FSOP2: 09

Life regains some of its normalcy in the week after—if you’d consider shuttling between school and a vampire’s castle to train with captes normal. But at least there no attempted abductions, no vanguards, no vulks, no slayers, and no other vampires. Just Helene and Ms Pink. And Yoona, who picks me up from school every day.

This is also the week when Sunny returns from Lamod and showers me with gifts to make up for abandoning me for so long. Well, okay. A week isn’t that long but with so many things happening to me, it feels more like a month. So I am more than happy to have Sunny back with me; more than happy to have someone to share stories with.

First and foremost, I told her all about Ms Pink’s return. No mention of vanguards and the other supernatural occurrences of course. I gave her the ‘humanized’ version of it, which includes details of our first night back together, how Ms Pink turned up at our apartment and took me to Summer’s and how I’ve practically lived with Ms Pink during the week she’s been away. The good thing about summarizing the week for Sunny in this way is how I actually feel better about the whole thing afterwards. Yes, my life is still not entirely mine and threats from the supers are real, but I also realized how different Ms Pink and I are after the extended break from each other. We aren’t playing games anymore. And I like how I am beginning to hold my own when I’m up against Ms Pink. And the way Ms Pink looks at me these days. It gives me the tingles and giggles.

“You have the most pathetic look on your face when you talk about your Ms Pink,” Sunny comments, her lips curled up on one side in amusement. “But if things are that great between the two of you, why are you still calling her Ms Pink?”

I shrug. “Habit, I guess?”

“It’s weird. I call Summer, Summer. I don’t call her Ms Choi. That would be weird.”

“Ms Pink sounds endearing to me.”

Sunny shakes her head. “Whatever makes you happy, dear. Even if you sound pathetic for it.”

I simply grin, not caring if I sound or look pathetic. “None of that matters to me. All I need is Ms Pink with me.”

“Argh, you’re so lovesick you make me sick.” Then Sunny frowns. “But if she doesn’t treat you well or hurts you in any way at all, she’s going to have me to deal with.”

Throwing my arms around my petite yet fearless friend, I hug her and say, “Thank you. You know I love you, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. Of course, you do.”

At the back of my mind, while talking to Sunny, is Max. During this week, I did not get to see Max. It appears that he has disappeared from the face of the Earth. I texted him but he did not reply. Neither did he pick up my calls. Is he hiding from me now that he has exposed his identity as a super? Or is he gone because his ‘job’ is done? I really want to talk to him because I don’t think his intentions were bad when he abducted me. Besides, we’ve been friends for a long time. He deserves a chance to explain himself. But as the days go by, I can’t shake the nagging feeling that something is wrong. So that very night, I decide to ask about him at the university the next day.


Asking his friends reaps nothing. They haven’t seen him all week either. And he hasn’t been attending classes for the past few days. Something doesn’t seem right. Maybe I should go to her apartment and look for him. Yoona is waiting at the big gate to pick me up and I tell her about my plan. Agreeing that his disappearance is strange (even though she doesn’t remember anything about our abduction), Yoona agrees to send me to Max’s apartment on her bike.

Nobody answers the door when we get there. And for some reason, the hairs on my neck and arms begin to rise as I hang around the corridor, contemplating my next step.

“Do you feel that?” I ask Yoona who is sniffing around the door.

“Feel? I don’t feel anything.”

“My hairs are standing but I don’t know why.”

Yoona frowns. “Hmm, this whole situation smells really fishy.”

My thoughts are interrupted by a call from Ms Pink. The first thing she says to me when I put my phone to my ear is “Where are you?”

“I’m outside Max’s apartment.”

“What are you doing there?” Ms Pink sounds displeased. “Are you alone?”

“Yoona is with me. Max hasn’t shown up to classes for a week. It’s kind of fishy.”

“Why do you need to care?”

I hesitate. If Ms Pink finds out Max is the one who abducted us . . . he’s going to be a very dead guy . . .

