Fifty Shades of Pink 09

We are back at High Society before I can say ‘don’t spank me’. I brace myself for an embarrassing entrance but fortunately or not, Ms Pink enters through a door that materialises from nowhere, which leads us to a corridor that is exactly like the other corridor I went through the last time. She pushes me into the room and the door slides close behind us. And as hard as I try, I can no longer see where the door is. Weird.


Well, this is one order that I don’t mind obeying. I choose the seat furthest from Ms Pink and sit.

“Sitting further away from me isn’t going to save you from me.”

“I prefer this seat.”

Ms Pink frowned. “Suit yourself. We have more important things to talk about.”

“My blood,” I say, a cloak of unease falling over my shoulders. “The test results.”

Ms Pink takes her seat right next to me and crosses her legs with the grace of a figure skater. I don’t like the way my blood races when she pulls moves like that. It should be illegal for vampires to be this attractive. Us poor, defenceless humans don’t stand a chance.

“No. You and your stupidity and the trouble you caused me.”

My cheeks colour at the memory of what Ms Pink saved me from. “I owe you, Ms Pink. Thank you for saving me from that situation.”

“Your words are worthless to me.”


Ms Pink yanks my arm and suddenly, I’m in her arms, strewn across her body like a rag. I try to pick myself up but she holds me down over her lap. “You’re not going anywhere, stupid human.”

“If I’m such a stupid human, why are you always after me?” Frustration is catching up on me and I’m filled with an intense desire to be anywhere but here, to be anyone but me. “Why won’t you just leave me alone if I’m such pathetic, worthless existence to you!”

“Because if I don’t claim you, you’ll be fair game for any other vampire to kill.”

“C-Claim?” I am growing more and more confused by the minute. “K-Kill?”

Ms Pink rolls her eyes. “Shut up. Let me explain.” She shoves me aside, stands and paces the room, moving as though she is weightless, so light her step is. “I don’t know how you don’t know this, but you’re vampire bait.”

I am scrambling to sit up but freeze when I hear the last two words. “I’m a what?”

“A bait. Vampire bait.” Ms Pink rolls her eyes even further back this time, flashing her whites at me. “A bait is a lure that—”

“I know what a bait is. But what exactly is vampire bait and why does it sound like I don’t stand a chance of getting out of it alive?”

“You can get out alive. But it depends on how you play the game.”

“What game? Why is there a game? I don’t wanna play this game.”

“You really are an imbecile. Let me put it simply.” Ms Pink stops pacing and stares right at me. “Vampire baits are born. You can’t nurture them. If you are born a bait, you’re literally like a belladonna.”

“A b-bellad-donna…?”

“Stupid and ignorant. Belladonna is a plant that blooms in pink. More commonly known as Naked Lady. Its pink flowers smell divine but they hold poison deadly enough to cause cardiovascular collapse.”

Things are beginning to make a little more sense. “So you’re saying my blood smells great but is actually poisonous?”

“To vampires.”

“But if my blood is dangerous…how would a vampire kill me?”

Ms Pink’s face twists into a sinister smile. “Oh, there are many ways…”

No swallowing will clear the lump in my throat. “Er, okay…but you said something about claiming me so that I’m not fair game for vampires?”

“Yes, you will be mine if I claim you and if any vampire wants to lay a hand on you, they’ll have to get past me first.” Ms Pink pauses as she tosses her hair with the flair of a supermodel in a shampoo commercial. “And before you get it in your stupid little head that we vampires go around claiming stupid humans for fun, you should know that only vampires of a certain calibre are granted this ability and we who possess this ability are not allowed to claim more than one human at a time.”

“Why is that?”

“Vampires, stupid humans and their relations…” Ms Pink dismisses the rest of the sentence with a casual wave of her hand, “Anyway, history had shown that it is only beneficial to both the vampire and human when it is a one-to-one relationship.”

“W-What kind of relationship are we talking?”

“Why, a master-slave relationship of course. What else could it be?” Ms Pink snorts a short laugh. “Surely you weren’t thinking of a hearts-and-roses kind of relationship, were you?”

“And I’m assuming the vampire is the master while the human is the slave?” I ask, choosing to ignore her latter remark.

“Of course. How else would it ever work.”

The door slams open, banging against the wall, and breaks the flow of our conversation like a sledgehammer on glass. A towering woman saunters in but it isn’t Summer. While Summer sports a short bob on her head, this woman has long, blonde hair, quite like mine. She looks slim enough to break like a pencil yet moves with an aura of inner strength that seems to cocoon her.

“Don’t listen to her. That’s not how it works.”

Ms Pink’s eyes flash a dark, neon pink as she turns to the intruder. “You are not welcome here.”

The woman merely laughs, short and clipped. “You should tell her the whole truth, Tiffany.”

My mind is blown. Who is this woman who dares to stride in here unannounced and call Ms Pink by her first name? Her skin is so fair that it almost glows in this dim room and despite the dire straits I’m in, I can’t help but notice how pretty she is. Big, round eyes that promise lots of teasing, a pert little nose that screams to be bopped and pink lips that—

“Get out.”

“Why are you so hostile towards an old friend like me?”

“I do not take kindly to trespassers.”

“Oh, am I trespassing? Oh my, I had no idea. I was simply following the trail, ya know how it is.”

