Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s Story of TaeNy)

A throwback for our dear Ginger’s birthday ❤

Hi! I’m Ginger. I’m a baby poodle. A male one. Whatever that means. Hee hee! I have two mommies! They take care of me and give me food and things to play with. I like playing with this yellow-brown thing that Mummy bought me. Which mommy you ask? The other mommy calls her Daedae. Or Taeyeonie, sometimes. And Mommy Daedae calls her Pani-ah.

My mommies play with me sometimes but not all the time. And sometimes, they end up playing with each other. Just like that one time when Mommy Daedae was putting her mouth on my face. Near my nose! I was nervous because I didn’t really want her to touch my nose. It itches when she does. But she didn’t touch my nose. She rubbed her lips on me and I liked it so I licked her face.

Then, Mommy Pani-ah made a noise. I don’t really know what she said but she pointed at her face and stuck her lips out. Then Mommy Daedae stopped rubbing her lips on me. Instead, she rubbed lips with Mommy Pani-ah. They kept rubbing lips so I knew that my playtime with them was over. They didn’t even know that I had walked away. I decided to look for my yellow-brown thing. I like it. It’s so small and cute.

I have another thing to play with but it has pale-yellow things on its head and they freak me out a little. Also, it has this shiny loose part and once, I stuck my nose under it to smell what’s inside but Mommy Pani-ah smacked my butt. She shook her finger at me and said something to me. I don’t know what she said but it sounded scary. Like she would smack me if I did it again. Then she called Mommy Daedae and told her something. I could make out one word. Beeyuntae. I know this word because Mommy Pani-ah uses it to scold Mommy Daedae a lot. It must be a bad word.

So I played with my yellow-brown thing near the big long soft place. I like it when Mommy Daedae puts me up there. It’s very nice to lie on but I can’t jump high enough to get up on it by myself. And I was playing happily when my two mommies suddenly came near me. They almost stepped on me but they fell onto the place above and I was safe.

I carried on playing until something soft and white covered me. I was frightened and started calling for help as I tried to get out of the soft white thing. Just then, I heard my name and Mommy Daedae’s name. The soft white thing flew up away from me and I calmed down immediately. Ruff!

Sorry Ginger!” Mommy Daedae said to me and I know what that means. I’ve heard it many times now. You have to say it after you do something bad so that Mommy Pani-ah won’t get angry. Ruff ruff!

Mommy Daedae put the soft white thing on the bed but it soon fell down to the floor again. And more soft things started dropping onto the floor. Different colours. Different sizes too. Big. Small. Something fell on my head again but it was small so I shook it off. Ruff!

Then I heard Mommy Pani-ah calling Mommy Daedae. She kept calling her. And she sounded like she’d been running for a long time. Mommy Daedae called her too. I don’t know why they kept calling each other. And I heard another word that I know. Saaraanghey. It’s a good word I think. They say it to me a lot and usually when they say it, they’ll hold me and rub my fur or rub their lips on me. Saaraanghey definitely means something good.

The big soft place started making weird noises and I was a little frightened again. I whined and whined but my mommies didn’t hear me so I hid under the soft white thing on the floor. After a while, the weird sounds stopped. And I could hear my two mommies talking softly. I came out from under the soft white thing slowly. Were my mommies alright? Ruff! Ruff! Ruff ruff ruff!

Suddenly, Mommy Daedae’s head appeared above me and she picked me up. She put me between her and Mommy Pani-ah. Yay! I was happy because my mommies were smiling. They rubbed lips again before coming closer together with me in between. Ruff! I was going to be squashed! I was ready to run away when they stopped moving. Phew! Mommy Daedae rubbed my fur again and said another word that I know. Gudnight. I know that word because they always say it before going to sleep.

Ruff ruff!” I said to them before circling my sleeping spot. I made a couple of circles and pawed at the spot before settling down to sleep. Ruff! Gudnight is what I said to my two mommies before falling asleep.

And that’s my story of that one time when my mommies started off playing with me but ended up playing with each other.


6 thoughts on “Ruff! Ruff! (Ginger’s Story of TaeNy)

  1. Hahaha taeny u r so bad bad bad parents , oh please girls ur son is still awake. Poor our innocent ginger LOL good job Author-nim u cracking me up with ur idea 😁

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