Do Not Disturb 05

Sunny’s apartment is decidedly neutral, although the lush red carpet in the middle of the living room adds a distinct feminine touch to the overall mood of the place. Clean walls, painted an unobtrusive cream colour, frame the natural wood furniture that dominates the apartment. A beautifully painted picture of a vase of thistle hangs on the wall facing an impressive home theatre system. Taeng estimates the entertainment system to cost at least one month’s worth of his salary. The still life art certainly is expensive too.

“Nice art,” Taeng comments. “The carpet compliments the red flowers well.”

“It’s an original from a local artist. I was looking for something to breathe life into my living room and since I don’t have the time to keep a vase of fresh flowers I thought having a painting of one would work too.”

“I like it. It brings everything together.”

“Now, you take a seat. I’ll bring out the drinks.”

“You’re not going to slip me something and take advantage of me, are you?” Taeng jokes.

“I don’t need to resort to such methods to get what I want.”

Taeng whistles. “A lady with confidence. My style.”

Sunny returns with a bottle and two shot glasses. She sets them on the table, opens the bottle and pours soju into the glasses. “Crackers?”

Taeng looks at the packet of prawn crackers and nods. Sunny feeds him a cracker and he opens his mouth to accept it. Taking a risk, he deliberately closes his lips around her fingers as well, holding her gaze as he takes the cracker from her. She doesn’t pull away, which he takes as a sign that she is open to more seduction so he leans forward with a cracker between his teeth and feeds her. Sunny plays his game with a knowing curl of her lips and she nibbles on the cracker slowly, inching towards his lips with every bite. The anticipation grows and he almost sighs when their lips meet.

“Mmm, you’re a great kisser,” Taeng says to Sunny when they finally part.

Sunny’s eyes twinkle with mischief. “I didn’t know I was being assessed. You’re stressing me out.”

“Let me sooth your nerves.” Taeng sidles closer and puts his arm around her. “Practice makes perfect.”

They kiss again and this time, they go longer and deeper into passion. Hands join in the fray, wandering up and down backs, sides, then slipping under clothes to touch bare skin.

“Your skin is so smooth,” Taeng mumbles as he kisses his way down to Sunny’s neck. “I love the way you feel.”

“Kiss me,” Sunny demands and Taeng abandons her neck to oblige immediately. Sunny tilts and Taeng ends up lying over her sideways, with his legs hanging over the couch. He slips one hand back under her clothes and luxuriates in her softness.

“Oh, Sunny . . . you’re so sexy . . .”

“Uh . . .”

Taeng likes the sounds Sunny is making as he nips on her skin from collarbone to the valley of her chest. “May I?” he asks, hands on the buttons.

“Yes,” Sunny answers breathlessly and Taeng’s fingers fly from button to button, releasing each one in record time. He leans back to look at what is underneath. He likes what he sees.


Sunny reaches out for him and pulls him back down. “Less talk. More action.”

Taeng salutes, with a wide grin. “Yes, ma’am.”

It is an extremely reluctant Taeng who puts his shirt and pants back on an hour later. Reluctant to leave Sunny when all he wants is to cuddle her after the hand job she gave him. Reluctant to leave Sunny when he can’t get enough of being with her. But she is firm and he respects her wishes. So with a parting kiss goodbye, he turns and leaves.

Tonight had already exceeded all expectations. While he had hoped to progress further with Sunny, he hadn’t been sure if she was comfortable with it so he had been delighted when she hadn’t stopped him from being more intimate with her. He had also failed to realize just how much of a wonderland her body is. Embodying the essence of femininity and sensuality, Sunny had enticed his senses much more than he had expected. So even though he has never been more reluctant to leave a woman’s home, he is still wearing a great, big smile as he gets into his car and drives home.

I’m home. Have u gone to bed?

I’m lying in bed waiting

Oh, woman…this blows my mind

You have a perverted mind

Suitably perverted, I’ll admit

Hahaha is there such a thing?

I’m pretty sure my suitably perverted mind
made you suitably happy tonight

U were wonderful tonight 💗

So were you 😍

😋 goodnight dream of me tonight

I’ll dirty my sheets if I do 😜


Taeng smiles as he puts his phone away and gets ready for bed. It’s been a great day and he looks forward to seeing more of Sunny. Both metaphorically and literally.

