Fifty Shades of Pink 32

*Warning: There is some ratedness.*

Unmoving arms trap me. I’m unable to put distance between Ms Pink and myself and it upsets me.

“Let me go.”


“I won’t help you to get revenge.”

Ms Pink smiles. A sudden tug of my waist crushes me against her body and our lips end up meshed together. Ms Pink takes me in. My mind forgets itself. All I can think about is how soft Ms Pink’s lips are. How silky her hair is. How wonderful it feels to have her body pressed up against mine. A corner of my mind wonders why and how I am falling for her touch. I am supposed to be angry. I am supposed to be resisting. But Ms Pink’s tongue meets mine and even these thoughts float away.

I arch my back and rock my hips. Ms Pink gasps. “Naughty girl,” she says.

But I don’t care. I want more. More contact. More skin. My fingers are tugging at the zip of Ms Pink’s dress, pulling it off her shoulders. Skin, says my feverish mind. “Why?” I manage to say. “Why can’t I resist you?”

“You are,” Ms Pink replies.

“I’m not. You’re using your princess vampire power to seduce me, right?” I push Ms Pink’s dress down to her waist with all the frustration I have inside. “I can’t resist you because I’m your claim.”

Ms Pink leans back and holds her arms up. “I’m not stopping you.”

Ms Pink is right. She’s not holding me back. But my legs don’t seem interested in moving. Not with Ms Pink taking my breath away with her beautiful body clad in a pastel pink bra that shows more than it hides with its sheer cups. In fact, I can swear that Ms Pink’s nipples are responding to my stare at this very moment. But I’m still angry.

“You’re using me,” I spit out, slapping Ms Pink’s meddling fingers away from the buttons of my shirt.

“You’re using me too,” says Ms Pink, her fingers returning to release the top button and the next.

I pull Ms Pink’s hands away and hold them to the side. “I’m not using you.”

Ms Pink’s eyebrow lifts. “Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure.”

“If I can state one instance where you used me, you’ll take your clothes off, bend over my desk and accept your punishment.”

“If you can’t, you’ll let me go. For good. You won’t use me for revenge.”

Ms Pink’s smile is so easy that I feel as though I’m falling into a trap. “You used me as protection against vanguards. And you’re still using me.”

“I didn’t use you. You offered me protection. I didn’t even want it at first.”

The same eyebrow rises again. “I believe it was you who called me for help to save you from Helene.”

Fingers are slipping around my waist, skin on skin but I stay focused on the topic. “I grumbling about where you were when I needed help. I didn’t ask so that doesn’t count.”

“Fair enough.” Ms Pink slides her hands up my sides and down to my butt. “Well then, let’s talk about the time when you used me to give your friend a chance to interview me without a formal application.”

“It was supposed to be a favour.”

“It was not a favour.”

“Well, I can say it is and you can say it’s not till the end of time. It’s a stalemate.”

“If I say it’s not a favour, it’s not a favour.”

I throw my hands up in the air and roll my eyes. “It doesn’t work like that.”

Ms Pink’s slow smile is infuriating to me. “You know very well that I do not need your permission to take your clothes off.”

This is the most hopeless and pointless argument ever. “Fine,” I say in a huff and pull my half-unbuttoned shirt off. I toss it to the side where it lands in a snowy white heap and reach for the clasp of my bra. It comes off as well and I get off Ms Pink’s lap to take my jeans off. Kicking my sneakers off, I push my jeans down to my shin and reach for the bottom hem to pull them off. Finally, with nothing but my white cotton panties left, I bend over Ms Pink’s desk and present my butt too her.


I’m blushing despite the cloud of anger hanging over my head as I reach for the waistband of my panties and push. Down past my hips and thighs it goes and I wriggle my legs to make it drop to my ankles.

“Step out.”

Lifting first one leg then the other, I do I am ordered. “I’m naked and ready to be punished, my dearest princess vampire Ms Pink.”

“Mmm.” Hands grab my butt cheeks and spank them, making me jump but I refuse to show weakness.

“Is that all you can do? Aren’t you a princess vampire with mega hulk strength?”

A hard spank makes me yelp and my hands fly to my butt cheeks to protect them from Ms Pink’s merciless palms. “Stupid human. Learn your place.”

Her condescending words have me gritting my teeth. Moving my hands back onto the desk and lifting my butt even higher, I say, “You can spank me till the cows come home but I’m not gonna learn my place.”

A hand cups me and another hand presses down in the middle of my back. “You are mine.”

“I’m not yours.”

Two hard spanks rain on my butt cheeks and the hand returns to cup between my legs right after. “You are mine.”


“Spread your legs.”

With some difficulty, I shift first my right foot to the right, then my left foot to the left. “Happy now?”

“Your tone is dissatisfactory, Taeyeon.”

Though the following spanks are harder than before, they are within my tolerance level. But the finger that slips into my body isn’t. “Oh my God.”