“Don’t even think of lying to me,” Ms Pink warns me.

“He’s a friend,” I reply relatively truthfully.

“And?” Ms Pink huffs. “I don’t like him.”

You’ll totally hate him if you know what he did . . . “I understand that. But he’s helped me many times before. You can consider this a kind of repayment.”

“Fine. Check quickly and get back here immediately.”

“Yes, Ms Pink,” I say, but for some reason I find myself adding, “Actually, are you busy?”

“I’ll make time for you.”

That puts a smile on my face. “Something doesn’t feel right with his apartment and there’s no way for us to get in. Could you help me? Please?”

“Fine. Stay where you are.”


Ms Pink arrives in vampire time—and I couldn’t be happier about it.

“Ms Pink,” I call as loudly as I dare to, which isn’t much more than a whisper really, “you’re here! There’s a strange sme—”

I am ignored by my princess vampire as she strides right past me and presses up against the door. One sniff later, she pushes Yoona and I back—and kicks the door open, literally. But I don’t get the time to admire Ms Pink’s action-hero stunt. Instead, an invasive vibe hits me and has all of my hairs standing on end. I can’t tell if it’s the training I’ve received or the sheer amount of fishy in the air that makes it obvious but I sense something foul and disturbing.

Ms Pink leads the way into the apartment. It is mostly blue. Blue walls, blue couch . . . blue body lying on the floor. I don’t think I can ever forget this sight for the rest of my life. The ghastly blue. It is not blue like the sky or blue like the sea. This blue is dirty, murky and very, very wrong.

“His blood was drained.”

None of this makes sense to me. Is this really Max? My friend? My friend who saved me from vulks then abducted me. How am I to reconcile any of this? My mind is numb. Feelings are beyond me. But my eyes follow Ms Pink as she walks around the blue body. She looks at the body from various angles but she doesn’t touch it. Then out comes her ultra slim pink phone. She calls someone and tells them to come to this apartment to pick up a body. That’s when it hits me.

“H-He’s d-dea—” I swallow hard. Never has there been a harder word to say.

“All his blood is gone. Taken. The blue is a clue.”

A great shudder rips through my body and I turn away from the terrible sight. Yoona holds me close and pats my back but that’s when Ms Pink drags me out of the apartment, back out to the corridor. “You are too sensitive.”

“I can’t h-help it.”

“It’s not all your fault. The training you received opens your receptors to a wider range of frequencies.”

“What does that mean?”

“An ancient super is responsible for this. Residual energy is hanging in the air and it is affecting your energy.”

“An ancient super?” My spine stiffens. “Like a Fed?”


“Is Max . . .” I trail off when Ms Pink stares at me but the need to know more overcomes my hesitation. “Is he a super too?”

Ms Pink shakes her head. “He’s human.” Then she grabs me. “Tell me the truth now.”

“The truth?”

“Between you and Max.”

My head hurts. “Later. Please.”

Ms Pink’s grip loosens. “When we get home.”

As I nod, four armoured troops bearing the Federation’s emblem troop into view. They enter the apartment but my view of them is hindered by Ms Pink’s body. “What are they doing?” I ask.

“This is a crime. Max was murdered. The Feds will investigate.”

My legs wobble. “M-Murdered?”

Ms Pink nods. “And all his blood drained to prevent any form of resurrection. Absolutely ruthless.”

My blood runs cold. Ms Pink needs to know or she might land herself in danger. She needs to know as soon as we get back.


Ms Pink is not happy to hear about the truth. And it is made evident when she pushes me over her lap and holds me down. Two quick spanks land before I can get any word out and I yelp in pain. “This is for lying to me.” Another four rain down on me, making me cry out.

“I’m sorry!”

Two more. “This is for bringing danger to yourself.”

“I’m really sorry. I was wrong.” The spanks are raining down now and they really do hurt. I am reduced to sobs as I cling onto Ms Pink’s legs, unable to apologize anymore and the spanking finally stops.

