PD: Valentine’s Day 5-part Special

Valentine’s Day Special Part 1

It was timely. The fourth day after they both admitted their feelings for each other was a special day for couples who were in love. It was the day to celebrate love. Romantic love.

Young was exceedingly nervous. He had never celebrated Valentine’s Day properly before. It had always been a night of wild partying and lots of fun in bed if he chose to bring the girl home that night. But this. This wasn’t the same. This would be his very first proper Valentine’s Day. It had to be magical. It had to be.


Where are you going?” Jessica asked Krystal as the younger woman checked herself in the mirror before grabbing her bag.


With Young?”

Krystal froze at top of the stairs and turned back to face her sister who was, at the moment, leaning casually against her bedroom door frame with a crooked smile on her face.

I can recognize a woman in love when I see one. Is Young serious about you?”

Yes,” she replied after a moment’s hesitation.

And I suppose you’re serious about him too.”


I’ll just have you know that I’m keeping an eye on Young for you. And if he dares to upset you. He’s got me to answer to.”

Unnie…please don’t tell anyone. I don’t want any pressure from other people on us. Young…I have some issues to resolve with him.”

Issues? You’ve barely begun to date him and already you have issues with him?”

It’s complicated.”

I don’t like the sound of that.”

It’s not a bad problem or anything, unnie. Don’t worry.”

Well, I’m here for you, if you need someone to talk to. I’m quite…experienced…you know.”

I know.”

Alright. Have a good time.”

I suppose you’re meeting Yul too.”

Of course I am.”

Krystal couldn’t stop herself from smiling. “Have a good time, unnie.”


He looked devastatingly handsome in his well-pressed shirt and slacks. In his hand, a posy of three roses beckoned her. He presented the roses to her and she accepted them happily. Then she smiled and took out a little heart shaped box of chocolates.

Happy Valentine’s, Young.”

He turned pink as he accepted the chocolates and took a step closer to her. He leaned towards her awkwardly and she stiffened when he cupped her face in his hand and kissed her forehead gently.

A kiss…on the forehead? What did that mean? Well, it was nice, to say the least, and it made her heart melt but why the forehead? She couldn’t help but wonder.

I’ve requested for the chef’s best dishes. I hope you like them.”

Young, you know that I can eat anything. Relax.”

He laughed nervously. “It’s that obvious, huh.”

She nodded and grinned. “It is.”

I’m sorry.”

Oh, please. You don’t have to apologize.”

Oh dear, things were a little awkward between them. Where was the spontaneity and fun that they had when they were just friends? Why was Young so nervous?

The dishes arrived and it tasted like Seventh Heaven’s chef had cooked his heart out in the kitchen. Every bit of the meal, down to the last strand of spaghetti was carefully cooked and she felt as though she were in food heaven.

The food is fantastic, Young.”

It is, isn’t it.”

And the conversation died again.

What was going on? This awkwardness had to end.

Young?” she began.

He looked at her. She had his attention.

You can be yourself. You don’t have to try so hard.”

This dinner isn’t going very well, is it?”

Young, the dinner is fine. The food is blowing my mind. But you don’t seem to be enjoying it as much because you’re so…tensed.”

I’m sorry, I just don’t want to mess things up again.”

But you should be so good at this.”

Good at this?”

She nodded. “Girls. Aren’t you the expert?”

Young blinked and hesitated for a while but he eventually opened his mouth and said, “Girls…are easy enough when you aren’t serious about them.”

She blinked and blinked and blinked. Oh dear, something about the look in his eyes and the words he said had touched her deeply. It was like she had swallowed warm honey and it was sliding down her gullet at a maddeningly slow speed all the way to her stomach.

So we’re both newbies then,” she managed to say after a while.


Newbies in love.”

Oh gosh. Did she just say newbies in love? In love? Her heart quickened as she experienced an adrenaline rush from her verbal admittance to being in love and she could only pray that she wasn’t blushing.

He grinned at her words. “Yes. I’m a newbie in love. This is my first time and it’s different from anything else. And I’m sorry if I screw up. I’m sorry if I make things seem awkward.”

You can stop apologizing, Young. Really. I know that you’re trying really hard, so you don’t have to apologize for anything, okay?”


Great. Now, stop treating me like I’m made of glass.”

But you’re Krystal.”

She paused before laughing out loud. “Young! That was so cheesy!”

His grin was shy as his eyes met hers and she couldn’t help falling for him all over again.


Would you like to take a stroll down the street? We could do some window shopping. You like window shopping, right?”

She smiled and nodded.

Let’s go then.”

He got up from his chair and went around to her, being the perfect gentleman and helping her out of her chair. She hooked her hand on his arm and left the club with him.

With her roses in one hand and her other hand hooked on his arm, they strolled down the street, looking at pretty Valentine’s Day displays put up by shops that were hoping to sell more gifts.

How was dinner?”

Very good, thank you.”

I’ll let the chef know. He’ll be glad to hear it.”

Do you know the chef or something?”

Actually, I met him at Seventh Heaven. He’d gone there to get drunk one night, trying to drown his sorrows.”

What happened to him?”

He had been asked to leave his previous job.”

Do you know why?”

Young shrugged. “I didn’t probe. But we got round to talking and I found out that he was a chef so I recommended him to the manager of the club. I happened to know that he was looking for a good chef at that time.”

And he’s still here today.”

Yes, he is. And thanks to him, Seventh Heaven is flourishing during dinner hours before the clubbing crowd comes in.”

The manager must be happy.”

Oh, he is. That’s why I can ask for anything and get it at the club.”

Like tweezers and Epson salt water.”

I’m still sorry that that was such a failed confession. I should have told you that I love you first.”

Have you talked to your father yet?”

He’s been busy. I’ll talk to him as soon as he has time for me.”

Thanks Young.”

Hmm? What did I do?”

Thanks for treating me so well.”


He paused suddenly and turned to her. She backed away from him, startled by his sudden movement but he closed the gap between them and she ended up with her back against the wall on the street. He was so close to her that she could feel his warm breath on her skin. Oh, her mind was in a whirl. Wanting him and being nervous at the same time.

His free hand cupped her face and he planted a tender kiss on her forehead. This time, the kiss lingered that much longer than before and it gave her the thrills. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted to taste him on her lips. So she tilted her head up and met his lips with hers.

It was a brief kiss. But it was enough to set her lips on fire. Oh gosh. That was her very first kiss! She opened her eyes to find his startled ones staring at her.

You…kissed me.”

She ducked her head down and stared at his feet that flanked hers. His feet were bigger than hers and she had the crazy urge to stand on them.

You gave me your very first kiss.”

At his words, she felt the heat rising in her cheeks. Yes, she had given him her very first kiss. And she was glad that he was the one whom she had given it away to.


They had walked down and back up the street before deciding to call it a night, so they headed back to his car and got in.

He placed his box of chocolates on the dashboard and she placed the roses next to the chocolates. They looked at the presents, then at each other. There was a tiny smile on his face and she could feel her own lips curling up slightly as well. Oh gosh, even looking at their gifts was enough to make them feel all gooey inside. Was this what being in love for the first time was like? She had never experienced all these kinds of weird feelings before but she wasn’t about to complain. In fact, she hoped that these feelings would never go away.

It didn’t take him long to drive her back and she was sorry to see her house appearing in the distance. He stopped the car and she was just about to get out of it when he stopped her.

Krys, do you know why I gave you only three roses?”

She shook her head. Was there a reason for it?

Isn’t it just a random number that looks good?”

No.” He paused and took a deep breath before continuing. “I gave you three roses because the florist told me that it means ‘I love you’.”

Just how many times could he knock all the wind out of her just by saying something sweet? She could only blink and stare in response as he took her hand and kissed it gently.

I’ll do my best for you. I promise.”

Young…” she breathed.

Goodnight, Krystal.”

She looked back at him just as she opened the door and caught a look in his eyes. His eyes were hoping. Hoping for a little something. Why, of course. She leaned towards him and he leaned towards her and their lips met somewhere in the middle. He was just about to pull away when she pressed forward and lingered a little while longer before pulling away. Yes, she wanted a little bit more. But that was enough for a first date and it was time to go.

She got off his car shakily and shut the door. Then she waved goodbye as he drove off. It was a good ten minutes before she managed to make her legs move again for he had touched her like nobody else ever had. And she felt like one lucky girl to have him. One. Lucky. Girl.


Young drove off but parked his car somewhere down the road. He got out, shut the door and looked around furtively. There was nobody around. The coast was clear.

WE KISSED!!! WOOHOO!!!” he cheered as he jumped and punched the air with his fists. “WE KISSED!!!”


Jessica took her time. She painstakingly made up her face even though she knew that it would be removed sometime later that night. In fact, she was looking forward to getting rid of her makeup. If she guessed correctly, Yul would be planning to pull off her ‘red rose’ wish tonight. The thought made her very happy and she hummed a merry tune as she applied her makeup step by step.

Yul had promised to get off work on time so she had a couple of hours more than him since her work was a lot more flexible than his. That and the fact that she did not have a superior to please. So if she played her cards right, she’d be freshly made up and dressed for the occasion by the time he swung by to pick her up.

