Losing to the Heat 66b

Morning came as it was expected to. The most ethereal morning too, in Taeyeon’s opinion. Sun rays had seeped into their room, illuminating everything around them in a warm, orange glow. And Tiffany never looked more beautiful as she slept on. For a moment, she was reminded of the time when Tiffany couldn’t respond to anything she said or did. That thought gripped her heart with an icy cold hand but Tiffany shifted and the cold hand released her heart from its prison. Tiffany was alright now. The worst was over. She had gotten her back from the precipice of forever goodbye. Taeyeon closed her eyes and thanked the miracle that had returned the love of her life to her. Thank you. Thanks for giving her back to me.

She must have fallen asleep again because Tiffany was shaking her.

“Wake up, sleepy girl.”

Taeyeon smiled and stretched and yawned. “I woke up earlier, okay.”

“Oh? Why didn’t you wake me up then.”

Taeyeon scratched the itch on her butt. “Couldn’t bear to. You looked so peaceful.”

Tiffany leaned down and give her a loud smacking kiss on her lips. “I love you. So, so much.”

Urgh. Tiffany was going to kill her with cheese and mush. Taeyeon grabbed Tiffany, pulling her down so that she collapsed onto her chest. “I know. That’s why you bumped me into second place last night, right?”

“Sore loser.”

“Dirty racer.”

“Dirty lover.”

Taeyeon grinned. “That’s true. I’m very, very dirty. Downright dirty. But you love how dirty I am. You want dirty. You crave dirty,” she quipped, fingers slipping under Tiffany’s tank top to grip her lover’s waist and slide up her back. Tiffany grinned back and nuzzled her neck.

“Mmm, I want some dirty right now.”

“First thing in the morning?”

“Yes, I want my pre-breakfast snack.”

Taeyeon closed her lips around Tiffany’s and playfully held her bottom lip between her teeth, tugging it, teasing her. Meanwhile, her hands slipped down and under Tiffany’s cotton boyshorts. “I like your,” she breathed, cupping Tiffany’s derriere with her hands, “pre-breakfast snack idea. But your father will be waiting for us downstairs.”

Tiffany wiggled her butt. “We have time for a practice lap.”

“A practice lap?”

“You know. A qui—”

Taeyeon kissed her and she said no more.

Taeyeon went down the stairs with Tiffany for breakfast after their ‘practice lap’. It had been unbelievably surreal to wake up and see the ring on Tiffany’s finger, right in front of her eyes. Holy fuck, they’d just proposed to each other last night. With rings and fucking promises. She’d done the very thing that she hadn’t planned on doing before. How did she end up engaged? It was unreal.

Tiffany on the other hand, was acting like a shopaholic thrown into a mall the size of a World Cup stadium, armed with a limitless credit card.

“Daddy! Look!” she chirped, wriggling her fingers in her father’s face. Taeyeon sat at the table and buttered a toast. Tiffany would do all the telling.

Uncle Hwang stared at the rock on Tiffany’s finger. Then, he turned to Taeyeon, who was focused on buttering her toast and smiled. “You proposed last night.”

Taeyeon looked up as Tiffany grinned. “Yes, she did! With a boot full of roses, Daddy. You should have seen it.”

“I’ve seen it, hon’.”

“You have?” Tiffany looked from her father to Taeyeon who was now buttering her second piece of toast with the straightest face she could muster.

“Taeyeon came to me for help. I helped her to find a florist.”

Tiffany’s eyes opened wide. “So that’s how you did it.” She bent and kissed Taeyeon’s cheek. “You little sneak.”

“She told me about her plans and I was worried she couldn’t beat you because she would be too nervous about it to focus on the race.”

“I did wonder how Taeyeon managed to get the flowers into the boot without letting me find out. Oh my God, Daddy, I can’t believe you knew all this time. You knew this entire week.”

“I’m good, aren’t I.”

Tiffany flung her arms around her father and hugged him. “You’re the best. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, honey.”

Stephanie came over to join them for a picnic in the park later that day and Tiffany flashed the rock in her face as well. Taeyeon watched as Stephanie stared at it. The woman held Tiffany’s hand and turned it this way and that, studying it for a fair bit before finally sitting back.

“It’s really beautiful.”

“I know, right!” Tiffany chirped—she’d been chirpy from the moment she woke up. “I was really surprised by her proposal. I didn’t expect her to do it right there. But it’s the perfect proposal.” Tiffany’s smile was close to outshining the sun. “It’s everything I never knew I wanted.”

“Sounds perfect! I’m happy for you, Steph.” Stephanie hugged Tiffany and patted her head. “You’ve got your happy ending at last.”

“Taeyeon, she’s my happy ending.”

“Aww, you two are too sweet. Let me look at the ring again.”

Taeyeon busied herself with the egg salad, they had brought. She still wasn’t entirely sure about Stephanie but Tiffany had explained things and she had to accept it. She would give Stephanie the benefit of the doubt for now.

“So what’s your next step? When are you officiating it? Are you gonna move here? Uncle is going to miss you if you go back to Seoul.”

“I have to go back to Seoul. I have a job there.”

“You can always get a job here.”

“Taeyeon’s job and family are in Seoul too. Our lives are in Seoul.”

“What about your dad then.”

Tiffany shook her head and sighed. “I know he misses me. I miss him too. But it can’t be helped.”

Taeyeon didn’t like where this was going. “Tiffany knows what she’s doing,” she snapped.

Stephanie turned to Taeyeon. “You don’t have to be so sensitive. I’m not stopping her from doing what she wants but I’m the one who sees how much Uncle misses her. He doesn’t say it, but I can sense it.”

“Are you trying to make Tiff feel bad and give up her life in Seoul and stay here because her dad misses her?”

“I’m not trying to make her give up anything. I’m just telling things as they are.”

“And what’s that supposed to do for Tiff?”

“Taeyeon. Stop it.”

Taeyeon turned to Tiffany, a rising anger threatening to spill over. “What?”

“Stop it.” Tiffany took her hand. “This is between me and Steph.”

“Fine.” Taeyeon pulled her hand away. “Then I’ll leave you two to it. I’m outta here.” She stood, swatted her legs free of dirt and strode away. Fuck Steph and her emotional blackmail meddling.

10 thoughts on “Losing to the Heat 66b

  1. I love their sweet moments!! Exactly just like what happened today haha 😍
    As the same time, I love taetae’s jealousy!! It’s so cute as soon as its nothing serious..

  2. HIHIHI i love how tiffany is so proud with her ring 😀 😀 😀 😀 and jelly taetae~ UGH FLUFFY TAETAE

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