Hot Shot 3

<<Singer-Actor Ho Un Dung Combines His Talents For Musical>>

Tiffany reads the headlines in delight. A musical! That would mean many shows which means she can see him up-close many times! Eager to find out more, she clicks on the link and reads.

Popular singer-actor Ho Un Dung will be taking on the immensely popular character, Di-Kin, in upcoming musical, Descendants of the Mister Who Came Back. He will appear alongside Drizzle, another top singer-actor who will take on the role of Dae-hoon, the charming charmer. Other members of the cast include Kim Taeyeon who will play No-yeon, a beautiful dentist, and Oh Yeonseo, who will take on the supporting role, Han Jong-man.

Shit! Why is Kim Taeyeon in this musical too? Why?! Kim Taeyeon can’t even sing to save her life. All her performances have to be autotuned!

“Sunny! Bad news! Sunny!”

“What is it? What bad news?” Sunny appears beside her, hair wrapped in a towel.

“Kim Taeyeon is going to be in a musical with my prince. And what’s worse? They’re playing love struck lovers. Sunny . . . I don’t want Un Dung to kiss Taeyeon!” Tiffany wails.

“Calm your tits down.” Sunny squeezes beside Tiffany and scans the article. “Hmm, there’s nothing much we can do about it. Unless you can find a way to stop her from doing the musical.”

“I haven’t been able to find any dirty on her lately. This hobo has been holed up at home all this while and the only time she was seen out was when she posted a video of herself hanging out with Dora, on Unstagram.”

“You must be kidding. Who would hide at home all day for a whole week?”

“Well, according to my sources, she’s either at home or at her company.”

“Then she must be dating someone in her company.”

“You think so?”

Sunny smirks. “I know so.”

“But . . . it seems quite mean of us to stop her from doing the music this way.”

Sunny rolls her eyes. “Make up your mind, lady. Do you want her out or not?”

Tiffany bites her lip in deliberation. Out of nowhere, a mental image of cookies appears. She sees the cookies and is reminded of Kim Taeyeon’s kindness to her. Maybe she shouldn’t . . .

“So? Is she in or out?”

With a sign of resignation, Tiffany says, “In.”

Sunny lifts a brow as she shrugs. “Whatever you say.”


Tiffany cannot bear to look at the photos even though her prince looks positively dashing in them. Why in the world, out of all the singers and actresses out there, is Kim Taeyeon the one in her Un Dung’s arms? Argh, that disgusting embrace. Get your hands off his chest! Tiffany groans as the picture burns her eyes. There is only one way to solve her problem. Cropping.

A quick use of a photo editing program later, Tiffany sighs with relative happiness. Finally, she can admire his handsome face without seeing the pale, kiddy face next to his. The next hurdle will be finding a way to ignore her presence in the musical. But that would be next to impossible. Especially if they have kissing scenes. Damn it.


Poised with her fingers over the mouse in the PC bang, Tiffany clicks like a woman possessed. Her eyes don’t even blink as her fingers fly over the keyboard, keying in the payment details. Only when the final page appears, indicating her purchase has been completed, does she squeeze her eyes shut and raise her arms in victory.

“Yes! I’ve got them! I got my tickets! Un Dung, wait for me, I’m coming for you!”

“Shut up, crazy girl!”

Tiffany blushes and raises her hand in apology and turns back to her computer screen. She double checks her e-mail and upon seeing the confirmation e-mails, smiles in satisfaction and logs off. Super fangirl Tiffany Hwang. Mission Ticket War—fought and won.


Tiffany is standing at the back entrance of the theatre waiting for Sunny when somebody calls her.

“Hey, it’s you.”

Tiffany blinks as she looks up at the tanned girl standing in front of her. “I’m sorry, you are . . .?”

“Ah, I guess I didn’t introduce myself the last time. I’m Yuri. Kwon Yuri. I spoke to you at the airport. Remember? When Taeyeon unnie gave you her cookies?”

“Ah . . .” Tiffany smiles as her memory returns. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to recognise you.”

Yuri smiles and her teeth shine like reflectors in the night. “You were probably in shock, right? You really had beginner’s luck that time.”

“Yeah . . . I, er, I guess so . . .”

“Anyway, I guess you’re here for Taeyeon unnie too? Wanna see what I got prepared for her?”

The sparkle in Yuri’s eyes makes it hard to say no and Tiffany finds herself oohing and aahing over the banner Yuri made for Kim Taeyeon.

“T!” Sunny smiles and waves as she nears them and Tiffany’s heart freezes in fear. This might be the end of her days as a fake Taeyeon fan. In fact, this might end up turning into World Fan War III if she doesn’t stop Sunny from letting it slip.

And that will be the end of her days as the fansite master of Shining Dung as well.



credits to Pet Society for designing this Golden Poo.

21 thoughts on “Hot Shot 3

  1. hi ak!

    totally loving this story! i thought it was a sequel at potshot at first ^__*

    so, it wasnt love at first sight complete with explosion and all that for them ahahaha

    yuri, sunny and tiffany, the fangirls ^___*

  2. SHINING DUNG LOGO WTF I CANNOT 😂😂😂 I noticed the witty modification of popular franchises but the Starbucks from chapter 2 was not altered. Starbox, maybe? Idk 😛

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