of her as she stood at the foot of his bed was somewhat surreal. It was as though she had lost some kind of bet and was doing some kind of kinky forfeit. How else could he explain why she was all decked out in the cutest, sexiest, mind-blowing power suit he had ever seen?

That outfit would not have been allowed in the office, he was sure of that. For one, her hip-hugging black skirt was way too short. It showed much more leg than it covered and would have gotten her into the wet dreams of many male co-workers.

And if the skirt didn’t cause any nose bleeds, her blouse most certainly would have. It was much too tight up there and there weren’t enough buttons buttoned up. He could even see the outline of her black lacy bra through the very sheer material of her white blouse. That would have definitely sunk the productivity level in any workplace for the entire day.

And perhaps what made the whole look come together was the pair of bookish spectacles that sat on the bridge of her nose. In short it made her look like the hottest woman in the office that anyone could ever meet.

S-Sica? Is that really you?”

Happy Birthday Kwon Seobang. This is part two of your present.”

Yul almost saluted her. To think that she had managed to wake herself up before he did just to get herself ready for this. Yet, a naughty part of him wanted to tease her.

Baby, I’m sorry. I have to go to the office this morning.”

But it’s your birthday! And it’s Saturday!” whined Jessica.

I know, baby. But I have way too many cases on hand at the moment. The crime rate seems to escalate when we get near to a holiday season. There are a lot more burglaries and thefts around Christmas,” Yul sighed. “It’s so ironic.”

Yul… it can be a quick one… you can still go to the office after!”

Sica, I have many cases to work on and having another round is going to make it really difficult for me to focus.”

Jessica’s face fell faster than Yul could say ‘Sica baby’ and he almost burst out laughing at her wet and miserable puppy look.

But I really, really want to fulfill this wish…”

She had spoken in a tiny voice but he heard her vaguely.

This is one of your wishes?” he asked. “And so was last night’s?” he added as an afterthought. “This is not all for me?”

No, it’s not only for me! It’s for you too! It’s for us!”

And what was last night’s wish called?”

Orange sunset.”

Orange sunset is about doing it in the kitchen?”

Mmmhmm. At sunset.” Jessica nodded. “My fantasy was actually for you to come onto me whilst I was cooking dinner in nothing but an apron but coming onto me whilst I’m doing the dishes way after sunset works too.”

Seeing Jessica smiling shyly while decked out in such mouth-watering attire was doing things to his manhood but he maintained his composure.

And what’s this about?”

It’s my yellow sunrise fantasy. You’re supposed to stop me from going to work.”

The irony of reality versus her fantasy was a little too much to bear and Yul finally lost his composure. Laughs of an epic proportion escaped from him and resonated around the room.

You do realize that the last thing I will do is stop you from going to work.” Yul’s eyes twinkled with amusement.

Fantasies aren’t meant to be realistic. They wouldn’t be fantasies otherwise.” Jessica frowned and pouted. “So do you really have work today or are you just bullying me again?”

I’m not bullying you. I’m just teasing you,” Yul corrected her with a smile.

You’re totally bullying me. I planned all this and sacrificed my blood and finger to make dinner for you because I really want to make your birthday memorable for you. This is the first birthday I’m celebrating for you and I want it to be really special but what are you doing to me? Lying that you’re going to work and making me sad. Do you know that I’ve never done so much for anyone before?”

To Yul’s horror, Jessica’s eyes became teary and he hastened to give her a hug.

I’m sorry…I’m sorry, baby. I was only teasing you. Don’t cry…”

He chided himself mentally for making her sad. Her efforts to make his birthday special did touch him and it would not do to make her sad after all she had done for him.

So…tell me how your fantasy goes.”

Jessica sniffed and looked at him with glistening eyes. “Do you really want to do this? It’s your birthday. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

Baby, tell me.”

Jessica remained silent, giving him the kind of victimized look that he couldn’t handle.

Baby, I’m sorry for teasing you. Please, tell me about your fantasy. I’m more than willing to fulfill it.”


Yul kissed her forehead tenderly and said, “Come on, tell me.”

Well, I’ve already told you gist of it. We have breakfast together and when I’m about to leave for work, you stop me and we end up doing it on the couch.”

Yul grinned. “That sounds like a good plan. Let’s grab some breakfast now.”


Jessica had been done with her breakfast almost half an hour ago and she sat at the dining table with her eyes fixed on Yul who was taking his time with his breakfast. It was nothing short of infuriating and she decided to take things into her own hands.

I’m going to work now. Bye.” She stood up and walked towards the bedroom.

The door isn’t that way, Sica.”

I know that!” huffed Jessica.

A hand grabbed her arm and stopped her from going anywhere and she yelped in surprise. Another arm encircled her waist and she was unceremoniously lifted and transported to the couch where she was laid. She squealed and squirmed as he straddled her and pinned her to the couch but Yul did not let her go.

You’re not going anywhere until I’m done with you,” growled Yul.

