Losing to the Heat 37

Yuri.” Taeyeon stood at the hood of the car in the workshop and looked on as two feet appeared from beneath the car before her. More of the legs appeared and soon the body followed. She stepped out of the way to allow Yuri to slide out and grinned when their eyes finally met.

Taeyeon, what brings you here?”

I have a job for you. A fun job.”

Yuri wiped her hands on a towel that dangled from her tool belt. “What kind of fun.”

Upgrading-a-race-car kind of fun.”

Oh, what else do you wanna modify?”

It’s not for me this time.”

Not for you? Then who is it for?”

It’s a secret.”

A secret?” Yuri frowned. “I hope you know where the car comes from.”

Of course I do. Why would you even say that.”

I’m sorry.” Yuri shook her head. “There have been cases of stolen cars being sent to workshops to be done up recently. We saw the police searching the workshop two streets from us. They took two cars away with them, saying they were stolen. News got around and it’s making everybody nervous about cars that come without proper IDs.”

Stolen cars. Sent to workshops? What kind of stupid—”

It’s not stupid. In fact, it’s quite brilliant actually. This new syndicate sells their stolen cars in exchange for an older car of the same maker. They change the license plate and chassis numbers so that the cars’ identities are swapped with the older car. Then, they send the car to a workshop in a different state for a paint job. Apparently, they will use the buyer’s I.D. at the workshop and the buyer will pick the car up when the paint is done. And because they send the stolen cars to different workshops, it’s hard to trace them. We received a notice to be vigilant with cars sent to us and to notify the police if we suspect foul play.”

Taeyeon whistled. “Sounds like an elaborate scam to me. Exchanging your old car for a newer one? How much would the buyers have to pay for that?”

Yuri shook her head. “I don’t know. But the two cars that were taken by the police are really expensive.”

What models were they?”

Both are BMWs. A X5 and a Z4.”

Taeyeon raised her brow. “Those two are worth like 100 million won each.”

Mhm. That’s the kind of money you would commit crimes for.”

Well, you don’t have to worry about this one. It’s my friend’s car. I’m helping her to prepare for a race.”

I see. That’s no problem then. When will you bring it in?”

I can bring it in any time when you’re available.”

You could’ve just called me to ask.”

But we can’t have dinner over the phone, can we.”

Yuri flashed a grin. “No, we can’t.”

How’s Jessica doing?”

She’s making progress. I got her to drive to the grocery store yesterday. She made it there without a scratch on the car.”

But you were beside her, right?”

Yuri nodded.

Is she ready to drive on her own yet?”

I’m thinking of trying that next week.”

Try it out at night when there’s nobody around. I know a few roads you could use. Text me when you wanna try it and I’ll let you know the best road to use.”

I will.” Yuri smiled and took a sip of her coffee. Then, they were silent for a while.

Actually, I have something to say to you.”

Yuri put her cup of coffee down and looked at Taeyeon. “What is it?”

I…I wanna thank you.”


Taeyeon nodded. “You.”

Yuri looked puzzled. “But why?”

Taeyeon coughed as a surge of embarrassment hit her like a ton of bricks. “I er…I kinda…”

Oh my God.” Yuri looked as though she’d just won the lottery. “You got yourself a girlfriend, right? It’s Tiffany, right? Right?”

Her cheeks burned as an unfamiliar sensation rose through her veins and pulsed within. It took a moment but she managed to admit it. “It’s Tiffany.”

Finally,” Yuri looked something like a cross between a proud mother and a racer who had just won the biggest race of the year at this point, “it’s about time, woman.”

Er…yeah…it…took a while…”

Yuri rose from her chair and grabbed her over the table. A warm hug ensued, accompanied by several enthusiastic pats on her back. Finally, Taeyeon was released, her blush deepening with every passing second.

You look happy.”

Do I?”

Yuri nodded, her grin so wide that it was about to fall off her face. “You should’ve seen your face when you said ‘It’s Tiffany.’”

I guess.”

Oh come on. Relax. You don’t have to be so shy about it.”

I’m not shy.”

Yuri shook her head, smiling as though she knew better.

I’m not shy. I’m just not used to it, okay.”

Okay, okay.” Yuri raised her hands in surrender. “I get it. You’re not shy at all.”

Taeyeon rolled her eyes at Yuri’s grin. “Shut up.”

I’m sorry.”