“Stupid human,” says Ms Pink and it is far from affectionate. Ms Pink is really angry this time.

Thrown onto the bed, face-down, my limbs are chained to the corner posts.

Ms Pink’s voice comes from behind, her tone, harsh. “Think about what could have happened to you. What if you ran into the ancient super?”

My sobs subside. Sniffs take over. “I won’t keep things from you ever again.”

A gentle hand caresses my cheek. “You don’t have to tell me everything. But anything involving supernatural activity must not be kept from me. Do you understand?”

I nod as much as I can.

“This is your punishment. You will be left here on your own to reflect.”

“Yes, Ms Pink. I accept the punishment.”

Without as much as another word, Ms Pink ups and leaves. She wasn’t kidding when she said this is punishment. This must be hard for her too, I think, and my guilt intensifies. What had come over me, I wonder. Why didn’t I say a word to Ms Pink about Max? I can’t understand why, but I am determined to make sure it never happens again.


Embarrassingly, I end up falling asleep despite my determination to reflect and I am awoken by a light tap on my butt. It hurts so I jerk into consciousness. The hand rubs me where the pain is and squeezes me lightly.

“Remember, this is punishment.”

“Yes, Ms Pink,” I reply tearfully.

“Now stay still. Sintix is here to scan your body.”

“S-Scan my body?”

“Don’t move.”

Ms Pink’s stern command freezes me and I squeeze my eyes shut as a cool sensation runs up and down my body, from head to toe. It passes through trice before it stops.

“Curious,” says Sintix.

“Explain,” Ms Pink demands.

“There is a mix. An energy type that does not belong. There is very little left of it but it lingers.”

“And the source of the energy is a foreign body?”


“What is the classification of that energy type?”

“Mind control.”

Silence follows, before Ms Pink speaks again. “You are saying Taeyeon was being controlled while she was with me, but I would sense it if there was energy transmitted to and fro.”

“It is not mind control in real time like Helene’s. It is fixed mind control. A set of instructions or rules to follow.”

“Planted in her at some point in time.” Ms Pink’s heels click on the floor. “Can you tell when?”

Sintix takes a while to answer. I wish I could see his face but he is behind me. “It is hard to tell. A rough estimate . . . perhaps a week ago.”

“A week ago. I see. Thank you.”

“Anytime, Pan Ni. I’m glad to see you are well. And the Erika too.”

“Take care.”


The door opens and closes then the mattress dips and Ms Pink is right back beside me.

“Taeyeon,” she begins and I wait with baited breath when she does not continue. I try my best to look at her face but it is an uncomfortable stretch and I risk twisting something in my neck.

“Ms Pink?”

She surprises me but climbing over me and lying on my back. Her hands slip under and wrap around my chest and waist, possessing me in a way only she can. Then, the most unexpected comes.

“I’m sorry.”

For a moment, I am speechless. Sorry? Ms Pink is sorry? When has Ms Pink ever been sorry? Does she even have the ability to feel sorry? “Ms Pink . . .”

“I was wrong.”

“Ms Pink, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I punished you when I shouldn’t have. I have failed you.”

No, no, no, no, no. “You didn’t fail me.”

“You were mind controlled by Max. And Max was controlled by a super. An ancient, powerful super. You couldn’t have told me anything about Max.”

“You didn’t know that either.”

“Taeyeon, you’re a forgiving soul.”

“It was just a few spanks.”

“I hurt you to punish you. I made you cry.”

“Ms Pink.”


“If you feel guilty, you can make it up to me.”

“What do you want?”

“Tie me up and make love to me.”

A beat later, Ms Pink rises and my limbs are released. I am about to protest but Ms Pink flips me over onto my back and chains my limbs back to the corners of the bed. The sensuous slant of Ms Pink’s lips has me growing in excitement and arousal as she climbs back over me.

“Do you enjoy being tied up that much?”