“Too late.” The pink in Ms Pink’s eyes intensify two-fold. “She’s mine.”

“I don’t think so.”

“You’re not getting past me. And if there’s bloodshed, it’s going to be on you.”

“I’m not the one upsetting the peace.” The towering woman who isn’t Summer taps a holster hanging on her belt that I haven’t noticed before. “I’m the one keeping the peace and you know that very well.”

“Peacekeepers do not waltz into vampire territory and take baits away from them.”

“This isn’t vampire territory.”

“It is.”

“You don’t own this place.”

“I don’t own High Society but I own this room that you’re in.”

The towering woman raises her hands, palms out. “Alright, you win. I’ll back out of here.” She turns to me and jerks her head at the door. “Come with me, pretty bait.”

“She’s not going with you.”

“Oh, really? I can tell that she can’t wait to get away from you.” The towering woman smiles. “You’d much rather be with a fellow human, wouldn’t you?”

“You’re a human too?”

The towering woman raises her brows and blinks, painting a picture of bemusement. “Oh, right! I’m so sorry, where have my manners gone? I have not introduced myself.” She extends her hand to me and smiles. “Hi, I’m Yoona. Nice to meet you.”

I reach out to shake her hand but before I can touch her, Ms Pink has my wrist and is pulling me away from Yoona.

“She’s not going anywhere with you.”

“She’s an adult with the ability to discern. You have no right to dictate who she chooses to go anywhere with.” Yoona’s hand rests on her holster. “Especially when you are withholding important information which would sway her decision.”

This has gone on for long enough and I’ve just about had it. I wrench my wrist from Ms Pink and pull free from her as I step between them. “Stop talking about me as though I’m not here. I’m right here in this room and I can hear everything thing you’re saying, goddamnit! And stop assuming that I have to go with either of you. Both of you are very pretty but right now, I’d much rather be alone than to be with either of you!”

Both Ms Pink and Yoona freeze in the aftermath of my outburst but it doesn’t last. Not two seconds later, I’m in Ms Pink’s clutches again.

“This is going nowhere and I don’t have no night to waste. I’m taking ten minutes with her. Then I’ll send her out to you if she wishes.”

Yoona frowns but nods. “Fair enough. You did get to her before I did. But you have to tell her the truth. It’s only fair.”


Looking satisfied with the negotiation outcome, Yoona grins and backs out through the door. “Ten minutes.”

The door closes and I’m pushed onto the couch. Ms Pink is in my face and to my horror, her eyes are flashing so pink that it’s almost red. This is not a good sign. But she closes her eyes, inhales, exhales, and when her eyes open, they are no longer red or pink.

“We don’t have time. I need you to trust me and say that you’ll be mine.”

“How am I supposed to trust you? You stalked me, stripped me, spanked me, tied me up, took my blood…”

Ms Pink sighs as though she is a long-suffering victim of stupid humans. “I stalked you because you were about to do something foolish and run away from me. I stripped you to look for a mark that might affirm what I suspected. I spanked you because you deserved it. I tied you up because you’re a stupid human who won’t do what she’s told. And I took your blood to test it. You know that.”

“Who is she?”


I nod.

“She is a vampire slayer.”

My eyes widen to their limit. “V-Vampire…s-slayer?”

“She slays vampires that do not keep to the treaty.”

“Ms Pink, you’re losing me. First, you tell me I’m a vampire bait. Then you tell me you have to claim me so that other vampires won’t kill me. Then there’s Yoona the vampire slayer who slays vampires that do not keep to the treaty?” My head is beginning to throb from the overload of information about a world that I know nothing of, and up to about a week ago, was still blissfully ignorant of.

“Stupid humans and their limited processing capabilities.” Ms Pink shifts away from me and leans to pick up a bottle of wine from the bucket of melting ice. She pouts a generous amount into a wine glass then a second one and offers me one of them. “Drink.” She sips the wine and closes her eyes. I can almost see the stress pouring out from her pores as she relaxes. “Our time is almost up. Anymore questions?”

I nod.

“Stupid humans and their never-ending questions.” Ms Pink takes another sip. “Ask.”

“Why do you want to claim me?”

Her eyes glow a luminescent shocking pink and my heart thuds louder and louder with each beat. She leans closer and I am about to lose myself in those charming pink eyes when she says, “You are the first person in the last two hundred and seventy years to make me feel remotely human again.”


36 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Pink 09

  1. aaah that’s sweet ❤
    posessive much Fany, Taeyeon doesn't even now everything yet, and you push her to be yours.
    You can change her with me Fany, I wont ask anything and gladly be yours lol XD

  2. uh, I wonder what is the real truth if Ms Pink claims Taeyeon as hers, why is she with holding the information. Will Taeyeon stay with Ms Pink or go with Yoona?
    That last spoken words by Tiffany is WOW!! and she is 275 years young.

  3. Oh come on Taetae, sign up under ms pink’s protection (or not) scheme already! She’s asking u to be hers. Yooohooooo! Wake upppp

  4. Both of you are very pretty ㅡ that phrase from taeyeon lol.

    i knew it!!! ms pink might be a scary vampire but she have soft spot for taeyeon!! haha. now go taeyeon, let tiffany own you!

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