An hour later, she looked in the mirror and nodded with satisfaction. She looked positively drop-dead gorgeous. Her hair was perfection—the dream of shampoo models and her features were beautifully enhanced by simple touches of eyeliner and mascara of right amounts. A light blush made her appear to be rosy and her lips were a warm pink. Waiting to be kissed.

She had on a fabulous black dress that differentiated itself from other dresses by showcasing a few unique details along the hem and her neckline. The back of her dress was practically non-existent. She enjoyed feeling his hand on her bareback, escorting her, hence her wardrobe choice.

To finish off her look, classic red heels that screamed for attention were donned. It was the heels that sent the signal that she was ready to be romanced tonight. And she was out to get some action as well. Killer red heels. Sexy. Ready for…

Ding dong…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a bell. But it was a welcomed interruption. That bell meant that Yul had arrived. Jessica went to her window and watched as the gates parted to allow his car into their estate. She shivered in anticipation as she waved to Yul from her bedroom window. This was going to be one of the best nights of her life. And she couldn’t wait to find out what she was in for.


Valentine’s Day Special Part 2

With the initial pleasantries of the exchanging of gifts done—a bouquet of twenty-one roses and an expensive box of chocolates—it was sheer anticipation that kept Jessica quiet throughout the car ride. She had no idea where they were going, only that they were definitely going somewhere other than his apartment. Yul did not have the habit of talking while driving either, so she took the chance to admire his physical appearance.

A clean shaven jaw, fashionably styled hair and focused eyes entertained her sense of sight and when she trailed further down, she was treated to a lovely sight of his biceps and chest muscles that filled out his neatly pressed black shirt. And to top it all off, he was wearing the cufflinks that she bought for him some time ago.

Seeing him wearing them made her happy. It was like he was her man. Her man who would wear the cufflinks that she bought for him. Furthermore, the cufflinks had the name ‘Yul’ engraved on one of them and ‘Sic’ on the other, so it felt even more like he was her property. And he was. He was her property. And woe would befall any woman who tried to take him from her.


They arrived at a seafood restaurant. Yul was the perfect gentleman who opened the car door and helped her out of the car. Indeed, she needed the help too. Her heels were skyscrapers in the world of heels and it was almost life threatening to walk in them.

She clung onto his arm for support as they made their way into the restaurant. There was a man handling the book of reservations and he winked at Yul in a friendly manner.

Hey dude! You did come after all! Is this your girlfriend? Holy smokes! She’s hot!”

And boy was Jessica surprised when Yul replied the man with a note of familiarity.

So you must be the man in the salmon. Thanks for giving me that leaflet. I decided to try the salmon and oysters here after you advised me to.”

Oh yeah, dude! You won’t regret it. You know what? I like you dude! I’m going to switch some seats around for you. I’ll give you the best, most private seats in the house, how about that!”

Thank you very much!” Yul smiled warmly at the man and followed the waiter who was assigned to bring them to their seats. Jessica smiled when she felt his big warm hand on her cool bare back. Her dress had been a great choice.


How did you get to know that guy at the door?” Jessica wanted to know once they were comfortably seated.

Oh, he was giving out leaflets in a salmon suit when I met him.”


He said that this place has the best seafood and oysters in town so I thought that it’d be nice to dine here before heading to our next destination.”

There’s going to be more?” Jessica felt a little dismayed. She was hoping that they could be done with dinner and head back to his or her place for some private time together.

There’s more. And trust me. You’re going to like it.”

I am?”

Oh yes, you are.”


Jessica opted for a plate of creamy tuna pasta while Yul went for the specialty of the restaurant—salmon steak. Both dishes were served promptly and in generous proportions.

Let’s dig in,” said Yul as he took up the lemon squeezer and squeezed lemon juice over his salmon steak.

Jessica smiled and took up her fork. She then proceeded to twirl the spaghetti around her fork before putting it into her mouth daintily. She chewed, swallowed and smiled, finding the spaghetti to be well cooked and delicious. And she was about to go for another round of the spaghetti when she noticed that Yul was staring at her with a smile on his face.

Is there something on my face?” she asked.

But he simply shook his head and looked down at his steak.

She wasn’t happy with his answer so she probed.

Yul? What is it?”

He looked up from his steak, stared deep into her eyes and said, “Well, if you must know, I was just thinking about how pretty you look when you eat spaghetti. I was also reminiscing about the time when you cooked spaghetti for me on my birthday. It was…a memorable…night.”

Oh Yul. She shouldn’t have asked. His answer was doing things to her libido and they had barely begun the night! She’d have to practice a little bit more of self-control to survive the evening.


They ordered oysters. A whole plate of oysters. They were raw and came with a Mignonette sauce of red-wine vinegar and shallots that was made by the chef himself (according to the waiter who took their orders).

At this point, Yul hesitated.

How am I supposed to eat it?” he asked.

The waiter kindly explained, “Detach the oyster with a fork then slurp it from the wide end. You can eat it with or without the sauce provided, depending on your preference. Chew it once or twice, and then swallow. It’s best eaten that way.”

I see. Thanks.”

You’re welcome.”

You’ve never had oysters before?” Jessica was a little surprised to find out that he wasn’t sure about how to go about eating them.

No. This is my first time.”

So…you have no idea what oysters do to you?” asked Jessica as he ate his first oyster.

What do they do to me?” he asked after swallowing the oyster and smacking his lips. “These things are tasty!”

Jessica’s eyes glinted with mischief as she lowered her voice and said, “Oysters are known to increase the level of sex hormones and testosterones in your body.”

And how did you know about this?”

Jessica giggled. “Tiffany told me.”


It was a long time ago. She was telling me about how Siwon wouldn’t let her eat oysters when he wasn’t with her because of its effects.”

So when I ordered oysters you thought…you thought I was trying to…”

Jessica’s smile was shy as she nodded. “I thought you were planning for us to…you know…”

Well, I’m planning for us to make love tonight but I didn’t know about oysters and their effects.”

Yul!” Jessica was somewhat shocked by his straightforwardness in such an open area. What if the people at the next table heard him? “Not so loud!”

And much to her chagrin, he chuckled. “Don’t worry, nobody can hear us. That guy gave us the most private seats, didn’t he?”


But now that I know what oysters can do for us, I think we should order another plate of it.”



Jessica was blushing to the roots of her hair. Yul had kept to his word and ordered another plate of oysters, then proceeding to feed her half of them before finishing up the other half by himself. And as they left the restaurant, the guy at the door had slapped Yul’s back and said, “Dude! How was the food, yo?”

It’s fantastic. And thanks for the tip. I had lots of oysters tonight.”

Did your lady get some too?”

Oh, she got her share of it.”

Dude! You’re the man!”


She could have sworn that he had embarrassed her on purpose for there was a self-satisfied smirk on his face as he drove her to the next destination. But before she could figure out what he was up to, the car stopped. They had stopped at a hotel. A hotel! And Yul had said he planned for them to make love tonight! At a hotel!

She had suspected he was planning to fulfil her wish tonight but she hadn’t expected it to take place in such a posh place. She would have been happy enough to fulfil her wish in her soundproof room but here they were, standing at the reception, collecting their key cards for the Jacuzzi suite that he had paid for the night. A Jacuzzi suite! She shivered in anticipation of what was to follow. Yul certainly wasn’t giving much away.

They took the elevator up to the suite and she was beside herself in excitement. She had the strongest urge to jump on Yul and devour him but she reminded herself that proper etiquette was necessary in public. So she held her head high and hooked her hand on his arm as he led her to the suite even though it was slightly embarrassing to know that the hotel receptionist probably knew what they were up to tonight.

Yul, on the other hand, did not seem to be affected by any of it. In fact, he walked with a light spring in his step and appeared to be in the best of moods as he opened the door and escorted her into the suite.

The suite was beautiful. It was a large, spacious room with exquisite finishing that exuded class and elegance. The bedside lamps and a couple of spotlights were switched on, bathing the entire room in a rich, warm, orange glow. The colours used in the room were natural and earthly, giving them a sense of deep calm and relaxation. A Jacuzzi, big enough for two was placed next to the king sized bed that was covered in the softest sheets that man could make. Rose petals were scattered all over the Jacuzzi area and the water in it. All in all, it was a very conducive environment for a couple in love. Like them.

Jessica had to give it to Yul. That man knew how to pick his suites. Had he ever done this for any other woman? A flash of jealousy sparked as she thought about it but it was quickly forgotten for Yul had grabbed her from behind and tossed her onto the bed without warning. She squealed in the highest of pitches and he grimaced as he covered his ears.

Please don’t scream like that. It hurts my ears.”

I can’t help it. I scream like that when I’m frightened or shocked.”

Frightened? Shocked? By me?”

Yul had on a dark, devilish grin as he crawled towards her on the bed. She giggled and backed away but he had her trapped against the headboard in no time at all.

Now, tell me…” he said as he straddled and pinned her against the headboard. “Are you ready to have your wish fulfilled?”

Jessica gulped. Yul had turned on some kind of sexy charm and he was practically oozing sex appeal as he traced a finger across her shoulder. His finger pushed her dress off her shoulder and he lowered his lips to kiss her bare shoulder.