What about?”

I told her about you.”

Ah,” Paul leaned forward, looking eager, “you don’t have to apologize. I already gave you permission to do it.” His hands united in a loose inter-finger lock, thumbs tapping each other repeatedly. “What did Taeyeon tell you about Yoona?”

Tiffany dropped her gaze to her hands on her lap. “I didn’t ask about Yoona.”

But you told her about me?”

That’s what I’m apologizing for.”

Tiffany, you’re the last person I’d have expected to allow matters of the heart to get in the way of business.”

Her head hung lower. “I’m sorry.”

Apologies are useless to me right now. What I need is information. Information about Yoona. Do you understand?”

Tiffany nodded. “I understand. In that case, I’ll get back to work.” She stood, turned around and walked to the door. She opened it and was surprised to see Denise on the other side. A quick glance at Denise’s desperate-to-pop-out cleavage gave her the urge to laugh but she suppressed it and gave the woman a curt nod instead. Denise emitted an air of defiance as she stood still, refusing to give way so Tiffany stood aside and allowed the woman to pass. But she wasn’t about to let Denise have it easy.

Thanks for the lovely dress, Paul. It fits perfectly.”

Denise spun round as perplexity occupied Paul’s face, but it transformed into a confident smile before Denise could see it. “My pleasure, Tiffany. I look forward to seeing you in it soon.”

She flashed a smile as the flames of anger bursting out of Denise licked her and she closed the door quickly for it was impossible to stop her lips from curling into a victorious grin.

How was dinner with Taeyeon?” Jessica smiled at Yuri from the couch and tucked in her legs as Yuri strolled over to join her.

It was great,” said Yuri, sitting down and pulling her legs over hers.

So what did you two talk about?”

Yuri hunched her back suddenly and lowered her voice. “Taeyeon…don’t tell anyone this, but Taeyeon is dating Tiffany!”

Why are you so excited about it?”

Why wouldn’t I be?”

They’re both adults. And far from first loves.” Jessica shrugged. “Isn’t it pretty common…?”

Taeyeon…it wasn’t easy for her.” Yuri shook her head. “Anyway, first love or not, it’s worth feeling happy because another two people have found their happiness in this world.”

Jessica smiled and blew Yuri a kiss. “This is why I love you so much, Kwon Yuri. I love your kind heart so much.”

Really? That’s why you love me? Don’t you love me because of my hot…” Yuri leaned over Jessica, pressing their hips close, hot body?”

Jessica giggled as Yuri hovered over her, wearing a handsome grin. Yuri’s hair flopped all around them and Jessica had to bat them away from her face as the woman’s lips came within a whisper from hers. “Mmm, I don’t know,” she said, when Yuri’s eyes were so close that she was sure she could jump right in and swim in them, “your body isn’t that hot…”

It’s not?”

Jessica grinned and shook her head. “No. Mine’s hotter.”

Yuri burst into hearty laughter, stopping only when Jessica pulled her and pressed their lips together.


At the sound of Krystal’s voice, Yuri’s head shot up and so did Jessica.

Opps, I’m sorry. Did I come in at an inappropriate time? Don’t mind me, please carry on. I’ll come back down later.”

It’s alright,” said Jessica, blushing a little from the way Yuri was tangled up with her. “What were you calling me for?”

Krystal turned back around, hands on her hips and said, “The first race of The Roulette is coming up. I wanted to tell you they gave me VIP tickets for you and Yuri. They gave me a few, so you can bring a friend or two as well.”

Thanks.” Jessica smiled at her sister as the tickets passed hands. “We’ll be there,” she said, waving a thank-you with the tickets. “Are you ready for the race?”

Krystal flashed a confident grin, not unlike her own before the accident. “You betcha.”

I miss u. do u miss me too?

Taeyeon stared at the message for a full second before allowing herself a smile to let her inner happiness out. It was still weird to her—the fact that she had an actual girlfriend who wasn’t going to leave anytime soon. But it was a good kind of weird. So good that she felt inclined to floor her accelerator and zoom off to Tiffany’s apartment immediately. Well, technically she could have done that if not for the one thing stopping her. The red light.