His words and demeanour did wonders to her body as it began to tingle with arousal. She liked it whenever he turned sexy on her. She felt sexy. She felt wanted. She felt needed. Whenever his eyes darkened with desire, her insides would turn into mush. It was very flattering to know that she could make a man like Yul lose control. She liked it when he lost his coherence; uttering gibberish at the peak of his pleasure. It was at moments like these when she was doubly sure of the magnitude of his love for her—so great that he was unable to hold on to the control that he maintained at all other times.


Unbutton and take your shirt off,” he ordered.

She felt another blaze of arousal zipping through her veins down to the south and compiled meekly. It looked as though he was getting into it and she couldn’t wait to have him in her once again.

Nice bra,” he remarked casually as soon as her shirt was dropped onto the floor and she turned red immediately.

She didn’t know why she blushed but he had that kind of effect on her sometimes.

I wore it just for you,” she replied shyly.

He hooked his fingers into the cups of her bra and pulled them down, exposing her twin domes in the process.

I can see that you’re enjoying this,” he commented, wearing a salacious grin on his face.

Yul!” she shrieked and he chuckled.

He let go of the cups and they snapped back into place, covering her up again. “Take your bra off, baby.”

His eyes never left hers as she reached behind herself to undo the clasp and removed her bra. Thrills zipped down her spine as she exposed herself to him. Even though she knew that he had seen her in the nude many times, the way his eyes drank her in as though it was his first time seeing her never failed to excite her.

He caressed the sides of her perky domes and squeezed them gently but avoided touching the bull’s eye. She squirmed, trying to get him to touch them but he retracted his hands and waggled his finger sternly at her.

No, no. I have to punish you for going to work dressed like that.”

He lifted himself up to hike up her skirt and gasped at the sight of her sexy black thongs that barely covered anything.

Jessica Jung Sooyeon. You are in deep, deep trouble.”

For some reason, she found that line very amusing and giggled over it.

You think it’s funny, do you?” Yul growled.

She stopped giggling at once and bit her lip. Oh boy, his sex appeal just upped a notch with that growl. A finger pushed her thong aside and she felt another finger exploring between her legs. At that point, she was no longer capable of giggling. Instead, soft moans and whimpers were the new lingo of the moment.

You are really enjoying this, aren’t you,” Yul observed.

She opened her mouth to respond but the words flew out of her mind for he had mercilessly plunged his finger into her and was now working it in and out of her rapidly. Her mind was drenched in sensation thereafter and all that escaped her gaping open mouth were words like ‘Yul’, ‘Oh my gawd’ and ‘Oh yeah’.

Soon, her words were muffled by his mouth that descended upon hers. Following that, her tongue was hunted down by his and she was reduced to moans and whimpers once again.

The heat between her legs increased exponentially when she felt a hand on her right dome. Cool fingers rolled her tip and tugged on it, sending even more streaks of pleasure to her overwhelmed mind. His legs pinned hers to the couch and the inability to move them made the sensation even more unbearable. All in all, she felt as though she was about to combust if he didn’t do something about it soon.

Yul… please… I can’t take it anymore…” she breathed.

His thumb pressed down on her pleasure button without warning and she cried out in pleasure.

Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd.”

His lips were now roving down her neck towards the sensitive spots that made her gasp and throw her head back. He knew her so well, so intimately, so thoroughly. Yet, instead of making her nervous and wary, it made her softer and more pliant to him. She could trust him never to hurt her and that was ultimately what made giving herself to him so pleasurable and desirable.

Even when he was stern and fierce, she could see the love in his eyes. Even as he hardened for her, she knew that it was more than lust that drove his desire for her. Even as he shed his pants, ploughed into her and started moving within her, she knew that he still placed her needs before his own and in return, she his. Together they moved as one, each giving as much of themselves as they could to the other, wanting the other to receive as much as they were receiving.

Animalistic growls, soft moans, long groans, harsh grunts, shrill cries, breathless panting and chants of each other’s names narrated their love making and brought them closer to their peaks.

Jessica!” yelled Yul as his entire body shook along with hers and his lips captured hers yet again in a deep, passionate kiss as she experienced her own inner chaos that left her body trembling from the sheer immensity of it all.

Then, they continued to hug each other until their breathing slowed to a normal pace.

Yul…I can’t breathe.”

I’m sorry.” Yul scrambled up and gathered her in his arms so that she was sitting on his lap with her head resting on his shoulder. They cuddled and caressed each other idly as they enjoyed the closeness they shared.

After some time, Yul broke the comfortable silence. My mother used to call my father a scumbag.”

There was a slight tremble in his voice that she detected and she knew immediately that he was more affected by his childhood than he had let on before. This bit of information was probably difficult for him to say but it helped her to understand a large part of him. She looked up at him and saw his mouth opening, presumably to say something else but she didn’t need or want to hear it right then. So before he could utter another word, she pressed her lips against his and nuzzled them lovingly for a long, long time.


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