Are you ready, Sica baby?” he asked again as he slipped the other side of her dress off her shoulder as well.

Yes.” A soft whisper was all she could manage. He was so sexy that she was almost afraid of how sexy he could be. She was almost afraid that it would be too much for her to handle. Almost. Afraid.


He pulled her dress off at an agonizingly slow pace. It was seduction at its highest level as he made her breathless just by undressing her. He folded and put her dress on the couch near the glass windows that presented a breath-taking view of the city. Then he beckoned her to join him at the window.

Come here,” he said.

She got off the bed and walked into his arms. Then he turned her around to admire the view.

You like views like that don’t you.”

You remember…”

Yes, I do. I remember our first few unofficial dates before we got together for real.”

Mmm…I still think about that noodle place sometimes.”



I can bring you there again if you like it that much.”

I’d like that.”

Consider it done.”



I love you.”


Jessica turned back to meet his eyes.

I love you too.”

And he kissed her hard. He kissed her as though there were no tomorrow and she loved it. She loved being kissed as though he couldn’t get enough of her. She loved being kissed hard because it told her that he desired her greatly and it made her feel very good about it. So as he claimed her lips and unleashed his tongue on her, she melted into his arms that were securely draped around her slender waist.


He turned her around to face him and stepped away from her. He then sat himself down on the bed and said, “Take your bra off for me.”

Oh…how did he say it in such a sexy way?! How could a request like that make her legs feel like jelly at once? Only Yul had that effect on her. No other man could make her feel this way.

She unclasped her navy blue designer bra from the front and it hung loosely on her shoulders. She then let it drop onto the floor where it lay unwanted and forgotten. His eyes were on her and she loved it. She loved the way he looked at her, as though she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Come here.”

She walked to where he sat and stood between his open legs.

Spread your legs, baby.”

Another thrill zipped down her spine. She loved it when he took charge like that. It made her feel even more like his property and it heightened her arousal.

She trembled from the anticipation of what he would do next as she parted her feet and before she could even think, he had claimed her with his hand.

Oh, the sweet, sweet pleasure of having him touch her in her most private and precious spot. It was prohibited to everybody else. Only Yul had access. And he claimed his property blatantly with his hand as his eyes seduced her with their darkening desire.

He had managed to find her sweet spot and unleashed his fingers on it mercilessly through her sheer panties. The pleasure was mounting and she could feel her knees buckling. Not wanting to fall, she held herself up by holding on to his shoulders.

Is it too much for you to handle?” he asked huskily as his hand continued its administrations on her.

She shook her head. “Don’t stop…no…it’s…it’s too good.”

But he stopped. And she was disappointed.


Take off your panties.”

Oh boy, she couldn’t get it off fast enough and when she was finally completely undressed, she stood before him proudly. She was comfortable being naked with him because he always complimented her and it made her feel very good.

So gorgeous…and all mine…” he said as he ran his hands down her body.

I’m yours…” she whispered in return.

And she gasped when he claimed her once again with his hand and this time, his finger as well. His thumb was on her sweet spot as his finger showed her how well he knew her, both inside and out, and it wasn’t long before she was breathing heavily and leaning on his shoulders again. But before she got anywhere, he stopped yet again.

Yul!” she cried in protest. All her systems were ready to go but here he was, stalling, teasing her, toying with her.

Get into the tub.”

By this time, she was ready to do anything he said just so that she could get somewhere with him. So she sat on the side of the tub and swung her legs into the warm water that awaited her. The rose petals floated on the water, making it look as romantic as romance itself. Just like how she had imagined it when she wrote it in her diary. Oh boy, she couldn’t believe that her wish was coming true!

Sit in the tub.”

She meekly obeyed and sat herself down in the tub so that only her head was above the water. She watched as he shed his clothes slowly and leisurely, annoyed by the amount of control that he possessed over himself. Surely the allure of a naked Jessica Jung was enough to make any other man tear his clothes off and jump into the tub with her?

But no. Not Yul. Yul was unlike any other man. Only Yul could control himself in the presence of a nude and wanting Jessica Jung. And there was something about that measure of control that he had that allowed her to trust in him completely. It allowed her to give herself to him without reserve.

Finally, he stood naked in front of her. She was pleased to see that he was not totally immune to her charms. The effects of romancing her were visible on him and it made her feel like she owned him just as much as he owned her.

He pushed her away from the edge of the tub and stepped in right behind her before settling himself against the tub. He then pulled her into his arms and wrapped his legs around her. She could feel every inch of his desire pressing up against her and she took the chance to wiggle her butt to take revenge on him for teasing her so much.

Sure enough, he groaned but his hand came round and held her right there, effectively stopping her from wiggling her butt anymore. Instead, it was her turn to moan as his fingers showed her who the real boss was.

Kiss me.”

She turned around and obliged willingly. She parted her lips to welcome him into her world and their lips locked and parted repeatedly as their breaths became heavier and heavier. The water in the tub sloshed around suddenly, startling her. She pulled away from him and looked at the jets of warm water that were now pulsating around them.

Baby, I started the Jacuzzi.”

Yeah, right. I forgot that we were in a Jacuzzi.”

He chuckled and kissed her nose playfully. “You forget many things when we make love.”


You know, you forget things like where you are, who’s listening just outside your bedroom door…you forget many things.”

Yul…” she whined, using her softer side to get him to stop. And he did.

He chuckled again and licked her ear playfully.

Yul!” she shrieked. Her limited vocabulary during intimate moments was sometimes a source of frustration for her but if it was any comfort, no amount of vocabulary was going to stop him from teasing her anyway.

He nuzzled her neck and moved one of his hands up to hold her.

Yul…” was all she could say as he fondled her.

His fingers teased her tip to erection and she was suddenly lifted up above the water only to feel his lips clamping over her dome. His tongue got busy and it created so much pleasure for her that it was almost painful. He feasted on both domes for an extended period of time before finally lowering her back into the water and she flinched for they were so sensitive to touch.

By this time, she was barely hanging by a thread so when he revisited her with his fingers, she screamed in pleasure as torrents of sensation rained upon her incessantly.

Oh my gawd, Yul! Yul! Oh my gawd!”

She slumped onto him after descending from the wonderful clouds of euphoria above and he kissed her tenderly.

Did you like that?” he asked gently.

Yes. I liked it very much.”

Good, now it’s time for the big guns.”


It had always been her dream to be intimate with her lover in a hot Jacuzzi while they were surrounded by rose petals but this was way beyond her wildest imaginations. Oh yes. Yul had taken her fantasy and brought it to the next level. And now here she was, kneeling in the Jacuzzi with jets of water shooting incessantly at her, heightening her senses as he thrust into her from behind.

He was merciless as he moved in and out of her at high speed, each move bringing her more and more pleasure as the spring within her wound up again. She picked up on his rhythm and was able to push back against him to meet his thrusts and it made the entire experience even more pleasurable.

Oh my gawd…Yul…go…faster…faster…”

And he went faster, answering her calls immediately. And suddenly, the spring was fully wound up and was ready to be unwound. And as he continued to thrust, she squeezed her eyes shut and screamed again.

Oh yes! Yes! Yul! YES!!!”

And just as she was about to lose her hold on the edge of the tub, he slammed in all the way and grabbed her with one arm, preventing her from slipping into the tub as he supported the both of them against the tub with his other arm.


He had to lift her out of the Jacuzzi. She was so tired that she was literally drifting off to sleep. But he had a proposal for her and he couldn’t let her sleep just yet. So he wrapped her up in a fluffy bathrobe that the hotel provided and sat her down on the couch.

Baby, are you awake? I have something to discuss with you.”

She opened her eyes sleepily and nodded. “I’m awake. What do you want to discuss?”

This.” He slid a piece of paper with some writing on it. He was a lawyer and could understand contracts well but she wasn’t so he had to simplify it.

She picked up the piece of paper and began to read.

I, Kwon Yul, hereby promise to grant Jessica Jung Sooyeon seven more wishes in exchange for one. The extension of seven more wishes will commence only after marriage and will be effective only if Jessica fully fulfils Yul’s wish.”

Her eyes were wide open as they locked onto his.

What’s your wish?”

I wish that you would spend less money.”


For example, the food for our wedding? It’s very delicious but I can’t afford it. And the amount of shopping that you do? I’d love to pay for it all but I can’t afford it either. Baby, I love you and I want to take care of you. But my salary isn’t enough and it makes me feel bad. Can you understand how I feel?”

She cupped his face and looked deep into his eyes. “Yul…”

Sica, if you could just try to spend only as much as you earn…that’s all my wish is about.”

Spend only as much as I earn?”

Mmmhmm. The salary that you draw from your company. Could you try to spend within that amount?”

So you’re saying that I can only spend fifteen thousand dollars a month?”

Wait…hold on. You’re earning fifteen thousand dollars a month?!”

Yes. Is anything wrong?”

That’s twice of what I’m making a month.”

Jessica giggled like a little girl and said, “I didn’t expect to earn this much either. But apparently Tiffany makes a lot of money organizing all these big events for rich clients. She’s getting a bigger pay check than me, in fact.”

And Taeng?”

I think he’s making a fair bit too.”