Several dates on, Taeng is planning to take things another step further. While they have been mutually exclusive to each other, Taeng doesn’t want to take Sunny for granted. So with his heart bursting full of feelings for her, he places a dinner reservation for two at a posh hotel. La Casa, to be exact. La Casa, the hotel that Sunny had brought him to when they first ‘met’. For him, he had only first ‘met’ Sunny when she came to his office but for Sunny, she had already ‘met’ him back when he stumbled onto her car, drunk. He is thankful that she had not judged him badly for it, but had patiently listened to his side of the story. That right there, is a class act. Yes, Sunny is a class act. The sexiest woman he has ever gotten to know. And he intends to romance her and go all the way tonight. With that thought in mind, he books the same room that Sunny had left him in. It will be a wonderful way to celebrate their three-month-old relationship.

Sunny is looking her CEO self in her black woolly coat ensemble when he arrives at her apartment to pick her up.

“Your outfit is really nice tonight,” he compliments when he catches sight of her little black dress underneath.

Sunny giggles. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

“What do you mean?”

Sunny shakes her head as she giggles some more. “You’ll only find out later—unless you tell me where we are going for dinner.”

“I can’t tell you that. It’ll ruin the surprise. Come on, please tell me.”

With a pout, Sunny shakes her head, her eyes flashing determination to keep it a secret. Taeng is impatient to find out but Sunny’s lips land on his and he forgets about it soon enough. Even after all the kisses they’ve shared so far, the way Sunny’s lips feel on his will always send his brain matter scattering about the place. And by the time they arrive at La Casa, Taeng has completely forgotten about his curiosity because of the way Sunny looks at him when she realizes where they are going.

“La Casa?”

Taeng takes Sunny’s hand and squeezes it. “Back to the beginning.”

Sunny tiptoes and Taeng receives another happiness-inducing kiss. “I love you for this.”

Taeng smiles warmly and tucks Sunny’s hand around his arm. “You’re going to love me for a lot more than this.”

Dinner is a beautiful affair. The food served is faultless and Taeng makes sure Sunny has a steady supply of her favourite wine. The look in Sunny’s eyes says it all as she takes in the things he has planned. A single rose. A bottle of rosé wine. A stack of fried chicken delivery coupons.

“It’s only been three months but these three months with you have been the best three months I’ve had with anybody. I love the way we are together. I love how you listen. I love how you don’t judge me and let me be who I am. I’m a lucky guy and I hope you’ve been as happy as me for the past three months.”

Taeng is surprised by Sunny when she finally looks up from the stack of coupons. This is one woman who doesn’t cry easily yet here she is with tears swimming in her eyes.

“You make me happy too. You’re easy to be with. You’re like a hiding place for me. A place where I can go when I need to be me.”

“Sunny . . .”

“Taeng . . .?”

Taeng blinks. The person calling him isn’t Sunny. Instead, it’s another voice. A familiar voice. With a trace of dread slipping into his mind, he turns to look. Darn, if it isn’t Kiki, the woman who dumped him for another.

But as if things aren’t awkward enough, Sunny gasps and says, “Kiki?”

Taeng whips back around and stares at Sunny. “You know her?”

Sunny nods. “We’re friends. We did the same degree in uni.” She looks from Taeng to Kiki and back again. “How do you know her?”

Taeng opens his mouth but before he can say anything, Kiki answers, “We used to date.”

Stunned is the look on Sunny’s face when she says, “He’s the ex you talked about?”

Kiki shifts and Taeng thinks she looks uncomfortable when she nods.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” says Sunny.

The mood around them changes in that instant. Taeng is confused because Sunny is frowning at him. Why is she frowning? What is going on?

6 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb 05

  1. Yessss! I have been starving for some new Dandyu ff (there just isn’t enough of it out there 😔) Glad you’re writing one and it’s pretty interesting so far! Keep up the good work!

  2. wait wait waitttt. what?!

    what did this kiki-lala girl told sunny about her ex(taeng)?

    why the frown?!!!! whyyyyy.

    thanks ak!

  3. Uh oh! This doesn’t look good! But I believe that Taeng is a gentlemen, so hopefully the past three months can be testiment to it!

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