“I miss it. You used to do that but you haven’t done it again after we got back together.”

Without the slightest warning, Ms Pink tears my cloths up like they’re made of cheap paper, and I am left naked, lying under my princess vampire. “Mmm . . . my stupid human likes her bondage. What else do you like?”

“I like everything that you do to me.”

Ms Pink flicks a sensitive part of my chest with her fingers and smiles. “Like that?”

I gasp and nod. Oh my. Ms Pink flicks the other then pinches both and I am off the roof with urges swirling deep inside. Her teeth take over on one side and I am shaking with anticipation. Ah! I emit a whimper when Ms Pink lashes her tongue on me and sucks me in. Oh, Ms Pink knows exactly how to make me feel this way. Only she knows. Only she can.

She kisses her way down to my navel and digs her tongue in to tease me some more. Then I feel a hand under my butt, lifting me slightly, and one slipping further down front to enter me. The two hands create opposing pressures, keeping me in place as she explores me with her fingers. Now, all these are pleasurable, until her thumb messes with the little bomb. That sets me off completely and I arrive at the peak with a shout, “Pink!”

But Ms Pink is not done with me. She withdraws and reappears with a blindfold. Oh my. When my vision is out of the game, something swats me right between my legs, making me yelp. It is not painful, unlike her punishment earlier. This swat is for pleasure. It triggers the sexiest part of me that craves more of Ms Pink’s dominance and control. I want Ms Pink to send me to cloud nine and back. She is the only one I trust to do that to me.

Regular, light swats between my legs continue as another hand takes to patting my breasts. It pats the top, the sides, bottoms and right on the peak. Each time the peak is patted, Ms Pink draws a gasp from me. Then, suddenly, just as I am falling into the lullaby of pats and swats, Ms Pink pinches my cheat peak and my crotch at the same time—hard.

“Ah!” I cry, out of surprise rather than pain and my body jerks from the stimulation.

“Take it.” Ms Pink pinches harder. “Keep it.” Even harder. “Hold it.”

By now, the line between pleasure and pain is blurred. They have merged into the same thing to me and everything Ms Pink does is pushing me to a further place, just out of reach.


“Ms Pink,” I gasp. Hair falls around my thighs and my princess vampire holds my waist, pulling me towards her. Then, a kiss lands on a place that knows only one pair of lips and one tongue. The kiss turns into an attempt to claim me with said lips and tongue and all I can do is do as Ms Pink says: Take it, keep it and hold it.

Everything culminates in one big bang. The pinnacle of pleasure allotted to us to signify closure. Yet Ms Pink ignores my loud climax, opting to push me straight into another so that I cannot tell when one is ending or beginning.

“Ms Pink,” I scream, threshing about from the sensations that are flooding my mind and body. “Stop. Please! No more!”

Ms Pink stops and my blindfold is removed. Her seductive blood red lips are still slanted like before. One look and I almost want to go for another round right away. “You enjoyed that a little too much.”

Ms Pink’s teasing goes right over my head. Instead, I open my arms and call her name. There’s nothing I want more than to have Ms Pink in my arms. To have her close to me. Touching her body with mine. So even though I’m not sure how much Sintix can be trusted, I am glad he testified that the lies were not my fault. It is the first time Ms Pink has ever this side of herself to me and I am more than thankful that I got to see the tiniest fraction of Ms Pink’s human side.


6 thoughts on “FSOP2: 09

  1. O wow! That was so hot , AK. But so far, I have only read Ms Pink doing things to Taeyeon. I look forward to Taeyeon returning the favor. Haha!

  2. Oh my ms Pink apologised and made it up to Taeyeon. Woooow!

    Holy cow the plot thickens! Poor Max though oh man, some crazy stuff be happenin’ in the background.

  3. hoooooollyyyy mother of god ;-; that was… wow. poor Max, I really liked the element he brought in because he made Ms. Pink kind of jealous when he was trying to go out with Taeyeon. Love this story so much!

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