So, is the deal still going to be on?”

Will you consider picking a cheaper caterer too?”

If I agree to look for a cheaper caterer, will you grant me seven more wishes?”

That and spending only as much as you earn.”

So a cheaper caterer and a spending cap of fifteen thousand dollars a month?” she frowned. “But that means that I won’t be able to buy as many bags anymore.”

Sica, I just fulfilled your red rose fantasy and all you have left is violet wedding which I presume is to be fulfilled on our wedding night?”

He smiled when she nodded shyly.

So that would mean that you’re out of wishes as soon as we get married.”

The look of horror on her face was proof that he had the deal in the bag.

Does that mean that you won’t make love to me as often if we don’t make this deal?”

My dear baby, no. That’s not what I mean. Of course I’ll make love to you just as much. I love you, baby. How can I ever resist you? But what I’m offering is a little extra. A bonus. A bonus for you. Seven more wishes that I will fulfil to the best of my ability and as far as the record shows, I think I’ve done pretty well, don’t you think?”

He chuckled when she blushed and continued, “Baby, it’s one wish for seven. It’s a good deal, don’t you think?”

But your one wish is for a lifetime! Just like this get-a-job wish that you made me fulfil. My seven wishes will be used up eventually and you get to enjoy them just as much as I do, so how does this work for me at all?”

Well, look at it this way. You thought that it would be very difficult to have a job, didn’t you?”


But is it really that difficult to?”


There you go. So it may seem difficult to limit your expenditure for now but very soon it will be a habit and you won’t have to think about it anymore.”

Mmm…you’ve got a point there…”

And it’s a good thing to cut down on your shopping. So that’s double the benefits for you.”

So a cheaper caterer and a cap on my shopping in exchange for seven more wishes after we get married?”


Okay. You’ve got yourself a deal, Mr. Kwon.”

She stretched out her hand to offer a handshake. And as he shook her hand firmly, he could not help but smile as he remembered how unimpressed he had been with her ‘fingershake’ when they first met.


Valentine’s Day Special Part 3

Hyoyeon was all smiles when she opened the door to welcome Hyun into her apartment. She was all smiles because she had found the perfect alternative and was confident of presenting her special gift to him for this special day.

How was work, Hyunnie?” she asked as he entered her apartment.

It was good! Number crunching went very well today and I got extra work done as well. Things are looking good.”

That sounds wonderful!” Hyoyeon smiled brightly. She loved it when Hyun’s work went well. She knew how hard he worked and he derived much pleasure from a job well done. Much like how she was like with hers.

Give me your jacket, Hyunnie, I’ll hang it up for you.”

Er…I think I’ll leave it on, Hyoyeonie.”

But why? You’re going to feel really warm in here if you don’t take it off.”

It’s alright. Really. I’ll keep it on.”

Hyoyeon looked at him strangely but decided not to force him to take his jacket off.

Well, I’ve got a surprise for you, Hyunnie. Do you want to find out what it is?”

A surprise? For me? What is it?” Hyun grinned immediately and followed her into the kitchen. “Wow!” he exclaimed when he saw the spread. “That’s a lot of work, Hyoyeonie!”

Hyoyeon simply grinned. His reaction to her efforts made it all worthwhile.

Well, it’s only five dishes. To celebrate our five months together.”

Hyun grinned and pointed at one of the dishes and asked, “What’s this?”

Cherry tomato pops!”

Wow! They look nice!”

Of course they are. I made them! Look, I’ve put mozzarella cheese in the cherry tomatoes. And I have some ranch dressing for dipping too.”

Hyun took one and popped it into his mouth. “Mmm! Delicious!”

Hyoyeon laughed. “If you like that one, you’re going to love the rest. Try this!”

Hyun looked at it curiously. “It looks similar.”

These are herb cherry tomato pops.”

Herbs? I like herbs. They’re healthy.”

Try it.”

Hyun popped the herb cherry tomato pop into his mouth and chewed.

How is it?”

The twinkle of his smiling eyes told her what she needed to know and she smiled in return.

Okay, next! Sauteed green beans and cherry tomatoes.”

Cherry tomatoes again?”

Uh huh.”

Okay…I’ll try it.”

Is it good?”

Hyun nodded with his mouth full.

Next dish! Tomato salad!”

Hyoyeonie, is the last dish tomato too?”

Yes, I made chocolate cherry tomatoes for you!”

Hyoyeonie…why aren’t there any gogumas today? I miss my sweet potatoes. I didn’t eat any today because I was looking forward to eating the ones you cook.”

Hyun…I ran out of ideas. And I wanted to give you a surprise for today. So I went and researched on healthy alternatives and came up with tomatoes. It’s close enough, isn’t it?”

Hyun shook his head sadly. “It’s not close at all. Sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes. Tomatoes are tomatoes. They’re not the same.”

But both are very healthy.”

Hyun shook his head again. “But they’re still not the same.”

Even their names are alike! Potato! Tomato! Only two letters apart!”

It’s sweet potato, not potato.”

Well, tomatoes are sweet too! You can call them sweet tomato if you want. See? It’s close!”

It’s not!”

It is!”

I want sweet potatoes, Hyoyeonie…please?”

Hyoyeon sighed. Hyun was one obstinate creature. But perhaps, he didn’t need the surprise. Neither did he need the variety. Yes. He was a one vegetable man. Which was good, wasn’t it? It’d mean that he was also a one woman man. Yeah. A one love man. That was a good thing.

Okay. Fine. I can make the uncle’s sweet potatoes for you.”

HURRAY! Three cheers for Hyoyeonie!”


Hyoyeon turned to Hyun after the sweet potatoes began steaming.

Right, what are we going to do while they are steaming?”

Well, actually…I’ve got something planned for you today.”

Hyoyeon was pleasantly surprised to hear that.

You do?”

Hyun nodded vigorously. “I read a book about it so I’m all prepared now.”

Hyoyeon felt a laugh arising but quickly stamped it down. It wouldn’t do to laugh at his genuine attempt to be romantic for her.

Okay, I’m excited for it.”

Please wait here.”

So Hyoyeon waited. Hyun reappeared in the kitchen with a single rose and that’s when her heart really started to thump. A rose! From Hyun? From studious, genius, obsessed-with-interest-rates, not-in-the-least-romantic Hyun? Wow. The earth must have shifted on its axis or some planets must have lost their alignment. Hyun with a rose?

Hyoyeonie, I would like to give you this rose. It signifies my devotion to you alone.”

T-Thank you…” Hyoyeon found herself stuttering a little. The man was making waves in her little thumping heart with his rose and sweet words.

And I hope you like this coloured pen set.”

Hyun moved the arm that was behind his back and revealed a set of 48 coloured pens, several of which were glittery and shiny. She shrieked upon seeing them. Yes, she shrieked. At the top of her lungs. Out of pure joy. Over coloured pens.

How did you know that I love this brand of coloured pens?” she asked with eyes shining with excitement.

Hyun grinned sheepishly and said, “I wasn’t sure if buying coloured pens for you would be a good idea even though I’ve seen you using them many times so I asked hyung to ask Sunny if it’s okay. She said that it was and also suggested that I get you shiny stickers as well.”

And as he said that, he pulled out a wad of stickers from his inner jacket pocket and presented them to her.

Alright. Now this was heaven. Coloured pens and shiny stickers. And a romantic rose! What else could a girl possibly ask for on Valentine’s Day?

Hyoyeon was one happy girl. Oh yes, she was. And because she was so happy, she kissed him right on the lips and gave him a big hug.

Thank you, Hyunnie! I love the gifts!”

He looked troubled when she finally stopped hugging him.

Hyunnie? What’s wrong?”

He cleared his throat and shifted his feet which Hyoyeon read as signs of uneasiness so she waited patiently for his answer.

What’s wrong, Hyunnie?”

Well, the book said to make you feel loved and give you flowers and presents that you will like. So I did my research on roses and found out that different numbers of roses meant different things. That was easy enough. Then I had hyung and Sunny’s help with the presents. But I’m wasn’t sure about the part about making you feel loved. That was the part that I couldn’t find a solution to. Until this morning. But I’m still not sure if it’s the right way.”

Okay…” Hyoyeon replied slowly, “why don’t you try it and I’ll tell you if it works.”

Really? You’ll tell me?”

Hyoyeon nodded with a smile. “Mmmhmm.”

Okay. I’ll give it a shot.”

Hyoyeon gave him an encouraging smile as he took a piece of paper out from his inner jacket pocket again. Then it struck her. So this was why he refused to remove his jacket earlier! She couldn’t resist giggling which made him look more uncertain than before.

I’m sorry. I was just thinking about something funny. Go on, Hyun. Do your thing.”

Okay. Here goes nothing.”

Hyun took a deep breath and unfolded the piece of paper.

Dear Hyoyeonie, the possibility of us meeting again after graduating from high school is one in a thousand. And the possibility of us both being single and available when we meet again is one in a hundred thousand. And the possibility of us falling for each other after you played so many pranks on me in high school is one in a billion. So based on the statistics, I would say that it has taken a near miracle for us to meet again, get over our past grievances and to fall in love. Hyoyeonie, what I’m trying to say is that I will love and cherish you as my girlfriend and I hope that in the estimated 23725 days that we have left, we will be able to stay together happily as a couple. I love you, Hyoyeonie.”

