Sneak Peek (I)

Fifty Shades of Grey. Tiffany has been reading this book for days and Taeyeon is burning to find out what it is about. What is this book that makes her roommate stay quiet for more than an hour at a time? It must be an amazing book. An enthralling book. Taeyeon decides she must sneak a peek at it. So when Tiffany leaves the house for work, she picks it up and reads.

The first couple of chapters present a build up towards a budding romance. Taeyeon finds the female character (Anastasia) a wee bit of a pushover and the male character (Christian) seems to be overly mysterious but she reads on, eager to find out what the later chapters hold. It gets to a point where she thinks Christian is a complete creep. A stalker who needs to be kept away from innocent (and rather dumb) Anastasia who can’t seem to defend herself even though she is supposedly a final year student in a country where crime and abuse is nothing short of prevalent. Well, it is fiction after all.

Taeyeon is having trouble understanding the hold this book has over her roommate but then, the scene arrives. Okay, so she’s a virgin. What a jerk, does he have to make it sound like it’s a sexually transmitted disease? Oh my God. How can he say that to her? And why isn’t she marching right out of his apartment already? She’s an idiot! Oh my God. He’s gonna solve the problem? Why is virginity a problem? Jerk! Asshole! Oh my God, is this girl stupid or is she stupid. Get out of there already! This story is a joke. Don’t let him take your clothes off! Wow, he’s skipping all your bases and going straight for the homerun, huh. Lucky guy. If only I could get this lucky in real life . . .

The story goes on and Taeyeon is totally immersed in the scene where Christian visits Anastasia in her room and—Taeyeon bites her lip as the words go on to describe what Christian does to Anastasia. Oh, the tie. Oh, the t-shirt rollup blindfold. Oh . . . She feels warmer than before. And most of the heat is centred around a spot in her body. Fortunately for her, Tiffany is not home yet so she has time to pop into the shower to cool off. Taeyeon puts the book back in the box and sneaks out of Tiffany’s room. She will read some more tomorrow.


Taeyeon doesn’t make it this far tomorrow. Tiffany comes home earlier than expected and surprises her while she’s engrossed. “Are you reading my book?”

Taeyeon’s eyes shoot up from the book and she peeps at Tiffany over the top. A wave of embarrassment grips Taeyeon’s throat and prevents her from answering immediately. Tiffany is still looking at her however, so she nods reluctantly, hoping her ears haven’t gone red yet.

Tiffany smiles in a funny way that Taeyeon doesn’t understand and scoots closer to her on the couch. “So . . .” Taeyeon stops breathing, “do you like it?”

Taeyeon’s breath rushes out and she is at a lost for words. “Er . . .”

“Isn’t Christian the dreamiest guy ever?” Tiffany gushes and Taeyeon shifts awkwardly on the couch.

“I guess . . .?”

“You don’t think so.”

Taeyeon shrugs.

“You don’t think he’s the most romantic guy ever?”

“I think he’s a creep.”

Tiffany draws back in shock. “He flies her in his helicopter. And he rescued her from her friend when she was drunk!”

“He stalked her. He tracked her phone.”

“It’s fiction.”

“Still creepy.”

Tiffany leans her elbow against the couch, propping her chin up with her palm. “You don’t like grand gestures of love.”

Taeyeon shakes her head.

“Why are you reading it then?”

Taeyeon stiffens. “Uh . . .”

“Oh my God,” Tiffany slaps her arm and laughs. “You’re into the sexy scenes, aren’t you?” Taeyeon shakes her head violently but Tiffany only giggles more. Then, she drops a bomb on Taeyeon. “Do you wanna try some of it out?”

Taeyeon’s eyes bulge like a toad’s and she almost chokes on nothing. “Try?” she croaks.

Tiffany nods. “Don’t you feel curious to know how it feels?”

“But you . . . and I . . . we’re not . . .”

“Exactly. It’ll be like a fun experiment. We don’t have to tell anyone about it.”

“Are you serious right now?”

Tiffany stops smiling and nods. “Would you try it with me? Please?”

This is the weirdest thing Tiffany has ever asked Taeyeon to do. But if she were to be completely honest with herself, Tiffany is probably the only person she would ever trust to try such things out with. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve kissed either. Been there, done that during one drunken night at a house party held by their mutual friend, Sooyoung. Then again, kissing is one thing. Tied up in bed naked is another.

“When you say try, do you mean re-enacting the scene exactly as it is written? Or . . .”

“As accurately as possible. I’ve got a tie and we have ice cubes . . .”

Taeyeon gapes. Tiffany really wants to try this. “And who’s gonna play Christian’s part?”

“We could role swap if you want but I would like to try the submissive role first.”

“This isn’t gonna make things weird between us, is it?”

Tiffany shrugs. “It’s not like we’ve never slept together before.”

Taeyeon blinks. “We’ve never.”

“We have.”


“Remember the singles’ Valentine’s party we went to last year?”

Taeyeon gasps. “We didn’t.”

“We did.”

“I woke up alone.”

“I left before you woke up.”

“But you didn’t say anything about it afterwards.”

“Neither did you.”

“But I don’t even remember what happened that night.”

“I thought you didn’t wanna talk about it.”

Taeyeon is stunned. “Oh my God.”

“I know, right. Anyway, that hasn’t changed the way we are so it can’t hurt to try this out together.”

“I suppose you’re right . . .”

Tiffany’s lively eyes brighten. “So you’ll do it with me?” Taeyeon nods, her mind still reeling from the news and Tiffany squeals. “Thank you, thank you.” Tiffany plants a kiss on Taeyeon’s cheek and grins. “You’re the best,” she chirps and jumps off the couch. “I’ll get the supplies.”

Taeyeon snaps out of the fog that is clogging her mind. “S-Supplies?”

Tiffany turns around, winks and giggles. “You’ll see!”


a/n: lol, just when i think i can take a break from fifty shades of any colour, this picture pops up on my twitter timeline and voila, this idea pops in as well. o-m-g. i cannot with my mind already XD this will be short though. thank goodness lol.

20 thoughts on “Sneak Peek (I)

  1. Oh new story, AK I see you like that book very much haha
    Good stuff here looking forward on how this will play out

    1. I don’t really like the book that much actually 😂😂😂 just the picture popped up on my timeline and taeyeon is so incredibly adorable that the story followed right after that 😂😂😂

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