Fingers tapping impatiently as she waited for the traffic lights to change, her lips curled up into what she was sure looked like an embarrassing smile. Tiffany missed her. This was after they made sweet love after she said yes. Twice. Not one, but two times. And they were both late for work. It was a good thing neither of their bosses cared too much about that. She would not have hesitated to call in sick and continued their frolic among the sheets but Tiffany had insisted on getting out of bed and going to work. Was Tiffany a machine? She had wondered about that as said woman dashed about, prepping herself for work. Only a machine could say no to more sex with a stark naked body that was practically begging for more. Not to mention, a stark naked body that she loved.

But this message proved that Tiffany had at least a few ounces of human in her. Tiffany missed her.

I miss u too.

Tiffany smiled at Taeyeon’s simple reply, then shook her head at herself. To think that four words could fill her with so much joy. What a crazy world this was. But she wasn’t about to stop herself from enjoying the moment. No. She well and truly deserved it after fighting so hard for this. After all the sacrifices she made to come to Seoul. After all this time, battling against Taeyeon’s reluctance.

Can’t wait to c u agn.

Keep your panties on girl

I’m coming for you

Taeyeon’s naughty reply put a huge grin on her face and sent a sensual thrill up her spine. Her lips loped sideways into what some would call a devious smirk when an even naughtier thought struck her and she laughed to herself as she tried to imagine how Taeyeon would react when she found out about it.

Naughty thoughts aside, revealing Paul’s sexual orientation had been a necessary move, she realized. The Taeyeon that she held in her arms after coming clean was a vastly different person than the Taeyeon that had gone all passive-aggressive on her at the mere mention of ‘girlfriend’. And if this reply from her was anything to go by, this new Taeyeon was showing more signs of becoming the caring, loving person she had witnessed when Hayeon was around.

Speaking of Hayeon, she wondered if Taeyeon had told her sister yet. Or did older sisters shy away from revealing such things to their younger sisters?

Looking at the files on her table, she decided that these were questions she could ask Taeyeon later when she came over. For now, she had work to do. Hyundae’s racing academy needed new cars and her job was to source for them. But before that, she had something to do

Her phone buzzed and flashed Taeyeon’s name on its screen, announcing the arrival of her new girlfriend. She smiled, dropped her pen and headed over to the control panel to let her girlfriend up. Girlfriend. Girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend. She loved the word and couldn’t use it enough. It wouldn’t be long before her girlfriend appeared so she did a final check of her appearance. Concealer, check. Sexy black nightgown, check. Thoroughly combed and casually styled hair, check. Tonight was their first night together as girlfriends and she wanted it to be special. Oh…it was going to be special alright.

Taeyeon finally appeared, ascending like a popstar would from a rising stage and Tiffany felt her breath catch as their eyes locked on each other. Her eyes never left Taeyeon even as the woman got out of her car and walked around to her. Then, when Taeyeon was finally close enough, she craned her neck and gave her a kiss.

Hello, girlfriend.”

Taeyeon chuckled and shook her head as though she’d been expecting this. “Hello,” she replied, leaving out the other word.

Whether it was done out of stubbornness or a deliberate attempt to agitate her, Tiffany didn’t rise to the bait. Instead, she took Taeyeon by the waist and pulled the woman to her with an inordinate amount of force, designed to surprise. It worked, if Taeyeon’s widened eyes were any indicator and she smirked. That seemed to set Taeyeon off, and the woman pressed up against her, trapping her against the wall behind.

I never took you to be such a desperate woman,” Taeyeon said in her gravelly voice. “What have I gotten myself into?”

Afraid I’ll sexhaust you?”

Taeyeon threw her head back and laughed. “Sexhaust? How did you even come up with that. Sexhaust.” She couldn’t stop laughing.

But Tiffany didn’t laugh with her. Wearing the same smirk, she took Taeyeon’s hand and slipped it under her nightgown, pulling it up behind her. That silenced Taeyeon. But only for a moment.

Fuck. Me.”

That’s what I plan on doing tonight…Taeyeooon,” she said, her voice turning husky as she drawled her name nice and slowly.

Taeyeon pulled back slightly, eyebrows raised in a playful tease. “So. You couldn’t keep your panties on after all, huh.”

Not when you’re coming for me, no.”

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  1. Those two words near the end really got my heart beat rising and brought a rush of blood to my face… Kyaaaa :”>

        1. 😀 that’s pretty cool! i’m learning so many things about cars because i’m writing this story and the research to make it sound convincing to people who might know stuff about cars haha (like you)

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