A smile had crept onto Hyoyeon’s face midway through his reading and by the time he finished, she was grinning. It was the cutest love letter she had ever heard in her life and that was the single most romantic evening she had ever experienced in her love life.


Do you feel loved after hearing that?”


Hyun blinked and looked a little confused so Hyoyeon decided to give him a precise answer. By kissing him right on the lips.

Was that your answer?”

Hyoyeon smiled.

That means you like my little speech?”

Mmmhmm. And I want you to give me that piece of paper.”

You want this?”

Hyoyeon took the piece of paper from him and smiled sweetly as a lovely warm sensation cascaded down from head to toe. “I want to keep this in my diary.”

Okay.” Hyun looked pleased.


The rest of the evening progressed well. Hyun had his steamed gogumas and Hyoyeon, the pleasure of watching him eat them. They were on her couch in front of the television that was showing a movie that they were watching. It was a romantic movie, befitting of a Valentine’s Day date.

It got to a certain point whereby the man and the woman got together and began to kiss. Oh. That certainly made them feel a little fired up. Yes. Hyoyeon was sneaking peeks at Hyun as the man in the movie devoured the lips of the woman he was with. And suddenly, their eyes met. Yikes. What was a girl to do when her man caught her sneaking peeks at him during a kissing scene?

Do you…want to…do the same?” he asked while gesturing at the kissing scene.

Hyoyeon nodded shyly and he shifted himself to face her. Oh. The thrill of knowing that she was going to be kissed. Yikes. It made her nervous. She closed her eyes as he drew nearer to her and waited. She felt his hands cupping her face and then his lips on hers, pressing softly. Her lips parted instinctively and found their way between his so that they could lock lips. The sounds of their lips’ suction on each other thrilled her. So did the gradually increasing pressure that her lips sensed.

Her arms moved a little hesitantly towards him and found their way around his neck. Oh. It felt nice. His lips. His shoulders. She dug her fingers into his hair. Oh yes. This was good. Very good. She wanted more. It was time for more.

Her body tingled as his hands held her waist and pulled her towards him. She shifted accordingly and found herself straddling him on the couch. It was a good feeling to be this close to him. Oh, the thrills.

He kissed her more and more fervently and his hands had begun to explore her entire back. It was nice. It felt intimate. And this was the first time that he laid his hands on this much of her.

Hyunnie…” she moaned.

Mmm…” he moaned in reply.

And it was a rather long time before they finally parted, panting as they did.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hyoyeonie.” He smiled and stroked her hair gently.

Hyoyeon smiled warmly in return and snuggled up against him, resting her cheek on his chest.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hyunnie,” she said as she intertwined his and her fingers.


Sunny looked up from her computer and stretched herself. She was finally done! Was Yoong done too?

She popped her head in to check on him.

Are you ready to go?”

Lock that door and get over here.”

She bit her lip and looked out at her co-workers. Most of them were gone, save for a few people who were about to leave so she slipped into his office and locked the door. She walked to him and sat on his lap.

What will you have me do for you, Mr. Im?” she asked while batting her eyelids flirtatiously.

He growled. “Is this what you do to all your superiors?”

I think so. They all seem to like it.”

His naughty grin matched hers and they kissed briefly.

You’re too naughty for your own good, Sunny.”

I’m naughty for you.”

Yes, you are.” He grinned and nipped her earlobe playfully. “I’m just about done. Then we can go to the same old place for our favourite food.”

Kyuhyun oppa will be happy to see us. We haven’t been there in a while.”

Right. I’ll just need ten more minutes. I have just one more email to send and I’ll be done for the day.”

Okay, I’ll be outside waiting.”

She planted a kiss on his lips before leaving him to do his work. She didn’t want to hold him up any further because she could hardly wait to show him the surprise she had prepared for him.


Talking about surprises, Yoong had one up his sleeves too. He had found his bear. Not just one. Two. He had found two bears. Two perfect bears. Made for each other. And his heart had thumped extra hard when he found them. Oh, he was reminded of a certain New Year’s resolution that he had once made. It was a particularly memorable resolution because his grandpa had given him a good scolding for being so flippant about it. So as he looked at the bears, he grinned. He could fulfil that resolution after all.


Valentine’s Day Special Part 4

They held hands as they made their way to his car. He had made the extra effort to pick her up for work today so that her car would not be left at the office car park tonight. And it was the little things like this that made Sunny smile.

Where are my chocolates? I’ve waited all day to get them from you.”

You’ll get your chocolates soon enough.”

Can’t I get them now?” He pouted.

You’ll have to wait, Yoongie.”


I promise that you’ll get them eventually. And you’ll understand why I can’t give them to you now when you get them.”

Okay, okay. I won’t push it.”


Kyuhyun was waiting for them when they arrived.

My favourite couple! You’re late!”

I’m sorry, oppa,” Sunny apologized as she hugged him. “Work held us back a little. As usual.”

Aww. Yoong. You’re working our dear little sunshine girl too hard. Cut her some slack!”

Hyung, she’s the one who won’t let me cut down on her work load.”

Is that true, Sunny?”

Sunny grinned and nodded. “No special favours from the boss. The girlfriend should work even harder for her boss.”

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny. There’s no outtalking you as always. You’re too smart for your own good.”

Oppa, we’re starving.”

Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve been holding you up, haven’t I. Do come more often so that I won’t miss you so much.”

We’ll try oppa.”

Alright, come on. I’ll show you your private room.”

They were led into a small room that was meant for four, evident in the four cushions that had been placed on the floor around the table. It was cosy and very private. Most of the sounds from the outside were shut off when the door was closed. Very conducive for a romantic dinner.

Is this to your liking?”

Yes!” chorused Yoong and Sunny.

Kyuhyun laughed and invited them to be seated. “Your dishes will be here real soon. And don’t you dare try to be too naughty while I’m gone, you hear me?”

Sunny giggled and nodded. “Yes, oppa. I hear you.”

Yeah, yeah. Hearing me and actually obeying me are two different matters, right?”

Kyuhyun smiled affectionately at her before leaving the room to bring their dishes in.

Just how naughty have you been in this room in the past?” Yoong’s eyes were big and round.

Yoong, Kyuhyun oppa was just kidding.”

Oh. Okay.”

He wouldn’t have mentioned it in front of you if that were true.”

You’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Just so you know, I’ve never spent Valentine’s Day alone with any other guy before.” Except Yul oppa. But that doesn’t count, does it?


Sunny nodded. “I was a player, Yoong. But I wanted to keep this day special for that special someone to celebrate it with. So I actually spent most of my Valentine’s Days with Hyoyeon and our friends.”


Just then the food arrived.

Enjoy your meal!” Kyuhyun smiled widely before leaving them alone in the room once again.

Yoong scooted over to her side the moment the door was closed and she giggled.

I’m not the naughty one. You are. Kyuhyun oppa should have warned you instead of me.”

Hey, I’m not up to anything! I just want to be closer to my girlfriend. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Mmm, mmm. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing.” Sunny giggled again and Yoong grinned devilishly.


She squealed with laughter as he made a show of winking conspiratorially at her.

Let’s eat. I’m starving.”

So they ate.

For a while, they simply ate. They were both hungry. Lunch had been a simple sandwich and they had worked past dinner time to get their work done. On any other day, they would have stopped for dinner before continuing with their work but they wanted the night to themselves tonight. But not surprisingly, their good behaviour didn’t last for long. Sunny giggled when Yoong’s hand crept along her thigh and pushed the hem of her skirt up higher.

Yoong. I promised Kyuhyun oppa that I’ll be good.”

You promised him but I didn’t.”


Yoong was now caressing her thigh as he fed her a piece of beef.

It’d be cruel to expect me to keep my hands off you. All the excitement is eating me up from the inside.”

You’re incorrigible.”

I am, aren’t I?” He leaned over and kissed her. “But you like incorrigible guys like me, don’t you?”

Only you, it seems have made it into my heart. But I don’t have how you did it.”

Yoong grinned cheekily. “It’s called perseverance, Sunny.”

More like harassment, actually.”

It’s harassment only if you don’t like it. But you secretly liked it when I went after you, right?”

Sunny shrugged. “You can believe whatever you like.”

Oh, the lady concedes defeat!” laughed Yoong. “I knew it. No girl can resist a charming guy like me.”

You’re making me lose my appetite.”

Really? Well, if you aren’t in the mood to eat…”

He grinned salaciously and attacked. Lips on lips, hands on hips, pulling her onto his lap where her bottom nestled nicely against him. His lips were soft and his tongue, passionate. In no time at all, she succumbed to his advances. She moaned softly as he groped her butt and squeezed them. Oh no, if she didn’t stop him, they’d be progressing to dangerous grounds very soon.

Yoongie, stop.”

He stopped and she tried to gather her wits.

I think it’s time to go home,” she said at last.

He kissed her one more time before letting her go.

I think so too.”


After paying for their meal, they drove to his apartment and she brought up the box that she had left in his car boot when he picked her up that morning.

