Fifty Shades of Pink 25



The rest of the day is spent moping around the house like a useless vagabond. The sky falls into darkness and I’m seated on the couch in the living room with the lights off when Sunny returns.

“Oh my God. Taeyeon! What are you doing in the dark like that?”

“I’m sorry,” I apologize as Sunny turns on the lights.

“You look terrible.” Sunny sits beside me, looking worried. “Are you sick or hurt?”

“I’m fine.”

“Fine people don’t sit around in the dark.” Sunny looks closely at me. “Something’s on your mind.” She pauses, then asks, “Where’s the girl you were with today? Who is she? Did she do something to do? Did she hurt you?”

I shake my head. “No. She’s just someone from school. She left shortly after you did.”

“Mmm. Is it school then? Your assignments?”

“I’m behind on a few things but it’s nothing I can’t handle.”

Sunny snaps her fingers. “It’s Tiffany Pink, isn’t it. She’s the reason for this pathetic state you’re in.”

I sigh. “She’s complicated.”

“She is Tiffany Pink. That’s to be expected. But is she treating you right?”

I think of all the things she’s done to me, for me. “She’s nice to me. She’s protective.”

“Oh, protective . . .” Sunny waggles her eyebrows at me. “I know what you mean. She breathes down your neck into everything you do and makes you feel caged, like all your freedom has been shackled up, wings chopped off.”

“Er . . .”

“You don’t have to defend her. I know her type. They’re rich and powerful and possessive.”

I have to give Sunny props for being spot on about that. Rich, powerful and possessive. Bingo. That’s Ms Pink in a nutshell. “How did you know?”

Sunny laughs a little. “Taeyeon honey, how many people have I dated since you’ve known me?”

“Ten? Twenty?”

Sunny shakes her head with a knowing grin. “Try thirty.”

“Thirty? No way.”

“When I say date, I don’t mean we’re in a relationship, you know.” Sunny shrugs when my jaw drops. “Anyway, my point is I’ve seen many types of people on dates and Tiffany Pink’s category is a common one.”

Common? Ms Pink is anything but common. “I guess . . .”

“But does she like you?” Sunny leans forward. “And I mean really like, as in like.”

It’s my turn to shrug. “I don’t think so.”

“Well, whatever you do, make sure you don’t get played. The Tiffany Pink type knows how high her market value is. She knows how much in demand she is. But you. Don’t let her play you.”

“I don’t think she’s out to play me.”

“You never know.”

“I’ll be careful.”

Sunny nods and gives me a hug. “Come to me if you need any help. Even if it’s for something really little, okay?”

“Okay.” I remain on the couch while Sunny heads to her bathroom for a shower. Talking to Sunny about Ms Pink is such a tricky thing to do. I mean, the fact that Ms Pink is really a princess vampire totally changes the equation and balance of things but I can’t possibly tell Sunny that. Which means I’m on my own. I have to sort it out on my own.


With the problem of my relationship with Ms Pink weighing on my mind, I lie in my bed at night and close my eyes. Do I submit and say yes or do I defy her and say no? Am I expecting too much from a vampire princess? Will I regret if I continue to say no? My thoughts are a mess and they start mixing with one another, not making any sense any more . . .

Kim Taeyeon.

A pair of doll-like eyes of pink appears before me. From her silky tresses to her pert little nose and blood red lips, beauty is all around. She looks young, but for some reason, I get the feeling that she isn’t.

Who are you?


The name jolts me. Helene is Ms Pink’s vicist! This woman is Ms Pink’s vicist!

You are the one . . .

What does she see in you.

What do you m-mean?

Even in your dreams, you stammer. Useless.

I am indignant. Her accusation is not true. I’m not useless.

You’re right. Her eyes open wide and unlike Ms Pink’s beautiful pink eyes, hers make me feel like I’m all alone in this world. You can’t be useless if you are the reason why my darling Pan Ni would come to me for help. What value do you possess that makes you so precious to her?

I’m precious to her? Something swells in my throat.

You pathetic being. You’re not worthy of her time and effort.

I am! I’m worthy. I’m—

What. Her eyes narrow into slits and I’m reminded of an evil snake. What are you.

I’m a vampire bait.

I know that. What else are you.

