Little Things (IV)

Tiffany turns up at her shop much sooner than she expects but before she can express joy at Tiffany’s appearance, she notices how haggard the woman looks and concern rushes forward.

“Tiffany, you look unwell. Are you ill?”

“I have to leave for Busan tonight. It’ll be a few days before I get back. Will you please take care of Prince for me?”

“Of course I will.” Taeyeon takes Prince Fluffy from Tiffany. “But why the last minute trip?” she asks as she brings the dog into the dog care room.

“Something went wrong at the factory so I’m going there to straighten things out.”

“Is this about the costume you went to Shenzhen for?”

Tiffany shakes her head. “No, this is another project.”

“I hope it’s not a serious problem.”

A deep sigh trudges through the air. “It’s quite serious. Production has to be halted and there will be delays. But I hope to minimise the delay.”

Taeyeon sets Prince Fluffy on the floor and gives Tiffany a hug. She pats Tiffany’s back and rubs it, hoping to comfort her. “Things will go well for you. And you won’t have to worry about Prince. I’ll take good care of him.”

Tiffany smiles. “You always do. I’m so thankful. Thanks again. I have to go now.”

“Go. Have a safe trip, Tiffany.”

With a nod, Tiffany sweeps out like the wind and disappears into her car. Taeyeon waves goodbye from the door of her shop and sighs before going back in. Tiffany in distress sets her worrying. She hopes everything will be fine. But she can only hope.


That night, Taeyeon settles down in bed and gets her phone out.

Did u get to busan ok?

I just checked in (:

Is your room nice?



Taeyeon stares at her phone and her jaw drops as a picture of Tiffany in a white fluffy bathrobe appears in the chatroom. She taps on it and it expands to occupy the entire screen which may or may not be a good idea since it magnifies her beauty to breath-taking proportions.

The bathrobe is super comfy!


(: I have to sleep to u tmr

Sleep well fany



Taeyeon puts her phone away when Tiffany stops replying. It’s time for her to sleep too.


Good morning!

Tiffany’s message is a nice thing to wake up to. Taeyeon smiles upon seeing it and replies.

I just woke up. You get up very early!

It’s after lunch when Tiffany replies.

Sorry, been busy. I’m at the factory now.

Don’t let me hold u up.

A couple hours later, Tiffany sends another message.

Done for the day! 😄

Is the problem solved?

More or less. I should be leaving by tmr.

That’s great! 😁

Ikr! I’m so relieved I can go home soon.

Will you get here before night

If all goes well, I’ll be home by night time.

Do u want to pick Prince up first?

It’ll be too late for that.

I can wait for u. I stay
just upstairs anyway

I can’t ask u to do that

What if we go out for supper.
I’ll bring prince

U’ll stop at nothing 😂 ok supper

Taeyeon’s smile is as wide as River Han when Tiffany’s reply comes in.

C u tmr 👈


The next morning brings Taeyeon a great surprise and another eye-bulging gift from Tiffany, sent after breakfast. Bikini and overalls. A picture of Tiffany in a bright pink bikini, partially covered by overalls, in nine different poses. Oh God. This sort of thing should be illegal.


Going for a swim!

Taeyeon stares at the caption of the picture and imagines Tiffany in the bikini, moving through the water, graceful and beautiful. Just the thought of it warms her cheeks and she can’t help but wonder if Tiffany knows about her feelings. She doesn’t think she’s made it obvious so Tiffany probably doesn’t know. This picture and the one sent last night don’t mean anything. It’s just Tiffany being her friendly self, sharing bits of her life with a friend.

R u actually swimming?

It’s takes a while before Tiffany replies.

Ok I’ll admit I didn’t really swim

Did u even get into the water?

 Hahaha no I only had 30min this morning

U brought a bikini with u? 👀

I bought it from the shop


Entering meeting rm. Talk to u ltr.

Hwaiting! 💪

The rest of Taeyeon’s day at work passes by quickly and before she realizes it, the sun has set. She serves dinner for the dogs and makes a sandwich for herself. She is saving her appetite for supper with Tiffany later. She can’t wait.


4 thoughts on “Little Things (IV)

  1. Ahhhh! Fany is making effort hehe did they have dinner after she got back from her last trip already? Why have I never seen thosr photos before o.o where have I been?! Ah! ><'

  2. OMG I CAN’T WAIT TOO!!! Hahahaha ah, this story is so cute. >.< Fany sending those pics….. Really Taeng? That's what you think?? HAHAHAHAA anyway, thank you for sharing this with us~ 🙂

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