What’s in it?” Yoong was most curious. But all he got in return was a devilish grin that did nothing to quench his thirst to find out.

She set it down in the bedroom and came back out only to get a shock of her life for there was a huge brown bear waving at her in the living room.

Yoong? Is that you?”

The bear nodded and stepped forward to hand her two roses. “I love you, girlfriend.” Then it handed a box to her. “And that’s for you. Happy Valentine’s Day, girlfriend.”

Sunny opened it curiously and discovered that it was an outfit for her. She was going to be a bear too. A smaller beige bear.

I’m Rilakkuma, and you are Korilakkuma, my girlfriend.”

Sunny looked from the beige bear costume to the bear that stood in front of her and burst out laughing. What kind of a Valentine’s Day night was she in for? But she was game. She’d play along. So she put on the suit and waved to Rilakkuma.

What’s my name again?”

Korilakkuma. You’re my girlfriend.”

Oh, and what are we going to do now that we’re all suited up.”

Now, I’m going to catch you and do unthinkable things to you. GROWL.”

Sunny squealed and ran away from the big brown bear that was running after her. She went around the couch and tried to escape from his clutches but he was faster and had long arms to catch her with. He’d almost caught her when she nimbly jumped over the couch. He tried to do the same but ended up sprawling over it instead. Sunny was reduced to peals of laughter at the sight of his legs kicking uselessly in the air as he toppled over and landed on his big head.

The big brown bear groaned. “Help,” it said.

Sunny laughed till she couldn’t laugh anymore—her stomach was hurting from laughing too much—and ignored him completely. He managed to topple onto his side eventually and that’s when he got to his feet and pounced on her.

You, you’re my girlfriend. You’re supposed to help me, not laugh at me. You’ve hurt my feelings, girlfriend.”

Sunny couldn’t take any more of his nonsense. She lay flat on the floor and tried to calm herself down.

Yoongie, my stomach hurts. I think I laughed too hard.”

I’m Rilakkuma and you’re my girlfriend, Korilakkuma. Who’s Yoongie? Have you been seeing someone else secretly?”

Yoongie! Stop! I can’t take any more of this. I’ll die from laughing too much.”

Who is Yoongie?! Is he a bear too? Is he better looking than me?”

Sunny couldn’t stop laughing. As much as it hurt, she couldn’t stop. The big brown bear was now wriggling its butt at her. Oh, what a sight. She smacked its butt as hard as she could and yelled, “STOP!”

Finally, much to her relief, he stopped. He sat down beside her and took his head off.

Phew, that’s a relief. It was getting way to hot inside.”

Why doesn’t my costume have a head as well? All I have is a hood.”

I want to watch you laugh, that’s why.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed watching me laugh.”

I did.” His boyish grin said it all.

Is this your idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day?”

Romantic? I’m romantic all the time. But I want this to be a day you will never forget.”

Oh, rest assured that I won’t forget this day for a long, long time.”

Good. But now, it’s time to get our suits off.”

And it’s my turn to surprise you.”

You have a surprise for me too?”

Mmmhmm…you’re going to get your chocolates real soon.”

Chocolates? They’re the surprise? But how surprising can chocolates be?”

Sunny giggled and winked seductively at Yoong. “Oh, you’ll see. You’re going to be real surprised.”


Yoongie, you can come in now.”

He opened his bedroom door excitedly. The curiosity and suspense had built sky high as he waited for her to get her surprise ready and he was more than ready to find out what it was.

Oh. My. Gawd. Was his nose bleeding?

He hoped not. It would be embarrassing to suffer from nosebleeds after being with her for so long now.

Sunny…bunny…is that…?”

She nodded shyly and it drove him wild. He loved how she was both daring and shy at the same time. It was like having the angel and the devil, the sun and the moon, the sky and the sea, the day and the night, the…the sexiest and wildest extremes coming together to blow his mind away.

Can I actually eat it?”

Sunny nodded shyly again and her cheeks were pink as her eyes lifted to meet his roving ones. He reached out to touch it. Awesome. This was mind blowing.

Where did you even find such a thing from?”

The internet. Then I had it delivered to the office.”

You had it delivered to the office?! You ordered chocolate lingerie and had it delivered to the office?!”

It drove him nuts to know that she had the guts to deliver something as kinky as chocolate lingerie to the office. What if someone had opened it by mistake? What if somebody else had taken it by mistake?

Why the office? That’s such a risky thing to do.”

I had no choice. I had to sign for it and I’m at the office most of the time.”

Bunny…I’m dying right now…I’m dying to eat some chocolate.”

It’s going to get a little messy.” She giggled.




Sunny was in a chocolate bra and thong. It was beyond his wildest imaginations. Sunny in a chocolate bra and thong!!! He couldn’t keep the grin off his face as he closed the gap between them.

How do these even stay on?” he couldn’t help but wonder out loud as he traced his finger around the two pointy cups of chocolate that were somehow stuck onto her proud assets.

Peanut butter.” She giggled and turned a darker shade of pink.

Oh, things were simply getting better and better.

Chocolate and peanut butter? Sounds delicious.” Yoong smacked his lips and grinned ever so salaciously.

He walked around her to admire her amazingly sexy body. The thong certainly did nothing to hide her assets and he couldn’t keep his hands from touching her as he walked around.

Do you like your Valentine’s Day chocolates?” she asked shyly.

These are seriously the best chocolates I’ve ever received from anyone. And I can’t wait to start feasting on you.”



I love you.”

His eyes darkened with love and desire. And as the two swirled and mixed, he found himself extremely drawn to her luscious lips. So he engulfed her lips with his and they locked lips passionately. And when they parted, both of them were breathing heavily.

Bunny…this is going to be a night I’ll remember for a long, long time,” he whispered.


He quickly took his clothes off with her help and when he had gotten rid of them, she planted a kiss on his chest that set his desires on fire.

The chocolate cups were begging to be pulled off and so he did. Remnants of the peanut butter she had used to get them to stick were left on her, inviting him to lick her clean.

May I?” he asked.

She giggled. “Why are you even asking?”

I don’t know. It just felt right to ask first.”

Yoongie, you can lick all you want.”

Oh boy. That was all the encouragement he needed to hear. Oh, he’d make her feel good alright. He’d make sure she felt downright good.

He clamped his mouth over one of her domes and began licking it. The peanut butter tasted real good but he wasn’t sure why. Was it the peanut butter or was it the fact that he was licking it off her domes? He didn’t know. And he didn’t care. Because all that his mind could register was the very awesome fact that he was licking peanut butter off her. He licked and sucked diligently, making sure that every bit was cleaned off before stopping.

Then, he reached for the strings of her chocolate thong and pulled on them. It fell off immediately. And with that, they were both equally undressed. Both ready to rumble. And tumble. And whatever it was that couples did in bed.


He pushed her onto the bed and crawled over her.

Sexy chocolate bunny…I’m going to eat you up.”

She giggled and planted a kiss on his chest. She seemed to know that he liked it because she would do it periodically to set him off. And it worked. Every single time.

He threw his arms around her and buried his face in her abundant bosom, kissing them, loving them in a physical way that somehow was connected to a deep emotion that was brewing between them. And as he nuzzled them, her hands roamed his back freely and explored to her heart’s content.

He heard her gasp and smiled. His fingers were guilty of the deed that induced it. But he did not stop. Instead, he continued to work his magic on her down below as he teased her tips with his tongue. And when her hips began to gyrate against his hand, he knew that she was ready for him.

In he went, with ease, as he dug as far as he could. Once there, he stilled and kissed her passionately.

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny,” he chanted as he began to move slowly after kissing her.

Her cute little gasps and whines and squeaks tickled his aural senses and drove his desires wild.

Yoongie…faster, go faster, go faster,” she moaned as she clutched his arms and he responded immediately by increasing his speed.

He found that he could now tell exactly when she was about to peak and he looked out for the signs as he went on and on and on. His own mounting pleasure was accumulating fast and he had to be careful not to lose it before she did. If this was to be a night to remember, they had to go out with a bang.

Her domes were moving below him tantalizingly. That, coupled with the desire to bring her to her finish line, made him take her into his mouth again. He worked his tongue on her, flicking where she was most sensitive, doing his best to bring her to where he was heading in a few moments’ time. And just as he teetered over the edge, she shook and convulsed violently. Her eyes were blissfully closed and her inviting lips parted. That was his cue. So he abandoned all restraint and went for his own finish line too.

Stars, light, and everything bright. In a moment of blinding bliss, he found what he had been searching for. In that timeless moment, everything in the world was right. They had arrived, together, as one.


Bunny…” he murmured and kissed her lovingly as a warm feeling of affection washed through him from head to toe. He left kisses everywhere. Her eyes. Her nose. Her lips. Especially her lips. Her bee stung lips. He loved them so.

He caressed her back and rubbed his legs against hers. He loved doing those things after they made love. It was so nice. And it usually made her purr. And just as he thought it, he heard it. Sunny purring like a cat that was completely satisfied with its living conditions. Oh. He loved it when she purred.

Yoongie…” she sighed contentedly as she snuggled her head between the sheets and him.