I’m just a bait.

You’re lying!

Helene’s eyes begin to glow pink and red and green, stronger and stronger and opens her mouth to release an ear-piercing screech. I shrink back in horror as she grows taller and looms over me like a sickening balloon that won’t stop inflating and my back is up against a wall that wasn’t there before and I’m trapped and I have nowhere to run and she’s coming at me with her wild, crazy eyes of pink, red and green and her hands are turning into claws and her teeth are razor sharp and there are wicked lines of blank creeping across her face—oh my God, she’s a he now and he’s coming straight for me, his jaws open wide to devour me—


“Ahh!” I scream and backpedal from the clutches of whatever is holding me.

“It’s me! Sunny! It’s only me. You’re safe. It was only a dream, Taeyeon.”

“It was a dream?” I’m still having trouble breathing and my head hurts a little; it felt so real to me.

“You were sleeping and screaming and trashing about. It was a nightmare.”

“Oh my God.” I press my hand against my chest instinctively, trying to calm my thumping heart down. “That was scary.” I’m not entirely convinced it was only a dream. But I can’t tell Sunny that. What I need is Ms Pink. But how do I get her? E-mail. She said to send her an e-mail when I’m ready to say yes. Where’s my laptop?

“Holy shit, Taeyeon. Why do you have skulls lying all around your room?” Sunny picks up the candle from my bedside table and examines it. “It’s a scented candle.” She stares at me. “What happened with Ms Pink yesterday?”

“Er, she was testing them out for Halloween.”

“In your room?”

“Yeah,” I say while taking the candle from Sunny. “Anyway, I need to wash up and send an e-mail real quick.”

“What you need is a good breakfast to chase the scary away.”

I give Sunny a push towards the door. “I’ll have breakfast after sending the e-mail.”


Sunny wouldn’t let me get away without having breakfast first so it’s a while later when I finally get to sit down in front of my laptop.


Subject: Help

Dear Ms Pink,
I need to see you. It’s urgent. Please come.

Taeyeon Kim

I hit the send button and wait. Come on. Ms Pink has supersonic vampire speed at her disposal. Surely she’ll see it and reply within seconds.


Subject: Help Yourself

Dear Taeyeon,

I see that you have not thought things through and are still clueless about your place in our relationship. It is better for you to develop a measure of independence and be less stupid.

Tiffany Pink
Princess CEO

Oh my God. Ms Pink will be the death of me.


Subject: Only You Can Help Me Now

Dear Ms Pink,

I saw someone last night. I don’t think it’s safe to talk about it through e-mail. I’ve also come to a conclusion regarding our little disagreement. Please come. We need to talk.

Taeyeon Kim

I must have caught her attention because her reply comes in vampire quick time.


Subject: Yes Or No

Dear Taeyeon,

You did not leave your apartment all day and night. Who could you have seen? Stupid human. Are you itching for my hand?
I told you to send me an e-mail after you’ve realized your folly, not before.

Tiffany Pink
Princess CEO

Argh! Ms Pink can be so dense at times. Fine. She wants an answer? I’ll give her an answer.


Subject: Yes

Dear Ms Pink,

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. My answer is yes.
You happy now?
I need to see you. STAT!

Taeyeon Kim

Not two seconds later . . .


Subject: Yes, Who

Dear Taeyeon,

Your manners seem to have abandoned you overnight.
You will see me soon. And you will not like it.

Tiffany Pink
Princess CEO

Ms Pink’s reply does not frighten me. She’ll forget all about it as soon as I tell her about Helene and her late night visit.


My plan hits a snag barely an hour later and I learn (the hard way) that Ms Pink can’t forget all about it, if I don’t even get a chance to tell her anything. Shortly after Sunny left the apartment, Ms Pink entered my room without a sound and by the time I came to my senses, I was already bound and gagged to my bed. This is a problem and I intend to talk to her about it once I get out of my bonds. If I get out of my bonds.

Ms Pink stands before me looking great in her black leather jacket and eyes her surroundings as though she’s listening out for something. Is there anything or anyone? I prick my ears and try to hear something but there’s nothing. Then, she turns and pokes around my dresser, sifting through my belongings. She picks up my hair brush and tests it on her palm. Just watching her swatting her palm with my hair brush is enough to get me worked up so when she walks around to the side of my bed, I tug at the straps binding my wrists but they don’t give.

