Fifty Shades of Pink 16

Turns out I don’t get a chance to ask Seo about Yuri at all. A bunch of phone calls come in a flurry and Seo is marching in and out of Ms Pink’s office with a solemn expression the entire time. At this point, I really wish I could go home but it doesn’t seem like a good time to ask.

“Ms Pink, there are three. The number is confirmed.”

Ms Pink frowns and folds her arms. “Three. Similar timing. Different locations.”

“Yes. And far apart. It is too spread out to have been done by just one.”

Ms Pink’s chair twirls around and all I can see is the high back of her chair as she says, “It’s three different vampires. But they’re acting under the same mastermind. The mastermind wants us to know this. It’s a statement.”

“My thoughts exactly, Ms Pink. What do you propose we do next?”

“Only one of them is in my jurisdiction. I will visit the scene. Get in touch with the other pinks. We will trade reports.”

“Yes, Ms Pink. Right away.”

The entire exchange is the most I have ever seen them speak in one single conversation. But I end up with more questions than ever. Three vampires? What did they do? Who is the mastermind? What does the mastermind want Ms Pink to know? It must be something bad because Ms Pink looks angry. Maybe one of the vampires did something bad in her territory? I’m sure she’ll be able to solve the problem though. Ms Pink is capable enough. But what intrigues me the most is the mention of other pinks. I have been assuming that Ms Pink is the only pink vampire but she asked Seo to get in touch with the other pinks. How many more pinks are out there?

Ms Pink puts her pink leather coat on and flips her hair. It’s hard to believe she’s a ferocious vampire when she does things like that. But she pulls two guns out from a drawer and I’m back to believing she is not to be trifled with. Not when her guns are pink too. Geez.

“Stay here with Seo. I’ll be gone for a while. And you’d better be in something pink when I’m back.”

“Yes, Ms Pink.”

Ms Pink’s hand is on the button that opens the metal shutters to her car when she stills. “Good girl,” she says.

A burst of pride and happiness swells in my heart. Ms Pink praised me! I wave to her, smiling like a stupid human, as she gets into her car. The shutters close and I turn back to my readings for next week’s classes. I’ll finish my readings before getting something pink to wear. There’s plenty of time and Seo should be busy right now anyway.


I could not have been more wrong. My head is buried (figuratively) in my readings when she returns but it might as well be buried—literally. Apparently, it takes Ms Pink lesser time to drive to the ‘scene’, check it and drive back here than it takes me to finish my reading and I have to learn this the hard way.

“You’re not in pink.”

I gulp nothing. “I was just going to get changed.”

“Don’t insult my intelligence.”

This has gone from bad to worse. I need to save myself from another spanking. Quick. Think of something. Anything. “Oh my gosh,” I gasp and point at the hem of Ms Pink’s coat. “I-Is that blood?”

Ms Pink looks down at her coat and frowns. “Seo.”

Said woman (or vampire rather) appears at the door in an instant. “Yes, Ms Pink?”

Ms Pink shrugs off her coat and hands it to Seo. “This needs cleaning. I will need a new coat and something pink for the human.”

“Right on it, Ms Pink.”

Meanwhile, I’m contemplating making a run for it since the door is open. If I could just get to the elevator, I’m sure I stand a chance to get out before Ms Pink can—who am I kidding? It’s probably a better strategy to keep Ms Pink distracted.

“Whose blood is it?”

“The victim’s blood.”

“Who’s the victim?”

“A human.”

My eyes widen at the news. “Why would you need to visit a murder scene? Are you the police or something?”

“I am a princess of the Pink. Any non-human kill that happens under my jurisdiction is my business.”

“Non-human kill…meaning someone was killed by a vampire?”

“Vampire or something else.”

“Something else?”

Seo returns just as Ms Pink is about to answer me. “Ms Pink. Your coat.”

“Thank you, Seo.”

“Ms Kim, which dress would you like?”

“I’d prefer something more comfortable. Do you have sweats?”

Seo looks at Ms Pink who nods. “Of course we do,” she replies.

She’s back before I can ask Ms Pink again, this time, with a rack of hoodies and sweats. “Take your pick, Ms Kim.”

Now this gets me excited. There’s nothing I love more than hoodies and sweats. And PINK makes them soft and wonderful to touch. “This set looks great,” I say, picking up a black set with the word PINK printed across the front in neon pink. “Thanks, Seo.”

“You’re welcome, Ms Kim.” Seo nods at Ms Pink and pushes the rack out of the office, leaving us alone again.

Oh no. Does it mean…

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Ms Pink asks as she sits after hanging her new coat on the coat hanger.

“Not again…”

“There isn’t any part of you I haven’t seen before.”

“That doesn’t make it any less embarrassing.”

“You’ll get used to it.”

“I don’t want to get used to stripping in front of—” I stop myself just in time. But Ms Pink isn’t letting it go.