He loved it when she did that too. It was like she was trying to dig a hole to hide in or something. Just plain cute. He stroked her hair as her eyes closed gradually. Lips curled up. His lips. Thinking about their Valentine’s Day adventures did that to him. What a wonderful beginning it was and what a wonderful way to end the date than to hold her in his arms. Stark naked. With nothing but the bed sheets over them. What an awesome way to end it.

His thoughts made lesser and lesser sense as he gradually joined her in oblivion and soon they were both blissfully fast asleep.


Fany, I’ll pick you up at seven, okay?”

Tiffany looked up from her work and smiled. “Okay.” Then she grinned at him and said, “Have you prepared a surprise for me or something?” She had to suppress her laughter when he looked alarmed immediately. Oh Taeng, so easy to read. So easy to please.

Er…a surprise? I…er…”

Taetae, it doesn’t matter there’s a surprise or not. But I’m looking forward to spending some time with you. Quality time.”

Taeng nodded vigourously and said, “I’d like that too.”

I’ll see you at seven, Taetae.”



Tiffany smiled as she planted a kiss on the card that she planned to attach to the box of chocolates that she had prepared as a gift. She wondered fleetingly what his reaction would be like when he got to see it. He was a fun boyfriend to have in this aspect. There was always his reactions. His cute reactions. Fun to tease and laugh at. Oh Taeng.

She looked in the mirror and was pleased to see what she saw. On this special day, she wanted to present the best of herself to him, so that meant meticulously applied makeup that accentuated her every flawless feature. She was blessed with naturally good looks. Beautiful expressive eyes, framed by double eyelids, a nice nose that had a smooth and high bridge and luscious lips that gave her the come-and-kiss-me look when she pouted them.

A toga was the ensemble of the evening and she fleetingly wondered if it would stay on the entire time. But with Taeng, it didn’t matter whether it stayed on or not. She knew that she’d fall deeper in love with him after tonight. He had that ability to touch her heart in ways that she didn’t even know of.

His eyes, first and foremost, did most of the damage. His sincere puppy eyes that possessed the ability to melt her heart would be enough to set her heart a-flutter. His genuine love was another element of the Kim Taengoo arsenal of love. His simplicity. His pureness. It was impossible to find another like him and she knew it. She certainly cherished him for that.

But it was already seven and it was not like Taeng to be late. Where in the world was he?


Valentine’s Day Special Part 5

She huffed and she puffed and she blew her fringe up as she tried to get her hair out of her eyes. She had to blow up her fringe because her hands were currently occupied. Extremely occupied. She had a huge box on a trolley and it was up to her to get it to Tiffany’s doorstep.

Finally! She huffed and she puffed and she pressed the doorbell. She heard footsteps running and the door swung open to reveal a smiling Tiffany and her beautiful twinkling eyes.

Wow, you’re so pretty, Fany unnie!” she chirped.

Thank you, Hayeon ah. But what’s this? And where’s your brother?”

He asked me to bring this fridge to you. He’s on his way here with something else.”

Why is he giving me a fridge?”

He said that the fridge that you have is too small. He said that you’re going to need a bigger one for when you have a family with him.”

Hayeon could sense her brother’s silent cry of distress and she sniggered at him in her heart. This was not what he had told her to say but she couldn’t wait for her brother and Tiffany to get married and start a family so this was her way of showing it.

Taeng actually said that?” Tiffany looked surprised. Surprised but pleased. Hayeon was sure of that.

Yup!” She pushed the trolley into Tiffany’s apartment and left it in the middle of the living room. Oppa will arrive real soon so I’ll just leave the fridge here. I’ve got to go, Fany unnie! Have a happy Valentine’s Day!”

Hayeon gave Tiffany a great big hug and a smacking kiss on her cheek before running out of the apartment with a cheeky grin on her face. Good luck, oppa!” she said to her brother, as she jogged down the street to make her way home.


Tiffany was intrigued by the fridge. She was tempted to open it but she thought that it would be nicer to wait for Taeng to arrive before doing so. Besides, his expression as they opened it would be part and parcel of the gift. She sat down on the couch and stared at the fridge box. It said: LG, Life’s Good.

Life was good indeed. She was aware of how good her life was at that moment. She was living her dream of having her own company and there was a man called Kim Taengoo in her life. On top of that, Hayeon’s little giveaway about Taeng wanting a family sounded good. It sounded cute. Too cute, in fact, when she tried to imagine little Kim Taengoos running around the house. If the father was so adorable, she couldn’t imagine how much more adorable his…her…their kids would be.

But where was Taeng? How could they start a family if he wasn’t going to show up?


Uh oh. Did I forget to do something before leaving Fany unnie’s house? Did I? Why do I feel like I forgot something?

Hayeon paused at the door of her brother’s apartment. Then she gasped in horror. She had forgotten one important thing! Oh no…but there was nothing left to do except to pray that things would go just as well as they had planned. Please, for the sake of her kind brother, would the Heavens please help him out?


Tiffany was beginning to lose her patience when a sound came from the box. It was muffled but she could make out the word ‘help’. Help? Why would a box say help? Or a fridge for that matter?


There. She heard it again. Oh my gawd. The answer to her question and the absurdness of the entire episode struck her suddenly and she began to laugh. And while she laughed, the box began to move. Why, of course. He would try to surprise her by hiding in a fridge box. And of course, with Taeng, plans had the tendency to go wrong sometimes.

Taetae…” Tiffany laughed till she was on the verge of crying before she was able to stand up. “I can’t believe you’re in there.” She shook with laughter as she tried to open the box but the lid was too high for her to reach. Taetae, I’m going to push the box over, okay?”

Okay,” was his muffled response.

She pushed the box on its side and toppled it. It now lay on its side on the floor and she could easily pull off the tape that secured the lid. It was way too hilarious to stop herself from laughing when he crawled out of the box in a pathetic manner. So even though she felt sorry for him, she could not stop laughing.

Oh my gawd, if I laugh some more, it’s going to ruin my makeup.” She struggled to suppress her laughter but just one look at his sorry expression was enough to set her off once again. It was only when he pouted sadly and flopped on the floor that she finally stopped laughing. He looked very sad. Too sad to be funny and she was instantly worried for him.

I’m sorry, did I laugh too much? Are your feelings hurt?” she asked.

He heaved a huge sigh and pouted some more which increased her alarm.

Taetae, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have laughed at you like that. I’m sorry.” She ran her palm up and down his back and held his hand with her free hand to comfort him.

After a while, he stood up. It was only then that she realized just how much effort he had put into his outfit for the evening. A smart white shirt that had a nifty looking collar was matched with a black jacket that tapered to his body. It made him look very handsome indeed. He lifted the bottom of the box and out of it slid a humongous bouquet of roses.

Dear Fany,” began Taeng as he got onto one knee and presented the roses to her. “Will you accept the roses?” She nodded numbly, too shocked and surprised by his actions to think. And as soon as she took the heavy bouquet of roses from him, he grinned shyly. There are 108 roses in there.”

108 roses? What about 108 roses… she’d read about the different meanings that different numbers of roses signified while planning Jessica’s wedding. What was it? What did 108 roses mean?

Oh. Oh. Oh! It meant the man was asking her to marry him! Oh! Was he…?

Just then, he whipped out a white envelope and a pastel blue box from his pockets. She gasped. A pastel blue box?! That colour was all too familiar to her. It was one of her favourite brand names. After all, she had the same name. Was he…was he…? She couldn’t breathe.

Still on his knee, he first presented the envelope to her.

In it is a cheque. I would like to buy a share of Make It Big with that sum of money. It’s most of my savings so that’s all I have. I hope it’s enough to become a small partner of the company. That way, I will not be working for you. But I’ll be working with you. I don’t know if that’s man enough for you but I hope it is because I want to give you this ring.”

He tugged on the silver ribbon and it fell away to allow him to open the box. In it was dark, navy blue box and he took that out. Then he opened it. That’s when she really, really couldn’t breathe for her senses were completely overwhelmed by the sight of the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. Well, truth be told, she had seen it in the store several times before but it wasn’t the same when it was presented to her by the man whom she loved dearly. It wasn’t the same.

And it was even more surreal when he muttered the magic words, “Will you marry me? Please?”

Oh Taeng…” she breathed as she took the box from his outstretched hands and looked at the diamond ring. It was the ultimate engagement ring. The ring had a sleek, graceful band with a beautifully set diamond on top. A classic design from Tiffany and Co. with simplicity and elegance stamped all over it. And in a way, the ring was just like Taeng. Simple, yet everything and more.

What else was there left to stop her? Nothing. There was no reason why she shouldn’t say yes. She loved him. He loved her. He took great care of her. He loved her. She loved him. And nothing was going to change that. Oh yes, there was no other way to answer his question. There was only one right answer. And the answer was…

Yes, I will marry you.”

Really?” He looked like he was in shock.

Yes, I will marry you, Kim Taengoo.”

He let out a whoop of joy and jumped to his feet. “I love you, I love you, I love you!” he chanted as he danced around her gleefully. She could only laugh happily and feel loved as she watched him celebrate his successful proposal.