“You will get a taste of real punishment today,” says Ms Pink. She whips the brush and I flinch. The mere sound of it moving through air is enough to unnerve me. She pulls my pyjama pants and panties down and swing my bound feet up, attaching them to some place behind my head. I’m left in some sort of semi-yoga plow pose, staring at my knees and wondering when the spanking is going to start.

Ms Pink removes the gag and says, “You will apologize for being rude to me after I spank you with this hair brush.”

THWACK. “Ow!” I yelp.

“Say it.”

I’m itching to rub my butt but my hands are tied, literally. “I’m sorry, Ms Pink.”

THWACK. “What are you sorry for?”

“I’m sorry for being rude to you, Ms Pink.”

THWACK. “Who do you belong to?”

“You, Ms Pink.”

THWACK. “Who claimed you?”

“You, Ms Pink.”

THWACK. “Who owns you?”

“You, Ms Pink.”

A hand rubs my butt, soothing my smarting cheeks. “You’re getting better at this.” Lips graze my ear and I gasp as Ms Pink blows on it. “Are you enjoying the spanking? Hm?”

I shake my head vehemently. Is Ms Pink crazy? Why would anyone enjoy being spanked.

“I’ll spank you five more times with this brush. At the end of the five spanks I want you to tell me how you feel.”

I bite my lip and close my eyes. One. My left butt cheek feels warmer than ever after the spank. Two. Three. Four. Hands rub my butt cheeks briefly. Five. She spanks me across both cheeks at the same time and I feel a strange yearning for something. What it is, I do not know.

Hands caress my warm cheeks and knead them gently. Then, my legs are lowered and I can breathe easily again.

“Look at me.”

I open my eyes and stare into the pink eyes hovering about mine. For some reason, I find comfort in them. I see warmth in them. Warmth and good. It may not make any sense, but that’s how I feel, quite unlike the way I felt when I looked into Helene’s eyes.

“Helene,” I blurt out inadvertently and Ms Pink’s eyes go from warm to bone chilling cold in a split second.

“Helene? Why do you say the name.”

“I saw her—him, I mean.”

“Him? What do you mean.”

This is it. I have Ms Pink’s attention and I have information she wants to know. The tables have turned. “May I have my panties back first, please?”

Ms Pink glares at me, but she pulls my panties and pyjama pants back up. “Now, tell me. When did you see Helene. What did Helene say to you.”

I don’t know what comes over me just then but instead of telling Ms Pink all about my ‘nightmare’, I look her in the eye and say, “If you really want to know, ask me nicely.”

All I get is a fiery shot of pink from Ms Pink and another thwack on my thigh. “Tell me now.”

“Okay, okay.” And I tell her everything I can remember.

Ms Pink doesn’t ask questions but listens intently as I relay what Helene had said to me last night. When I’m done, she frowns. Ms Pink has never frowned in this way—like she’s genuinely worried by something—in the three weeks that I’ve known her. This can’t be good.

Finally, Ms Pink looks at me. “We can’t put this off any longer. You said yes in your e-mail. Did you mean it?”

Tension overrides every inch of my body as though it knows the gravity of the situation. I blink and something breaks inside of me. Something caves. “Yes,” I say, “please have sex with me, Ms Pink.”

Ms Pink stares at me for a moment before unstrapping my wrists and freeing my ankles from their bind. Her legs intertwine with mine as she lies on her side. My nose twitches, detecting a sweet scent as she gathers me into her arms. I wrap my arms around her waist as though I’ve done it a hundred times before and suddenly, we’re almost as close as two separate entities can be.

“Open your mouth,” she says, her voice low and soft.

My tongue darts out and wets my lips. Nerves are rising from my inexperience but I part my lips as instructed and she takes me in. My soul feels like it’s about to be sucked out of my body and I’m arching my body into hers, the yearning from before returning with a vengeance. Her tongue seeks mine out and the contact sets off electric sparks in my mind. Ms Pink’s kiss is demanding and possessive, exactly like her, but this time, instead of fighting to preserve myself, I let go and sink deep into the kiss with the ten skull candles watching over us.


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