Losing to the Valentine Special

Where are we going?”

It’s a secret.”

Tiffany narrowed her eyes at Taeyeon. “What are you up to now.”

Taeyeon gave nothing away. Just a sly, sneaky curve of her lips to the side. So, Tiffany huffed and folded her arms as she slid down in her seat. Fine. She’d let Taeyeon have her fun. But she was going to be very unhappy if Taeyeon had actually woken her up from her sleep just to go for a drive.

She looked out at the trees passing by in a flurry and sank deeper into her seat. Who would have thought that she would come this far. She had been just a girl from LA on a journey to Seoul, in search of a new challenge in the form of a racer by the name of Kim Taeyeon. To think that this girl would actually succeed in racing with her, not to mention, becoming said racer’s girlfriend. To think that this girl would be here in this car, right at this moment, sitting beside said racer and cruising along while most of the city slept. To think that she was that girl.

It hadn’t been a smooth sailing road. But bumps and pot holes aside, things had a funny way of working out and she wouldn’t wish for it to have happened any other way.

Hold on tight.”

That was all the warning she got before the car lurched forward and hit the upper echelons of 100kph. All in three seconds. In the utter darkness, on a road lit only by the powerful headlights of the car, they sped forward. Taeyeon was wearing a mask of intensity as her eyes locked on the road ahead. But Tiffany didn’t have time to admire that sight. The car swerved violently to the right, then left, and she would have been thrown around in her seat if it wasn’t built especially to prevent it in such situations.

Just as suddenly as it all started, the car slammed into a side-way brake before coming to a stop. Taeyeon turned to her, all smiles and let out a whoop of exhilaration.

I really love your car,” she said with a sigh of contentment.

Are you sure you aren’t dating me just to drive my car?”

Taeyeon turned in her seat so that her body now faced her and their eyes locked gazes. “Your car may have something to do with it.”

I knew it. You’ve been eyeing my car all along.”

How am I supposed to resist a car like yours? It has a Victoria-Secret-sexy butt, and goes incredibly fast. It’s everything a girl could wish for.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Well, you’ve have enough for the night. It’s my turn to drive now.”

But you get to drive it all the time.”

You’re always driving me when we’re together. I want to drive you around too.”

Taeyeon grinned. “Seems like somebody wants to be in control this time.”

What do you mean this time. I’ve always been in control. You’re looking at the woman who tamed the grumpy racer who hated the world.”

Tamed?” Taeyeon snorted. “You must be imagining things. I’m as wild as they come.”

Wild? You?” Tiffany shook her head with a grin. “I don’t think so.”

Taeyeon started up the engine and revved it. “You’re gonna regret ever saying that, Tiffany.”

Am I?”

Oh. You are.”

Half an hour later, Tiffany pulled into her apartment and they got out of the car.

Holy shit. Look at what you did to my car.”

What did I do.”

Tiffany gestured at the body of her car. “Look.”


Yeah. Woah. And you’ll be cleaning that up. I can’t drive to work in a car that looks like it went for a dip in a mud bath.”

You know, mud baths are all the rage these days. I heard it’s good for the skin.”


Alright, alright. I’ll wash the mud off.”

Make sure it’s squeaky clean.”

Taeyeon flashed her teeth in a creepy-madwoman kind of smile and pressed one of the buttons on the panel. A panel of the wall slid open, revealing brushes, bottles and other car maintenance equipment. “Care to join me in the car wash?”

Tiffany narrowed her eyes into slits. “Trying to get out of it?”

Oh no…I can’t imagine doing that to you, my love.”

Tiffany sensed something going on and started to back away but Taeyeon pressed another button and the door to her living room closed before she could get to it. “What are you up to now, Taeyeon.”

The woman simply grinned and reached for the hose. And before she knew what was happening, a blast of ice cold water hit her. She shrieked in shock and instinct had her jumping away but the stream of water followed her, forcing her to duck behind her mud-caked car. “Taeyeon! Stop it!”

Guess you have no choice but to wash the car with me now. Since you’re already wet and all.”

Tiffany peered from behind the hood with caution. “Taeyeon, you suck, you dirty, filthy shorty.”