He eventually stopped dancing around her but his eyes were still shining bright. His eyes, the windows to his soul, were at their brightest and most alive. In fact, it applied to the rest of him too. He was positively glowing. He hugged her, knocking the bouquet of flowers out of her arm and it was all she could do to hug him back. He was absolutely delirious with joy and it was rubbing off on her.

Yes. It was sinking in. She had just accepted his proposal. She had just said yes to him. Yes, she was going to marry him. Yes. Yes. Yes. And she’d plan her own wedding after she was done with Jessica’s. Her lips curled up into a heartfelt smile that was impossible to suppress. Oh, she never knew that she could be this happy. What was this happiness that was oozing from her in abundance? Where did it come from? But it wasn’t the right moment to dwell on the what, where and why. It was time to simply revel in the moment of pure joy and happiness.

There was no better way to celebrate their mutual joy than to lock lips. And lock lips they did, right after he slipped the ring onto her finger, staking his claim on her. She was his. Officially his. She liked the feeling of the ring on her finger, reminding her of the person who had put it on her.

And as they made love to each other with their lips, their tongues joined the fray. The touch of his soft muscular organ made their kiss that much hotter as he flicked it shyly over her lips in the quest for acceptance. Immediately, she pressed her lips against him more forcefully, urging him to take her by force. And then there it was, again. His soft tongue. Sliding over her lips, making contact with the tip of her tongue. Electrifying. Absolutely electrifying. It was sensational. And she wanted more.


Her arms tightened around his neck and pulled him closer as she began to meet his tongue with hers. And as their kiss deepened, she could feel his hands making their way down to one of his favourite body parts of hers—her bum. He rested them comfortably on her hump at first, but as their kiss intensified, he began to squeeze them and pull her hips closer to his.

There they were, hip to hip, lips to lips and she could feel the changes that were going on in his body. A certain part of him down below was pressing against her with increasing need and desire and she moaned when he rubbed himself against her instinctively.

Taeng…” she gasped between kisses, “bed…”

They began moving towards her bedroom, with their lips still locked with each other and their hands, roaming wildly all over the other person’s body. She knew not how but they made it to her bed and fell onto it. Taeng then moved his lips down her jawline, planting kisses all the way down to her neck. He went round to her nape and it made her shiver with delight. She loved it when he kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. It made her feel loved on a different level.

He turned her on her side and unzipped her dress, pulling it off her shoulders with care despite his state of arousal. And she loved that. She loved how he would always put her before himself. He tugged on the hem of her dress and the entire garment slid off her body, leaving her in nothing more than a set of very sheer lingerie. He then proceeded to discard his jacket, shirt and pants before climbing back onto bed with her.


Yes, Fany?”

Do you like my lingerie?”


I bought it for today. Especially for today.”

Taeng’s eyes widened at her words. Or it could be her hand that had made its way to his ‘tent’ down below. She smiled seductively and rubbed him up and down through his briefs. There was something sexy about him in briefs. Oh heck. There was something sexy about him in almost anything. And it was especially sexy to watch him lose his train of thought and ability to speak as she reached into his briefs and held him in her hand.

He kissed her again, as she stroked him and their tongues played a fun game of tag as he began to throb in her hand. She refused to stop even when he tried to move her hand away.

Fany…I…I won’t last…very long…if you…”

But she kissed him hard and stopped him from saying anymore. Then she tugged his briefs off and watched as it sprang free from its confinement. And in the realms of sexual intimacy, seeing his arousal for her made her feel sexier than ever. She reached behind her back and undid the clasp that held her brassiere together. It loosened and dropped off with a simple shrug of her shoulders and she watched as his eyes drank her in.

His eyes were most expressive and the dewy desire was sparked within her. And she continued to watch as his eyes followed the descent of her panties down her legs. When she was completely free of clothing, she stretched out and lay on her side, facing him.

Do you like seeing me with lingerie or without?” she asked naughtily as she began stroking him again.


She knew that he would have difficulty answering her while she did that so she giggled to herself. But she was treated to a pleasant surprise when he suddenly turned her to the other side and sidled up to her back. He wrapped his arms around her and claimed her soft domes with his hands as he kissed more of her nape and shoulders. She could feel him pressing up against her so she decided to hook her leg behind his.

Take me now…” she breathed as his fingers tweaked her tips to erection. “Now, Taeng…now…”

She felt him searching for her entrance for a moment but the next thing she knew, he was in. Oh boy, was he in. He pushed deeper tentatively and stilled but began to move when she moaned long and deep.

Go, Taetae…it feels so good, Taetae…”

She found that saying certain things like that made him even more passionate in the act and sure enough, he moved even faster after that. He continued to love the crook of her neck and his fingers never let her tips rest. So she was quickly propelled to the height of ecstasy within moments.

Taetae…oh gawd…Taetae…” she chanted his name as he thrust strongly into her, hitting all the right spots as he did. There was something about him coming from behind that made it feel different. She liked how his hands held her securely and she liked how he loved her neck and shoulders but most of all, she felt completely owned by him this way and it was a wonderful discovery to find that she liked being owned by Taeng. She wanted his hands all over her, she wanted him loving her, she wanted his lips kissing her…and yes, he was doing all of it at the same time. Surely nothing could get better than this?

Then it did. As stars burst in her galaxy, the strongest sensations obliterated her senses and all she could feel was a high that sent her to the stars. And as she floated back down like a feather, he went on and on, in search of his own high.

Taetae,” she breathed as she pressed his hands harder on her twin domes. “Oh gawd, Taetae…”

She twisted her head around as much as she could and allowed him to claim her lips as he continued to move within her. And it was as though she never came back down for she was obliterated by another burst of stars soon after that. The pleasure mounted higher and higher to the point where it was almost more than she could take and as yet another cluster of stars exploded behind her eyes, he let out a long deep groan and pushed in for one final time. She felt his tensed body against hers and knew that he had found his release.


That was so good, Taetae…” she whispered as she shook from the aftereffects of their lovemaking. “You’re so amazing.”

You’re amajjing too, Fany ah.”

Just then, his stomach growled. She giggled and kissed his nose fondly. “I’m guessing you weren’t planning to make love before dinner, right?”

He smiled shyly and shook his head before nuzzling his lips against her nape again. Oh goodness gracious, it felt so good!

Taetae, if you keep on doing that…we’ll never get out of bed.”

We don’t have to get out of bed.”

But you’re hungry. And so am I.”

But I think we’ve lost our reservation. Our reservation was made for eight.”

Tiffany glanced at the clock on her bedside table. He was right. It was way past their reservation time now. Okay, so we’ll just stay in bed and you can keep on hugging me like that.” She gasped when Taeng brushed her with his fingers. “You’re such a naughty boy now.”

His grin could be felt on her shoulder as he caressed her again.

Tae…” her voice got caught in her throat when he started to fondle her aggressively. Oh, she was so sensitive just then. And it was much to her surprise when he stirred within her. She hadn’t expected him to reload that quickly but he somehow managed to come back to life once again. “Taetae, you’re full of surprises.” And that was the last thing she managed to utter coherently as he began to move again.


Their stomachs were protesting loudly by the time they were done with their second round and that’s when it struck Tiffany that she had yet to give Taeng her chocolates! She scrambled out of bed and grabbed the card and chocolates that she had prepared for him.

Taetae, the card and chocolates are for you but since we’re so hungry, I think we can open the chocolates and eat them now.”

Taeng took the box of chocolates and card from her most enthusiastically. In some ways, he was just like a little boy. Cute and adorable. Yet she had just experienced how manly he could be in bed. Just the thought of it stirred her desires. That’s how good it was. Oh Taeng.

He opened the card and read what she had written in it. Dear Taetae, You’re everything I’ve ever wanted and everything I never knew I needed. And I’ll keep on loving you. For a long, long time. Loving you always, your Fany.”

He looked at the lipstick print that she made for him and grinned like a kid who had received a very special gift that made him feel very special. Thank you. I’ll keep the card well.”

Let’s eat the chocolates.” She was a little embarrassed about the content of the card. It was a little mushier than what she could handle and she honestly did not know how she had managed to write that and kiss it too.

Ah…” went Taeng.

She opened her mouth and accepted his chocolate. Unable to resist his happy grin, she took a chocolate and fed him as well. And so they ate up all the chocolate while feeding each other lovingly. There were traces of chocolate left on their fingers and she was about to go to the washroom to clean them when he stopped her.

He held her hand up and put her finger into his mouth. Her eyes grew round like the moon as he licked her fingers clean. She had not expected him to do such a thing and she may not have liked it that much on another occasion but there was something about tonight that made every move of his more sensual than usual.

Perhaps it was the giddy proposal. Maybe it was the wonderful love that they had just made. Twice. Or it might have been the chocolates themselves since they contained rum. He looked up at her lovingly after the last bit of chocolate was cleaned off her fingers. Then he drew closer and closer to her.

She could taste the sweet bitterness of the chocolate on his lips. Sweet. So sweet. So beautiful. And all the money in the world could not have bought her a moment like this. All the power in the world could not have given her a moment like this. How sweet a kiss could be, from a simple man like him. How deeply in love she had fallen, with a man as unique as him. How loved she felt, the ring on her finger, his lips on hers.

Taeng. Oh, Taeng.


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