“Complete your sentence.”


“That’s not what you wanted to say.” Ms Pink rises from her chair, her brows knitted in displeasure.

I squeeze my eyes shut. This is the end. Goodbye world. Ms Pink backs me up against the wall and breathes down my neck. I can feel her hands undoing the buttons on my plaid shirt. I guess I should be glad she didn’t rip it open. This blue plaid shirt is one of my favourites.

“What were you going to say?”

Oh. What the heck. I’m dead anyway. “I don’t want to get used to stripping in front of a scary vampire like you.”

She smirks. God, she smirks. “You think I’m scary. But you don’t act like you do.” My shirt is removed as she speaks and my breaths become shallower and shallower with each brush of her hand against my skin. The near-imperceptible whiff of musk kicks my senses up a notch and it’s getting hard to breathe.

“M-Ms Pink…I-I…”

She leaves me no room to escape. Hoodie in hand, she runs a finger up the middle of my torso from navel to the dip between my collarbones. “I feel…ravenous…”

I bit my lip. She’s not going to eat me…right? She won’t eat me. She can’t. my blood is potent poison. But she managed to come back from near-death so maybe she’s not afraid?

Oh God! Not my neck. My neck is sensiti—stop! My hands push uselessly against her shoulders while her tongue explores the length of my neck. Inch by inch, it moves up, finally scooping the lobe of my ear into her mouth. No…anything but this. Please don’t suc—okay, too late. Oh God. Oh my God. Goddd…

I may be inexperienced in matters of the bedroom but I’m beginning to recognize this feeling. And it terrifies me. How could I ever desire intimacy with Ms Pink? She’s a vampire. Her heart does not beat. Her playmate is a pinup goddess oozing sex appeal. I don’t want to want her. I don’t want. But I moan when she releases my earlobe. It is body over mind as I crave for more. Just like the kiss. It’s not fair. Vampires are too good at this.

“You…are…so…delectable…” Ms Pink presses the length of her body up against mine. Hovers her mouth over mine. “But I’m not taking you here.” She pushes away without any preamp, leaving me panting and confused. “I have work to finish.”

Un-be-lie-va-ble. How can she get me all worked up then leave me high and dry? I’ll bet anything she knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows the effect she has on me. It must be some kind of power because it’s the strangest feeling ever.

“Get changed. Before I turn it into the only thing you have to wear.”

Right. Message received. I’m right on it.


Much to my relief (or disappointment?), I don’t see Ms Pink for the next few days. It’s the weekend anyway and I don’t really go out on weekends, unlike my sunny housemate. The weekend is the time for me to stay up late watching TV shows and playing games. Then wake up late and roll around in bed till the sun is high in the sky. The funny thing is some of my friends have teased me over this, calling me vampire Taeng because of how I ‘hide’ from the sun. Well, I may not be a vampire but I’m claimed by one and apparently my special blood makes me a live vampire bait.

The apartment is quiet as can be this Monday morning since Sunny hasn’t come home since last night. She’s probably sleeping over at Summer’s place. That was her plan and she had giggled as she told me about her grand ploy to spend the night at Summer’s just before she left yesterday.

I go about my business, getting changed and making breakfast to-go for my class later. It’s a peaceful morning and I appreciate peacefulness. Especially after the hectic week that just went by. It was literally five consecutive days of non-stop action. And it isn’t even ordinary action. It’s the kind of action that nobody will believe if I ever tell them. In fact, it’s so wild that I’m beginning to wonder if I imagined it all, after the nice and normal weekend I had.

Picking up my backpack, I slip on my socks on shoes. Take one last look around the apartment. Phone, check. Keys, check. Hairstyle, check. I’m ready for cla—BOOM. The door crashes open and the most hideous monster with matted black fur is glaring at me with sickening eyes of yellow. Its teeth are bared and I have no doubt they are sharp enough to pierce through my body, bone and all. I back away, slowly. I’m so dead. I’m so, so, so dead. Dear God, please help me. I promise to be a better person. I promise to help the poor. I promise. Please don’t let me die.

“Over here you big putz!”

The black monster turns at the sound but leaps at me anyway. That split second distraction allows me to dive to the other side, narrowly avoiding its deadly claws. It crashes into the wall and howls. I didn’t die. I didn’t die. I didn’t die.

“You’re going down, goon!”

Oh my God. It’s Yoona. Yoona?

She leaps in front of me and shoots but the monster throws her aside and sinks its fangs into my thigh.

“OWWWWWW!” I scream and kick at it with my other leg. It rolls onto its side, two silver bullets in its neck. And I’m staring at it…until…my mind…fades…to…


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  1. Oh no!!! Tae! I hope she’s gonna be ok. Also, I like that Pink has pink guns :). Definitely don’t mess with Pink

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