Taeyeon simply laughed and swung the hose in her hand. “Guilty as charged.” She dropped the hose on the floor and walked around the car. Tiffany stood and glared at her but the woman was unaffected. Instead, she was given the once over and grabbed around the waist by Taeyeon. “You’re hot as fuck when you’re wet,” Taeyeon whispered, leaning in till their lips were barely a whisker apart.

Tiffany’s thigh muscles clenched hard. Taeyeon’s whisper never failed to weaken her knees. Her resolve too. Taeyeon smiled as the distance between them no longer existed, and her glare lost its sting as she fought to keep from sighing into Taeyeon’s mouth. She was supposed to be angry, damn it! But she couldn’t. Tiffany didn’t have the strength to resist Taeyeon’s feather-soft lips that pranced across her lips, taking as much of her as they wanted. She didn’t have the resolve to keep from pressing her body against Taeyeon’s either.

Her wet clothes sparked a shiver when she pressed against Taeyeon, her cold skin craving for heat, but it didn’t stop her from pulling Taeyeon even closer to deepen their kiss. The feel of Taeyeon’s tongue on hers sent a flurry of sensations scuttling across her body and the more they kissed, the more she craved it.

Taeyeon’s hands slipped under her dress and inched up, coming to rest on her derrière. Her hands were on the go as well, roaming across Taeyeon’s back, up then down, before slipping under the hem of the baggy top to get their share of bare skin. And from then on, there was no turning back. She ended up on the hood of her car with Taeyeon between her legs, body arched over her, wondering how in the world anyone could ever look so edible.

Taeyeon looked exceptionally arrogant as her fingers traced the shell of Tiffany’s ear and Tiffany was finding it hard to breathe, with her senses loaded over the limit.

Remember the last time we fucked on your car?” Taeyeon asked.

Tiffany nodded. “It hurt too much to be forgotten.”

With arms on both sides of Tiffany’s head, Taeyeon leaned closer, their breaths hitting each other’s skin. “I wanted to hurt you that time.”

Tiffany inhaled deeply. “I know.”

Taeyeon pressed a kiss onto her forehead. “But I don’t want to hurt you. Ever again.”

It felt a little silly to be on the verge of tearing because of what Taeyeon said, so Tiffany pulled the woman’s lips to hers and distracted herself.

Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to succumb to her animalistic desires on top of her car. Now, not only was her car just as dirty before, she ended up getting mud all over her dress too. But Taeyeon didn’t seem to see the problem as she did.

You should take it off, since it’s dirty now.”

I can’t.”

Why not.”

You’ll be distracted and my car is never gonna be cleaned.”

You’re equally distracting in a wet, muddy dress.”

Wet hair clung to her skin and she swept them back in an attempt to look less ‘distracting’. “Clean the car, Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon shook her head. “I’d rather clean you up.”

Tiffany pushed Taeyeon’s hands away. “I hate you.” She picked up the hose and sprayed water at the mud on her car. She was not happy but arms came around her from behind and held the hose too.

Don’t hate me.”

Still feeling rather disgruntled, Tiffany tried to shrug Taeyeon’s arms off but the woman refused to let go.

Isn’t it a lot more fun when we do it together?”


Are you sure…?” More of Taeyeon’s body pressed up against hers, sending waves of tingles rippling through her stomach.

This was going nowhere. Her car was getting no cleaner and Taeyeon was a serious impediment to the progress. It was time to take her out of the equation.



Tiffany turned to face Taeyeon, lowering her eyelids just slightly. “You’re so fucking hot.” She gave Taeyeon a slow smile that promised the kind of action that the woman loved before adding, “I love it when you’re…wet!” She yanked the hose up and served up a full blast of ice cold water in Taeyeon’s face. The woman spluttered and leapt away but Tiffany made sure she was dripping wet before she stopped.

There’s really nothing quite like the taste of revenge,” she said with a grin.

You…you.” Taeyeon coughed and wiped her face with her hands as she tried to open her eyes. “You’re the devil herself.”