The finger exits. “You’re wet.”

“I’m not.”

The finger enters and exits again. “You’re enjoying this too much.”

“I’m sorry that I’m enjoying myself too much, Ms Pink.”

“You’re not.” Ms Pink inserts two fingers this time and pumps them in and out at high speed before stopping abruptly. “You’re not sorry at all.”

“Well, I’m sorry I’m not sorry, Ms Pink.” The princess vampire’s name barely leaves my lips as I am flipped onto my back. It’s a miracle that nothing has been knocked off Ms Pink’s desk yet, but it’s a princess vampire I’m dealing with so I’m not too surprised either.

Ms Pink’s eyes are glowing like neon lights, bright pink and sickeningly bold. She holds me down with a hand on my chest and fingers plunge back into me but the angle is different this time and I gasp. Ms Pink’s fingers are doing something incredible inside. They’re curling and pressing and—

“Oh my God!”

Ms Pink doesn’t say anything. She only smiles as her fingers begin to move. Fast. Holy crap. This is brutal. Is this my punishment? I almost scream when Ms Pink bends and takes my nipple between her teeth. She pulls it, then releases. Once, twice, thrice. The other side. Once, twice, thrice. A thumb presses the nub of nerves. I open my mouth to scream. But I can’t. Ms Pink is kissing me. She’s brutal, taking no prisoners. The surge comes and it’s more than I can take. And the last thing I remember seeing is Ms Pink’s closed eyes.


I’m lying on something soft and warm. Opening my eyes, all I can see is a sea of pink. But I recognise the material. I’m lying on the couch in Ms Pink’s office with my face squashed into the back. Oh God. What happened to me? A finger nail runs up the length of my calf, jolting me into pushing myself up with my arms. I turn around, squinting in the afternoon’s floodlights. Ms Pink is sitting at the other end of the couch with her dress bunched up at her waist from before. My legs on her lap. She’s stroking me, caressing my calves. Our eyes meet.

“Stupid human.”

“I’m not stupid,” I grumble, pulling my legs from her pesky hands.

“You are.” Ms Pink grabs my legs again but I jerk them away. She lunges for them but I pounce on her instead, knocking her onto her side. Seeing the window of opportunity, I push her with all my might and throw all my weight on her, pinning her flat on her stomach.

“I win,” I proclaim, albeit rather softly as the immense exertion of strength has robbed me of my breath.

Ms Pink laughs out loud. “You are ridiculous.”

Pressing my hands on her shoulder blades, I take a good look at the spot where her ‘scratch’ is supposed to be. It has magically disappeared and I’m glad for it. But I notice something else under the bright lights. Faint zigzag lines. As though the tides of the ocean had washed them out over tens of thousands of days into the faintest hints of what they once were. I don’t know how I’ve never spotted them before but they’re there. I can see them. Just barely. I lift a finger to trace one of the lines and the muscles in Ms Pink tense up as though in shock.

“What are these lines?” I ask carefully.

It takes Ms Pink a moment to answer. “Scars.”

I freeze upon her answer, with my finger on one of the lines. No. I follow the line down diagonally until it meets another and another and another. Fuck, no. Her entire back is littered with them. Pencil-thin lines. Crayon-thick lines. Straight. Jagged. Fuck. Did he do this to her? Like a tiny ball of snow rolling down the mountain, a spark of anger grows as I stare at the near-invisible lines on Ms Pink’s back.

If you were me, would you want revenge too?

The ball of anger in my chest throbs but I can’t answer that. I don’t know.

You don’t know anything.

I know revenge isn’t always the answer. And it hits me. The man who took you. He’s dead right? If he’s already dead—

“I killed him.”

To hear those words spoken by Ms Pink without a trace of emotion hurts me deep in the guts. “So you’ve already taken your revenge.”

“No. He was under a regal’s command.”

“A regal as in a king or queen?”

Ms Pink nods.

“Is the regal still around?”


I have a very bad feeling about this but I ask anyway. “Is the regal part of the Sovereign?”


This is bad. “But you can’t kill a member of the Sovereign.”

“I can.”

“It’ll destroy you. And the treaty.”

“The treaty does not concern itself with supernatural conflicts.”

“You might die trying to kill him.”

Ms Pink throws me off her back and sits up, her eyes piercing mine. “How do you know it’s a him.”

I shake my head in exasperation as I pull my knees to my chest. “I don’t know it’s a him. It just came out that way. Anyway the more important point is the fact that you might die trying.”

“But you won’t.”

My jaw drops in shock and my blood turns cold. “You want me to kill him?”

“Your blood will.”

“My blood?”

“In a bullet.”

“Oh . . .” I am somewhat calmed by the fact that I won’t need to do anything too drastic. “Which of the Sovereign is the regal you want to kill?”

“You don’t need to know.”

“If you’re gonna use my blood to kill, I believe I have the right to know.”

