Little Things (XIII)

In this world, time doesn’t exist. Only Tiffany. Only Tiffany exists. Tiffany’s hair. Tiffany’s eyes. Tiffany’s lips. Tiffany’s skin. Under the dimmed ceiling light, nothing else matters. Pleasing the lovely woman lying under her is the only thing on her mind. Finding every spot that makes her moan. Finding every spot that makes her tremble. Finding . . . finding . . . found. Tiffany’s moan saturates the room. Taeyeon is almost hit in the face by the accompanying lurch but she simply pulls back slightly to dodge it. And gets right back into the business of things.

She traces her tongue over lengths and lengths of bare skin, enjoying the taste of Tiffany. It has been a while since she last laid in bed with anyone so the urges are strong, but she doesn’t want to rush it. She doesn’t want to be swept into a rapid and washed away, helpless. She wants to appreciate every inch of Tiffany. Kissing her way back up to Tiffany’s lips, she sinks into a lip lock that intensifies every bit of emotion within her.

“Taeyeon,” Tiffany gasps, when they part. Taeyeon is pushed off and she rolls onto her back as Tiffany appears over her. “Your turn.”

Control is taken out of her hands but Taeyeon gladly relinquishes it and closes her eyes.


The clock on the wall reads only three minutes later. Three minutes? Taeyeon swears it’s been longer than that but the clock reads what it reads. Darn it. Surely boiling a pot of water should take more than three minutes. Taeyeon sighs. Time really crawls like a snail when you’re looking forward to something.

When the clock finally gets to the next hour, Taeyeon heaves a sigh of relief as her second favourite costumer turns up on the dot to collect his dog. She hands Jangshin over and gives it a pat.

“Be a good girl now,” she says to Jangshin.

“Thanks for taking such good care of her.”

Taeyeon smiles. “You’re welcome. Goodbye.” She watches as Jangshin is carried down the steps to its owner’s car before turning back into her shop. Once inside, she dashes around to grab her belongings before dropping into the dog rest area to check that they are all fast asleep. The quiet tells her all she needs to know. She’s good for the night.


“Taeyeon,” Tiffany calls her.

Taeyeon scans the place and sees two arms waving wildly at her. A smile erupts at the sight and she brisk walks to Tiffany’s side. They greet each other with a chaste kiss and hug and settle into a comfortable cuddle on the picnic blanket Tiffany is sitting on. Taeyeon smiles when she realizes it is pink. She wouldn’t expect it to be any other colour.

“Were the dogs good today?”

“Mhm. The dogs were darlings today. Prince included.”

“Aww, dear Prince. I miss him.”

“You’ll see him soon.”

Tiffany smiles. “Not too soon, I hope.”

“Don’t you miss him?”

“I do. But I want our date to last longer.”

“Our date will last for as long as you want.”

“I wish it would last forever. Then we can be together forever and never have to part again.”

Taeyeon chuckles. “You sound like you’re writing a fairy tale.”

“It’s like a fairy tale to me. You are my fairy tale Princess Charming.

Taeyeon flips her hair. “I’ll admit I’m charming.”

Tiffany flashes the kind of smile that Taeyeon can’t resist kissing so they end up doing just that. A moment later, the lights go out and the lights on the stage shine bright. The spot on the grass that Tiffany clinched by coming an hour earlier is prime so they get to enjoy a good view of the actors on stage.

“There she is,” Taeyeon whispers. “Isn’t Seohyun pretty in that dress?”

“She’s even prettier in person,” Tiffany whispers back.

“Just wait till you hear her voice.” Taeyeon watches with pride as her friend of many years belts the first song. A voice crystal clear as cool spring water breezes through the air and she closes her eyes for a bit just to savour the soothing effect.


“I know, right.”

“Your friend is really good.”

“She works really hard for it. For her voice to be this good. Each time I watch her musical, it’s always better than her last.”

“The way you talk about her makes me jealous.”

Taeyeon turns to Tiffany, pats her arm and kisses her lips. “A kiss for your jealousy.” Taeyeon does not try to deflect the jealousy. She knows its source. She knows Tiffany knows too. Another kiss for good measure and Taeyeon gives Tiffany a smile. Tiffany smiles in return and Taeyeon knows things are fine because they had promised they wouldn’t smile if things were really not okay. So far, it has worked and Tiffany has been forthcoming with the inner workings of her mind. This has helped Taeyeon to understand her better. And in the process, share more of herself as well.

“I love you,” Tiffany whispers.

“I love you too.” Taeyeon squeezes Tiffany’s hand. “Seohyun is going love meeting you.”

“I hope so.”

“She will. And you will love meeting her too.”


#WelcomeBackHomeBuddy 😄


4 thoughts on “Little Things (XIII)

  1. Yeah, I’m still jealous of Tiffany because she has Taeyeon…lol don’t I get a kiss as too? XD

    Let’s all hope that Seo and Fany get along well. For if they don’t, well hello scary Fany.

    A little typo here author:

    “I love you too.” Taeyeon squeezes Tiffany’s hand. “Seohyun is going love meeting you.”

    Just the word “to” in between going and love and it’s all set. 🙂

  2. AAAAWH! I thought this will only be light fluff~ turns out you added a lil bit heavy element in it and it makes the story very intriguing 🙂 such a smart author 😉 love it!

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