Taeyeon’s hair was plastered all over her face and Tiffany couldn’t help giggling at the sorry sight. It was funny. Too funny. Tiffany burst into laughter as Taeyeon pouted and wrung her top.

Tit for tat, Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon winced. “More like tit for tit. I swear, a pair of tits was injured in the process.”

Aww, are you hurt?”

Yeah. I’m totally tit-hurt.” Taeyeon walked to her. “So I’m proposing a truce.”

Tiffany gripped the hose tight, still wary of Taeyeon’s motives. “Does that mean we’re finally gonna clean my car?”

Taeyeon heaved a heavy sigh. “Fine.”

Taeyeon was obviously trying to seduce her even as they scrubbed the mud off from every surface of her car. The woman had taken her top off and was wearing little more than mini denim shorts that showed too much of her butt cheeks when she bent over, and a navy blue brassiere that had an intricate floral design across the front. It was driving her nuts and that was probably Taeyeon’s intention so she fought the urge to reach over and flick the brassiere open.

But it wasn’t fair that she was the only one feeling the heat. The playing field had to be levelled, didn’t it? So with a smirk that she was careful to hide, she pulled her dress over her head and threw it to the side. The challenge was on.

Taeyeon’s movements slowed significantly and Tiffany caught the woman sneaking peeks at her several times. She ducked behind the boot so that Taeyeon couldn’t see her grinning away and made a show of wiping the bumper dry before standing again. By then, Taeyeon wasn’t even pretending to dry her car anymore. The woman was simply staring at her, unabashed in her display of desire.

Are we done with this?” she asked.

We’re done if all the mud is gone.”

Taeyeon’s eyes never left her. “It’s gone.”

And if the car is dry.”

Taeyeon’s eyes were still glued to her as she replied, “It’s dry.”

Then we’re done.”

Taeyeon dumped the cloth she held onto the floor. “At fucking last,” she said and took three strides towards the half-naked girlfriend of hers.

Tiffany was enveloped by Taeyeon’s arms and she wanted to throw in a cheeky remark to tease her girlfriend but soft lips smothered her and sucked her soul straight out, leaving her speechless and breathless.

Taeyeon pulled away but only for as long as she needed to say, “Bedroom or right here.”

Not here. Not when her car was finally clean again. “Bed—room.”

Taeyeon hit the button. “Go.” The glass door opened. “And I want you fucking naked on the bed when I get there.”

Feel good?” she asked in between kisses.

Fuuuck…” was all Taeyeon could say.

Whatever you say, love.”

Oh my God, that was so incredible.”

Taeyeon smiled and held Tiffany closer. “It was.”

We’re so good together.”

We are.”

Tiffany craned her neck to press a kiss on Taeyeon’s chin. “I love you.”

Taeyeon’s heart did a somersault and she was pretty sure Tiffany could feel it with her head resting on her chest. She dropped a kiss on Tiffany’s head and rubbed her arm as she exhaled slowly. This would be the perfect moment to say it. If she could just bring herself to voice it.

Tiffany shifted and resettled on her side, arms draped around Taeyeon’s waist. It was comfortable. And Taeyeon wished they could just stay right where they were, holding each other, for the rest of time. Tiffany’s eyes closed and after a while, Taeyeon wondered if she had fallen asleep. She stared at Tiffany’s pretty eyelashes and stroked the hair that was still damp from their water fight earlier. It was such a beautiful sight. And the beauty of the moment sparked warmth that seeped through a tiny source deep in her gut, spreading steadily to the every inch of her body.

Never had she been as contented. As satisfied with life. And despite the wall that kept her from telling Tiffany the truth about these feelings, this seemed to be the perfect chance to get it off her chest. It would be nice to hear those words spoken out loud, wouldn’t it?

One deep breath. Two fist clenches. Three simple words.

I love you.”

Two skips of a second passed and Tiffany barely stirred. But her voice was clear as the day. “I know.”

Happy Valentine’s Day folks! ❤

22 thoughts on “Losing to the Valentine Special

  1. Finally taeyeon said it!! What a perfect way to end the day 🙂 So glad to see their relationship going this far! Thanks for the update AK, looking forward to read the next one for sure 🙂

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