Losing to the Fool Special

Tiffany stepped up to the microphone and the crowd quietened, awaiting her speech. “Kim Taeyeon! Will you marry me?” asked Tiffany, as she held her champion’s trophy high above her head. The crowd roared and cheered as Taeyeon’s face turned tomato-red.

“I’m sorry. I can’t!” Taeyeon yelled and the crowd gasped as Tiffany dropped the trophy.

“Why not?!” Tiffany cried.

“I’ve fallen in love with Jack!” Taeyeon answered.

“But I’m the fashionable one!” Tiffany protested. “Look at him. All he wears is black and white!”

“Love cannot be explained in words, Tiffany. I’m sorry. I cannot marry you. I have promised to marry Jack.”

“Fine!” Tiffany stamped her foot. “I’ll ask Yoona to marry me then.”

Yoona dropped her banner at once, the words ‘SENPAI PLS NOTICE ME’ fluttering as it fell. “I’LL MARRY YOU! I’LL MARRY YOU!!!” she shrieked as she dashed up to the stage and threw her arms around Tiffany.

Meanwhile, Seohyun dropped to her knees and sobbed. “All hope is lost.” She hugged her only companion and shook as she cried. “Keroro…you’re my only friend left…”




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