Markov Can Wait

“Markov chains…a stochastic process…the outcome of an experiment depends only on the outcome of the previous experiment…”

Taeyeon’s head is beginning to hurt. It happens every time she picks up the stack of probability notes and tries to digest its contents. But she reads and tries to understand. Although she’d much rather be analyzing numbers for Mark Six instead.

She’s in up to her neck in transition matrices when the couch sinks to her right. Long, jeans-clad legs fall across her lap, blocking parts of her notes. “Yoona, I’m trying to read here,” she says, flashing an I-don’t-approve look at the owner of the legs. All she gets is an impish grin, coupled with bright, sparkling eyes. The vision makes her smile eventually, as it always does. It’s impossible not to. But she has fifteen pages worth of notes to read on Markov chains before her lecture tomorrow and no time to spend on Yoona. “Your legs need to move.”

“Okay,” says Yoona, sounding meek like a lamb, but instead of moving her legs away, she presses them closer to Taeyeon’s stomach.


Yoona’s eyes meet hers. “Yes?” she responds, with a look of innocence.

“I meant move them away.”

“Oh…” says Yoona, her pretense overflowing, “I had no idea…”

Taeyeon picks up her notes and continues to read after Yoona moves her legs away. They are relocated to a less obstructive place, stretching in front of her towards the little wooden coffee table. Her reading doesn’t get any further, however. Not with Yoona’s eyes staring at her the way they do. Like she’s a delicious chocolate chip cookie. Like she’s a soft, fluffy bolster. Like she’s more desirable than anyone else in the world.

“Oh, fuck it.” Taeyeon throws down her notes and launches at Yoona. Her lips part to take Yoona’s upper lip between them as her eyes close and her heart sighs in happiness. Markov can wait.


a/n: a really short shot inspired by a gif i saw on tumblr, also the heaps of yoontae recently :))

17 thoughts on “Markov Can Wait

  1. Yeah
    Yoona should be the queen of priority in anyone’s list
    Who is markov, huh? We just should know and worship yoona

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