Ms Pink glares at me and it’s pressurizing but I’m not backing down so I open my eyes wider and stare back at her. Ms Pink blinks and looks like she’s on the verge of laughing. “You look stupid when you do that.”

I frown. “I do not. And don’t change the subject. I still want to—” The ending of my sentence turns into a shriek as Ms Pink grabs and bends my arms behind me and the shriek turns into a muffled moan when Ms Pink kisses me.

After a long kiss that sets my toes on fire, Ms Pink pulls away and says, “I’ll tell you when I choose to.”


I am sent home and Sunny greets me with a bottle of soju in her hand when I enter the kitchen. “Soju?” she inquires with bright eyes. There’s a takeout box of fried chicken on the counter. Tempting. And maybe I can ask Sunny for some advice.

After a quick change of clothes, I join Sunny on the couch in the living room. She’s already tucking into the chicken and about a quarter of the bottle of soju is depleted.

“Were you with Tiffany Pink today?” Sunny asks as I’m sitting.

“Yeah,” I reply, picking up a chicken drumlet and dunking it in the chilli sauce dip.

“I knew it.” Sunny looks pleased.

“Why are you so happy about it?”

“I made a bet with Summer.” Sunny grins as she slides a shot of soju to me. “And you just helped me win a bottle of Moët.”

“Holy crap, your bet is crazy expensive. What would you have owed her if you lost?”

“A striptease.”

I roll my eyes while leaning back. “I shouldn’t have asked.”

Sunny giggles. “You should’ve known better.”

I sigh and slide lower on the couch, drinking the shot of soju.

Sunny nudges me. “Why the sigh?”

Finishing the shot of soju, I decide to ask Sunny for advice. “Sunny.”


“What would you do if Summer wants to do something that you think is a bad idea? Even if Summer has really good reasons for doing it?”

Sunny narrows her eyes. “This is about Tiffany Pink, right?”

I take a bite of the chicken and say, “Just answer the question.”

“Well, it depends on how bad an idea it is.”

Sunny hands over another shot of soju and I empty it in one gulp. “Bad. Like disastrous bad if anything goes wrong.”

“Then the reason will never be enough.”

I sigh again. “But what if Summer is really, really stubborn?”

“If it were Summer, I’d just keep her busy in bed till she forgets all about it. But Tiffany doesn’t seem to be as horny as Summer so you’d probably have to try something else.”

Oh that’s where you’re wrong, Sunny. Ms Pink is as horny as a horndog.

What did you say?

“Shit.” My heart thumps at the sound of Ms Pink’s voice in my head and it’s not a good thump.

Sunny pats my arm and nods. “I know how it is with stubborn girlfriends and bad decisions. Girls are such stubborn bitches when they choose to be.”

I said you’re as corny as a corndog. “Yeah, I know right.”

The punishment for lying to me is severe, Taeyeon.

Sunny hands me a shot of soju again. “Here, drink up and forget about it for a night.”

I take the shot of soju with a shaking hand and toss its contents straight into my mouth. The burn of the soju gives me courage. I said you’re as horny as a horndog. But technically I didn’t say it. I only thought it. I slam the shot glass onto the table and take another bite of the chicken.

“Another?” Sunny asks and I nod.

You will be punished for this tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day. I accept the shot of soju from Sunny. For now, I’m just gonna get drunk and forget all about a stubborn princess vampire who won’t admit she’s a horndog. Tossing the soju into my mouth, I slam the shot glass on the table again. “One more.”

Kim Taeyeon. You are not allowed to get drunk. Where are you.

Sunny grins and pours as I bite off the last bit of meat from the drumlet and drop the bones onto the plate of bones Sunny has accumulated. I pop my fifth shot of soju and grin, feeling proud of myself. I’m a brave girl, aren’t I?

I’m at home with Sunny eating friend chicken and drinking soju talking about stubborn girlfriends. Besides, I’m legal to drink. Goodnight, Tiffany.

I take Sunny’s shot from her and empty that too. Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I lean back against the couch and close my eyes. Darn it. Why do I feel as though I’m on a boat?


44 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Pink 32

  1. “I’m at home with Sunny eating friend chicken and drinking soju talking about stubborn girlfriends. Besides, I’m legal to drink. Goodnight, Tiffany.”

    LOL at “eating friend chicken” hahahahaha

    drunk Taeyeon always cute.

  2. hahahahahahaahaha. atta girl! taeyeon won in this chapter. *shrugs* coz i said so. lol. kidding.

    their banter is tooooooo cute!! hahahaha. its amusing to read. nice one AK! *high five*

    Tiffany’s logic on their argument is so childish “because i said so” hahahaha, i could win all of my arguments if i use that. XD

    thanks AK, this is a nice chapter, a clarity on Tiff’s revenge case.

  3. Haha; i really like that little bit where they were arguing inside their thoughts ❤ just seemed pretty cute and made Ms.Pink feel like more human-like in a way. Taeng's gonna be druuunk too so haha

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